Full Body Metabolic Frenzy: Sore or Sorry by Jori

I’m glad I had a fun time working out – sometimes a lot of smaller sets in a workout can make for a great variety and lessening of dread. I’m PMSing now & had a rest day yesterday (bad for mood), along with a SUPER ANNOYING day (really, really bad). I needed the rest though. Any doubt I had as to wether I could go another day was dispelled when I went on a half-hour walk, here on The Hill, to get to a drawing destination. The first 1/4 mile was uphill my legs were screaming at me. I knew the rest day was in order for sure, at that point.


Full Body Metabolic Frenzy: Sore or Sorry by Jori 

Circuit #1: 50:10, 1x
1. Step Up, Step Down, Side Lunge, Curtsy Lunge (R) 20s
2. Step Up, Step Down, Side Lunge, Curtsy Lunge (L)
3. Alt Forward Lunge lat raise to OH raise 10s
4. Squat hold Burpee w/ Front Raise 10s

20/20 Cardio No Rest- 5 Rounds
1. Switch Lunges
2. Curtsy Lunge Hops with pulse L/R

40/30/20: 2 Rounds, No Rest + ppl band
Goblet Squat (40 sec) 20 Squat Jump (30 sec) bodyweight Squat (20 sec)

Leg Burnout: x3 Kept pace w/ video rounds 1 & 2 but had to pause for a rest & HR slowdown before round 3!
5 Box Jumps
10 Goblet Squats 20
20 OH Plate Lunges (1=1) 15s Alt legs, 10 fwd & then 10 rev
20 OH High Knee Taps (1=1) 10s

Circuit #2: 50:10, 1x
1. Alt Spider pushups and (2) plank shoulder taps
2. Dumbbell Battle Ropes x8 (like a milkshake in a sumo squat) + 4 Mtn. Climbers 3s? I did 2=1 both moves
3. Crop Circle Hamstring on Sliders on back in rev curl – pull feet in & raise hips, then push out & fwd in a wide arc
4. Pullover Sit Up to Low Squat Position 15, single weight

20/20 Cardio No Rest– 5 Rounds KILLER!!!! I’ve never before felt a held plank between my shoulder blades. Total mid thoracic burn. Paused after this set and typed these notes while sweat dripped off my face, onto my mat & down my neck.
1. Commando Plank Jacks
2. Wide Mt. Climbers

4 Min. Burpee Gauntlet: 20:10, 8x 2 rounds per move
1. Burpees w/ Push-up
2. Bodyweight Squat (hold squat in the 10 sec rest)
3. Pendulum Lunges 20s
4. Burpees w/ Push-up

Circuit #3: 50:10, 1x
1. LA curl hold – Curl RA 10s This was light on the curling arm but fine for the holding arm. Next time I should pick up the 3lb in addition for 13lbs on the curling arm
2. RA curl hold – Curl LA
3. Tricep Push-up- Pike Jump Feet In- Dolphin Tricep Push-up
4. JM Press- on back w/DBs in hands held straight above chest. Bend elbows toward rib cage so DBs end up directly over shoulders 15s

20/20 Cardio No Rest– 5 Rounds
1. Burpee w/ Tricep Push-up + 4 Cross Punches (at top)
2. High Knees

Upper Body Burnout: x3 Was able to keep pace w/ round 1, but only b/c I’d peeked ahead at the breakdown & started a bit before J, lol. 20s are still a lot for me for presses so I turned off the video for rounds 2 & 3.
10 Shoulder Press 20s
10 Bicep Curls 15s
10 Lateral Raise- to front-back out and down 5s Considered holding 8 for these but after round 1 with just 5 I’m like, “Ya that’s enough.”
10 Tricep Dips

DB Complex – 5 Min. AMRAP 15s
1. Alt Plank rows
2. Push-up
3. Alt spider knees
4. RDL
5. Bicep Curl Front Squat
6. Push Press

Finisher: 2 Rounds (Jori did 4x) 2 rounds. Messed up my time by forgetting to preview all of this & I had to stop & consult video for moves 7-10.
1. DB RDL x8 Sandbag 55.6 – standing on yoga blocks for a slight extra bit of range of motion
2. DB Alt. Rev. Lunge w/ Bicep Curl x8/leg 13ea hand 1st round / dropped to 10 for 2nd
3. Renegade Row x8 (2=1) 20s
4. Push-ups x8
5. Plank Jacks x16
6. alt Windmills x8/side 10s
windmill 1.jpeg

7. Kick Thru, back to Plank, side plank leg raised x8/leg
8. Hand & knees SA Bicep Curl to Fly x8/arm 10
9. Pike glute raise to knee tuck (Jori did: Abs: Side Knee Crunch (sit on side like V-up) + Toe Touch V-up x8/side 1st round I did all knee to same side elbow & glute raise. 2nd round I did the toe touch v-ups
10. Reverse Plank Hip Dips (2=1) L/R + heel taps2=1

Time = 1:24 (including all breaks)

Only about 5min of stretching after but that’s ok. I’ll make up for that tomorrow.


Surprisingly great Astanga practice

I’ve been kicking my own ass lately, playing around with the new sandbag, and I’ve only been doing a real practice once a week. And yet today was a much better workout than yesterday’s a la carte HIIT, abs and only-the-really-easy-stuff yoga yesterday. What little asana I did helped today though, I think.

An elevated heart rate and “tapas” aren’t quite the same thing

But they’re similar, and the first can quite often spark the latter, though not always. Today it worked. I’d gotten a little chilly so I did my 4min jump rope warm-up, and was unusually clutzy. Stepped on my rope a LOT. But it didn’t translate into the yoga. My vinyasa and handstands were strong today. The only area I was a bit tight in was the shoulders, in back bends. Not even too bad there though.

There’s an element of emotional excitement in the tapas… I had that today. I got a little bit of unexpected good news. It’s not over until the fat lady sings but I think I am going to get paid for that test project I did earlier this month, albeit through somewhat convoluted means. I wasn’t wrong in my intuitions, that developed as the situation played out.

New rules for writing work agreements with brand new clients:

  1. If I feel like someone is bad news from difficult to outright asshole, they get my highest rate.
  2. I will decide on a cap of hours to be worked before I stop and wait for payment. That will very depending on gut feeling.


This was my usual practice, of late. Also amazing that I didn’t have to get rid of the Astanga completely. All I needed to do was to scale it back to be functionally driven, not ego driven. I’d get sucked right back into the crazy striving, guilty adherence to at least some norms and tortured striving that typifies much of that world if I were in a studio situation, but I am well safe from that, for reasons more than just financial.

Recovery “WO”

The 2nd half of the title is in quotes b/c it really wasn’t much of a workout. I’d have been better off if I didn’t do the abs set & did an hour of yoga… But anyway I got the blood moving and the endorphins going. It’s good I did something because I’ll feel better the rest of the day and less gimpy tomorrow. I felt like I could barely move when I first got up in the morning, lol. Much better now.

It’s going to be a beautiful afternoon and I want to get out of the house and off The Hill. There’s not much to do in Portland, but I could go to the Chinese Garden. I think I’m going to, even if it’s $10 to get in.



Based on Core and Legs Workout: Exercise for Belly, Glutes, Thighs, and Calves

I did add a slightly shorter cardio. Set my timer for 16 rounds of jumprope for 30 and #d poses for 50 with 15sec transitions, 25:15min

  1. Lunge back (floor touch) March and Kick, alt sides
  2. Single Leg Pendulum-RL ½ squat to side leg lift, balancing the whole time on supporting leg
  3. Single Leg Pendulum-LL
  4. Kneeling Leg Rotation-RL like a hydrant to a leg lift, back, 25deg angle
  5. Kneeling Leg Rotation-LL
  6. Tip Toe Chair Walk alt sides
  7. Tree pose to dighasana A Figure 4 Pulse & Press RLPositioning of the 2nd part, as I did it, was dif from video
  8. Tree pose to dighasana A – LL
  9. Cat Bow Series-Right Hands & knee. R knee in & then out to glute lift & then bend arms close-in, tricep style half push-up, face toward floor
  10. Cat Bow Series-Left
  11. 3-way knee tucks Knee in same-side elbow, opp elbow, glute raise in bet, alt legs
  12. Full rev curl w/ pelvic lift @ top
  13. Temple Tap Abs
  14. Criss Cross Legs Hands under hips
  15. Plank to Updog Plank, catarunga, updog
  16. Core Wiggle On back, feet in frog lift position. Arms extended & reach RA toward R foot & then switch.

Advanced Abs Workout – At home Abs & Core Routine 20-Min

I mostly find GymRa annoying and try-hard, but once in awhile I throw one in for some randomness.

WO begins after 1:00. Actually the move are pretty good but being on the floor & with the demos my HR dropped to resting immediately. This would be good as reps w/ cardio intervals, but GymRa doesn’t post breakdowns. Meh. I guess if I detail it out I’ll post it on the YouTube page, lol. Naaa…. too passive aggressive.


  • Standing & fundamentals
  • Dandasana & Paschimo
  • Block A and B
  • Marichy C & D, Pashasana
  • Finishing to Matsyasana, Savasana

Total Body Makeover by Julia, 2nd time

Fitness friend Laurie posted about doing this routine (again!) in the FB group. I searched the last three(!) blogs & found that I had indeed done it, October 27, 2016. My time was 1:43, and then I did some yoga after. My burn was 843!!!

This time I messed up the burn b/c I took my watch off for the arms HIIT where I was also wearing wrist weights. I thought the Polar would keep the signal but it didn’t so I’ll be missing as much as 10min work from the stats. According to my rudimentary math, my burn is probably around 763.

Today probably wasn’t the best day for a workout this intense, with how my body felt, but I liked the idea of repeating the WO exactly 1 year later.



Total Body Makeover by Julia

Warmup:30:30 3min
1. Jumping jacks
2. down dog to cobra
3. alt curtsy to plank hops
4. leg swings
5. leg swings
6. running man

Hit cardio no equip 50:10 2x

1. Heel clicks
2. Switch kick SL triangle hop burpee
3. Bunny hops fwd wide high knees back
4. Surrender to box jump & tuck jump alt, arms OH Ninja double tuck Obeying my suggestion to swap out this move, “if I ever do this routine again”…I sometimes will so my slomo version of the ninja transition but it IS more likely to annoy one of my knees more than just about anything else. 
5. 3 skaters + 4 twisted mtn climbers Crossing 1 foot in front of the other.

Rep based legs 3x 
Switched to working with notes on rounds 2 & 3 this time (as opposed to all of them last time). Time: 10/27/16 = 35min / 10/27/17 = forgot to set stop watch! lol but I was @ 43:25 here, so about 30min.

1. Step up lunge back 12/leg 20s Step up & lift knee. Step down & lunge same leg back. Heavier than last time but needed to rest grip strength bet sides (holding weights down by side)
2. 12 alt Curtsy lunge plank hop pushup 15s 1st round then 20s rounds 2 & 3
3. 12 Squat slams 20 Start w/ weight directly above head
4. 12 Sumo squat + sumo dead lift 55.6lb sandbag Got on bench rounds 2 & 3 to slightly increase range of motion
5. 12 Switch lunges 2 + squat jump

HIIT arms 50:10 2x=10:50 interval +2lb wrist weights found place in vid for this @39:22

1. ski Squat hammer curl and press 15s Squat & hammer, stand & press up. Don’t release curl til you’re back in the squat.
2. Tricep push-up to tricep kickback burpees 10s
3. Alt T stand press and dip + push-up 10s This & the next were HARD w/ 12lbs per arm! 
4. Alt Traffic dir lunges 10s Works best for me to plant the foot in lunge & then do the lift. Not moving the lift or the lunge @ same time.
5. Manmakers 15s I’d have bumped up to 20s here but I didn’t wanna do 22 ea arm.

Rep based back 3x
Kept my pull-up & chin-up swap outs, but I’m dead sure I used a CrossFit style assistance strap thru the whole set the last time. This time I started off w/ zero assist & put my foot in the strap only after failure. But I should say I started off this workout REALLY tired. I’ve been stressed out since Wednesday evening.

Time: 10/27/16 = 24:00 / 10/27/17= 21:49
1. 12 Back fly burpees 10s no push-up. Hop to plank & fly each arm then hop fwd & fly both This is the bummer move that seems to take five freaking years. 
2. 12 Pull-ups 6-6-4 w/out any assist (w/ little hop @ bottom)
3. 12 Swings 35lb kettlebell
4. 12 Chin-ups 4-4-4 w/out any assist, x with strap. Usually I’m stronger on the chin-ups, like most ppl, but it was too soon after the pull-ups I think.
5. 12 eccentric y presses 10s & then adding 3s for 13lbs each hand, rounds 2&3 Press up in a V and return a bit slowly.

Burnout: 10 minute abs AMRAP @1:10
Score: 10/27/16 = 2 full rounds plus 3rd round to the complete #4
Still only have a non-adjustable, 13″ elevation. 

1. 10 slider knee tucks In plank
2. 10 box jumps
3. 10 slider mtn climber shoulder taps 2=1
4. 10 rocket lunges per leg On floor, lunge back & hop forward with knee lifted
5. 10 Decline pike push-ups
6. 5 box jump + star jumps

(Total time: 10/27/16 = 1:43:11) (Total time: 10/27/17 = 1:39)


About 15min


Morning musings – gender inequality, the plight of the unconnected / unprotected woman.

Harvey Weinstein and the Economics of Consent

The blunt power of the gatekeeper is the ability to enforce not just artistic, but also financial, exile.


When the Harvey Weinstein story broke, I thought of something my mother told me when I was a little girl. She said: To be a free woman, you have to be a financially independent woman.

And this

Consent is a function of power. You have to have a modicum of power to give it.

This is so true!! And for the first time in my life since graduating from college I am not.

I managed to survive in NYC for 24 years, entirely independent & unsubsidized by family or romantic relationships, with a BFA from art school.¹

And now, in Portland?

Shame, guilt, uncertainty. Also anger. Increasingly, pure, unadulterated anger. Bitterness and then the shame. You’re not “supposed” to feel bitter, because bitter is just around the corner from the sad kind of victim.

Pffft… Well, probably best I stop here – I have a digital design task to attend this morning – but that was a good read.

¹ I’d returned from my senior year abroad in Rome and six weeks later I was living with him in a derelict, bug and rodent infested apartment in the shitty outskirts of Hoboken, NJ. He was not “support”. If anything he was a liability, a 6’5″ infant raised & coddled upper middle class.

Not only did I have to request a portion of his weekly paycheck to put aside for rent, so we’d have it & not get threatened with eviction notices all the time, but I had to then hide the money I’d collected. That’s just one example, but it says all anyone would need to know about his capabilities.

I forgot about tight pants as a diet aid

So many of my old jeans are falling apart. I’m the kind of woman who’ll take some “fast fashion” item that’s supposed to last 2 seasons & wear it over a decade. A pair of ancient Gap bootlegs turned into jorts on Tuesday night, as documented here.


At the time I joked I was going to wear nothing “butt” these jeans for a full month, and I did wear them again the next day. Today I’ve decided to toss them. Unlike the Delia’s, my precious Morgans, I never really liked the way these fit.

So today I’m wearing some bright, red cords

They were loose when I was 33. I remember specifically because I was working at the carpet company and went on what turned out to be my very last family vacation, a cruise. The was my mom’s idea of course and she paid for it.

I was all concerned about gaining weight & had coffee delivered to the room early every morning, and then I’d go work out in the ship’s gym. Since my sister and I were practically newborns compared to the median age, I had the place mostly to myself. I really pigged out on that last morning though… I remember eating basically everything, omelette, five pastries, bacon, fruit etc. The morning I returned to work, this one sales girl, about my age, exclaimed in disgust, You look like you LOST weight on the cruise!

I probably had! Today these cords are tight, but at least what’s in there looks shapely. I was never into resistance training for legs even in my gym rat days. I was more into cardio. After some years though, I figured out that strength training was what made my body look like I’d put some effort into it.

My path out of the neurotic and obsessed mindset of “devoted” Astangi started with P90X. I’d had some success in the past building muscle tone with things I’d developed outside the democratic (lame) confines of a gym. P90X got me working on pull-ups and chin-ups again, and on building strength. Discovering BodyRock in fall 2014 was the best thing though. I was introduced to the joys and many uses of jump rope intervals, and ever changing routines.

And then we met Fit Body by Julia!!!!!! Funny that I don’t have a clear idea of when this was… I’m pretty sure I was already ensconced on The Hill though. So, after February 2016.

My glutes are actually sore from yesterday

That hasn’t really happened before in quite this way. It’s not super overt, but I can tell I got to them. I could maybe use a recovery workout later, but today it feels more important to get out. I’ve gotten some good artwork done in the past couple days, since I haven’t been busy with SF company. The Cafe is almost done. It’s got one or two more sessions I think. And this is on the crappy paper! The old hot press Arches that inexplicably “went bad”. I’ve been working it and working it.

With water media especially, as opposed to oils, it’s really important to really step away mentally, as in you take at least 24-hour breaks. Sometimes a week is better. Sometimes things go into a resting period for months.

I’ve worked on that and, let’s see, I’ll call it “August Roses” this week. Haven’t looked at the floral again yet.

So…. rest day!

Heavy Volume Glute Lift with Squat Jumps

Sandbag / waterbag adventure continues! Haven’t heard back from Iron Core Athletics / Retro Technologies, as to whether or not they’re going to help me out in getting additional, smaller filler bags at less than the a la carte cost. I was able to get more water into it myself this morning. I’d googled weight of quarts & was going to add five. I stopped at four because it already felt way too heavy to clean & press overhead, with straight arms, in order to backload and unload. 

I really do need the other filler bags so I can change out the stuffing for days I wanna backload.


If tomorrow isn’t a rest day it’ll be an EASY, recovery style WO. Would’ve been a higher burn if I’d prepped for the first set with some cardio, but holy shit, what a difference a decent amount of weight makes with this kind of glute work.


13” bench
Weights, Band, Sliders, Ankle Weights, Sandbag: 55.6lbs

Set 1: 5x Hip thrusts:
1. Banded Body weight 15 reps ppl band
2. Weighted 10 reps +bag with however many lbs in it for moves 2 & 3
3. 8 reps with pulses
4. Body weight hip Thrust hold Adductors 15

**20 banded squat jumps* 1x

I was able to follow along with Julia & didn’t pause the video until this point. After this set though I wasn’t continual with the video again until the last set (5).

Set 2: 4x Paused here to do on my own time w/ music and breaks. Also climbed onto bench for the sumos to try to increase range of motion a tiny bit.
16 Squat alt Step ups 20s
15 sumo DL bag

**20 banded squat jumps**

Set 3: 4x @23:57 (vid)
15 Hamstring curls rev plank w sliders
10 rev Lunge weight touchdowns/leg 20 Even that amount was hard on the very first round. Immediately hit pause again to jot this note & turn the music back on, lol. Takin’ mah time.

**20 banded squat jumps**

Set 4: 3x
Deficit curtsy lunges 15/leg 15s Legs dying here! Went light, relatively. Still felt really f-ing heavy and yes, again, first round & I paused again. Music!!!
1 & 1/2 RDL 10 bag

**20 banded squat jumps**

Set 5: 5x 5lb ankle weights
50 frog pumps
15 Donkey kickbacks/leg

**20 banded squat jumps**

Time = 1:11


About 15min, non-vinyasa.

Superhuman WO #3 and & my sandbag

Ordered the wrong one tho


This is the one J has but I thought I was ordering the one w/ three filler bags. I only want to put 50lbs or so in it, not 80, so I wanted small, med & large filler bags. Instead I got one large bag, which is only partially with water. We set it on the scale a couple times. It said I’d left it at 45 but it feels a good 50 to me. Perhaps it’s all the movement of the water. What a way to work the stabilizing muscles!

The Retro Technologies rep (who’d contacted me to see if I liked the product before I’d even opened the Amazon box) is going to check & see if they’ve got any demo small and medium bags to send me. I sure hope so!

I practiced loading and unloading it 30x during the course of this WO anyway, and I didn’t use it any other place besides my customized, repeating, “superhuman” set.


(Linda’s) Superhuman set: Modified for sandbag technique learning

  1. 2 deadlifts hangcleans
  2. 2 backload squats surrenders This means I had to practice one hang clean & lifting it up OH to backload every SH set, 30x. It was getting hard by 2nd set so I didn’t use my sandbag for any of the timed intervals.

    J does a little bend in her knees and then pops the weight up, to go overhead for the load & unload. I tried to mimic this (from memory, but she does do it a lot).

  3. 2 backload rev lunge knee up/leg

10/50 single intervals
SET 1Took 13min but by the end of the 1st set I had the backload & unload down (after watching J again). I think I could add 5 more lbs to the bag.
1. burpee DL 20s
2. DL squats 20s
3. Burpee step ups 15s Do one burpee & step up / knee up alt leg
4. LL deficit rev lunges 20s 
5. Burpee box jumps
6. RL deficit rev lunges

Upper body challenge:
15 SSD bicep curls 10s
10 SL walk out pushups

SET 2:
1. Commando star burpee Commando down & jack feet. Come up. Hop fwd & star jump. No push-up.
2. Back load alt side lunges Feet wide & stationary 20s
3. Deficit clean and press burpee 20s
4. RA SA clean –  forward lunge and press up 20 I planted my lunging foot & made sure I was fully balanced b4 SA press-up.
5. Split lunge snatch burpee 15s
6. LL SA clean forward lunge and press

Lower Body Challenge
15 180 weighted squat jumps 10s I counted every jumping / turning squat as 1 rep, the flip & return, which is probably wrong!
10 pistol squats 5/leg alternating heels propped

SET 3:
1. Manmakers 15s This weight felt like cheating here but I kept it b/c I wanted to save my strength for the sandbag backload practice. 
2. RA SA Rows 15
3. Manmakers
4. LA SA rows
5. Tricep makers 10s
6. Tricep dips and leg lifts

Upper body Challenge:
15 kneeling fast punches down/leg (holding light weights…also called “ground and pound”) 5s Kneeling, 2=1 ea side Not sure about this move! 
10 diamond pushups

Set 4:
1. Body weight 3 curtsy lunge pulse, reverse lunge, switch
2. 2 v- ups, rev plank and flip to 2 plyo pushups
3. Squat and alternate forward lunge 20s
4. 4 switch foot mtn climbers (on weights) and LL step up 15s
5. Heel click , 10 high knees
6. 4 switch foot mtn climbers (on weights) and RL step up

Lower body challenge
15 sumo squat with extra glute squeeze at the top 20s
10 rocket step ups / leg

Set 5:
1. Side v ups L
2. 3 tricep kickbacks, 1 back fly 10s
3. Clean and press, drop weight, 5 jugglers 20s
4. Wide stance push ups & oblique plank hops I went really wide, hands outside the mat. Had only previewed as far as the 2nd move in set 4.
5. 5 Runners lunge toe taps hop to switch
6. Side v ups right

Upper body challenge
15 back extensions on bench
10 back extension w a pulse On floor, arms extended straight in front

Burnout :

3 minutes in plank without break, (1 min L side, 1 min R side, and then one min regular forearm plank)

Time = 1:33, including all breaks. At one point I called Charlie to get him to come upstairs & watch my backload / unload. Of course I didn’t do it that great that time, but I can add like 5lbs. Did like 2 stretches after but I’ll stretch more later tonight.

Super slow, restorative Astanga

Shoulders so sore! And I worked on them yesterday. I can’t tell if I made it worse by sleeping wrong again or not. Maybe I need new pillows. I can’t have new pillows.

Get up & open door. Fail to see a cat. Get back in bed. Have a short burst of a dream. Repeat.

Had the strangest, interrupted sleep. It was really stormy and I wanted to open the window, but then I annoyed Henry (by putting the light on to internet). He left and the kitten followed and then I was constantly getting up to open the door, thinking I’d heard one of them outside the door, faintly, underneath the wind and rain.

It rained into the room and onto my bed. I didn’t care! The storm was so magical I just had to let some in.

And, uh, the dreams. I remember the last one. Wouldn’t repeat it here. Probably a good thing I can’t remember any of the rest of it. I have a feeling they were linked though, at least partially. That I’d wake from a dream, look for Henry & Theo & then return to a different chapter of the same story.

Did some static, restorative stretching before I got going with the astanga.

Today, the “work” of the exercise session was more psychological than physical

While still having the effects of a tune-up. I have been neglecting the yoga. If I HIIT as intensely as I do, I should be practicing my “serious” yoga 2x a week, rather than once. So yes, the real work is getting through all the poses that your teacher has prescribed with as much grace and focus as possible.

My teacher is me, obviously.


Random practice thoughts

  1. I love the way that the most basic of things like Surya A and updogs are ever evolving in my body, and that they are highly personalized. It always surprised me meeting long time practitioners who had never even thought of playing with the elements.
  2. The prasarita padottanasanas are my favorite part of the standing sequence and pretty much always have been, whether or not I’m doing hanuman & samakonan in there (yes for today).
  3. Baddha Konasana is a delicious point in primary.