Summer Shred #19

Sometimes your body intervenes and dictates your rest days, pulling rank on your intended schedule.

Was so tired by Sunday that I did something I hadn’t done since April, and took a weekend day off exercise. I’d been planning on Astanga, but that is long and a big psychological commitment. Then I was thinking maybe I’d do this routine, and I probably would’ve, if I hadn’t also been so sore from the prior 2-days WOs. Friday night’s maxed out my shoulders and squatting heavier than usual Saturday maxed out my legs.


Summer Shred #19

  • 2 rounds
  1. Side lunge to overhead press knee up with DB x10/10 15lbs
  2. JR high Knees x30 sec
  3. One arm burpee side plank row to jump lunge over head press with DB x10/10. 15lbs. Holding dumbbell. Put on floor & jump back to SA plank. Other hand goes down & do a row. Pick non weighted hand back up for jump fwd to squat. Jump to lunge w/ weight OH. Same leg goes back as weighted arm.
  4. JR high knees x30 sec
  5. Push Up L-kick with DB x 5/5. Hands on 15s. Tricep push-up, leg swinging out to the side on the down and up when pressing up.
  6. JR high knees x30 sec
  7. V-up (x2), touching toes w/ fingertips of top hand, to explosive push up (x2) x 5/5. Roll to belly after 2nd v-up. Press up to a nakrasana hop.
  8. JR high knees x30 sec
  9. Pull up / leg raise x5
  10. KB swing x20 35lb kettlebell

buy out: 3 minute plank intervals 50/10 seconds

Total time 31:36

A few min yoga.




Resistance Band & Weight Workout – heavy weight, squats & swings galore.

Legs are DEAD. This was a no cardio WO, all lower body. Shoulders were really sore from last night’s WO, particularly the right… Must mean I leaned harder on that side for all those push-ups. Anyway, I did it!!

It’d be worth adding just one set of 50 backloaded box squats onto a Zgym WO as a buyout / burnout.


BodyRock – Resistance Band & Weight Workout

  1. Box squats x50 BL sandbag, Full release of weight onto the bench. 4:24. This was my warm-up straight thru. I was motivated not to rest b/c I didn’t wanna have to backload & unload that big, watery weight again! 
  2. Banded squat walks & air squats / banded squat walks & pulses /  banded squat walks 10×5 Ppl xband, above knees
  3. Swings x20 35lb kettlebell Why am I doing so many swings lately??? And why did I order a 45lb bell?
  4. Sumo box squats x50 BL sandbag Fuck it! Had blocked out there was more than one set of 50 squats w/ new, heavier weight. Did 20 / 15 / 15
  5. Banded squat walks & air squats / banded squat walks & pulses /  banded squat walks 10×5 Ppl xband, above knees+8lb vest. Added 8lb vest for just a bit of extra weight & left it on for 2nd round of swings,  but not step-ups.
  6. Swings x20 +8lb vest
  7. Step-up / knee-ups x25 ea leg, 20s, 13″ bench. Did sets of 15/15/10/10, alt legs, resting grip after every mini set.
  8. Banded squat walks & air squats / banded squat walks & pulses /  banded squat walks 10×5 Ppl xband, above knees +8lb vest
  9. Swings x20 +8lb vest
  10. OH rev & back lunge x25 ea leg 26lb kettlebell (w/ forearm guards on). REALLY heavy for a SA OH move for me. Discovered I needed to offer a bit of steadying w/ the non-holding hand in order to manage any sort of moving squat. Not like u can keep an eye on the bell w/ this move! Did sets of 6/6/9/9/10/10
  11. Banded squat walks & air squats / banded squat walks & pulses /  banded squat walks 10×5 Ppl xband, above knees
  12. Swings x20
  13. SL Deadlifts x25 ea leg 20s. 15/15/10/10
  14. Banded squat walks & air squats / banded squat walks & pulses /  banded squat walks 10×5 Ppl xband, above knees. This last round I didn’t straighten legs fully (to briefly rest) the entire time.
  15. Swings x20
  16. Leg extensions, belly on bench, legs raising up & a bit out. 5lb ankle weights, sets of 20/20 & then 3 sets of 10 ea leg, alt. I’d written 2 sets of 20 w/ a rest but then I decided that must’ve been a mistake. Everything else was 50!
  17. SL hip thrusts, supporting leg elevated. x50 ea side, no added weight. Non working leg up in the air.
  18. Hip thrusts, shoulders on bench x50 Sandbag. Sets of 20/20 and then 3 10s per leg, alt. I’d already put it in the hallway & Lisa doesn’t use weight for this last move in the vid, but that’s probably b/c she had kettlebells & a band but no sandbag!

Time = 59:42


About 25min.

























Busy Morning Burst: Full Body Workout

OMG Julia is just… superhuman.


Busy Morning Burst: Full Body Workout

5×5 I’d glanced @ the breakdown & thought, “Yay, it’s all for time!”. But NO. She throws this on @ the end (27:06). I hate 5x5s too, so I thought I’d start with it, doing this section w/ the video to keep me more honest & then switching over to breakdown & playing music. ALSO NEEDED TO DO THIS AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE IN 81 DEG ROOM!
1. Burpee + 2 weighted chair Lunges (stepping up to the bench for the quick lunges) 10s Was gonna do 15s for this & move 3 & then downgraded, before starting, looking @ the breakdown
2. SA curtsy swings/arm 15, start w/ weight OH, same arm as lunging leg
3. pull over leg lift + crunch 10s
4. Tricep jack push-up 10
5. SA plank hop + round house kick + hook/side

HIIT set 1: 30:10 x4 (8 min)
1. Box jump Burpees
2. Decline Pushup Toe Touch
3. Squat & Press 20s (You just know I want 25s now. Course power blocks would be nice instead of weights absolutely everywhere.)

Tabata Pair 1: (4 min)
1. Surrender Ninja alt SA snatch 20s, snatching w/ one arm. OMG Julia does 30. I held 2 weights & did a surrender down & up b/c trying to do ninjas often tweaks out my knees. That’s the one thing I’ve made no progress on, but I’m not too attached to it.
2. Commando Plank hip dips Commando down & side to side hip dips, aiming hip twd floor. Commando up & dip. Alt arms to start w/.

Hit set 2: 30:10 4x (8 mins)
1. 5 mtn climber 5 high knees 1=1
2. DL + Hang clean 20s
3. Pushup belly to ground + Plank hop Hop feet as far fwd as u can & tap feet w/ hands b4 jumping back

Tabata pair 2: (4 mins)
1. Arnold press 15s So many push-ups!! Was gonna try 20s here. Probably be fine like in a Zuzka set – 1 or 2 short rounds max. Tonight I’m like, Nah.
2. Goblet press out jacks 10. Press weight fwd & then up as u jack.

Time 49:46

Like a 2min stretch, lol.


Upper Body & Abs Inferno #10 (meh)

This routine wasn’t really worth changing my clothes for. I should’ve done the all for-time, 30-min set Julia posted last, for her sister. Maybe I’ll do that one tomorrow. I was going to take tomorrow off but this was an active rest.


Previewed an excellent looking BodyRock lower body routine last night

Lisa never includes breakdowns, but her WOs are so good I know worth the effort to take notes. (The moves are generally much simpler than Z’s so it’s not even necessary to preview only a day prior, for fear of forgetting WTF. Funny Lisa & Z have shared the same man.) Anyway, I’m betting it’ll take me 60-75min so I’ll save it for Saturday. Now that I know I can backload my sandbag w/ the heavier, water-bag filler, I’ll use that.

Also broke down and ordered a heavier kettlebell, 45lbs. Hey, I haven’t spent money on a gym or yoga studio membership in years. I think it’s been 6.5…

Upper Body & Abs Inferno #10

  • I think I’ve done just one of this series so far. Discovered that the stretching part, a separate video, is repeated.

Buy in: One leg elevated plank – switch legs every 10 sec x 6 (on the exercise bench ballI realize a ball would be a bit more challenging b/c less stable, but I don’t have one & doubt I’ll be getting. It’d take up too much room and there is very little storage room upstairs.

Workout Breakdown I’m faster than Zuzka! Hadn’t previewed tho so I had time to make notes w/out pausing. If I were doing again maybe 2 rounds of this first part (but I probably won’t.)

  1. Handstand shoulder tap (x2) / Pull Up (x2) X6 sets I did 4 shoulder taps on the last 2 reps. 4 is better. 
  2. Extreme mountain sliders (x2) / Pigeon Slide (x2) / Straight legs straddle forward slide / x 4 alt. legs
  3. Hanging leg raise / hanging straddle leg raise x5 sets Not much room for a straddle b/c pull-up bar is a narrow doorway, w/ a wall abutting one side.
  4. L-Stand (one leg on the wall) leg switch x10 No breaks necessary here.
  5. Chin up bicycle x6
  6. One leg on the slider ball roll to handstand (you can press your head against the wall for support) x10 alt. legs

Summer Shred #39 & yoga

  • My favorite evening, for fun viewing is definitely WO previews.
  • At the end of the workday I’m always so tired I think, Well you don’t HAVE to workout, but then if it’s on my schedule I usually do. They’re only express / minis after all.



Summer Shred #39

Buy in: 25 Competition Burpees

Part 1 – 8 rounds:
High Knees – 30 sec / Mountain Climbers Sliders x20 Z usually does these 1=1. I did mine 2=1.

Part 2:

1. Weighted Air-lunge to Overhead Squat x 8/8 20lb dumbbell. SL squat. Weight in same hand as supporting leg. Squat as low as possible & then snatch up as u stand. Squat w/ weight OH.
2. Side to Side Dynamic Push Up x8 Shuffle hop the hands in the feet when moving from side to side.
3. Squat Pulse (x3) to Goblet Squat x8 35lb kettlebell
4. Jump Lunge (x2) to Side Kick x 8/8
5. Weighted Standing Heel Lift x16 / Squat Heel Lift x10 BL sandbag. I did just a squat & heel lift to stand as I was using the 53/55lbs. Maybe it’s only 53. I should weigh it again! At any rate I could back load it so that’s good to know.

Part 3

Pull Up / Knee Raise – One Arm KB Swing

Round 1: 1 – 12
Round 2: 2 – 14
Round 3: 3 – 16
Round 4: 4 – 18

Buy out: Plank Hold – 2min Solid hold – no breaks

Time = 32:36

And a little bit of yoga

Summer Shred #18 & a bit of yoga

I might well keep the Zgym even when Julia starts posting more videos again. Last WO of hers that I tried was a super intense spot-toning that wasn’t really for me, but also, she’s using a lot heavier weights now & I don’t have access to that. Also, even with my lighter weights, I just didn’t want to hammer the glutes over and over – to the exclusion of everything else.

Perhaps I just don’t want to work out as hard as Julia’s workouts demand anymore! Not on a regular basis anyway. I don’t have the time or inclination.


Summer Shred #18

Lower Body with Dumbbells – Time Challenge = 6:05

  1. Backward lunge kick ups (reach down toward front leg  w/ same arm as leg that’s lunging back. When you stand & kick fwd, punch w/ opp arm) x 10/10 15s
  2. One Arm DB front Squat heel raise / One Arm DB overhead jump lunge with heel raise x 5/5 Weight goes in the same hand as leg that’s lunging back. 15lbs
  3. One Arm DB Side Lunge Knee Up DB Overhead x 10/10 15lbs
  4. Jump Lunge DB Twist x20 20lbs held goblet style @ chest. Do a switch lunge & then twist toward bent front leg.

Cardio HIIT 15/50×6=6:30min 15/35 intervals Decided to up the working interval for this set.

  1. JR high knees
  2. Plank Jack Push Up with Power band ppl band
  3. JR DBUs I’m still bouncing like 5x before I double-under & an interval this long maxes me out for sure. But it’s good. Took a little break when I saw I’d hit 177 HR. I turned on the AC as soon as I got upstairs but still almost 80 and muggy.
  4. Curtsy lunge leg lift with Power Band orng band
  5. JR high knees
  6. Squat jump jacks with power band ppl band

ABS & Upper Body – Time Challenge

  1. Push Up with L-Kick x 5/5 Stay on ball of one foot. Other leg kicks out to the side on the down & kicks up (glute lift) on the up
  2. Pull Up / Chin up x2 sets Did the mid air switch & got back up the first time, not the 2nd. Good to know!
  3. Elbow Side Plank Jack knife x 10/10 Top arm & leg come fwd in front of body to meet, then back while u arch ur back.


Buy Out: 3 Minute Plank Intervals 10/50 seconds

Time = 22:42


  • Urdhva D @ wall, single 10/60 intervals followed by rests of equal length, 2x. Then coming to stand & 3 drop backs
  • Some finishing


A much needed, late afternoon Astanga

When I get gimpy I’m like, “Okaaaaaaayyyyy…”

I really wanted to do Michele’s newest WO today, but my body has spoken. I’m so sore lately and I know a large part of the reason is I haven’t been good about getting any regular Astanga practices in there. As regular as I get! By that I mean addressing all the parts: Suryas & fundamentals, whatever series poses I’m doing, the back bending & finishing sections. When I get gimpy verging into tweaky then I know it’s time to knuckle under and just do it. However bad and tedious things might be from neglect, the process will tune things up & improve them.

Didn’t get to this until 2pm because Charlie and I went on a home improvement, planning quest and then stopped at the bakery after.


Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in the 5 Surya As, no weights, two 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH. Added eka papa sirsana A in before the Titthibasana A today. Was good to do b/c I hardly ever practice that vinyasa these days.
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Ustrasana hips to wall, keeping them fwd
Laghu Vajrasana
Hanuman 1min, foot against wall, 20sec upright, 40 back bending. Final 15sec looking head back
Rack With 3lb weights. single interval of 10/60
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 5x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with full, 5min savasana

Summer Booty Supersets

I can’t go shopping for awhile, but when I can, I want to get myself a barbell set, plus the pads so I can rest the bar across my thighs.

I was deciding between this & Michele’s latest WO. I’d previewed more of this & the magic coin toss picked it, but I should’ve listened to my instinct that said all that lying on the ground & hip thrusting was not going to be satisfying for me. I don’t think I’ll finish it at any point. I might do the Brett C bit or the Superset 3 part (which I haven’t tried yet) as standalone burnouts at some point this week.

What I really should’ve done today is Astanga. I haven’t wanted to lately but look, I’m gimpy… Maybe I’ll get one in tomorrow, late afternoon.


Summer Booty Supersets

Warm up 3x @ 3:33 (9:50) ppl xband
20 Banded elv glute Bridges
20 Cha Chas per leg stand in ½ squat on one leg, hands can be on desk. Extend other leg out & @ an angle toward the back, fast.
20 donkey pulses

1x (Brett C IG post) blue xband. Dropped to orng band after 10s
15-1 banded bridge and abductor pyramid

Confirmed that this is a resting HR kind of WO by now, but both the warm-up &  Brett C set would be excellent booty burn-outs after something more cardio.

SuperSet 1: pyramid again @17:15 Didn’t like this set. Found the dragging of the water-weigh SB back & forth annoying, particularly at the end w/ the shorter rounds.
1. 12-1 banded thrusts with a 1 second squeeze Shoulders on bench. Orange band & sandbag
2. 12-1 abductors Seated, in front of bench. Orng band only.

Ok at this point was a half hour in. Decided to throw in a Zuzka to get more of a WO in and then finish as much more of this booty routine after as I wanted. Put my timer on pause b/c I hadda copy breakdown & all that.

Summer Shred #17

Lower Body – Time Challenge

1. KB Backward Lunge / SL deadlift x20 alt. 35lb kettlebell

2. Jump Lunge to One leg jump up x 20

3. Squat to heel elevated sumo squat x20 alt. 20s

4. Ice skater / curtsy lunge / heel elevated side lunge x 10 alt.

Cardio – 10/50 x 6 HIIT

1. High Knees

2. KB swings 26lb kettlebell

3. DBUs Hadda pause & grab my wandering chest strap 2x here. It’s a bit stretched out & I wasn’t planning to do cardio today so didn’t have a tight sports bra on.

4. KB Swings

5. High Knees

6. KB Swings

There! I had a sweat going. Hadn’t previewed the rest of the video but had advanced it to this point so I could join in w/ the last set.

Upper Body & ABS – Time Challenge

1.Slider – feet in to Pike Press x5

2. Hanging Knee Raises (weighted are optional) x 10

3. Push Up to DB Row / Twister Push Up x 6 alt

4. SL pike abs Extreme Mountain Climbers (x2/2) I don’t have a ball. Was gonna do SL mountain climbers on slider, but it hurt the knee. So kept leg straight / Pull Ups (x2) x 4 sets

But-out: 3min plank. Did w/ Zuzka. Skipped the first break she took & did w/ only the 2nd break.


Didn’t feel like doing any more of the booty routine.

SuperSet 2: 4x @24:10
1. 5 Thrusts with 20 second hold on last rep Shoulders on bench. Ppl band & sandbag
2. Sumo DL 12 reps

SuperSet 3: 4x
1. Banded goblet box squats 3 pulses 8 reps 35lb kettlebell & ppl band
2. Back squats 12 reps

Set 5: 10x +5lb wrist weights
1. Swings 10 35lb kettlebell
2. 10 dumbbell DL 20s
3. Static dumbbell lunges 5/leg sandbag

Summer Shred #38


Summer Shred #38

Buy in: 25 Competition Burpees

Part 1: x8

  1. High Knees jumprope – single intervals 10/30.
  2. Jump Tuck to Pistol Squat (x4 alt. legs)

Part 2: x2

  1. Pulse Squat (x3) Really low. Try for thighs parallel to floor. / Jump Squat / Pass Under (x2) X8 sets 26lb kettlebell
  2. KB Swing x10 35lb kettlebell
  3. Clapping Push Up Burpees x5 Hands AND feet leave the ground when u clap after pushing up 
Side Lunge to One Leg Balance Overhead Press x 8 / 8
 20lb dumbbell
  5. KB Swing x10

Part 3: Ladder

Chin Up / Commando Push Up coming down to belly, press up & alt knee in

  1. Round 1 – 1/2
  2. Round 2 – 2/4
Round 3 – 3/6
Round 4 – 4/8

Buy out:
Plank Hold – 2 min

Total time 34:31

Then a little yoga

Summer Shred #16 & some yoga

These workouts are really great for express, post work.


Summer Shred #16

Part 1 – Time Challenge
Kettlebell Swing x100 reps 3:42 & might’ve done an extra 10 (think so) 35lb kettlebell. Z uses 44lbs. I might get a 45lb bell… Tried picking up my sandbag to see if I could use that for a heavier swing. Nope! Also wouldn’t work to try attaching a 5lb ankle weight to my heaviest bell.

Part 2 – HIIT 6 minutes 10/50 sec intervals
High knees with Jump Rope / bird dog (Z just lifts opp arm & leg, alt. No push-up.)

Part 3 –  Time Challenge
Dive bomber push ups x10 / Weighted Reverse Burpee to Squat heel lift ladder:
10 – 12 – 14 – 12 – 10 (2nd move 15lbs – OH reach – jump up – squat & heel lift)

Time = 26:14

A bit of yoga.