Slow, painful but good Astanga

But I’ve still got an off & on dental infection; I can feel it today as a matter of fact. And I’m back on the antibiotics, which eff me up in a creaky sort of way. I got it done anyhow, a day late. And I’d been intending to do the jump rope warm-up but found I really didn’t want any jumping at all, hence the super low, average HR.

I feel better now & that’s all that really matters. (Maybe this week, since I got this one in on a Monday, I’ll manage to get in a second.)

Oh! And I practiced seated meditation and a LBRP today. I’d had this one nightmare that woke me out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night… It really gave me pause. Forced me to think about it. Conclusion: I need to get that meditation practice going again.


Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in the 5 Surya As, 3lb hand held weights for 3rd – 5th. Held that last standing backbend longer than usual,5 breaths. Two, 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Ustrasana hips to wall, keeping them fwd
Laghu Vajrasana
Kapo B Didn’t do any prep. Really couldn’t even get up to toes but it was ok.
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with 5min savasana

Looks like I will not, in fact, get in 2 Astangas this week

The plan was to practice again today. Judging by the fatigue level yesterday it’d have been sans jump rope warm-up, and also, probably super tedious. I decided to spend more time outside with the cats instead. It’s an unusually warm and dry October for Portland, and I think the greater sin here would be not taking advantage of that. I’d decided to have a light WO week, but I did get some intense exercise in, just less than usual. I got in four sessions instead of the usual five.

BodyRock HIITMax Week #4 & some yoga

There’s something to be said to be doing basic moves.

Doing four, 50-second intervals of mountain climbers, chair lunges & plank jacks just killed me. Granted I’d worked out pretty hard yesterday. I was trying to do something more moderate, lol, but ended up with this. I’ve done all of the HIITmax WOs at least once, more of them more than twice. They get a little more personalized but that of course is fine.

Also if moves are basic and easy to remember, it’s easier to do shorter resting intervals. I did only 10 seconds rest / transition and 30 bet sets, which was enough time to rearrange my small space as necessary for the next couplet. And my HR never got time to slow down very much.

I was a bit more thorough in the stretching today!


HIITMax Week #4

47min set. 10/50. Each round is the cardio before both #d moves twice thru, for a total of 8 intervals. Then one round of jump rope to finish, for a 9min set. I set the timer for 30sec extra rest between couplets.

Couplet 1

*Cardio: burpees

  1. Switch lunge w/ oblique wood chop 15
  2. Swings 45lb kettlebell Tough!!!
  • Jump rope

Couplet 2

*Cardio: mountain climbers

  1. Sandbag DL and ½ burpee about 53lbs
  2. Weighted squat jumps 26lb kettlebell 
  • Jump rope

Couplet 3

*Cardio: bench jump overs +2lb wrist weights

  1. Clean & press / squat & press 20s 
  2. Elevated push-up & alt knee tuck
  • Jump rope

Couplet 4

*Cardio: chair lunges Slowest chair lunges ever-er. Sweating like pig tho.

  1. Tricep dips
  2. Goblet squat & press 35lb kettlebell 
  • Jump rope

Couplet 5

*Cardio: plank jacks I thought I was going to do mat jumps but I was DEAD by the time I got here. And four 50sec intervals of just plank jacks is hard. Hit failure every interval.

  1. Tuck abs 3lbs bet feet
  2. Straight abs feet under weights
  • Jump rope


About 15min.

The Sentence Enhancer Workout

Yesterday was debauched in a TOTALLY Portlandia sort of way

Got excited when I saw this new Michele WO.  It was literally the highlight of my morning. Afterward I feel vaguely human again.

The Sentence Enhancer WO


Circuit 1: BOSU Total Body (3x)

Just under 35min for this one circuit! Then I paused my WO to go check on Henry, who’d been outside w/ the dogs a couple hours already.

I’d love to have a bosu or uggi but do not!  Do each group 3x before moving on. +8lb vest.
1. Squat 12x Hadda do slow to warm up knees. Went as low as possible comfortably & silently. 
2. Mountain Climbers 20x 2=1
3. Crunch up, then extend legs out, near floor 10x 5lbs bet feet, 10lbs in hand

4. RL – squat out to the side & then rev lunge 10x 1st rnd – just vest. 2nd & 3rd rnd – 26lb kettlebell, held goblet style @ chest
5. Plank Jacks – on Elbows 15x
6. Roll Up w/ Press slight back arch OH 10x 1st rnd – 10lbs. 2nd & 3rd – 15lbs

7. LL – squat out to the side & then rev lunge 10x 1st rnd – just vest. 2nd & 3rd rnd – 26lb kettlebell, held goblet style @ chest
8. Oblique Mountain Climbers 20x
9. Crunches 10x 10lbs. Weight comes out in front of feet. 2nd & 3rd rnd – added 3lbs bet feet.

10. Push-up 10x Took off vest here! Push-ups are harder w/ ur hands flat on the floor, vs elevated, and didn’t want extra 8lbs.
11. ½ Burpee w/ front raise 10x 10s
12. V-Up w/BOSU 10x 10lbs, keeping legs straight & together – weight reaching twd feet. 2nd & 3rd rnd – added 3lbs bet feet.

Circuit 2: 5 minute Countdown @ 30:50
I did plie out to side, squat & upright row. Step back in, swing weights to shoulders pressing same leg back into rev lunge. Press up & sink into lunge. Swing front leg fwd for SL push-up. Alt. No pivoting around in a circle in other words.

10/50 3x – 9 Rounds @36:11
1. Right Side Lunge to Right Front Bench X-over Lunge I had to be REALLY careful when lunging into the right knee. Also, the way I liked this was keeping the weight curled @ shoulder after the side lunge, so it be in place for the lunge fwd (to blocks) & press-up. Then I hammered it down to repeat. Would increase weight maybe & wear vest if not for right knee.
(Bicep curl to shoulder Press)
2. Left Side Lunge to Left Front Bench X-over Lunge
(Bicep Curl to shoulder press)
3. Dip w/Dancing Crab

Circuit 3: 5 minute Countdown @45:35. I was already like 10min behind so!
(13” bench) Alternate Front Bench Lunge to Knee Up – Reverse Bench Lunge – Squat Wide to Heel Click Jack (2x’s) Repeat on Left Side This was a killer w/ my 8lb vest & used my 10lb weight all the way thru. It was the heel click jacks that did it.

15/45 3x’s – 9 Rounds
1.Pull Right Knee to Left Shoulder – L. Side Plank – R. Shoulder Raise 10. Couldn’t go any heavier here today w/ left elbow. At least I’ve got a tweak on both sides??
2. Pull Left Knee to Right Shoulder – R. Side Plank – L. Shoulder Raise
3. (Lay on Back) Band under back – Crunch Knees in & band to Feet/Leg Raise & Chest Press 1st rnd – lilac Xfit band. 2nd & 3rd – red Xfit band, thumps looped thru @ end of each half. Challenging & interesting, but uncomfortable for the hands. Would like to configure a band w/ the handles for this, or if not practical just use weights.

Circuit 4: 2 minute Countdown @1:01. Now I’m almost 20min behind.
Right Reverse X-Over Lunge to Right Knee Up – Foot down to 2x’s Pulse Squat – Jack with Overhead Pull (Repeat on Opposite side)

15/45 (3x’s) 9 Rounds
1. (Lay on Stomach) Chest Lift & Row Band to Head & Squeeze Back Green Gnergy band, above wrists.
2. Plank V- Hop Right/Left to Frog Hop
3. Chair Sit Burpee 10s. I added tricep push-up to the move 2nd & 3rd rnds just have less hopping. Dead!

Bonus: Abs 5/30 2x’s (10 Rounds)
1. (Face Right) Band to left side – Reach Over Left/Pull High over right shoulder
2. (Face Right) Arms extend out from chest – Press out from chest Lift & Lower
3. Lay on L. Side – Band in R. Hand/Crunch knee in & hand to Foot
4. Lay on L. Side – Band on Foot/Crunch knee to elbow
5. Plank Band on R. Foot – Crunch R. Knee to L. Shoulder
6. (Face Left) Band to right side – Reach over right/Pull high over left shoulder
7. (Face Left) Arms extend out from chest – Press out from chest Lift & Lower
8. Lay on R. Side – Band in L. Hand/Crunch Knee in & hand to Foot
9. Lay on R. Side – Band on L. Foot/Crunch Knee to Elbow
10. Plank Band on L. Foot – Crunch L. Knee to Left Shoulder

1:46! Then hadda get off sneaks.

I did only a couple min of my own stretching.


I’m back! Had a rest day, yesterday, just because I’d slept like crap the night before (return of dental pain & back on the antibiotics, unfortunately) and didn’t want to bother. I feel like my joints are fragile and sensitive now.

I’m not going to make it to three Astanga sessions this week, as per last Sunday’s hopeful musing, but two might be possible.


Warm-up: 10/30×6=4min jump rope. Wasn’t even sure if this would be possible, and even with yesterday’s rest day, just this short bit of intervals felt excruciating. Not at all pleasant. But I was able to get through it, gingerly, w/out any joints freaking out.

Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in the 5 Surya As, 3lb hand held weights for 3rd – 5th, 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Laghu Vajrasana
Hanuman single intervals of 10/60, foot against wall, 20sec upright, 40 back bending. Final 15sec looking head back
Rack single interval of 10/60
Block B (under hips) single interval of 10/60, feet on the wall
Kapo B Very shallow & tight. I could barely get into the vicinity of my toes. Felt good for behind the shoulders tho. That’s where I’m tightest these days.
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with 5min savasana

“Can You Feel It” the Burn Workout Video II

I got 2 complete WOs outta this one routine, lol.

OK here’s the rest of Michele’s last routine in mish-mash order. I was supposed to do yoga today, but I didn’t start my WO until about 3pm and hadn’t eaten anything so couldn’t keep my body warm. Decided to start w/ the 4th part b/c the moves looked a bit more full body than Part 3.


“Can You Feel It” the Burn Workout Video

Part 4: x3 @1:01 √, √, √ – 24min w/ notes
1. RA Snatch – RL commando dwn & up w/ weight OH – LL Fwd Lunge & weight comes down, then press up as you’re returning to standing 10x 15lbs was more than enough here.
2. Right Hand Kettlebell Swing 10x 26lb kettlebell first 2 rounds. 3rd round to the 35lb kettlebell = better.
3. LA Snatch – RL commando dwn & up w/ weight OH – RL Fwd Lunge & weight comes down, then press up as you’re returning to standing 10x
4. Left Hand Kettlebell Swing 10x
5. Pendulums 20x 2=1. In down dog, hop kick legs out to sides, alternating. 3rd rnd added red Xband, above knees. Above ankles next time. Or do mat jumps, which seem more challenging & dynamic, when less gimped. Started doing them today & the left ankle did something dramatic.

Part 3: x3 @ 47:30
1. OH Tricep Extension – Right rev Lunge (twist weight To front knee) Right Side Lunge (weight press front) 10x 5s & 2lb wrist weights. I did weights held together, evenly.
2. Other side
3. Arms – Side Raise (palms face front) Press back then lower down 12x 5s & 2lb wrist weights. (Maybe add a band for the pull-back motion?)
4. Arms – Front Raise Wide (turn palms to face) Touch together – Out & lower down (+ press back) 12x 5s & 2lb wrist weights.
5. Arms – Cross in Front of Chest & straight out to sides 12x 5s & 2lb wrist weights. This was actually a bit too heavy, just w/ the added 2lbs around the wrist, but I struggled thru w/ first 2 rounds, just not extending arms as much. Didn’t want to bother removing & putting back on! 

Bonus: Abs & Thighs 10/50 12 rounds (1x) @ 1:18 No ankle weight this time.
1. Rev curls 3lb bet feet
2. Pull Right Knee in (L. Elbow to knee) – Left knee in & hand to foot Got this move this time~
3. Left Side Plank Knee Lift to Overhead Reach (5lb dumbbell) I stacked my feet here, like last time. I almost always do in side plank.
4. Lying leg lift, bottom leg bent 1st rnd – 10lb on thigh. 2nd rnd – orng Xband
5. Knee taps in front & leg extends back @ angle, like last time, 10lb dumbbell – kinda too heavy & not comfortable. 2nd rnd used orng band & rolled body a bit fwd but too much emphasis on hip flexor, when pulling knee fwd. NEXT TIME: Change to standing kickbacks, band below knees.
6. Buzz Saw Plank
7. Lay on Back – Pull Feet in & Crunch – Press Out to hover
8. Pull Left Knee in (R. Elbow to knee) – Right Knee in & hand to foot
9. Right Side Plank Knee Lift to Overhead Reach (5 lb dumbbell)
10. Right Side – Lower top leg to floor & raise up (Heel leads down)
11.5. Knee taps in front & leg extends back @ angle, like last time, 10lb dumbbell – too heavy
12. Glute Bridge (Up 2 & hold a beat /Down quick)


A bit of the easy, wonderful stuff to close.

Sunday morning musings – low power states & my dental drama

I wonder if my current state of “over all gimp” is due to antibiotics. I’d been on them for a full ten days, because of the ongoing saga with my front tooth.

The evils of insurance companies

I’ve rarely had useable health insurance in my life. Most of the time I’ve been entirely without coverage, but there’ve been times I’ve had it & it’s just been mostly fraught with obstacles. Like when I worked for the high-end carpet company for four years. The insurance was out of the brother’s branch in NC, and was mostly a southern insurance. You had to go in network, but it was challenging to find any doctors who didn’t feel really “back alley”. And then during my last three years with Moret Group, when I went back to full time… They had this one rep who’s main job seemed to be to deny coverage. I felt like every time I used my insurance I got a collections agency. Like when I got a routine pap test and the office sent to the tests to the wrong lab. I got a six month battle from that one. They finally paid, but it took six months of fighting. The “agent” had the nerve to tell me I could be “proactive” and bring addresses of the approved labs. I’m like, “Lady, I pay my insurance percentages and the co-pay and that’s where MY responsibility for this ends.” And then, before the pre-existing condition thing go (temporarily?) shut off by Obama, I had an $800 or $900 Glaucoma work-up, a lengthy series of a bunch of tests to try to determine if it’s a probability. Doctors had been mentioning the need for this & I was finally insured, and then the test was bought up again by a network ophthalmologist. Diagnostics were supposedly 100% covered. It said it right there, circled with red Sharpie, in my plan package. They steadfastly claimed these tests were treatment for a pre-existing condition. It would’ve been funny, since there was no way in hell they could ever prove I’d been treated for glaucoma, as I hadn’t and being mostly insurance free in my life, had been rarely even privy to the most basic of routine check-ups. As I liked to joke, if I weren’t basically healthy, I’d be dead already.

The wonky tooth

Dental and eyes I paid for out of pocket. (These are the two things you’re going to need for sure, so naturally they’re not part of basic insurance packages.) I’d been seeing one dentist every six months or so for awhile in 2002, having had some pain in my front teeth, which motivated me to find him. Then it was that my bonding had gotten a bit thin. But later, it turned out I’d somehow developed a huge bone pocket under his watch, right in the middle of my upper gums.

I’d always had a gap there, but I’d had braces on my upper teeth as a young teen, and then the pervy family dentist had applied some bonding, to further fix the gap and also fix some issues of jumbled and missing teeth. It got to a perfectly reasonable point.

I used to smile in pictures.

Well… I fired the negligent dentist and had a bone graft with a new one. But now, the gap was back, bigger than before and with a long glaring surgery scar. Also the affected tooth now sticks out at a jaunty angle, like it’s making a break for it. It’s starting to overlap the other adjacent tooth. I wince inwardly every time I see it in the mirror, to the extent that I prefer to brush my teeth without my glasses or contacts involved. I hate being photographed b/c I always look shitty – stiff and sort of pained. I’m concentrating on keeping my mouth clamped shut! I can’t send that “spark” toward the camera.

So anyway… I had the graft and dealt with my new reality. It helped that I was mostly celibate the last decade in NYC. I had plenty of spending money and a full circle of friends in various circles. I wasn’t lonely and didn’t miss the pettiness of relationship drama. The tooth was never the same after the graft though. The bone was sensitive to the touch, right up to under my nose, for one example. I’d feel my heartbeat in my gums, periodically, especially when I’d lie down to sleep. I have a hard enough time sleeping!

Naturally, it came back

When shit is that fucked up it tends to be recurring. It’d been bothering me more than usual again, lately. Then my gums right behind got really swollen and hard. Finally asked C to take a look at it, after our weekend at the coast. I went into one of his freelance offices. I’ve got only 4mm of bone past the tip of the root in the middle, the location of the original pocket. And now there’s just a little bit (we’ve killed the infection at least) right behind, in the middle, which was the source of the swelling.

It’s almost certain I’m going to need an implant at one point. And Charlie tells me that the hardest tooth to color match is one of the two front. It’s always going to differ from the other in all but one lighting scenario. You get to pick. What I really need is the $ for 2-3 implants, as the area of all the weirdness is right in the front.

I’m not sure if we’re going to try another graft or not, next…

My current, twice daily cleaning regimen is:

  1. Brush, with electric toothbrush.
  2. Floss. I found these things and they really help in flossing, particularly with the back teeth.
  3. Use a syringe to squirt a salt water / hydrogen peroxide mixture into both problem areas.
  4. Use another syringe to squirt Perio-rx in the same places. That is “chlorhexidine gluconate” rinse….
  5. Use a wooden toothpick (dipped in perio & the contents of an emptied dioxycycline capsule) to try to poke some of antibiotics in there.

My long-winded point to all this back story – I may well need to schedule a mostly “off” week, exercise wise

I feel like all my joints are extra sensitive. First it was the knees, then the elbow. I discovered the congenital weakness in my left tricep when I was first getting into Astanga, in the form of led classes at Crunch gym, way back in the early 2000s, when a lot of NYC gyms had serious Astanga programs. I can’t remember it throbbing all night though! Not since way back at traumatic onset, where I had constant muscle tears and a collage of deep bruises of various age, over the course of 6-8 months. It’d mostly just hurt when it was getting hammered by a particular exercise or practice.

I’d started neglecting the yoga during my last month at The Office, Portlandia. Things weren’t going well there, and then I had car drama complicating things at home. Astanga practice is harder to face psychologically, and is like 10x harder if you’re solo. You can trust me on this. I knew decades long practitioners who’d never managed to develop a solo practice, where they could step up to the plate if the teacher or group were not available. I’m pretty sure this is why my knees have been cranky, but the right one has been extra persistent and even the left one complains here and there.

The kicker though, was that my right ankle went all tweaked out toward the end of  my Friday workout. I WAS DOING A LIGHT, EASY JOG, ffs!!! IT’S NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!!! Wasn’t going to do anything yesterday, but then I’d previewed the first part of Michele’s latest and I thought doing a half hour to forty minutes, with no jumping, would be perfect. It felt good! But guess what – my right ankle is sensitive this morning.

Is “What hurts?” now the first question of the day once I’ve gotten up off the floor?

I haven’t done a recovery week in absolute ages, where you only work out light or not much at all

I remember being astounded to be reminded of the existence of this concept. (Sure I knew the occasional Astangi who’d admit to taking a week off, or not practicing much at all over the holidays, but I never, ever did this, not even when I was literally limping around for months at a time.)

Ironically though, the Astanga – which is what finally broke my previously impervious patella – is also the cure. It was 5½ years of thrice weekly 3rd series, plus some 4th when I got to that point. But now I only do primary+, my own version of it. And I gave up Kapotasana. My back hasn’t been the same since that 2012 Kino workshop.

I don’t need Kapo though. I’m only interested in the therapeutic affects of the particular asana though. I only need enough back bending to counter the leg-behind-head, necessary to keep my less than perfectly even spine in good balance. I still do my ticks, hand standing to back bend, and that seems more useful and not problematic.

Maybe just three yoga practices this week and nothing else? It’s harder to get myself to yoga, sure, but if I’m taking so many pure rest days it might seem easier…

Neither Julia or Titan has answered my question about what the last day of entry is for week 4 of the contest. I might well just say screw that. (I’ll still do the WO though, but later.)




Small section of “Can You Feel It” the Burn Workout Video

Wasn’t going to exercise today. Still don’t feel up for the latest Julia contest WO and I didn’t have enough time for Astanga. So… I might’ve made the time longer doing 2=1 in Part 1. Couldn’t remember what it was from my preview, but since I’d decided I was only going to do a little bit of this today, just to get the blood moving, it didn’t matter.

I did the 4 rounds of part 1 and the 3 rounds of part 2. Then just one round of the abs burnout (but weighted). Finished just under an hour. Low burn, but that was just fine for today.

I might do Astanga tomorrow & put the contest off again. If I even bother to post another clip.


“Can You Feel It” the Burn Workout Video

Skipped video pre warm-up and started w/ Part 1, reps.

Part 1: Warm Up – x4 √, √, √, √ (17:44)
1. Fwd Lunge – Twist weight to Front Knee 15, held goblet style w/ both hands @ chest 2=1 
2. Plank Jacks
3. Mountain Climbers 2=1
4. Reverse Lunge – Twisting weight away from lunging leg (toward front, supporting leg) 10, 2=1
5. Knee Tuck w/weight to Legs Wide & Weight over Chest 10
6. Reverse Crunch – Ball between Legs 5lb dumbbell bet feet. Can hold a 10 w/ both hands.

Part 2: x3 √, √, √
1. RL fwd bench Lunge w/ bicep curl – RL rev lunge, lifting weight OH 12x 1st rnd – 10s, 2nd & 3rd rnds 5s w/ 2lb wrist weights. Added my 8lb vest to these first two moves for 3rd round. 
2. Other side
3. Commando down/Up to Shoulder Tap 12x
4. Roll Up to overhead & Alternate tap to side (legs straight) 20x 10lb dumbbell
5. Obliques Mountain Climbers 20x

I was at 39min here. Decided to skip ahead to ab burnout & call it a day.

Part 3: x3 @ 47:
1. OH Tricep Extension – Right rev Lunge (twist weight To front knee) Right Side Lunge (weight press front) 10x 5s
2. Other side
Lunge (weight press front) 10x
3. Arms – Side Raise (palms face front) Press back then lower down 12x
4. Arms – Front Raise Wide (turn palms to face) Touch together – Out & lower down 12x
5. Arms – Cross in Front of Chest & straight out to sides 12x

Part 4: x3
1. Right Hand Kettlebell Snatch – Reverse Lunge to Kneel Down/Up – Front Bench Lunge To Shoulder Press 10x
2. Right Hand Kettlebell Swing 10x
3. Left Hand Kettlebell Snatch – Reverse Lunge to Kneel Down/Up – Front Bench Lunge To Shoulder Press 10x
4. Left Hand Kettlebell Swing 10x
5. Pendulums 20x

Bonus: Abs & Thighs 10/50 12 rounds (1x@ 1:18 Paused monitor while I found the place & put on 2lb ankle weights
1. (on back) Reverse Table Top – Alternate Tap to floor
2. Pull Right Knee in (L. Elbow to knee) – Left knee in & hand to foot
3. Left Side Plank Knee Lift to Overhead Reach (5lb dumbbell)
4. Left Side – Lower top leg to floor & raise up (Heel leads down) 5lb dumbbell resting on working leg
5. Did my normal sub for this move, knee in to tap floor in front, extend leg out @ angle behind, squeezing glutes 5lb dumbbell resting on working leg
6. Buzz Saw Plank
7. Lay on Back – Pull Feet in & Crunch – Press Out to hover
8. Pull Left Knee in (R. Elbow to knee) – Right Knee in & hand to foot
9. Right Side Plank Knee Lift to Overhead Reach (5 lb dumbbell)
10. Right Side – Lower top leg to floor & raise up (Heel leads down)
11. Same as move 5.
12. Glute Bridge (Up 2/Down 2)

Total Body Home Workout & yoga

This was supposed to be a recovery WO but I worked harder than anticipated, after a slow and gentle start. But this was mostly about avoiding areas of potential pain or tweakiness. Left elbow is the worst area of gimp, bu then right ankle got persnickety toward the end of the 2nd set, that I did w/ equal intervals of jump rope. Deep sigh. Anyway I got a WO in, and feel better for it. It’s a gloomy day here – dark, chilly and wet. One of those PNW fall days where the sun never quite makes a full appearance.

I’ll do Astanga tomorrow if the left arm seems like it can handle it. And I have to find out that last possible day to post the last Julia contest video. I might delay it longer than Sunday if I can.


Total Body Home Workout

  • First round, with video is 30/50, but not even as one set set, with shorter intervals of cardio. M made moves 1-5 the warm-up. I did high knees & then all jugglers. Moves 6-16 I followed M & did either high knees or switch lunges.
  • 2nd round I added an equal interval of jump rope (easy jog) before every #d move, 15/45×32=32min.
  1. In/Out Squat standing up to squeeze in middle. 2nd rnd picked up 26lb kettlebell
  2. Knee to Elbow-Right / V-abs 3lb bet feet. The standing move in vid was obliques but I was getting too much hip flexor, so I took it to the floor for round 2
  3. Other side
  4. Tricep, Star-Jump Burpee Squat Jumps
  5. Rev lunge to high kick back to switch lunge Butt Kicks

  6. Elevator Plank-Right LOVED!!! I’d been planning on doing a slider pike abs for move 12, but these were so challenging I changed my mind!

  7. Elevator Plank-Left
  8. Angle Abs / Temple Tap Abs 2nd rnd, another M move I love.
  9. Single Leg Hip Thrust-Right
  10. Single Leg Hip Thrust-Left
  11. Sumo Pulse 2nd rnd picked up 45lb kettlebell
  12. Urdhva D, @ wall Walking Push-up
  13. Side Plank Stretch-Rotating
  14. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Right As if I weren’t gimpy enough right now. Everything’s falling apart! I haven’t even mentioned the Dental Drama on this blog but… At this point I had to stop jump rope b/c right ankle did something weird after move 13, and a stretch didn’t help enough. For remainder of cardio I did: step-up, knee up (before 15), then rocket lunges (before 16)
  15. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Left
  16. Alt pistols March in Place

Followed this up with some yoga asana



















Friday morning musings

On aging and injuries

I was planning to do the last WO in Julia’s contest series yesterday, but when I got out of bed (a Casper mattress still on the floor, because Podunk), both knees were sore. And I’d done a nice, easy one the day before! Not only that, but my left elbow was especially pissy, even aching when not exercising, and hitting the problem area. I know what that one thing was from. There was a move in Wednesday’s WO of holding arms OH w/ a band above wrists & pulling down. I liked the novelty of the move, and the pulling action, so I ignored the complaints.

I took a rest day, thinking I’d get to my last, “contest entry” routine today. But…, while the knees feel slightly (right) to much (left) better, the elbow is still annoyed. And this WO is upper body heavy. She starts off w/ a circuit that is snatches, shoulder presses and triceps. I’d want to use my 26lb kettlebell (with forearm guards!) for the first move, even though I can’t snatch it up OH directly. I have to clean & press-up. It’s something to work on. So I think I’ll reschedule again. I’m pretty sure they allow a week from posting to completion date for the contest. That means I could do it Sat or Sun. And let’s face it, a person my age w/out a lot of social media followers isn’t likely to win. It’s more for the point of personal follow-through.

Everything happens for a reason

She mainly just sits in the driveway, gathering leaves. I’ve been meaning to at least go put gas in her since Tuesday, lol. Busy with other things. Just had to ask Charlie what kind of gas she gets, again. Despite the timing, I can’t say I’m that sorry I bought her. She’s an inexpensive and unassuming car, and at 51½, actually owning an automobile tickles me. Saturday I’ll go get some gas! (Writes in agenda.) I need to incrementally woman-up to the idea of the bridge. That again. It’s a better route though. I always had a feeling I wouldn’t be required to go from the NW to the NE Industrial. My color judgments were just as good as the airquotes senior and ass kissing hater. I did pre-press color adjustments, back in the day, for the super high-end carpets I designed. We used better quality paper than in any coffee table, art book I’ve ever encountered. It was easy for me, with my oil painting, color mixing experience. I communicated in those terms. The Two made everything excruciatingly slow, self-doubting and meandering, but to be fair that was general company policy. #driving

Things I don’t want to do tend not to happen anyway. If I hadn’t launched on the India cycle, late 2005, I’d be a senior designer making 130/140K. That’s who I was hired to be! It would’ve come with overseas production trips, two to three times a year though. They were pretty brutal, and at the time, missing even two extra days of Astanga practice would’ve been earth-shakingly tragic. (The biannual trend shopping trips that evolved into being maybe five or six years down the line would’ve been easier to cope with, over brutally over scheduled, marathon factory visits.) When I started, my division was a newly acquired, formerly private, but smaller company. They’d finally moved into their new home base, about eight months after acquisition, two days before I started. I brought my own laptop for a few days, and those 17″ weren’t all that portable.

Unlike my last gig, Moret Group wasn’t cheap about maintaining decent work stations. IT had to order a brand new Mac for me, and were behind getting everyone else set up in their new stations. All the designers had their own USB scanners, which is as it should be. We had small group access to ink jet printers, for color, and also a color laser, for volume. We got to order lumbar cushions and wrist braces / exercisers if we needed. Also tablets! (I never used them in NYC, but the design style for most of what I was doing there, quite lucratively, was a much different animal from what I’m doing now. The Wacom bumps your digital design into fine art territory. They merge.)

Vs: The Office, Portlandia Edition That’s quite a different thing from being handed an 8½ year old, groaning old Mac and having to bring your own Wacom tablet, because your mouse isn’t fully functional. It skipped. Airquotes senior tried using it once and picked it up, to look at the underside, puzzled. “You should be able to find a mouse around here, somewhere…” she said later on, trailing off. Um, ya, thanks.

Anyway I quit that gig, the first time, in January 2006 for my “First Trip to Mysore”, also my first blog. I still have the print out of my posts, somewhere. Not the comments I don’t think. (In those days I was widely read, and popular posts sometimes turned into lengthy chats in the comment section). If I’d stayed in New York, I probably would’ve never left The Hovel, my rent stabilized studio on East 4th Street and First Ave. Not even if the 10-year Astanga yoga fixation hadn’t happened, and I’d stayed on the management track. Nor would I have ever driven a car again!

I’m really happy to be out of that toxic swamp

They are all welcome to it! Too bad Cascade didn’t get printed though. That’d have been a hit, I am sure of it. That place was a thorough lesson in inept management. As I like to say, the old, 1-star Glassdoor reviews were still spot-on.

The universe was like, “Here! Have a friend instead.” Finally made a new one, and of course she’s an east coaster. I never had any problems whatsoever connecting with new people of wildly diverse backgrounds doing my 2-month India stints. Podunk is different. It’s small, provincial and hostile to outsiders. It’s professionally “mean”, in the petty sense of the word, and inclined for an outrageously smug mediocrity. We’re meeting up tonight, going to a thing downtown! Sketching will happen.

XX The Aeon
“Judgment” in other decks

Occupies the path between Hod and Malkuth. Hod is the seat of Human Intelligence as well as harnessed willpower whilst Malkuth represents the physical world. The Aeon Card connecting them implies the blending of energies between the two sephira so we have: The evolution of human consciousness and understanding (Hod) about the nature of our physical reality (Malkuth). Our consciousness becomes more universal as we see the Oneness behind creation. Older perspectives are burned away by spiritual fire.

1. A decision which has a major impact on your life. Examples would include lifestyle, career or relationship changes. In the upright position these changes would be positive.

2. Also life changing experiences which may be spiritual or a near death experience. These have a major impact on our life which forces a change in perspective and the birth of a new self.

3. Time to move on from a situation after seeing the bigger picture of things so we have endings and new beginnings.

4. Taking time out to review your life timeline and seeing what changes have happened over time and how you have grown. Reviewing the bigger picture.

5. A natural period of growth where you are experiencing a deepening in your understanding of yourself and the world around you. A time of deep change, reflection and evolution of your spiritual awareness. You may also be letting go of friends, and structures which are no longer serving you.

Ya that sounds about right!!! I’m coming to a new understanding about things which do not happen being unworthy of my time and attention in the first place. And now, it’s time to get back to my current “seamless repeat” design.