Meh. Workout was ruined by Apple, I think

Apple has been hacked. Beware those with .mac and iTunes accounts

Or rather their hacked system did. I’d had a support call scheduled for 10:15. The robo set-up arrived but the tech never did. Spent 20min on hold & then disconnected when I got thru on chat. Nearly an hour there & the tech admitted he couldn’t get into the system right now. I’ve found in these cases, like dealing with iPage and AT&T over last winter, that the all out blitz is the ONLY way you will ever get through to someone who will step in for a manual over ride. You tweet them. You get a DM going there. You call & set up tickets. Sometimes you blog. In both of those cases I had to file claims with the Better Business Bureau. Hopefully we won’t get to that point here. The main problem is that there is no way to delete your credit card information from .mac, and since their system isn’t secure I want to do that! (The clueless tech in India also recommended that.)

I knew I should’ve done the pure HIIT she just posted

I got a better burn with yesterday’s ashtanga. I’m not going to count this as a real workout. I’ll only take one full rest day this week and call it a ½ “rest”.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Gah!!! It’d be ok if I’d only been at it 45min

Crazy Core Workout: Minimal equipment

Jump rope, 13″ bench, Resistance bands, 1, 10lb weight

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

**Spider knee vinyasa flow 5ea leg, alternating Downdog, glute raise, spider knee, catarunga, updog, divebomber return to downdog

  • SET 1: HIIT 30:10 2x 8min
    1. RL SL decline push-up kickunder and glute raise LL on bench, close to end
    2. Incline oblique mtn climbers Hands on bench. Knee toward opp elbow
    3. Plank double tuck box jump
    4. LL SL decline push-up kickunder and glute raise
    5. Incline wide mtn climbers Took the 1st incline move for a rest in all the planks but made this one harder.
    6. Animal flow kickthroughs Kick thru, half cartwheel from outer to outer foot, repeat.

    **Spider knee vinyasa flow 5ea leg @ 9:18 Video has 10ea leg in one chunk, here, after the first HIIT. I decided to split it up. Trying to do the divebomber back from the updog was REALLY hard 4 me! Even split.

    SET 2: True Tabata 8:40min
    1. Side plank dip leg lift and reach under, orange band High side plank, alt sides
    2. Decline toe taps pike jump burpee Feet on bench. Bring alt foot in & touch w/ opp arm. Jump down & pick. No push-up.

    **10 reps rollback push-up ninja tuck @ 22:14

    SET 3: HIIT 50:10 2x 8min @ 24:00
    1. RL Bulgarian clap under to SL push-up, knee to same side arm
    2. OH High knee toe taps
    3. LL Bulgarian clap under to SL push-up, knee to same side arm
    4. Bench knee tucks C-sit, butt near end of the bench. 3lb weight bet feet 2nd round I kept hands off bench. Extended arms straight OH on the down & pointing foward on the up / tuck.

    SET 4: Mini combo Evens Pyramid 10-2 reps

  • Julia does all pyramid moves on each move before moving on. I did 10s in all three moves, then 8s, then 6s etc.
  • I also added a single interval of 10/60 jump rope after ever round, except last one
  • However I messed up! I did the cross crunches in the pyramid & then accidentally did exercises 2-4 in set 5 in the pyramid. And I hadn’t been feeling much flow… maybe b/c I responded to a couple Apple messages about my messed-up account. Did 10 plank dips, 2=1 and then decided to call it a day.

    1. Cross crunches full rep count ea side, 5lb dumbbell 
    2. Plank Hip dips On elbows, full rep count per each side I rotated between, ie, left to right 20x for the 1st round. I like the stretch in my thoracic this gives!
    3. Pike glute raise to knee tuck and flip and reach Start w/ 10 glute raises on 1 side. Move to plank. Knee to nose & then pike glute raise. Flip to ½ Urdhva D, arm that’s not planted stretched out. Hold for 10 counts. Switch sides.

    SET 5: Reps: Ab circuit 3x: adapted from Whitney Simmons’s Instagram @ 46min:
    1. 10 side plank reach unders from elbow 10 ea side, holding 10lb weight, rotating slightly bent arm straight up to ceiling
    2. 10 ¾ sit up / leg extension, dumbbell handoffs 5lbs bet feet. 
    3. 10 leg raise toe touch 10lbs Holding weight w/ straight arms right up over chest.
    4. 10 resistance band in and outs band around feet, holding w/ hands. C-sit w/ bent legs to lowered back w/ straight legs.

Jump rope & Ashtanga


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope Wasn’t aware how sore I was from yesterday until I started my warmup. It was SO HARD to jump rope I had to talk myself into finishing, mainly between rounds 3 & 4. But ya, I was glad I did it b/c it makes such a difference to the practice, those four, little minutes.



  • Suryas & fundamentals. Same way as here and here.
  • Primary+ @ 23:45Finished setu bandhasana @ 57min
    • 2nd to laghu vajrasana, hanuman, kapo B
  • @1:11 Back Bending. Urdhva D, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks
  • @ 1:19 Finishing Full 5min savasana (corpse) today. I almost always practice this relaxation after every workout, but usually for 1min. It only seems kind of important after (what I think of as) a full practice.

Spartan 3000 by Daniela

Never did this one before b/c it’s all reps. I did the whole thing from a list. Sometimes it helps my pace to try to follow along, but as with most things these days, I realized it doesn’t matter. One thing I’ve got is time on my hands. So… fuck it. It was one of the more tedious routines though – all that damned counting. I wouldn’t do it again but I’m glad I crossed it off my list. This was a good time for it, after an extra rest day, after a particularly apathetic week.


Spartan 3000 by Daniela

Part 1: Warm up, 2x = 600 reps 16min

50 squats 25 reg fast / 25 bench jumpovers
50 bridges 25 feet on floor / 25 feet elevated
50 Jumping Jacks
50 Buttkickers 1=1
20 Pull-ups / Chin-ups (with band assist) Pushups
20 Rev Plank Leg Lifts Donkey kicks (10/leg)
10 Tricep Pushups
50 Fire hydrants (25/leg) w/ 5lb ankle weights / then orange band cause my old ankles weights TAKE TOO FUCKING LONG TO GET ON & OFF!!!

Part 2: Bodyweight Circuit: 5 exercises, 20 reps each, 5 rounds = 500 reps √, √, √, √, √ 16:20 / 23:15 Then  a long pause while I changed out of my 6-yr old cross trainers. Started w/ them on accidentally & could really feel the 0 cushion in the mat hops.

1. Burpee (no push up)
2. Jump Squats
3. Yoga Push ups Butt up & chest down to up dog, fast
4. High knee toe taps 1=1
5. Mat hops1=1

Part 3: Strength Complex, 8 Exercises, 10 reps, 5 rounds: √, √, √, √√  26:25
1. Deadlifts 2, 20lb weights
2. Squats 2, 20lb weights
3. Bent over Rows 2, 20lb weights Alt rev grip (3 rounds) w/ palms facing in (2 rounds)
4. Switch lunge weight pass through 15lbs
5. Swings 35lb kettlebell
6. Weighted chair lunges 1=1 2, 10lb weights
7. Chest Press (hips pressed up in bridge) 2, 20lb weights
8. Shoulder Press 2, 15lb weights

Well, I’m already 18min behind by the point & I stopped for a break. What does time matter if there are no rewards or even congratulations? 

Part 4: 5 exercises, 50 reps each (1=1 ea move) = 250 reps 4got 2 time

1. Mtn Climbers 1=1
2. Groiners 1=1
3. High Knees 1=1
4. Squat Jacks
5. Touchdowns Leg goes out to the side laterally, touching down in center.

Time = 1:18 Took another break

Part 5: Strength + Cardio Mix: 12 exercises, the first one for 10 reps, the second for 20 reps 2x through = 20:01

1. Clean and Press 2, 20lb weights // Squat Slams 20lbs
2. Curtsy Lunge + hammer curl 2, 15lb weights, 5ea leg // 1 Arm ½ Burpee  10ea arm Really fucking sick of 1/2 burpees after the 100 of them in set 2! Considered swapping for OH triceps 2nd round but didn’t.
3. Sumo Squats 2, 20lb weights // Sumo Squat hops (1st round do 10 reps & then 20 & rev for 2nd round)
4. SL DL 2, 15lb weights Do all 10 reps one leg & get other on 2nd round // switch lunges 1=1
5. Bulgarian 2, 15lb weights Do all 10 reps one leg & get other on 2nd round // lunge hops 10ea leg

Part 6: Pyramid: 570 Reps 10:59

100 Jumping Rope feet together
50 Left glute raises on hands & knees (w/ 5lb ea ankle weights)
50 Right glute raises
50 Left donkey pulses
50 Right donkey pulses
100 Mtn Climbers 1=1
50 Bulgarians (25/leg) no added weight
50 Frog glute raises with your belly laying on bench or anything else where you can lay down. Your lower body should not touch the bench. Try to do all reps without letting your feet touch the ground. Left ankle weights off
20 Jump squats

25 SL Bridge Left w/ ankle weights
25 SL Bridge Right

Part 7: Burnout 9:28 
100 rocket step-ups (50 per leg) Did 25/25, then the rows, then another 25/25
50 bent reengage rows 2, 15lb weights
20 knee pulls with weight Left 10lbs
40 (20/leg) Runners lunge toe taps
20 Knee Pulls with weight Right
50 SA swings (25/side) 15lbs 15/15/10/10
100 sumo pulses 2, 10lb weights

Time = 2:06, all breaks & interruptions included


5x a week is the thing

I still have the same x-a-week tally as I did from the days when I got into 3rd series, which happened on an accelerated pace as I started day one with eleven new poses. It’s even more important, now that I’m “Unemployable in Portland” and need a good reason to take a shower every day, and sift through my mostly old & ratty wardrobe for something semi-presentable.

Too many failures

As amazing as she is, my new kitten, Theodora, can’t make me forget that I’m otherwise pretty aimless and (because of this) increasingly lethargic. I’ve been working on a larger watercolor, and I’ve been having these issues with my old hot press… I think the paper is ruined. I also had tried applying an easy lifting agent to the stretched and stapled paper. Worked and worked on this composition & was really liking it. I’ve established a feeling of distance that was missing in the sketch. But once I applied the very first washes, it mottled and stained. The paper is behaving like toilet tissue.

I’d had to restart the cafe scene because of this issue. I thought I’d figured it out. For the life of me… I don’t know. Was it just the agent?

I’m not going to restart this piece. Just don’t have it in me. It’s not like I’m getting a commission with materials fees, is it? It’s going to look waaaaay more expressionist than I’d wanted. I’d hoped to play with blending in the sky and water in a larger scale, and really layer the colors. But I don’t think it’s going to scrub out at all. I’m going to have to keep it really light and work on all the details in colored pencil (which I need to figure out how to blend better too, btw.)

So there was that… and then… I needed to exercise. I’d already taken my two days off and was feeling glum. I’d detailed out different ideas for not hard-core options in addition to the ashtanga I’d planned. There was nothing I felt like doing… And what difference would it make, really? 

I should never film myself

It’s impossible to make good clips for a few reasons.

  1. Camera: an iPhone is really hard to adjust for lighting & I swear it’s less flattering… Charlie’s Canon won’t film for longer than 10min or so.
  2. Room size: because of the above I need to back the camera way up and a bit out of the open doorway. The only option is into the living room, and thus every clip I make is backlit. (I had that too at the hotel, but it was a clean, modern room with this view that I wanted to document as much as possible, for the short time it lasted.)
  3. Music: real time is boring, but I can’t afford even $15 a month in subscription, royalty free music. YouTube options are only good for very short films too. You can only use one track and most of them are on the short side. You’re not going to want to publish a 10-30min clip with 3min of music at the beginning.

The biggest problem, though, is that I judge myself… In an ideal world I’d have a larger, dedicated room, with a variety of angles to shoot from, a decent camera and even those fucking lighting panels. I’d also be consistently updating my workout wardrobe…

I did end up posting yesterday’s short yoga thing, at least temporarily, but the lingering effects of looking at it coupled with the media disappointment in my nice composition… Why bother? I thought. Would I suddenly have the body I wanted? No. Would it make a huge difference? No. Why not just snack all day?

No endorphins. No will to get them. And there you have it!

Tomorrow I have the extremely rare event, in my PDX Poverty, of dinner with a friend, at a place that could rival some NYC restaurants (not as common as you’d think). Charlie’s coming too. So I’ll get my ass in gear and at least I’ll get a workout in.

So no, dropping to 4x a week once in awhile isn’t a HUGE disaster in terms of fitness and body image / acceptance (or lack thereof), but it reminds me how emotionally fragile I really am these days.

NO EQUIPMENT Full Body Vacation Workout #7 by Kristin R & Yoga

I’d planned on doing this workout maybe Monday or Tuesday, depending on when the next rest day happens, but to my surprise I didn’t wake up feeling sore at all from yesterday. Also the relentless Portland heatwave finally ended, and it’s cloudy and cool today, the Pacific Northwest, gothic gloom expressed full force, at about four days, according to current predictions.

Also decided to do my 4min jump rope warm-up before the routine, since it starts with a banded set. Was happy to see it when I first read the breakdown though! I love using these bands.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

NO EQUIPMENT Full Body Vacation Workout #7 by Kristin R

SET 1: 20:10 3x (6 min) ppl band
1. Banded Lateral Walks
2. Burpee Plank Jacks (band on legs)
3. Banded Squat jump Alt Knee to Elbow Cross Crunch
4. Banded Double Mtn Climbers

SET 2: HIIT 50:10 each move 2x before going to the next (20 Min)
1. Lateral Tuck to Plank Thruster
2. Pistol Rollback to Front Kick /Roundhouse Loved this move! I can get back up on the pistol squat pretty much no prob both sides. Put fingers down 1x only on the weaker, left side.
3. Tricep Pushup plank tuck to Alt Shoulder Taps
4. Bunny Hops Fwd Squat + front kicks Bunny Hops back
5. Oblique V-ups to V-up
6. Switch Lunges 3x to Runners Lunge Toe Taps 3x
7. Pushup Alt T-Stand Leg Raise
8. Handstand to Kickthroughs
9. Around the World Abs This is the 1 move I’d change, for some oblique crunch I can feel better.
10. Dynamic SL Pike Pushups Would be good w/ ankle weights!

SET 3: 40:10 2x (5 min)
1. L Curtsy Pulse to Lateral Lunge Leg Lift
2. Alt Pendulum & Kickunder Pushups
3. R Curtsy Pulse to Lateral Lunge Leg Lift

SET 4: 30:10 2x (5:20 min)
1. Commando and flip Cross Toe Touch
2. Tricep Pushup + 2 hip dips
3. Squat Pulse to Failure then do 2 Groiners, repeat
4. Tricep Pushup Alt Supermans (opps arm and leg straight raise)

SET 5: No Rest Tabata Pair: (4 min)(Jugglers in 10 seconds) If I repeat this wo, I’ll do this as reg tabata & with my 5lb ankle weights, skipping the getting up & down to the floor every interval.
1. Supine Oblique Heel Reaches
2. Straight Leg Bicycles

Booty Banded HIIT: 30:10 x1 (4 min) ppl band
1. Right SL Bridge
2. Knee Trap RIGHT Donkey Kick
3. Squat Jumps
4. Left SL Bridge
5. Knee Trap LEFT Donkey Kick
6. In & out Squat Touchdown

Total time so far including warm-up & all breaks: 58:15

I skipped the yoga flow cool down in favor of my own, non-vinyasa yoga. 


About 31min of my own, easy, restorative yoga. Well… not flattering but SO BORING (from the outside – felt good in the doing) no one is ever likely to watch it, lol.


5000 Seconds for 5000 Subs Workout: Cross Fit HIIT and Pyramids

As it turns out, yesterday’s “moving work” wasn’t all that strenuous, but since I hadn’t known exactly what to expect I took my rest, got other (art) stuff done & saved this beast for today. Decided not to preview any of it beyond looking at the list, resolving to try to at least get through the first two sections before pausing the video for notes.

This was so much fun! Didn’t drag at all.


Crotch Heart in Sweat

5000 Seconds for 5000 Subs Workout: Cross Fit HIIT and Pyramids 

Adapted Zach Filer bodyweight challenge:
10 minute Amrap I kept right up here!
1. Roll back to 3 pulse Lunges 5/leg Both feet down on the ground to come up tho; no pistol-ing it up
2. Russian push-ups 10 reps Didn’t put elbows all the way down for left arm, but went from catarunga to lowered elbows & kept pace
3. Pike glute raise to full kickthroughs 6/leg
4. Plank tuck to Tuck jumps 10 reps

 Cross Fit moves HIIT set: 20:10 4x each move 10 minutes
1. Hang cleans 2, 20lb weights
2. SA snatch lat tuck jump 2, 20lb weights, doing lateral jump over mat
3. Handstand to pistol LOVE!
4. Split Lunge snatch to SL DL 2, 15lb weights
5. Roll back box jump burpee.

Strength HIIT pyramid 60:10/ 50:10/40:10 I took a break before the last interval, like J.
24 minutes
1. Squat alt step ups 2, 15lb weights
2. Decline spider knee burpee
3. Alt SL box squat + alt forward lunge 2, 10lb weights For the tender right knee.
4. FAST Inchworm out +push-up plank hop up + 180 tuck
5. Alt curtsy step downs 2, 20lb weights Going light on stepping up or down (right knee)
6. Plank tuck alt kick thru to crab toe touch
7. Body weight bulg to fwd lunge and switch LOVE! Body weight & balance moves are very yogic in flavor.
8. Decline push up clean and press 2, 20lb weights

 Cross Fit moves HIIT set: 20:10 4x each move 10 minutes
1. Hang cleans
2. SA snatch lat tuck jump
3. Handstand to pistol
4. Split Lunge snatch to SL DL
5. Roll back box jump burpee. So wet at this point that my upper back made squishy noises on my Manduka during the roll back.

Cardio and core tabata pair time pyramids:
18 minutes Getting tired here & took breaks after every 6min set. If u don’t preview it’s useful to know where ur equipment needs to be anyway.

1. OH high knee toe taps 6 and chair lunges 6 2, 10lb weights
2. Weight plate ab pass 5lb dumbbell This was plenty enough weight on the hip flexors!

1. 4 groiners 3 switch lunges
2. Side plank toe touch and reach under to rev plank leg lifts

1. Switch foot mtn climber and 2 Lunge hops
2. Sarvanga to halasana (and reverse curl or leg drop)! Happy to see (a variation of) this move again so soon. With my renewed interest in ashtanga these are poses I practice nearly every single day. No stretch in the hammies for me here tho b/c mine are really open.

Cross fit moves HIIT set: 20:10 4x each move 10 minutes (82 minutes total)
1. Hang cleans
2. SA snatch lat tuck jump
3. Handstand to pistol
4. Split Lunge snatch to SL DL
5. Roll back box jump burpee.

2 minute yoga vinyasa flow cool down
Down dog
Knee tuck to crescent Lunge

Long, slow ashtanga


Points of practice 

  1. Starting the standing arches from the pelvic tilt.
  2. Starting updog lower to avoid the clunky-clunk in the right hip. It’s an audible noise. I’ve been figuring out how to lessen it.
  3. Right hand / thumb area, a bit cranky. Was careful to reposition hands before updogs as often as it felt beneficial.


  • Suryas & fundamentals. Same way as this recent time.
  • Primary+ Got to setu bandhasana @ 1:01 and then took a blog break & changed the music (from Pandora Classical Indian). Did my tiny bit of 2nd (and one Linda modified 3rd pose, the hanuman) in 14min
  • Back Bending. Urdhva D, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks
  • Finishing, @ 1:29. I took the whole five minutes in savasana today.

Tomorrow! Was going to do Julia’s 5,000 seconds celebration workouts, but then I remembered I’m helping load a truck. This is what I can do in the local “economy” of PDX for spending money, manual labor for friends.  The corporate things don’t work out because they are SO rape-y. I’ll have to save this special workout for Friday.

Portland Burger Week 2017 = groupon deal in terms of service #reviews

(U get what u pay for)

And they say you should overtip but staff tends to grant you with “under service”. Both kinds of deals benefit the owners a lot more than the staff, probably, and herein would lie the problem. Even if you tip well, you’re still going to be the last to board the aircraft.

We tried two places for lunch…

First was Lompoc on NW 23rd, and they were totally prepared for the fact that you were there for the burger week deal. That’s the first thing they asked, once we’d seated ourselves.

Anyway, we got a nice booth inside & the burger & fries were good. Not only did they not salt the fries on request, but there were condiments supplied! (faux gasp). No napkins to be seen. I’d have taken some from the bar or another table if spotted. We were sharing a (previously unused) hankie Charlie had with him. But the waiter passed within earshot about half way through our meal & was polite when I asked for some.

Side note: Why do restaurants in Portland hate coasters?

We didn’t get any or see any either place & it seems like the furniture would be better off. I think it’s somehow related to bussing your own table, which is the norm here.

It was initially weird to me, a former New Yorker. I don’t remember seeing it in any of the places I’d lived in the northeast either though. Definitely not restaurants and not even in cafes! In PDX you’ll have something that sort of seems like a “real” restaurant and then you see that… It’s like “extra classy” if someone takes the plates and there’s no bins on display.

We had a good time at Lompoc & tipped 40% because it seemed worth it. Next place got significantly less.

Bring your own napkins & salt! Trust us. Just do it.

Today was Ya Hala on SE Stark. The menu looked interesting, but:

  1. The burger wasn’t that good & neither were the oily, soggy fries.
  2. We never got any salt. Luckily the harried waiter screwed up in another way & brought us an extra side of fries with some sauce that made them edible. They never brought us the salt. No one’s going to ask you if you need anything if you’re there for the sale! I tried to get another waiter’s attention but she was skilled in avoidance. (I know how it is. I’ve worked retail before.)
  3. The waiter didn’t comp us the extra order of fries he’d brought even though he remembered, with a head jolt, we’d said we’d split one.
  4. It’s way east close to 82nd Ave, ie to0 far away to bother with again. I’m sure we can find sub par Lebanese closer to home!

What are the odds of two places in a row not supplying napkins?  I asked C. I managed to steal one, unsullied leftover from a table next to us. We ripped it in half! Then our waiter actually noticed & brought some at the same midway through point as the last place.

If you’re there for burger week, you’re probably going to get sub par to outright shitty service. It’s like trying to use a Groupon, which I did in NYC less than a handful of times when it was a big thing. I ended up losing money though.

I didn’t read the fine print on one Indian place in Chelsea & tried to take a coworker there for lunch, but they wouldn’t accept the groupon for buffet and I never made it back. Too many great Indian places that hadn’t snubbed me in the East Village or Curry Hill. Lost $20 or $25 there.

And I almost always felt a level of disdain when I pulled out the coupon. Wasn’t worth the savings at a time I was making ok money. You’re supposed to tell your server right away that you’re using one, so they can file you accordingly. I don’t bother reading many Yelp reviews anymore, but when I did there was definitely a theme of coupon users complaining about the service, at any place that offered these kinds of deals.


Obviously I’m not even vegetarian at the moment

It’s the path of least resistance I swear! Two days in a row of this kind of eating hasn’t happened since I visited Austin in fall 2014. I ate brisket twice in one day there, lol.

But still agile – good thing

Oh ya today was a rest day from exercise. I almost went into full blown hamstring cramp during the obstacle course I have to use every time entering or leaving the kitchen, throughout puppy gate time (probably 6-10 weeks). My legs are tired! Most of the time I’m good at getting over the fence while carrying cats and / or art supplies. I have to get on a bench, step carefully over the partially broken gate – which has a sharp edge in one place on top – and place my feet carefully on both steps of the stool on the other side, avoiding the diagonal cross bars. Normally I’m fine with it, though if my legs are especially tired I’ll try to limit my trips at least somewhat. I took the screen out of the dining room window, for example, so that I can (some times) place Henry directly outside.

No Equipment full body Vacation Workout #6


I kicked some serious ass! Wasn’t sure I’d be able to get through a Julia, especially as this is the 5th consecutive day of working out, but I did it! I just feel so much crappier, psychologically, if I don’t work out… Tomorrow will either be a rest day or astanga.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

No Equipment full body Vacation Workout #6

Tabata 1: 20:10 8x 4 minutes
Two switch foot lunges two front kicks

AMRAP 1: 6 minutes
10 switch lunges, 2=1, OH arms
10 front kick jab/cross, ea side
10 runners Lunge toe taps/leg
10 push-ups

Superset 1: 4x @ 12:20 Did 1 round along with & then paused video.
1. 8 Roll back burpee 3 bunny hop
2. 10 repeater kick throughs/side front foot stays planted between reps / u don’t go back to plank, only kicking foot returns

Tabata 2: pair @ 22:00 (finished the former at 22:22!! But behind to type notes & then find my place again.)
1. Bunny hops fwd and back
2. Alt hip dips and knee drives forearm, rotate to one side & same side knee-in

AMRAP 2: 6 minutes
10 squat jumps
10 oblique plank hops 2=1
10 sumo squat heel up and stomp
10 pull-ups (with strap) push-ups

Superset 2: 4x @ 33:45 Kept up here (modified).
1. SL DL rocket up 10/ leg
2. airplane (like dighasana, but u can keep arms back if u want) to ½ SL pistol squat 5/ leg Bend hovering leg for levitating lunge Didn’t want to attempt to rush the pistols. Can be tricky on my knees and the right one is a tiny bit sensitive lately. I was able to keep up by modifying & it felt good to emphasis more the even hips on the dighasana-like first part.

Tabata 3: @ 44:30
1. Split Lunge clap under SL push-up

AMRAP 3: 6 minutes
10 touchdowns low jumping jacks, touching floor w/ fingertips on in & out 2=1
10 plank jack shoulder taps 2=1
10 t-stand dip and leg lifts 5/side
10 chin-ups push-ups

Superset 3: 4x @ 56:00 Ya I turned off the video after round 1 again for this one! EVIL, EVIL, DOUBLE BURPEES!!!!!
1. Double star burpees 6 2 jack push-ups @ bottom, 2 plank hops, 2 star jumps
2. Jab cross hook Knee drive 10/ side

Tabata 4: pair @ 1:04
1. Lateral lunges hops touch downs +tuck jump Split lunge, leg back on inside of mat. Lunge hop to end, bring back foot forward & touch fingertips to ground. Tuck jump.
2. Sarvangasana to Halasana

AMRAP 4: 6 minutes @ 1:10 OK I changed 3 of 4 moves here, but I’m keeping in the spirit of the workout (even if adding a little equipment, but that’s allowed for those who cannot afford to go on vacation & thus possibly exercising w/out equipment. (Let’s face it, if I could go on a vacation I’d make sure it’d include gym access lol.)
10 box jumps wide tuck jumps
10 swings, 35lb kettlebell tricep push-ups & plank tuck jumps
10 boat abs
10 slider pike abs push-ups

Superset 4: 4x 1:17
1. Plyo lunges 10/ leg
2. 5x Dolphin vinyasa flow Down dog, elbows down & back up, jump forward to utkatasana, uttanasana, catarunga, updog

Total time 1:39, including all breaks / interruptions.

Very quick stretch….

1/3 HIIT & 2/3 Yoga

Recovery workout time! I’d have take a rest day if I didn’t already do that twice this week, so a little moderate activity & stretching instead. For this format I often like to take a mini Bender routine & add on. I adapted this set by adding on a single 10/30 jump rope interval before every #d rep based move.

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HIIT (& reps)

-10 reps ea move w/ the jump rope before = 19-min set. Normally I’d likely change the reps to 16, but this is just the warm-up for some easy stretching.

  1. Squat, Floor Tap 2, 20lb weights Coming all the way down to rest weights on floor & thighs on backs of calves
  2. Weighted Crunch Tap 10lbs Crunch up, holding weight up straight. Tap heels to floor.
  3. 1 Leg Squat (right) 2, 15lb weights Start kneeling w/ front foot in bet weights. Come to standing w/ back leg hovering.
  4. 1 Leg Squat (left)
  5. Weighted Temple Tap Abs 2=1 10lbs
  6. Curtsy Lunge Twist 2=1 2, 15lbs weights
  7. Romanian Deadlift w/ pulse @ bottom 2, 20lb weights
  8. Pull-ups 5 no assist & 10 w/ blue band Bent Over Row Why not right? I haven’t practiced them awhile & in this context it’s low pressure.
  9. Chest Press w/ pulse @ bottom  2, 20lb weights
  10. Hammer Curl and Tricep Squeeze 2, 15lb weights


  • Suryas & fundamentals (w/ the hand standing in suryas
  • First 4 poses of primary, to ardha baddha pada paschimo (Added gomukhasana arms when I set back up from last pose, w/out moving leg in ½lotus, then jumped back)  About 30min to this point & then stopped for notes.
  • Then no-vinyasa twisting single intervals 10/30: ardha matseyen, marichy d, upavistha kona, parighasana, baddha kona A,
  • Virasana, supta vira, malasana, uttanasana, single intervals 10/60
  • Hanuman, Block A and B, Urdhva D (1min)
  • 1min sirsasana (w/ 10 breaths in all the parts past the first one), sarvangasana, then finishing to matseyanasa 10breaths