High Burn Astanga! & my new kitten

Now that I no longer practice the “advanced” series, my full 3rd & partial 4th, which would’ve gone further if the teacher situation in NYC had been different, it’s rare to get a good workout from my ashtanga, or “astangesque”, as I like to call my personalized pose line-up. It’s basically just a primary+, though practiced at a respectable level of expert. But every now & then I burn high. Today it’s because my emotions are running strong with my new kitten. She is AMAZING.

The images and clips are all from our pick-up and bring-home day, last Friday, July 21st. I have more of course!

I really ought to learn some video editing. I like to put little montages together just because it’s the best way to archive stuff into graspable memories for me. Even though I have creative cloud 2017, I haven’t learned Premiere. I’d want to do that on a 22″ monitor iMac. Video editing is complex with lots of panels. Even with Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign I spend a lot of time looking for shit on my 15″  laptop. I’d have bought another 17″  if they hadn’t stopped making them. They were good for designers who had to “pick one”. So many times clients will require you provide your own laptop, which has to have current levels of balls & software. If you’re self employed, quite often you can’t afford to keep up two Macs. When I had to replace my last laptop, right after paying for cross country moving expenses in March 2015, I spent $3,300. I digress…



My usual ashtangeque with chop-chop & gusto. Amazing how good it felt when I’ve been HIITing like crazy while neglecting the yoga… It HAS been warmer and more humid lately, especially for Portland which has really dry summers compared to the northeast USA. This was a short workout for me, but to have that high a HR average for primary means I was definitely “excitable”.


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