Full Body Bicep Triceps Shoulders Abs by Kristin R

Ya I took a quick look at the breakdown of the 2nd, post announcement video & thought, Too hard. She’s gotten too tough for me at the moment! lol. That’s ok. I’ve still got a little crick in my neck and I know I should do just a yoga but… it’s cold and it’s the Pacific Northwest kind.

This popped up in “recommended” & it looked like more my speed.


I hadn’t looked at any of the pix Charlie took Monday, when we went to the coast (for the one and only time this year!), until yesterday. At one point he was trying to get puppy Penny next to Rocco for a picture. She kept getting up to go to him, so I held her in place for a bit. I wish my muscles were always popping, lol, but at least when I’m using them even a little bit they show.

My dad once called me “the world’s mightiest midget”, lol

Full Body Bicep Triceps Shoulders Abs by Kristin R

Tabata Pairs: (I alternated moves 1 & 2 for both sets)
1. Touchdowns Bicep Curl 15 / Squat Curl & Press 15s feet sort of close together.
2. Squat Thrust Tricep Extensions squat all the way down / Alt Rev Lunge Tricep Kickbacks 10s +2lb wrist weights 4 both.

Descending Pyramid Combo (10, 8, 6) 8:58min
1. Rev Grip Burpee + Weighted Squat Jumps 15s
2. Straddle Box jump + 2x Tricep Pushups Jump off end of bench

Tri-set: 3x (7:42)
1. 12 Arnold Press 15s w/ bicep curl but I think this was a mistake
2. 20 Goblet Chair Lunges 1=1 20
3. 8 Elevated Pike Pushups

Tri-set: 3x (8:42)
1. 10 Weighted Russian Twist Bicycles (2=1) 15 twisting to the side of the foot that’s going out
2. 10 Plank Tricep Extensions (2=1) 10s
3. 10 Slider Ball Pikes

30:10 x4 (8 min)
1 Kneeling to Stand to SL DL Back lunge, knee to floor & sit back (holding dumbbell w/ both hands) Come to stand lifting knee up, DL (one hand holding) 20
2 Hitch Kick Pistols 2-4th rounds challenged myself to keep my leg out to 90-deg at the end of the switch kick, ie bending & pulling knee in just to extend it again b4 the next pistol.
3 Pendulum Lunges 20s, stay on one leg

DB Complex Finisher: 6 reps – 4x 15s
1. Sumo Squat + Hammer Curls (Curl at top of sumo squat)
2. Curtsy + Shoulder Press (drop one weight after this move) Press weights up as leg goes back. This was challenging by the 4th round!!!
3. OH Swing to Tricep Ext one 15lb weight too light here, so rounds 2-4 changed to OH tricep w/ 10s for 16 reps

3 Min AMRAP – Banded Finisher ppl band, 2lb wrist weights, 10s
Banded DL, come 1/2 way up Tricep kickback, Squat, Curl & Press

Time = 1:03 Only 10min longer than the video w/ my breaks & note taking ain’t bad.


About 26min

  • Suryas & fundamentals, with the hand standing in the As
  • Paschimo & finishing to matsyanasana, savasana



Julia’s Birthday Workout

Woke up with one of those annoying cricks in my neck. Bah! So I decided to do this WO with my 4min jump rope warm-up. Still ended up being a shorter workout than usual for me. I really liked the format though.

And now I must hustle into the shower so I can get some breakfast before I’m due to start working.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

HIIT set 50:10 2x 20min
1. Decline burpee Split Lunge snatch 15s, alt legs Still SO CLUMSY with this move.
2. Pistol handstand shoulder tap switch Lunge Pistol. Come up & handstand. I did just 2 shoulder taps b4 coming down for the switch lunge.
3. Manmakers 20s
4. Bulgarian to DL 3-way knee tuck 1leg. Bulgarian. Deadlift down & place weights. Knee tuck same side / middle / opp arm. Put foot down & repeat
5. Backload Squat to good morning 20s! This & move 8 were bump-ups for me b/c I normally use 15s. I could feel my neck tweak behind left shoulder blade a couple times in the good morning but was able to wiggle around it.
6. SA plank hop / clean and press 20 alt arms
7. Decline 180 box jump burpee
8. Step up curtsy Lunge 20ss Step up w/ one foot. Other knee up. Same foot that steps curtsies back.
9. Slider Ball pike ball push-up
10. Sarvangasana / Halasana / Urdhva D LOVED THIS!!!

Tabata pair time pyramid 1
1. Decline burpee snatch 15s, alt legs
2. Pistol handstand shoulder tap switch Lunge Kept it 2 handstand shoulder-taps per rep again. It’s better for me to be slower here than to flail around!

Tabata pair time pyramid 2 w ppl band
1. Squat to good morning 15s Kept lighter weight b/c of neck.
2. SA plank hop clean and press 20 alt arms

Tabata pair time pyramid 3:
1. Decline 180 box jump burpee Did it Julia’s way today, making ½ circles instead of full. Still don’t like this move, lol. 
2. Alt Step up curtsy Lunge 20s Kept the higher weight here. As long as my knees are feeling good, this is a good way to continue to work legs when my weights aren’t heavy enough for both legs moves (like a reg deadlift). Single leg moves w/ 40lbs is still challenging.

5 min AMRAP
Manmaker step up rev lunge, both legs 20s

5 min AMRAP
Increasing reps: bulg. DL, glute raise knee tucks

This workout ends @ 54min. Was going to skip the yoga cool down, but I decided to give it a try. Yes I threw in a few of my regular ashtanga finishing poses and my own yoga is better for me, generally, since I’ve been doing it such a long time. I’m happy to see it’s been improving J’s workouts and mindset tho!


I took two rest days in a row!

I dunno… Yesterday was a road trip & then this morning I’d committed time from noon and I didn’t feel like getting to it. I must’ve needed a longer break this time. Plus, Julia just announced her 4th pregnancy, which is wonderful news for her family, but the very next workout she released after that? Superhuman Workout #2. It’s zealous to the extent that… I looked at it and had the very opposite of any desire to do it. That’s like Military Mission level and it’s more than I want right now.

I did the first one entirely from the breakdown, swapping out some of the “repeated after every interval” strength moves, push-ups, for pull-ups & chin-ups alternated. I like working those two areas, but right now I’m exercising upstairs & would have to leave the room to go to my bedroom doorway, where the bar is.

Or I could halve the repeated tricep SL push-ups. Julia likes to go really fast but I prefer slower and a bigger range of motion.

Either way I didn’t want to do that one today. That’s one of the “wait for a high energy day” kind of routines.

If J’s going to be on some kind of mission during this pregnancy, I think I’ll do some of the older WOs, lol. She’s the most prolific one out there & I couldn’t keep up with her even if I were just doing her stuff. There’s plenty I haven’t tried.

Might just do yoga tomorrow too. And a smidge of non-workout restorative tonight. Been sitting at a non ergonomic desk for hours today after all. Taking cat walking breaks tho!

1/3rd HIIT and 2/3rd yoga

OK I needed something other than balls-out circuit training & other than my standard ashtangesque for today. So stiff & sore!!! Oy. My right shoulder was a bit twinge-y last night too, I must point out, a bit like it was w/ the old ashtanga injury, the horrible, 2+year ache. Now I know a lot better about when to ease off, lol, which is not standard practice in The Cult. In ashtanga you keep going until parts start falling off.

Anyway at least I got a better workout today than I would’ve if I’d had a bad “all yoga”. Tomorrow is probably going to be a rest day b/c we’re going to the coast.


31:20min HIIT

15/50, with jump rope before every #d move

1min break bet sets

  1. Touch-down squat jack, fingertips to floor on out & in.
  2. Frog hopper / hip stacker
  3. OH tricep
  4. Side plank, top leg elevated, bottom leg lifting
  5. other side
  6. Alt pistol squats
  7. Single arm clean & press, alt 20 This weight is low too light for the SA C&P! Shit.
  1. Frog jumps fwd & back
  2. Feet elevated, tap alt foot to floor
  3. SL switch-kick burpees
  4. Mat jumps
  5. Tricep dips
  6. Swings 35lb kettlebell
  7. Heel clicks


I’d intended on doing some Kapo Bs, Urdhva D and drop backs but I didn’t have the steam today.

  • Suryas & standing
  • Marichy C and D
  • 2nd to laghu vajra
  • Rack A & B, block B –  1min ea
  • Finishing to sirsasanas, savasana


Musings • Remote “work?” and the gig economy

Jobs in the gig economy

Sometimes you’re not even sure if you have one! In the old days you’d interview for a job & get a schedule, whether or not you were full or part time. You’d spend at least part of your first day reviewing & filling out paperwork. You’d be trained. These days? Corporations only hire 20-somethings if they’re not poaching seasoned assets from competitors, while drawing heavily upon a contract army that pays for it’s own supplies, does its training on its own time.

I thought it was strange that Company P would assign me to task that had nothing to do with anything in my portfolio, and on the 2nd day was told outright it was a test. Will I get any money at all during October? You bill at the end of the month and then wait. Posted in FB that I was surprised to be working on website flow design. Do you have a job? Who knows? If you can’t tell if he’s your boyfriend he probably isn’t. 

I completed a 2nd task in record time, but the billing is going to be sparse. In the old days you’d have that job with its schedule, and you’d be paid for your time allotted. There is a certain amount of down time in any job-job. Hell, when I made the most money in NYC, I could most often spend 40-60% of my time goofing around online & still outperform!

With Company P, I enter time that I am available on Google calendar, but it’s not like I get to count on billing even half those hours (never mind getting paid for any of them, at some point next month). When I arrive at my “open” window I’ve indicated, I’ll check to see if I’ve got a task assigned on one app. If I do, then I got to another and hit start on a stopwatch basically. Then I go back & read the notes and get to work, jotting detailed notes in a laptop sticky along the way. When I finish a draft of whatever it is, I upload with any comments, go back & stop the stopwatch & then enter my copied list of steps in the notes.

But if I start at noon and finish a draft around 2pm, I’m not going to be billing for any time until I get a response. Yet I’m beholden by my calendar to be available for a specific amount of time. Say I’m planning on exercising after & I’ve entered on the calendar I’m free until 5pm. It might be 4pm and it’d be much better for me to get started earlier, but I have to wait just in case I might get to bill for something I’m not at all sure I’ll ever get paid for.

Which is probably why they don’t indicate any desired amount of hours or optimal times!

It’s like a game

After I completed Friday’s task in just over 2 hours there was no indication I’d be getting a new one Monday, so when C and I made plans the day before I just deleted it. I’d scheduled myself available at noon today. Was working on a sketch and cleaned up the whole area to log in to see if there was anything waiting. Nope! I had a feeling I’d be working out in the afternoon, lol. It’s fine it just screws with my schedule.

I think I’m going to assume that 1) if they haven’t disappeared already that 2) I shouldn’t alter my own schedule at all, even if I’ve got time in the calendar unless 3) I get a text as well. I’ve only got availability posted as late as this Friday, so…


HIIT, Plyo, and Complexes by Christine C

Rest day yesterday. I really needed it & today the body was still unwilling. I had to remind myself it’s a privilege to be healthy enough to exercise.

Charlie and I went out for Indian buffet after. I really miss the authentic Indian of NYC’s curry hill. (The little strip on east 6th St in the East Village was already on its way out when I left, though there were still a handful of good restaurants, owned and staffed by real Indians.) Swagat, our only local option, is heavily Americanized, but at least you can still tell what it’s supposed to be.

Changed the title of this WO to reflect the reality, b/c like Julia I don’t have a large enough range of weights to be able to do drop sets. This would be a great one to do at a gym! Maybe I should try to get one of those free, thinking about joining day passes at a local gym, lol. Try it out.


Drop Set HIIT #1 (50:10 x1) – 10 mins Probably should’ve warmed up as HR was slow to get going but then again it IS that kind of day. 
1. RL curtsy + RL curtsy deadlift 20s
2. Clean and press 20s
3. LL curtsy + LL curtsy deadlift
4. Squat and press 15s
5. RL Bulgarian and DL 15s
6. Plank row x2 + bent over row x2 + upright row x2 15s
7. LL Bulgarian + DL
8. Chest press 20s
9. Backload squat 3 pulses 20s
10. Bicep curl + arnold press 15s

Plyo set #1 (30:30:30:30:15 x 2)-4:30 min
1. Bear crawl hold commando + jump feet to decline push up
2. Rocket step up to switch lunge
3. Chair lunge
4. Skaters and rockets

Drop Set HIIT #2 (40:10 x 1) increase your weight 8.20 min +8lb vest Except for the squat & press that I wimped out on 1st round, the weights were the same for this set w/ only the additional 8lbs on my back.
1. RL curtsy + RL curtsy deadlift
2. Clean and press
3. LL curtsy + LL curtsy deadlift
4. Squat and press Up to 20s 
5. RL Bulgarian and DL
6. Plank row x2 + bent over row x2 + upright row x2
7. LL Bulgarian + DL
8. Chest press
9. Backload squat 3 pulses
10. Bicep curl + arnold press

Plyo set #2 (30:30:30:30:15 x 2)4:30
1. Halo slam + goblet squat jump 20
2. Staggered push-up 180 weighted squat jump burpee 20
3. Iron legs 2 switch lunges, squat jump, criss-cross x2
4. 3 switch foot mountain climbers + lunge hop

Drop Set HIIT #3 (30:10 x 1) increase your weight! 6:20 min
1. RL curtsy + RL curtsy deadlift
2. Clean and press
3. LL curtsy + LL curtsy deadlift
4. Squat and press
5. RL Bulgarian and DL
6. Plank row x2 + bent over row x2 + upright row x2
7. LL Bulgarian + DL
8. Chest press
9. Backload squat 3 pulses
10. Bicep curl + arnold press

Plyo #3 (30:30:30:30:15 x2)4:30 This set was just BRUTAL for some reason. Paused again after to dread the complexes.
1. Fast feet jogging on & off elevation x4 + 3 butt kickers
2. Decline push up, jump down to bear crawl and froggy push up
3. Lateral hops + drop and pop to low squat
4. flying leg spider pushup

Complex #1 (5 reps x 4) legs 20s Flagging here & took a break after every set, also switching to music & list rounds 2-4. But on the other hand at least I held onto my weights w/out putting them down thru ea complete round. I used to ignore the word “complex” in Julia’s WOs.
1. Deadlift
2. Squat
3. RL rev lunge RL supporting
4. RL Step up RL supporting (the one that’s stepping up)
5. LL rev lunge
6. LL step up

SA Complex #2 (5 reps x4) 2 times each arm 2lb wrist weights & a 10lb first 2 rounds. I bumped it up to 15 for rounds 3&4, like J. Only thing is biceps were already fatigued. Oddly that was the most challenging move in this set. So w/ 17lbs ea arm I had to cradle elbow w/ opp hand & go from all the way up to only 1/2 way down in order to keep pace, cause I’d rejoined the video for this easier set.
1. bent over row
2. tricep kickback
3. upright row
4. bicep curl
5. overhead press

Core finisher (30:10) 6 mins I wouldn’t have minded 10/50 here, but this seemed like a nice & easy cool-down.
1. L side plank press and leg lift 10lbs, stacked feet
2. Alt Front lunge + twist to side and upright row 20? goblet
3. R side plank press and leg lift
4. Alt weighted roll up to back lunge and wood chop 20? goblet
5. Tricep lower (to forearms) + plank jack + tricep raise to bear crawl jump in
6. Left side hand, holds kettlebell 35lbs + back lunge
7. R oblique plank hop, dip and reach under
8. Right sidehand, holds kettlebell 35lbs + back lunge
9. L oblique plank hop, dip and reach under

Time = 1:15

Yoga: about 15min

Jacked up Tabata Challenge

42  Manmakers 84 push-ups, 82 SA rows & 42 clean & press… & that was just one of the moves. I can feel my salary growing up already!!!

Original breakdown has 4 sets of 10 manmakers. I decided to break them up into sets of 4 or 2 reps and mix them into the rest of the workout. Four consecutive w/ 20s is about my max before I slow way down and/or need breaks. I accidentally did 2 extra b/c I’d miscounted along the way.


Original Breakdown:

  1. Buy-in
  2. Strength HIIT 1 (5:20min)
  3. Cardio tabata 1 (4min)
  4. 10Manmakers
  5. Strength HIIT 2 (5:20min)
  6. Cardio tabata 2 (4min)
  7. 10 Manmakers
  8. Strength HIIT 3 (5:20min)
  9. Cardio tabata 3 (4min)
  10. 10 Manmakers
  11. Strength HIIT 4 (5:20min)
  12. Cardio tabata 4 (4min)
  13. 10 Manmakers
  14. Buy-out

My Breakdown:

Buy in – 2 manmakers w 20s for weights, after ea move, so 16 of the 40 in the buy-in
My time-14:56

  1. 80 jump rope, feet together jumping jacks Just b/c I like this motion better. Less painful (for shoulders) & gets my body hotter
  2. 70 plank jacks w/ alt hand shoulder tap
  3. 60 weighted jumping jacks 5s, punching straight up
  4. 50 plank jacks w/shoulder taps
  5. 40 knee cross jumping jacks
  6. 30 plank jacks w/toe taps
  7. 20 squat jacks
  8. 10 up/down plank jacks Jumping jack. Hands down & jump feet to plank. Jack feet out.

4 manmakers 20 of 40 done

Strength HIIT 1&2 (10/30×8)-30-(10/30×8)=11:10min

  1. squat and squeeze glutes 20s
  2. deadlift 20s
  3. step up R 15s
  4. step up L

    Put on 2lb wrist weights
  5. push-up / alt t-stand
  6. bent-over rows 20s
  7. lateral raise 10s
  8. front raise 10s

4 manmakers 24 of 40 done

Cardio tabata 1, 2x 4:10min

  1. high knees
  2. tuck jumps
  3. burpees
  4. mountain climbers

4 manmakers 28 of 40 done

Cardio tabata 2, 2x 4:10min

  1. switch lunges
  2. 180 degree squats w/ ½ burpee
  3. jugglers
  4. alt pistol squats switches

4 manmakers 32 of 40 done


Strength HIIT 3&4 (10/30×8)-30-(10/30×8)=11:10min

  1. bulgarian R 15s
  2. bulgarian L
  3. hip thrust R 20 Really fucking wish I had a sandbag for these.
  4. hip thrust L
  5. renegade rows 20s
  6. elevated push ups
  7. shoulder press 15s
  8. chest flies 15s

4 manmakers 36 of 40 done

Cardio tabata 3&4 10-(20/10×8)-30-(20/10×8)=8:40min I’d meant to do the cardios 1 & 2 together w/ a timed 30sec break in bet but I messed it up so stuck some manmakers in there. This time I got it right.

  1. plank in / out jump knees in center
  2. side burpee w/ knee in
  3. frogger knees wide, squatting low w/ fingertips on floor. Hop fwd as many x as u have room for & then back
  4. practice double-under jumps w/out rope heel grabs
  5. side jump lunges
  6. angry donkeys
  7. broad jump fwd & bunny hop back
  8. ninja jump tuck

4 manmakers 38 of 40 done

Buy out: 2 manmakers after 1st 2 moves. Accidentally did 42!!!
10 up/down plank jacks
20 squat jacks
30 plank jacks w/toe taps
40 knee cross jumping jacks
50 plank jacks w/shoulder taps
60 weighted jumping jacks
70 plank jacks Left out the shoulder taps I added for this in the buy-in. Didn’t notice it was a repeated move!!!
80 jumping jacks








Oh well the warm-up didn’t work this time – another bad yoga

Took my sneakers off & got to the yoga pronto but my heart rate dropped to active rest immediately. The room wasn’t even cold, as the heat is on and the door was closed. Started at 70. (Even without any tapas I bumped it up to 72.) Usually when I’d start a practice downstairs in the dining room, even in the extreme heat of last August it’d be only 63 or 64 . The body knows the difference between planetary & furnace heat. Also I think the humidity of last month helped make yoga more fun than usual.

HR only higher than the last painful practice, withOUT warm-up. But that’s the thing… Usually it works. It doesn’t always. The yoga is so much more unpredictable in bodily & psychological effects than the circuit training style workouts. Still therapeutic tho.

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Yoga: 1:24 Shorter than usual b/c I stopped after the sirsasana-s, before the last 3 poses of finishing. So there was no 25 breaths in padmasana or 5min savasana included in the time. Instead I got ready for a 22min meditation in padmasana & took my savasana after that.

Crazy Core & Tabata Challenge

[EDIT UPDATE] It’s good for me to comment on the YouTube vids b/c even if I don’t remember doing them, if I scroll down just a little & see my own comment.. lol. I’d done Lenula’s 2nd of these routines & burned like 824. And that was the shortened version!!! I haven’t tried the first one yet tho, and there’s apparently a new one coming soon.

Well I worked out! Besides coffee time I’ve been sequestered in the warmer rooms upstairs all day. We did have the heat on briefly in the morning, for coffee time. I also took the bench upstairs. That’s the 13″ elevation I’m limited to for box jumps & such. It’s also the platform I use, on the dining room side, to get over the stupid puppy gate.


Buy in: Well I kept pace here & followed along. But then immediately took a little break, lol.
80 OH high knee toe taps 1=1 10s
70 mtn climbers 2=1
60 chair lunges 1=1
50 cross body mtn climber 2=1
40 weighted OH high knee toe taps 1=1 10s
30 wide mtn climbers 2=1
20 frog plank hops
10 weighted chair lunges 2=1 20

Strength tabata: 30:10 each move 2x
a) split lunge snatch 15s
b) box squat 20s
c) pendulum RL 20s
d) pendulum LL

Cardio tabata: 20:10 8x
a) jugglers
b) incline push-up box jump
c) plank jack toe taps
d) mat hops

1st x: 10 decline pushup SA row and SA snatch 5/arm 20lbs This set repeats 4x!!! Hadn’t previewed beyond the 1st set so I messed up & she lost me here but I decided to do w/out the video for all the rest. 

Strength tabata: 30:10 8x
a) frog push-ups
b) traffic director arms only 13lbs arm
c) SSD bicep curls 15s
d) Arnold press 15s

Cardio tabata: 20:10 8x
a) Lunge back touch down and kick Messed this up & made it less dynamic b/c wasn’t looking @ screen but I stuck w/ it for both sides for evenness.
b) star jumps squat jumps
c) plank hop forward Lunge hop RL
d) plank hop forward Lunge hop LL

2nd x: 10 decline pushup SA row and SA snatch 5/arm

Strength tabata:
a) step up Lunge back R 15s
b) step up Lunge back L
c) good mornings 15s
d) SL DL 15s

Cardio tabataLoved this set!
a) box jumps
b) plank hop box jumps
c) roll back box jumps
d) roll back box jump burpee

3rd x: 10 decline pushup SA row and snatch 5/arm

Strength tabata:30:10 8x
a) plank renegade rows 15s
b) SL elv push ups and knee tuck
c) t stand presses 15s was heavy for me here! Plus made my hand hurt on the weight so put the supporting hand flat on the floor for 2nd side
d) decline push-up toe touch

Cardio tabata: 20:10 8x
a) heel clicks
b) bunnyhops
c) jab cross hook 2 side kicks
d) fast feet drop and pop

4th x:10 decline SA plank hop row and snatch 5/arm

Burpee Buy out:
4 weighted burpee chair lunges 2=1
6 frog pushup burpee frog hops
8 wide mtn climbers burpee wide high knee
10 weighted burpee weighted OH high knee toe taps 10s She lost me here b/c I hadn’t previewed & am now working out in a very small space. I had to rearrange b/c I hit the closet doors jumping back 4 the push-up.
12 cross body mtn climber burpee and twist jumps
14 incline burpee chair lunges 2=1

Time = 1:19 but who cares when you don’t have the heart for anything else. My body heat alone raised the temp in this little room by 4-degrees anyway.


About 10min. I was going to do a 22min sit after but Theodora the kitten was squeaking outside the door. I let her in & she wanted attention.