1000 Rep Full Body Challenge by Daniela

Huzzah! I took my own advice & did this all reps routine the day after a rest day. I’d intended to practice yoga late yesterday afternoon, but ending up being downtown longer than expected & returning full, with the one meal I ate that day. Sometimes it’s cool to do a longer than usual fast before your first meal. It fills you up longer. My main & sometimes only meal of the day during ashtanga obsession was always lunch.


It’s way more than 1,000 reps; I’m telling you right now.” – Julia

Just occurred to me today I should start tagging Julia’s workouts by who wrote them so I can get an idea of my own favorites! I always forget. I’m not going to go back through all my old workouts and tag them, but I will start doing that now.

1000 Rep Full Body Challenge by Daniela

Part 1: 20 reps each, 1x through=220 reps

Julia finishes just under 18min (including her very short introduction – she gets right to it which I love). My time = 22min. And of course I took a break after!

  1. Diamond pushup burpee hands in diamond & diamond jump
  2. Plank rows and frog hop (2 row + 1 hop = 1 rep) 2, 15lb weights
  3. 180 tuck jump squats Squat & tuck jump I don’t like turning while doing tuck jumps. Need to be careful of 3rd Series knees!
  4. Bulgarian LL + fwd lunge 2, 15lb weights / Do bulgarian & step same leg fwd for lunge Did this move 10x each leg, alt, for a total of 20reps ea leg
  5. Bulgarian RL + fwd lunge
  6. Jab cross 2x + heel grab 10 w left arm starting & switch
  7. LL SL DL + hammer curl and shoulder press 13lbs ea hand Went light here b/c 15lbs would be still a bit high for me w/ upright rows, the next move. Legs must be even! lol
  8. RL SL DL + upright row same weight as #7
  9. Yoga tricep pushups Chest goes close to ground, butt is up in air. Then push up into updog. J moves pretty fast here & stays up on toes. 
  10. Close grip chest press + skull crusher 2, 10lb weights I didn’t wanna challenge myself with 15s on the skull crusher! Also wouldn’t wanna hold 2 weights in each hand here, like I do when I pick up a 10 and a 3 for each hand. I’d do 12s if I had ’em. 
  11. Switch lunges 2=1

Part 2: Pyramid= 300 reps (520 total)

My time = 17:36

  1. 100 squats 2, 15lb weights Went light! 50 holding weights on shoulders, 50 down by my side
  2. 80 touchdowns 1=1 touching down in the middle
  3. 60 hip thrusts 2, 20lb weights, on the floor J does sets of 20, alt weighted w/ unweighted & uses a shoulder elevation. I did the same, albeit w/ lesser weight. Someday I’ll have a sandbag!
  4. 40 side lunges 2, 15lb weights / Toes turned out & feet planted wide. Alt side to side 1=1
  5. 20 back fly burpees with lat raise at the top 2, 10lbs No push-ups hooray! But still brutal. Jump back into plank & fly each arm. Jump forward & stand up straight for lat raise.

Part 3: 20 reps each, 1x through=220 reps (740 total)

My time = 24:17 And I thought this reps set went much faster than the 1st one! I guess it was the psychological ease of closing in on the end of the workout.

  1. Tricep pushup plank tuck jump
  2. SA clean & press and rev lunge (10x each arm) 15lbs Hold the weight up & then lunge back w/ same leg
  3. Reverse grip pushup + bentover reverse grip row 2, 15lb weights / jump up & bentover row w/ both hands
  4. Dive bombers
  5. Swings Slams 35lb kettlebell
  6. SL box squat + fwd lunge (10 each leg) no added weight
  7. weighted squat jumps 2, 10lb weights
  8. Chest fly in bridge hold 2, 15lb weights on bench
  9. SA burpee no push-up!! 10 ea arm obv
  10. Sumo DL 2, 20lb weights
  11. Good mornings 2, 15lb weights

Part 4: pyramid 260 reps (1000 total)

Forgot 2 reset stopwatch so don’t have time for this set

  1. 90 SA curtsy swings (45/side) 10lbs Did 20/20/15/15/10/10 alt arms
  2. 70 weighted punches 2, 3lb weights in sumo squat hold,, 2=1, 35 leading w/ LH 35 leading with right hand
  3. 50 reverse curls on bench=
  4. 30 ski squat + front raise 2, 10lb weight, 15 palms facing ea other / 15 palms down. Squat w/ feet together & then lift
  5. 10 explosive pushups hands & feet leave the floor
  6. 5 split lunge snatches RL 2, 15lb weights
  7. 5 split lunge snatches LL

Time = 1:26 including all breaks / better than expected


About 15min. I should do an ashtangesque tomorrow.











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