Full Body HIIT & Circuits with No Rest Tabata by Jen A

Finished this workout mid-day, while the new kitten was sleeping. I can’t believe I got through it. I was SO tired. But I did. Thank gods Julia made most of it timed & the few reps sets were not complex & were easy to get through fairly quickly. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.


Full Body HIIT & Circuits with No Rest Tabata by Jen A

No Rest Tabata:
sumo Deadlift 40lbs (did 1st round w 30 b/c I’m so tired & then was like No, that’s too light / Swings 35lb kettlebell

BACK 50:10 2x 8 mins
1. Alt Plank Row 2, 20lbs
2. Alt snatches 20lbs
3. Decline burpee Y press 2, 10lbs
4. Burpee Rev Grip Rows 2, 15lbs 

No Rest Tabata:
Swings 35lb kettlebell / Goblet Squat 20lbs

LEGS 50:10 2x 8 mins
1. Right Split Squat 40lbs
2. RL pistol to Rocket Step up + lunge hop Struggled thru these on 1st round both legs & then propped heel w/ dumbbell for 2nd round
3. Left Split Squat 40lbs
4. LL pistol to rocket Step up + lunge hop

No Rest Tabata:
Goblet Squat / Curl to Press 2, 10lbs Started with 15s, um no, I’d have never made it!

BICEPS 30:10 2x
1. SA plank hop sumo curl 15lbs
2. Decline burpee SSD curl 2, 15lbs
3. Bicep makers 2, 15lbs

No Rest Tabata:
Curl to Press 13lbs ea hand / Clean & Press 2, 15lbs Taking it a little easy here cause these many no-rest tabatas… lol

— I pushed pause after EVERY set starting after the first HIIT, lol —

SHOULDERS circuit 2x
10 Decline Pike Pushups
10 push press 2, 20lbs
10 Pushups plank tuck jump

No Rest Tabata:
SA Clean & Press 20lbs / Tricep push-ups

CHEST circuit 2x
10 Decline Pushups
10 Chest Press 2, 20lbs
10 Close grips chest press 2, 15lbs No incline Incline chest press

No Rest Tabata:
Incline tricep push-up box jump burpee//box knee tucks

TRICEPS 30:10 2x
1. Dolphin pushups
2. Tricep makers 2, 10lbs
3. SA tricep kickback 10lbs

No Rest Tabata:
Box knee tucks/Deadlift 2, 20lbs

10 vinyasa flow spider knees 5/leg
10 switchfoot to handstands
10 tuck abs on floor ball pike abs to knee tucks

Time = 1:33

And then a very quick stretch b/c I wanted to get upstairs to check on baby kitten Theo!


Metabolic Resistance Training Combo Workout Video

Well… Neglecting the yoga again and I found myself 1) super slow and 2) super cranky, at the end of the workout. I took too long! But I succeeded in burning off some anxiety… Our new kitten, Lady Theodora, arrives tomorrow. We have to go to the airport & pick her up in United Cargo. I have empathetic anxiety…


Metabolic Resistance Training Combo Workout Video

Warmup Followed along w/ video.

Circuit 3x Did 1st round of the circuit w/ video
1. Step Wide Squat with dumbbell shoulder press 15x, 2=1 10lbs ea hand 1st round, with orange band around thighs, 8lbs ea hand round 2, moving quick 
2. Chair Sit Burpee 15x 5-8lbs ea hand, Coming to utkatasana w/ weights in hands
3. Plank Jack 30x

5x Full/5x Pulse (5x) 8lbs ea hand OMG It must be the anxiety, or my arms still aren’t recovered, but I could barely manage to do the first 2 reps of these together & then hadda rest after each one! Chose to do that rather than drop to 5s tho.
Side Shoulder Raise (Palms turn up)/Hold Face Up & Pulse


COMBO 10x @ 21:30 8lbs Oh my lord I barely made it thru w/ 8lbs. These dumbbells belong to the kids & I think they might actually weigh more than mine that are supposed to be 10s… #conspiracy (but I’m not kidding I think they do)
Right Turkish Get Up – Hold at top – Left Front Lunge (Hold) press right elbow to left knee. Left Reverse Lunge with Overhead Tricep Extension. Back to kneel and lower to 3x’s 1/2 Side Plank Glute Lift. Lower down.

Left Turkish Get up – hold at top – right front lunge (hold) Press left elbow to right knee. Right Reverse Lunge with overhead tricep extension. Back to kneel & 3x’s 1/2 side plank glute lift. Lower down

Circuit 3x
1. Seated Rear Delt Raise (Bent over or in a plank 15x 8lbs ea hand 1st round, 10lbs 2nd & 3rd rounds
2. Womanmaker plank-row-row-pushup-clean&press So I did only 1 push-up per rep vs the usual 2, Julia style 15x 15lbs ea hand 1st round. Dropped to 10lbs the 2nd round. I’d have done 12s if I had ’em. Didn’t think I could get thru 3 rounds with the 15s… By dropping I managed to get thru the 15 reps w/out taking a break
3. Plank (Tap Opp Hand to foot) ½ Burpee, tuck jump 15x Started off w/ some tuck jumps but honestly, today was just tough for me so switched to squat jumps

5x Full/5x Pulse (5x)
Plies Squat/Plies Squat Pulse 20lbs on shoulders & orange band on thighs

Circuit 3x
1. Squat with kick front and punch front 15x 2=1 3lbs each hand +8lb vest
2. 3x’s Skater Lunge with Tuck Jump or squat jump 14x Started w/ weak tuck jumps on 1st round & then was like “Naaa… / shallow semi squat jump”
3. Walk out to plank, frog hop, push-up, hop up & hop to turn 15x Oy and vey!!! These were so torturous for me that on the 3rd round, I did last 2 moves alt: 5 of move 3, 7 move 2, 5 move 3, 7 move 2, 5 move 3

Time = 1:31 I thought this was the end of the routine but look there’s almost twice as much more!

5x Full/5x Pulse (5x) 2 10lbs This move felt a little rushed & awkward but probably just me
Up & out bicep curls /  Pulse

COMBO 10x OK maybe I should’ve stopped. I watched the first part of the first side 2x. Couldn’t get the end bit. Decided to simplify rather than stop.
Right Side Lunge to Right Front Cross Bench Lunge/Step up Right with left side leg lift – straddle bench – Plant left foot on top & Cross tap right foot off back 5x’s. Right side leg lift to straddle & left glute lift off front (repeat)

Left Side Lunge to Left Cross Front Bench Lunge/Step up left with left side leg lift – straddle bench – Plant right foot on top & cross tap left foot off back 5x’s. Left Side leg lift to straddle & right glute lift to front (repeat)

Circuit 3x 2 10lb weights for all
1. Lying Close Grip Pull over with Close Grip Press 15x
2. Weights over chest Flye (lower to side & then up & turn palms down) 15x
3. Nosebuster with pulse close grip press 15x

5x full/5x Pulse (5x)
Malasana Squat/Halfway (hands on floor) Pulse up

My own stretching – minimal

Nope! Body says REST DAY!!!

I’ve been exercising with a furious intensity lately, and then I seem to be doing more focused workouts, where you hammer either upper or lower relentlessly. I’d thought I’d finally do a yoga practice today, Suryas and fundamentals and then I’d try out a primary+ but switch to easy non-vinyasa if that felt better.

I was a twinge-y mess last night! Went just a little too far with yesterday’s… I knew I should’ve done the yoga.

Anyway I got on the mat just now & jumped back for the first Surya A and body said Hell, no! So I turned off my monitor and did maybe 10min floor stretches. I’ll have to put the yoga practice off for a day. Got a seated meditation in anyway. I like to go sit in my circle outside, when it’s nice enough.

No Equipment Vacation Workout 3 full body HIIT & no-rest Tabata

Well… I was thinking to do either a rest day or mostly yoga day, but then I got news that there’s a delay in Lady Theodora leaving the Ukraine. This is the new kitten… Any delays make me anxious which means I need to sweat, even if my muscles are a well-deserved tired & I might hit failure.

No rest tabatas are BRUTAL: You wouldn’t think the omission of a 10-second rest could be sooooooo much of a bfd if you’re doing 20-second intervals, but the way Julia & crew write them, they certainly are. It takes some endurance to do a round of 4-min for sure.


No Equipment Vacation Workout 3 full body HIIT & Tabata

Hiit Lunge set 1: 50:10 2x Had 2 pause to sign for FedEx
1. Pistol to Lunge back touch down hitch kick
2. LL Lunge 4 hops 4 back leg toe taps These were killer, both sides both rounds. I guess tomorrow is DEF either full rest or full yoga
3. Alt curtsy Lunge hops to burpee in the middle
4. RL Lunge 4 hops 4 back leg toe taps
5. Switch Lunge burpee

No rest Tabata Brutal! In a good way
Switch Lunge + front kicks I did these: switch – tap back knee to floor – high front kick touching toe w/ opp hand: switch, keeping back knee off floor this time::lateral touchdowns

Hiit Upper body set 2: 50:10 2x My upper body was so maxed out I pushed pause in the middle of this set. I’ve never paused a Julia in the middle of a HIIT set but that’s ok, lol.
1. Flying leg push-ups 2 + updog to down dog
2. Yoga tricep pushup + dolphin pushup Love this one but it was SO HARD today, especially right after the first move.
3. Prisoner jacks
4. Plank jacks shoulder taps 4 + kick through 4
5. Sl pike pushup to spider knee pushup

No rest tabata 
Frog push-ups and twisted piston::plank hop squat jump

Hiit abs set 3: 2x Oh my! I paused this in the middle too. My legs are just SO DEAD today, probably b/c I was bad & barely stretched yesterday.
1. 2 knee drives + side kick
2. 10 Flutters and 5 sec holds
3. mat hops
4. Suitcase crunches
5. Jugglers These really killed me but I was better at pace on the 2nd round. I started up 1/2 time, then kept up w/ J for a little bit & then dropped back to 1/2 time. That was good enough for me!

No rest Tabata 
Leg ups toe touch::candle leg lifts LOVE this one. So much fun & a great cool-down tabata.


  • 15/30=13:30
  1. Standing Arch A
  2. Forward Bend
  3. Standing Arch B
  4. Forward Bend
  5. Standing Arch C
  6. Uttana
  7. Standing Arch C
  8. Seated Moving Twist (rest)
  9. Standing Arch D
  10. Uttana
  11. Standing Arch D
  12. Seated Moving Twist (rest)
  13. Urdhva D, 1
  14. rest
  15. Urdhva D, 2
  16. rest
  17. Urdhva D, 3
  18. rest
  • Finishing poses to matsyasana
  • Savasana

Had intended to do normal urdhva D to standing & 3 drop backs but my body was DEAD! Yoga / rest day tomorrow for sure-zi-were-zi.

Tabata & Strength #9 Upper Body

I’d been back bending around the house & yard earlier in the day, so I did the magic, online coin toss to decide between and upper body vs yoga for today’s workout. The upper body routine won so I complied, but I decided to go light. Not that I have much leeway in fudging the increments of upper body. You need adjustable weights for that.

Thank the gods for these women who put out all this regular exercise content. It feels like the only thing that keeps my head from exploding, quite a lot of the time.


Tabata & Strength #9 Upper Body

Strength Moves: Repeat these moves after each 4 minute tabata round.

  • Tricep hold pushup + 20 plank jacks This is the killer move.
  • 10 plie squat held low + Y arm presses 10lbs ea hand Really started to feel these in round 8!
  • 10 around the world lunges + bicep curls (5/leg) 10lbs ea hand forward lunge, forward diag, side lunge, back diag, back lunge

    Tabata 20:10 8x
    1. In out squats + shoulder press 13lbs ea hand (10lb + a 3lb held w/ thumb)
    2. 6 mtn climbers 1=1 + 3 upright rows 15lbs ea hand I changed the counts on this slightly to make it work better w/ my slower speed
    3. elv single arm tuck jump pushups When I read this I thought she meant FEET elevated & a single-arm push-up, lol. I was relieved when it was hands. I did half hands elevated & half hands on the floor. The latter is def harder but that only makes sense.
    4. elv feet plank hop to clean and press 20lbs ea hand
    5. bear crawl row to crab press 10lbs ea hand Could’ve really used 12lb weights here as it was too light but the right shoulder is sensitive enough that I didn’t want to bump up to 15lbs with this particular move
    6. squat hold + SA bicep curls 15lbs 1st two rounds then down to 13lbs
    7. elv pushup + toe touches J was right! I saw this one & groaned
    8. jab/cross/upper + front kick
    9. manmaker handstands 2, 15lbs I omitted the stand up & press & just did 2 push-ups & 2 rows b/c I wanted more hand standing. Fun on the weights. Never tried that before. I went all the way up but used a wall for safety. (Didn’t hit it tho.)
    10. traffic director lunges 10lbs ea hand rounds 1-4. I dropped down to 8s for the rest & still had somewhat sloppy form (but no one was watching.)

Total time: 1:15min

Only did like 2 stretches

And sadly noted I’d miss the first afternoon bus off-a The Hill. #fuckshit #pisswhore

We still haven’t gone grocery shopping & I feel like it’s so obvious that it’s also an unspoken rule that I shouldn’t ask about it. I could use an excursion, even though downtown is by now quite boring. It is still out! I’m limited by the bus but that’s still cheaper than gas & parking, and if I drove I wouldn’t be able to have beer, otherwise known as that substance which makes life worth living, lol.










OMFG workout, Superset Legs #4 and Tabata HIIT

The video time is 1:24, which doesn’t include the breaks she outright suggests. I knew it’d take me much longer b/c it’s all reps but it’s great for my endurance. My time for the workout was 1:48, lol, but one thing I am rich in is time on my hands. In the first superset I kept hitting 175 so I HAD to go slow.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Superset Legs #4 and Tabata HIIT

HIIT Tabata 1: 20:10 4x each move before moving to the next move
1. Switch foot mtn climber 2 front kicks
2. Sumo squat pulses 20lbs
3. Curtsy Lunge hops I did this w/ a bench first 2 rounds, but it’s higher than a bosu & that was just TOO MANY lateral box jumps for today. HR running super high from the get-go. 3rd round I changed it to curtsy to ski squat hops. 4th round I changed it to jump rope, since the floor was a bit redundant w/ move 5.
4. Elevated Bulg clap under SL push-ups
5. Bunny hops fwd and back

“And now we start the work,” she says, lol.

Superset 1: 48 per leg, 96 total 4x  √, √, √, √  Followed along w/ 1st round & HR went straight up to 175. Pause! Put on some music for rounds 2-4.
1. Lateral step up and curtsy Lunge 12/ leg 30lbs I took breaks between these sides every round & a break after move 2!
2. Sumo squat leg lift 12 (2=1)


Superset 2: 4x  √, √. √,  Did same way as set 1. Followed along first time thru & then turned video off to go at my own pace.
1. Rev Lunge to front kick 12/leg 30lbs
2. Banded Good mornings 12 30lbs


Superset 3: 4x √, √, √,   She lost me in the deadlift squat here! Move 2. The prior 2 sets I’d been able to keep up one round and one round only, lol. But I had 10lbs less weight. I didn’t add a band on move 2.
1. Split Lunge 12/leg 40lbs
2. DL squat 12 40lbs

REPEAT HIIT  A really good song came on when I’d finished the last superset, so I did the last HIIT w/ the list & only messed it up in one place.

Superset 4: 4x √, √, √
1. 12 kneeling thrusts I did these on my back rounds 2-4 b/c kneeling bothered my right knee & I know to LISTEN to those kinds of complaints
2. rocket step ups 12/leg

Total time = 1:48, lol. Phew.

Remaining time was some much needed yoga.


Accidentally vegan, Peanut Butter & Blueberry Bars

I’m just going to post around the clock now WTH. I made these with blueberries I picked yesterday off one of the bushes in the yard. Some of ’em were a little ripe but I’m trying to keep them off the birds’ radar, and if they’re tasty plucked and eaten fresh off the bush I figured they’d be good to bake with.

Will cut into squares when fully cool. Note the amazing Self Restraint!

Peanut butter & blueberry bars

Original recipe here. I doubled the amount of blueberries b/c I picked that many off our bushes yesterday.

  • 2/3rd pkg cultured vegan butter, cut in chunks
  • 2 cup flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 pints fresh blueberries
  • 2 TBSP maple syrup
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced
  1. Mix ingredients 1-5 with hands.
  2. Grease a pan (9×12?), coconut oil.
  3. Press about 3/4 of crust into pan
  4. Mash berries slightly with lemon juice & maple syrup. Put on top of crust & cover with remaining mixture. Next time maybe use 2 1/2 cups flour and the full pkg of butter for more topping. Also maybe add nuts to topping.
  5. Cook at 350 convection for about 40min. Check to see if crust is golden. Let cool on a rack & then cut into squares.