rest day ashtangesque

Workout wise, I could’ve really used a warm-up of 4-6min jump rope intervals, but after yesterday… I tested out a bit of jogging in place earlier in the day and my body was all, Nope! So I went with ease. I did a full practice but scaled back.

  • Suryas & fundamentals. Lately I’m not doing the handstands in the surya As.
  • My reg primary+
  • 2nd to laghu vajra but no kapo hang or kapo B
  • Urdhva D, 3 drop backs & only 1 tick
  • Finishing
Only 6min of “fitness” in all that!

But of course the yoga is a different kind of fitness. For me, practicing at this much reduced, less ego-driven of a level, it’s most often more a meditation than a workout. But the fact that I practiced makes it much more likely that I’ll be ready & able to do a super long & intense Julia workout tomorrow. I’m planning on her latest. I’ll likely be at it a good 2-hours


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