Ultimate Booty Lift and Cardio #2 by Laurie N

I am really SO LUCKY in a lot of ways! #catgoals #catgains

Wasn’t so sure about this workout, with all the taking off & putting back on of the ankle weights. I don’t have the kind that are so easy! It takes me 15-20 seconds to transition between moves with them. (But they’re 5lbs for each leg.) I was afraid this would be clunky & not much of a workout… And ya round 1 took about 40min! I liked the moves but probably wouldn’t repeat it unless I had a set of the weights that fasten with one, easy motion.

I still got a good workout today & that’s all that matters. Took a rest day yesterday… I might do some yoga tomorrow, late afternoon. We host a jam night here most / many Wednesdays. It wasn’t here last week though & we decided not to expose the new kitten to that her first week, and let her get used to the other mammals who live her first. I might stay home tomorrow night, if I’m going to be gone more of the day than usual. Theodora’s almost four months old already. We’ve only got a month left of tiny!


But what I think I might do is make a list of the booty moves to do for either reps or time after maybe a 30min HIIT sometime.

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Ultimate Booty Lift and Cardio #2 by Laurie N

Do leg moves, odd #s 25 per leg on both legs before moving on to cardio moves, even #s. Set timer for single intervals of 10/50.

1. SL bench squats donkey kicks holding 10lbs goblet style, 10/10/10/10/5/5 Decided to change this move b/c I still can only do SL bench squats with hardly any weight, even tho I’ve made lots of progress w/ pistol squats. Also donkey kicks is a move that feels more “burnout” to me, or at least with the body fully revved, not the 1st move after warming up. I thought my swap would be more of a full body move.
2. squat jumps ppl band
3. straight leg glute lift ankle weights One leg kneels on bench. Both hands on bench. Foot taps down to the floor & lift straight, squeezing glute.
4. skaters
5. leg lift cross overs (rainbows) ankle weights Hands & knees, only counting near side of the tap down, so each rep has 2 glute lifts
6. switch lunges
7. fire hydrants ankle weights
8. broad jump fwd, 3 bunny hops bk Changed this move slightly b/c this is one of my faves
9. side leg kick outs ankle weights  Hands & knee/s Did this lying leg lift by accident on 1st round
10. roll back tuck jumps
11. rev plank leg lift no added weight I kept fingers facing forward, more like Purvottasana
12. bench jump-overs Quadzillas Not fond of quadzillas for whatever reason
13. pike glute raise knee tucks ankle weights Downdog glute raise, plank, alt knee to nose w/ knee to same side arm
14. burpees
15. lie on side leg lifts Move 9 here!
16. box jumps
17. clam shells ppl band Lying on side, head propped, feet together, opening top knee up & closing
18. mt. climbers
19. plank toe taps ankle weights
20. jumping curtsy lunges

Round 2 (my time 31:48)

1. donkey kick pulses ankle weights I was nicely warmed up by this point!
2. squat jump burpees Jump back & into low push-up in one movement. Jump forward & 2 squat jumps
3. straight leg glute lift pulses
4. skater burpees Skater on one leg to SL burpee
5. leg lift cross overs pulses far side cross-over to ½ way up
6. switch lunges burpees Start w/ switch lunge
7. fire hydrant pulse
8. broad jump fwd burpee, 3 bunny hops bk
9. side leg kick out pulses
10. roll back tuck jump burpees
11. rev plank leg lift
12. bench jump-over burpees 3x jumpover then burpee
13. pike pulses 25 & hold in tuck 25 sec (set timer for single interval of 5/25)
14. step thru burpees w/ handstand Push-up, step thru 1 side, repeat to the other side. Jump forward. Jump to handstand & try to hold one breath.
15. lie on side leg lifts ankle weights
16. box jump burpees
17. clam shells orange band
18. mt. climber burpees 4 mt climbs at bottom & 4 high knees at top but I did 2=1
19. plank toe tap pulses Leg held out about 45-deg
20. jumping curtsy lunge burpees Jump back for push-ups in the center


About 8min.


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