Late & weak but satisfying Ashtanga

I did a killer upper body workout yesterday and then went and helped in a business move all day yesterday. It was more physical than it had been previously, which was mostly the start of throwing things away. This morning I was afraid I’d be too stiff, if I did it before going back to finish up with the move, and then I ate a late lunch, so I didn’t start until after 5pm. My arms were really tired during the suryas and I was having that “will she or won’t she?” feeling on about carrying on…

Kittens >>> Puppies

Then I was super-duper angry to see the puppy running around in the backyard. She’d been outside all day and Henry had been inside, because I’d been working. I thought he could roam around outside, unmolested, on the last night before it gets blisteringly hot again, so I asked about putting TP on a leash. OK. But oooooh no, TP¹ can’t stay on a leash for even 90-minutes because she’ll bark, bark, bark. Could she have gone inside? Sure, but fuck that. Even though Henry’s got an eye thing, just like Rocco got first, and the one thing they have in common is a lot of interactions with guess who. The kitten doesn’t have it. She runs away post haste. Henry will hold his ground but he won’t fight back, with his claws. I really fucking wish he would.

But if I interrupted my yoga at that point I knew I wouldn’t finish – so I tried not to dwell on it and then was super annoyed I had to try not to dwell on it – and went to get my fucking cat the second I was fucking finished. Anyway now it’s 7. Shower time.

Moderate workout but I had a lot of additional exercise today

¹Terror Puppy / toilet paper


Superhuman workout by Trish K

Accidentally started this week with 2 consecutive rest days. Monday I needed one and yesterday I had some unexpected work (cat food money!) and was too tired to bother with it when I got back in the late afternoon. Not a tragedy as I can still get my weekly tally of five serious workouts in if I don’t miss any more days. Yoga helps with that because it works my body in different ways & is way more effective than absolutely anything else for my recovery time. Forget those disgusting powders! Just practice.

Decided to set my alarm for 6 and get a session in before I go to work today. This isn’t exactly a “superhuman” effort because I don’t need to be there until 10:30.


Superhuman workout by Trish K

Superhuman set
1. ALT PULL-UPS / CHIN-UPS 2 Spider-Man burpees tuck jumps

  • With only 2 reps @ a time, this was the perfect opportunity to work on these moves, seeing how long I could go without using the Crossfit assist band.
  • Since each set has an odd # of moves (7), I alternated which I’d start with each set, keeping the reps even between the two.

2. 2 Lunge back touchdown rocket up/leg
3. 2 push-up t stand dip

Set 1 10/50 Rather than hitting pause all the time, I set my gymboss for a single interval. This no-doubt would cause me to take much longer but I do that anyway 🙂

16min beginning SH set w/ pull-ups
1. Full release burpees
2. Deadlift and squat two, 20s
3. Alt Rocket step up, box jump
4. Arnold press two, 15s
5. Lateral Step up, curtsy lunge left two, 15s
6. Lateral Step up, curtsy right
7. Reverse plank w/ alt leg lift Push up into a reverse plank, and v-up I just like the way this move really works the upper thigh, on the back of the single, supporting leg.

Cardio and Pushup challenge
100 jumps (with rope) feet together high knees 1=1
15 wide stance push ups hands outside mat

Set 2 beginning SH set w/ chin-ups
1. Jack push up burpee star jack @ bottom & star jump @ top
2. Alt, SL Deadlift, upright row two, 15s
3. 3 way curls two, 15s Wide, hammer, reg – full release @ bottom for all
4. Squat and press two, 20s
5. Single, single, double presses two, 15s
6. Chest press two, 20s
7. Forearm hip dips

Cardio and Tricep Pushup challenge
50 skaters 1=1
15 Tricep dips w/ switch kicks 2=1 incline push ups

Set 3 beginning SH set w/ pull-ups
1. Box jump burpee
2. Sumo deadlifts two, 20s
3. SL deadlift and reverse lunge L two, 15s
4. SL deadlift and reverse lunge R
5. Squat jump, tricep kickback two, 10s
6. Skull crusher two, 10s
7. Scissor abs 4 vert & 4 horiz, alt

Cardio and Pushup challenge
25 star jumps
15 decline push up knee tucks

Set 4 beginning SH set w/ chin-ups
1. Roll back burpee tuck jump
2. Deadlift , drop 1 weight, SA clean and press (alternate)
3. Commando 4got how this move went so simplified
4. 2 Plank thrusters, 4 side plank hip dips R
5. 2 Matt hops, 4 side plank hip dips L
6. Back flies two, 10s
7. Tuck Abs 3lbs bet feet, on bench Ab circles

Cardio and Pushup challenge
15 squat jump, tuck jumps This was a bit cruel right at the end, lol.
15 alternating cross leg push ups

Time = 1:13

Yoga – about 15min












Excellent yoga practice! I made the right decision to rest yesterday

I’d sort of screwed myself by not stretching at least 20 minutes after Friday’s workout, but it was an hour and 54 already. I just didn’t want to go over 2-hours. That seems to be the point where I feel like it’s overkill, but inadequate stretching screws me every time. Last night it felt like a lot of work to just get up the five or six steps in the deck out back, lol.

Forgot to finish this post earlier. I was all concerned with getting a pasta salad started, that would get fucked because we picked up an unknown brand of blue cheese – which turned out to NOT be actual blue cheese – for the dressing. Never do that when people are coming over! Oh well.


  • Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope


  1. Suryas & fundamentals The prasarita padottanasanas are my favorite part of this.
  2. Primary+
  3. 2nd to laghu vajrasana
  4. (1:07) – (1:21) Back bending Same poses as last time: 4-pt hanuman, EPRK, Kapo B, the Urdhva Ds, 3 dropbacks & 3 ticks. I think I won’t mess with the format again until the EPRK gets a little freer. Feels like it’s doing good things tho.
  5. Finishing I take the full 5min in savasana these days too, and really practice being a corpse. 


Let’s take a nap instead #restdays

Was going to practice ashtanga today, but my body is definitely fighting whatever ch had. I’d planned on doing the 4min jump rope warm-up, to get the tapas going on a tired day but… I just didn’t feel like working it. Let’s just have a gentle stretch, I said to myself. Put on Pandora Classical Indian & did the prelims. Took samasthiti and did the beginning of my first, most shallow standing arch for the first Surya A. Nope! I definitely don’t want any circuit training today either, so if the yoga feels out, I’ll rest and come on strong tomorrow, still making my 5-day tally.

Time to take off the chest strap! lol. Maybe I’ll finish previewing the next Julia (which I will do from the breakdown & modify, to suit my needs).

Made sure to pickup a turmeric blend yesterday, while downtown. It’s worth doing if you can maybe circumvent getting sick.

Special Metabolic Resistance Training Ab Focus • the death of a friend

When the going gets tough, the tough work out

Thursday was a rest day after three great workouts, way too much emotional stress, not enough sleep and a topping of grief. It’d been a rough week already and then things got much worse, when I found out one of my two girlfriends in Portland had died.¹ I’ll be posting about that more in depth later, whether I make the post public or not (probably not). I’ve been intermittently crying and doing artwork this morning. Think I’ve got my shit back together now. Still working on the Hawthorne Bridge piece, the one that’s on the subpar Arches hot press. I was too happy with the composition to abandon the piece after discovering the paper has no lift or resistance to scrubbing. I decided to just forge ahead, because I wasn’t about to start over and it’s not a commissioned piece.

It is still on archival, rag paper that is very expensive to purchase today, and I’m spending some time on it. Plus it’s larger than usual. Not that I’ll have any takers, but I think the pricetag is going to be at least $600, maybe $700.

I was going to work out late afternoon, but I realized I need a Prismacolor blending pencil, and this is one of those things that Amazon charges 4x as much for, and the shipping is too slow and expensive. I’ll run down there. It’ll be good for me anyway. I’ve done about as much as I should on this piece before picking them up anyway.

Julia’s is my favorite channel but I thought I’d try out another Michele, and I’m glad I did…. There’s a different sort of focus which is nice for a change of pace. I did my own warm-up as per usual. Normally I’d stretch after but I took a long time, so I just picked up & hit stop. I’ll be practicing yoga tomorrow afternoon, so… Gotta get that 2nd asthanga in for the week.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Special Metabolic Resistance Training Ab Focus

This was an excellent workout. The 3rd circuit was the hardest, for me.

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds @ 5:39 1st round w/ video, 2nd & 3rd w/ list
1. Right Side Lunge to Snatch (hold) R. Front Lunge – L. Elbow to Knee 15x 10lbs + 8lb vest. Could’ve done 12 here but didn’t want to bump it up to 15. This move involves two press-ups, w/ a quick one after the lunge crunch, going back to return.
2. Left Side Lunge to Snatch (hold) L. Front Lunge – R. Elbow to Knee
3. Lay on Floor Crunch Knees in & Press Out w/Alternating twist 20x 1=1 Took vest off here, rounds 2 & 3

½ Burpee to Clean & Press 10x two, 20lb weights 

Circuit 2: 3 Rounds @ 22:30 Same here, round 1 with video. These moves are complex, but if previewed experientially right before hand, just fine from memory.
1. Right Side Lunge – Circle weight Around & Right Knee Crunch 15x 10lb dumbbell+ 8lb vest, holding weight w/ both hands
2. Left Side Lunge – Circle Weight around & Left Knee Crunch
3. Hoving Star Crunch 20x This move is dead easy & enjoyable for me. One thing about stress is it’s good for my abs, however, I can tell my body is fighting off what attacked C’s throat this week. I could’ve put on ankle weights but screw that, lol.

Snatch (Hold OH) 2x Reverse Lunge 10x two, 15lb weights Stabilization is still a lot of work for me, holding weights OH w/ straight arms, so this was plenty enough weight for me here. Otherwise I’d have bumped moves 1 & 2 up to 15. I’d get to count 7 here & be, “nopes”.

Circuit 3: 3 Rounds @ 36:25
1. Right Arm Turkish Get Up 10x 10lbs Not a fan  of these – in fact I dislike them as much as manmakers – but M’s group seems to love them. And wow, the 10s killed me round one, but since I suffered thru the first side & suffered thru the 2nd and then dropped to 8lbs for round 2. Even that weight was tough by the 7th rep. I’m starting to get the hang of them tho & will grudgingly admit they seem like a really good, fullbody move.
2. Left Arm Turkish Get Up
3. Squat Low – lower back to Floor – Hold- V-Up Crunch – Roll up to Stand 10x 8lb weight, not crossing ankles to stand

Chair Sit ½ Burpee (two, 10lb weights) 10x Did a front raise in the chair pose w/ palms facing down

Circuit 4: 3 Rounds @ 59:55
1. Right Side Plank Hip Dip to Kick Front 15x I staked the feet in side plank rather than placing top foot on the floor. I get more work in the outer thigh of the bottom, supporting leg this way
2. Left Side Plank Hip Dip to Kick Front 15x
3. Buzz Saw Plank 15x on elbows, shifting weight forward & back

4x Plank Jack to Hop Feet in Wide Squat Hold (add little, low hop?) 10x

Bonus: Abs 15/45 @ 1:13
1. Right Leg (Left on bench) Tap out right & back up Glute Raise I thought I was gonna add ankle weights here, lol. Nope!!!
2. Left Leg (Right on bench) Tap out left & back up Glute Raise
3 Pike Slider Crunch Bear Crawl Hovering Plank w/ pelvic tilt
4. Decline Plank Hold (Contract Abdominals) Pelvic Tilt
5. R. Reverse Lunge Hold – Weight in Right hand & contract Left Obliques 10lbs 1st round, 2nd round was 15lbs. I could’ve done 20 tho.
6. L. Reverse Lunge Hold – Weight in Left hand & contract Right Obliques
7. Right Leg V-Up Changed this to oblique crunches in the 2nd round, w/ 1-leg crossed over the other, to take the hip flexors completely out of it
8. Left leg V-Up

video time 1:31. I took about 1:52 b/c of stopping to write notes, catching up to the right place in the video to start the next set, etc.

¹If you don’t have regular income and you don’t have coworkers you’re not going to be forming any social circles. Not to be too selfish because for my friend, death was a release from a life that had become unbearable. #toopoortohang #isolation

No Equipment 60 Minute HIIT Vacation Workout #9 by Christine C

Wow this was amazing. Those low pendulum lunges! Six sets per leg in this workout & you feel it. [NOTE TO SELF: – this is a workout you wanna repeat.] I kinda want to film repeat move #9. I don’t normally handstand in the middle of the room unless it’s in its ashtanga place, at the end of a regular practice, following urdhva D and drop backs. I also jump up with both feet at the same time, bending my arms a bit. But my body is feeling really good lately.  I think I could handle flipping it accidentally. That happens every so often – not a lot – in practice. I’ll miss the balance and just sail up & over into backbend.


No Equipment 60 Minute HIIT Vacation Workout #9 by Christine C

HIIT 50:10

Round 1
1. Plank + 2 glute raises, jump to bear crawl + 2 bear crawl hold donkey kicks+ 2 frog pushup NOTE: For this move, it works better for me to keep feet in place for the donkey kicks rather than jumping them forward 4 bear crawl. Makes the push-up better. I also went directly from the 2nd frog, “forward” push-up to plank & then glute raises.
2. Pistol: pistol to SL push up (Left) Propped heel w/ dumbbell for both sides to do full, weight release pistols
3. Low pendulum (left)  This move is KILLER!!!! Holy quad burn. Just 1 set so far & I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow.
4. Leg/plyo: Slow sumo squat down + power up to wide leg tuck jump
5. Low pendulum (right)
6. burpee: Diver bomber burpee
7. Skater + levitating curtsy lunge to sit This was the only move I didn’t really like that much. I changed it in the 2nd set.
8. arm: Pull-ups (w/ blue strap) Tricep hold jack + dolphin with 2 glute raises My shoulders actually don’t like downdog to dolphin. But I DO like working on pull-ups so… Got 22 here, with two rests.
9. LL curtsy rev lunge + handstand LOVED THIS!!!! I might’ve done it slightly different in that I started w/ rev lunge, pulse hopping the foot to straight lunge & then handstand. From there I came back to balance w/ knee raised – not touching down MOST of the time – and then straight back in to curtsy lunge. I like to hang in the handstand balance but I am placing my hands about 2′ from a wall. Probably I’m limber enough at this point to flip it over, even in the context of a HIIT, without undue stress.
10. abs: oblique leg lifts
11. Plank + 2 glute raises, jump to bear crawl + 2 bear crawl hold donkey kicks+ 2 frog pushup
12. Pistol: pistol to SL push up (right)
13. Low pendulum (right)
14. Squat jumps in and out x 4 + 4 count push up
15. Low pendulum (left)
16. burpee: standard burpee
17. Skater + levitating curtsy lunge to sit
18. legs/plyo: 10 high knees + lateral jump across mat
19. RL curtsy to rev lunge + handstand
20. abs: Plank + 3 way knees

Round 2

1. Plank + 2 glute raises, jump to bear crawl + 2 bear crawl hold donkey kicks+ 2 frog pushups
2. Pistol: RL pistol to the floor lie back + SL bridge + pistol up
3. Low pendulum (right)
4. legs: Alt single leg bench squat Squat to floor + ½ up + ninja
5. Low pendulum (left)
6. burpee: Roll back burpee
7. Skater to rev lunge, sit back to heel, come back up to rev lunge & high kick
8. legs/plyo: Curtsy lunge jump + oblique push up
9. LL curtsy to rev lunge + handstand
10. arms: Push up to lunge
11. Plank + 2 glute raises, jump to bear crawl + 2 bear crawl hold donkey kicks + 2 frog pushups
12. Pistol: LL pistol to the floor lie back + SL bridge + pistol up
13. Low pendulum (left)
14. legs: Bunny hop forward + drop and pop + bunny hop back
15. Low pendulum (right)
16. Burpee: 2 strict mountain climber + 2 tornado switches burpee
17.Skater to rev lunge, sit back to heel, come back up to rev lunge & high kick
18. abs: Animal flow kick through + hand to toe (in crab)
19. RL curtsy to rev lunge + handstand
20. arms/abs: pendulum tricep pushups + 2 knee tucks

Round 3

1. Plank + 2 glute raises, jump to bear crawl + 2 bear crawl hold donkey kicks + 2 frog pushups
2. Pistol: ½ pistol + levitating lunge (left)
3. Low pendulum (right)
4. plyo: Explosive frogger- froggy push up then jump to low squat
5. Low pendulum (left)
6. burpee: Spider burpee
7.Skater to rev lunge, sit back to heel, come back up to rev lunge & high kick 
8. Arm: RA Jab/cross hook uppercut
9. LL curtsy to rev lunge + handstand
10. abs: Side plank + reach under + elbow to knee (left)
11. Plank + 2 glute raises, jump to bear crawl + 2 bear crawl hold donkey kicks + 2 frog pushups
12. Pistol: ½ pistol + levitating lunge (right)
13. Low pendulum (left)
14. arms: LA Jab/cross hook uppercut
15.Skater to rev lunge, sit back to heel, come back up to rev lunge & high kick
16. legs: Wall sit stomps and heel raise
17. RL curtsy to rev lunge + handstand
18. legs/plyo: Rocket lunge + hitch kick
19. Low pendulum (right
20. abs: Side plank + reach under + elbow to knee (right)

Some no-vinyasa yoga poses to finish.

Another excellent ashtanga practice

It’s unusually hot for Portland, though thank God not of the seven days of “around 100” of that heat wave at the beginning of the month. And a higher emotional vibration tends to equal better practice. That is the difference between yoga tapas and the inner flow you can generate with a little warm-up jump rope / HIIT set. You’ve literally gotta be “feeling it”, though the feels are much more effective if they’re not actually about yoga poses.

  • My EPRK is definitely crunchier on the left side! I have to go slower next time. It was a bit better and steadier than last time though so that’s good. The ever so slight increase in practice frequency is definitely showing.
  • I’ve decided to think about the back bending section as comprised of the following: hanuman (4 parts, 5 breaths each), EPRK, Kapo B, Udhva D to stand, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks. This took about 16min today, humming right along but still taking my time.

FullSizeRender 3

Booty Builder #2 : Jacked up Tabata #2 by Lenula

OMG the shin burn after this! I was going to do the routine J posted last, but then I saw this one & it looked appealingly brutal. I’d already done my 30min seated meditation in the magic circle. I felt the solar eclipse – concentrating without dwelling on absorbing collective energy and flooding it through my energy body. When I opened my eyes it was happening. I got both the cats outside.

I did look up at the eclipse a few times… Charlie had some of the glasses. But the feeling was far more interesting to me than the visual. Plus, since the puppy can apparently never be on a leash – like never, ever, ever, ever, even if she’s the aggressor – I was more inclined to hang out with the cats in the safe zone, which was not the viewing zone. That’s around the corner in the blueberry patch.

Two peas in a pod
Eclipses all over my Manduka

FullSizeRender.jpgBooty Builder #2 : Jacked up Tabata #2 by Lenula

Deadly jacked up manmakers set Took me nearly 37min & then a long break 4 notes 🙂
100 jumping jacks  – 10 DL two 20lb weights  – 1 double manmaker two 15lb weights 4 all the manmakers
90 plank jacks w/shoulder tap – 9 DL – 2 biceps manmakers
80 weighted jumping jacks – 8 DL – 3 triceps manmakers two 10lb weights
70 squat jacks – 7 DL – 4 back fly manmakers two 10lb weights Held together goblet style. This was too heavy 4 me! I got thru it but paused video 2x
60 1 arms plank jacks (switch arms after 10 reps) – 6 DL – 5 spider knee manmakers
50 prisoner jumping jacks – 5 DL – 6 spider push up manmakers
40 seal jacks – 4 DL – 7 plank jack push up manmakers
30 toe touch jacks – 3 DL – 8 plank toe touch manmakers
20 up/down plank jacks – 2 DL – 9 plank tuck jump manmakers
10 plank jack to plank hop – 1 DL – 10 regular manmakers

Bulgarian burn: 20:10 x2 two 15lb weights
1. bulgarian R
2. bulgarian hop R
3. bulgarian to fwd lunge R
4. bulgarian hop to fwd lunge hop R

EVEN Pyramid combo: 8-2 reps Followed along w/ the 1st, longest round to get the moves
bulgarian lunge + bulgarian DL + 1-leg push up + 3 way knee tuck + plank hop (R leg)

Bulgarian burn: 20:10 x 2
1. bulgarian L
2. bulgarian hop L
3. bulgarian to fwd lunge L
4. bulgarian hop to fwd lunge hop L

EVEN Pyramid combo: 8-2 reps Did this one from the list as I knew the moves already,
bulgarian lunge + bulgarian DL + 1-leg push up + 3 way knee tuck + plank hop (L leg)

Tabata break: 20:10 2x
1. roll back to jump up
2. tuck jump to plank tuck jump
3. box jumps
4. switch lunges

EVEN Pyramid combo: 8-2 reps
up/down plank + plank hop + heel grab + switch lunge

Arms pump: 20:10 x 2
1. biceps curls 13lbs ea hand
2. biceps curls to shoulder press 13lbs ea hand
3. biceps curls to shoulder press to triceps extension 10lbs ea hand
4. shoulder press to triceps extension 13lbs ea hand

Pyramid combo: 8-2 reps
front raise + lateral raise + push up + plank triceps kickback + handstand (or pike push up if you can´t)

Tabata finisher: 20:10 x 2
1. jumping jacks
2. plank jacks w.shoulder touch
3. prisioner jacks
4. 1-arm plank jacks

Time = 1:31

Followed this up with about 10min of yoga poses. I’ll probably do an ashtanga again tomorrow.