60min Tabata, booty burnout & a little yoga

Normally, MH seems a little too hyperactive-gym-guy for me. It’s that rapid fire delivery. Before today I’d done one of his WOs, a single time. Still, I was in the mood for something different today & I’d seen a couple of Fitness Friends saying they’d done it. Plus tabata sounded like a good idea for today. So… No preview b/c no time but the breakdown is on the YouTube page.

And I actually liked it! Interesting going all the way thru something w/out a pause. A lot of these moves would be good done in tabata pairs, maybe w/ bands or more weight here & there. So when he got to the last 3min I did my own stretching (yoga poses).


After that I did another one mentioned recently by my Fitness Friends, a booty burnout by Julia I’m pretty sure I never tried before. It’s one of her rare, short videos. I had a few minutes after that before the 90min mark so I did a little more stretching.

Low Impact Booty Burnout

(10/15) 5lb ankle weights

1. Clams/clam pulses RL
2. Clam kicks RL
3. Clams/clam pulses LL
4. Clam kicks LL
5. Side leg circles clockwise RL
6. Side leg circles counter clockwise RL
7. Side leg circles clockwise LL
8. Side leg circles counter clockwise LL
9. Side leg pluses RL
10. Side leg rainbows RL
11. Side leg plulses LL
12. Side leg rainbows LL
13. Glute Diamond leg raises
14. Glute Scissor legs
15. SL bridge glute raise + lift and lower leg RL
16. SL bridge glute raise + lift and lower leg LL
17. Tabletop cross over knees RL
18. Tabletop cross over knees LL
19. Fire hydrants RL
20. Fire hydrants LL


Adds new “top level” category to blog: self development

I wasn’t sure I was going to talk about any of this on the blog, but it’s presently important. I was recently inspired by a video (and recent, new stresses), to renew my seated meditation practice.

I’ve been interested in Hermetics and planetary / archangel related / ritual magic since… Oh let me check my Amazon purchase history, October 2016! Well that makes sense. It sort of goes along with rainy season.

I missed a day yesterday. Work started early and then I had to exercise, and after what happened at dinner it just wasn’t going to happen. But that’s ok. You say “daily practice” as an ideal, with the knowledge that you’re not going to be perfect, but the intention to aim as high as possible. At least that’s how I do it.

It’s funny I’m attracted that says “practice” with a lot of the same… vibration as my previous obsession, Astanga. And yes, both are kinds of mind/body “tuning”. Astanga’s emphasis is on the body and meditation’s is on the mind & spirit.

My daily practice

  1. 22min seated meditation in padmasana, jnana & khechari mudras.
  2. 4min in pranayama, still in padmasana, applying uddiyana bandha on the exhale hold and jalandhara bandha on the inhale hold. This is followed by about 5min savasana (for return of normal blood flow to lower legs & to let the spine relax) / journaling.
  3. LBRP, lower banishing ritual of the pentagram: this is an old school, hermetics ritual for clearing and cleansing a space and its energy, as well as providing a sort of psychic buffer to the practitioner.

The kitties

I went to sleep around midnight, or a bit later, and the kitten woke me up at 6. Then my phone started dinging and I correct in thinking it might be responses to the easel ad I posted on Craig’s List last night. I didn’t mind getting up though, because that way I knew I’d get in my practice before my day got going. She snuggles and purrs and purrs. I try to still my mind then too. It’s one of the most healing sorts of sounds, I think, so I try to take advantage of her Cuddle State. Henry’s gotten SO independent. Also cranky. I worry about his health. His eyes are infected again. He comes down with a lot of ailments on The Hill…. After he had his initial eye thing that happened after he’d caught a cold when I first got him, he hadn’t had any problems until the skin issued that started here. And now he’s extra irritable. I think he’s so used to getting harassed by the puppy that he’s got a much shorter fuse. Yesterday I tried to trim his front claws. He was in nap mode, which is the only time worth even attempting a trim, but still was so agitated I only managed to snip one sharp & pointy. He was doing the low growl and would amplify when I so much as touched a paw. I was afraid he’d bite me if I did any more, or at the very least, it’d be such a struggle that I’d have little hope of trimming his claws ever again. So I stopped trying and gave him extra hugs and snuggles.

I have to hope his downturn in disposition is more due to the puppy than, say, arthritis pain. His genetics… I bought a Scottish Fold that was bred from two cats with the fold trait before I knew anything about the breed.

Anyway, I’ll have to try again w/ the claw thing.

I doubt I’m going to show them on the 9th after all. I thought it’d be easy to arrange the 1-day participation after my phone conversation with my breeding mentor, but it’s proving to be more difficult to register, and it feels like the wrong time. My initial feeling was to aim for the one at the end of December. I dunno… I emailed the entry clerk yesterday. I’m not going to deal with that today. If they respond, fine. If not, fine. #pathofleastresistence

No Weight Thanksgiving Workout & Yoga

Been eating nothing but processed starch and dairy & egg fat for days! Also had a lot of stress and it’s not gone. Worked all day on some almond crackers on software & product I’m unfamiliar with. Was exhausted & hungry but had to do this.

[This WO would be great to do while traveling. You could pack some bands! Might start happening again. One never knows.]


No Weight Thanksgiving Workout

Plank HIIT 50:10 2x 14 mins
1. Plank hip dips and kick through
2. Oblique plank hops + 2 plank jacks
3. Commando down spider knees commando up kick under
4. 10 wide knee mtn climbers 10 high knees
5. plank walk out shoulder tap walk back 2 squat jumps
6. Down dog 3 way knee tucks
7. Rev plank and alt side plank dip reach under and crunch (or leg lift) would be nice to add ankle weights & bands in places if doing this 15/50

Lower Body Superset 1: 4x √, √, √, √
1. 8 (2) low diagonal side squats (2) squat jumps orange band
2. 5/leg pistol to rocket up to SL burpee OMG this move is HARD but I can do it, slowly, the full pistol too. I turned off the vid in 1st set. “Linda time!!!” lol

UPPER BODY Superset 2: 4x √, √, √, √
1. 8 bear hold shoulder tap to angry donkey And these are brutal on the quads too!!! Aaargh.
2. 8 incline pushup commando down dolphin pushup

HIIT set: 30:10 3x 6 MINS
1. surfer burpees
2. prisioner get ups squat jump
3. handstand kickups Discovered I could change legs in mid-air on this one. I’m close to but not too near a wall, so I can practice reaching full balance w/out danger of flipping (if not warmed up 4 it & I haven’t been doing yoga at all these day. I only tapped it 1x tho.

Tabata challenge 20:10 4x each move 10 mins
1. arms OH toe taps
2. Tricep push-ups 27 reps from toes, nose touching floor every time.
3. 3 groiners to pistol
4. High knees fwd box jump squat walk back
5. Pendulum lunge hops

Time = 1:11 Not to bad for me, especially considering.



Kanchana’s Crazy Combo & Couplet Freestyle Workout

My upper body still wasn’t recovered from Friday’s WO so I had a hard time in certain places. I was also low energy, a bit despondent. I feel like I spend my whole life upstairs in these two little, increasingly cluttered rooms. With art AND exercise equipment and little closets… I so loved The Hotel with its clean, open spaces. Oh well. Was not meant to be, I guess. Now I suppose I’ll take a shower and get back into bed.



Kanchana’s Crazy Combo & Couplet Freestyle Workout

Warm-Up: 3 Rounds (Band on 4 both moves just to save time on the removing and adding)
1. Kettlebell Swings 15x 35lbs
2. Squat 15x ppl band above knees & 15s held on shoulders (video is bodyweight)
Xband, ppl

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds 8:01
1. (Banded) Reverse Lunge w/Overhead Press 15x 2=1 8s (dropped to 5s for round 3) & red band below knees 90 reps so…
Xband, red

2. Lateral toe touch downs 15x 2=1 Touching floor w/ opp hand fingertips ea time

Circuit 2: 3 Round red band Time=10:16
Xband, red

1. Skull Crusher to Close Grip Press, elbows close to body 12x 10s Rnds 2&3 kept band on & added hip press up & hold during skull crusher. Lower for press.
2. Commando Down/Up to 4x Plank Jacks 10x

AMRAP 1: 3 Minutes (single interval of 10/3:00×4, w/ 30sec break between all 4 parts=14;10) yoga block & 3lb weights rnd 1, 5s for 2&3
Staggered push-up RA. Staggered push-up LA. (w/ lateral plank walk since I don’t have a ball) Hop fwd & pick up weights. Utkatasana. 3x Low Squat Swing (swinging hands back thru legs) – 180 hop over block & repeat Added orange band to rounds 2&3
Xband, orange

AMRAP 2: 3 Minutes (single interval of 10/3:00) 10
10x Bicycle Crunch – Arms strt, stretched out OH holding weight – Swing fwd, coming to squat – Hop back –  10x Mountain Climbers – Repeat

(Do one more round of both)

Circuit 3: 3 Rounds 11:57
1. Sandbag Clean & Press Burpee (with push-up) 12x 15s Michelle’s bag looks smaller & better for someone my size 2 try to clean & press w/. The 2 small filler bags don’t fit in mine well. They end up side by side & swimming around in there. Makes the whole thing awkward. Normally I’d do this one w/ 20s but I wanted lighter weights today, with this many reps especially. I’m not fully recovered from Friday’s WO after yesterday’s rest day.
2. Swimmers, w/ light band around wrists 15x Keeping feet off the floor. Dif from video: I lift them slightly & squeeze glutes while the arms pull back
Xband, yellow

Circuit 4: 3 Rounds Time=12:13
1. Curtsy to squat 12x/side rnd 1- 10s red band, rnd 2 orange band & no weights, rnd 3 – pl band
2. Crab Dance Push-up 10x 1=1 Crab toe touch each side. Turn toward 2nd side leg to do SL push-up. Turn back.

Combo 3: 3 Minutes 10/3:00 w/ 30sec in bet = 6:50 There was a LOT of rev lunge & squat in this WO so I decided to make up my own combos for the end.
RL Bulgarian 3x & hop. Hands down on floor. RL into same side arm, center & opp elbow. Do 3 way knee tucks on LL, Put foot on floor & do other side

Combo 4:
Surya As, my style, w bb & handstand Went a little over to finish the surya I was on when bell rang.

Bonus: Ab Couplets 10/40 3 Rounds Each couplet, @1:03
Finally joined in w/ the video here.
1. 100’s Pulse
2. Feet Press Out & Pull in w/Side Twist

3. Right Side Plank Knee Tuck to Front Kick
4. Right Side Bicycle Crunch

5. Left Side Plank Knee Tuck to Front Kick
6. Left Side Bicycle Crunch

7. Buzz Saw Plank
8. Plank Pelvic Tilt Crunch

9. Hyperextension
10. Flutter Kicks


  • I let the video run thru a bit of the stretching / cool-down & did my own non vinyasa asana. Not for very long tho. If I did as long a cool-down as M I’d have gone up to 2hrs&20 probably.

Rest Day! Got the CityKitty cat toilet training tray installed too

It would’ve been worth it to buy the $50 tray system instead of the $30 CityKitty, because with this cheaper brand, after the first week of having no holes in the tray, you cut along the perforated edge to expose the smallest hole, and so on. This means if you’re training more cats later, you need to buy the product again. If I’d gotten the Litter Kwitter, we’d have received different size trays that I could wash, store and potentially reuse. Oh well!

Even though the recommendation to buy this specific toilet lid, with the child seat attachment we promptly discarded was a piece of bad advice, it’s still kind of good that we replaced the old seat. Now Charlie knows how to get old, corroded bolts out & he can fix the wonky one in the downstairs bathroom! That one slides & clunks dramatically whenever you sit on it unless you lower ever so carefully like your butt’s a hovercraft.

I’m going to have to remove & replace this tray every time I use the toilet for quite some time! So this is an investment, but we’ll see.


He made me screw on the new seat so I’m not that spoiled.

And then I showed Henry too, but we’re thinking that Theodora will be far more likely to be into this, since she’s the one who’s fascinated with the toilet. She hopped onto the back of Charlie’s so often that he was the one who suggested we try this! Even if it’s one of two cats, we’ll save on litter and mess in the long run. (And when she has kittens… Maybe she will show them without the tray. After all I’m going to be a responsible breeder and keep the kittens for a full three months.)

Chest, Tris, & Cardio by Kristin R / Yoga

Too bad corporate America couldn’t give a real fuck about fitness

Otherwise I might still rank! Today’s was more intense than yesterday! I’m definitely going to need a recovery WO tomorrow, if I don’t take a rest day. This was KILLER.


Chest, Tris, & Cardio by Kristin R

  • 13″ elevation

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

SET 1:Reps: 5×5 √, √, √, √ time= 36:46 That’s 125 push-ups in the first set, lol. Julia does it in less than 25min. Someone else commented 32. Me? 
1. Box Jump 180 Decline Burpee Start w/ feet on the bench for the push-up. (25)
2. Broad Jump Staggered Pushup SA snatch 5/side 20s placed on either end of mat Did 5 of the 1st found w/ 15s accidentally & then realized my mistake b/c too easy. Ten of these was the most heinous move of this set. (50)
3. SA curtsy swing 5/side 15
4. Tricep Manmakers 10s (50)

SET 2: HIIT 50:10 3x (12 min) @25 joined video here
1. SSD Chest Press 20s OMG this move (on the bench – increased range of motion) was SO HARD after the first set. 2nd round I’m thinking, “I’m glad there are only 2 rounds of this,” and when J says “round 3!” I’m like “Shit!”.
2. Get up lateral to front and lateral lower 10s
3. Weighted Walk out Pushup + Pulse 10s
4. Goblet Squat Jump + press and toe touch 20

SET 3: Reps – 3x √, √, √ 15s
1. 10 incline Chest Fly
2. 15 Close Grip Press

SET 4: Tabata Pairs: (8 min)
1. Bench Jump Tricep Pushup burpee
2. Bridge Hold Skullcrushers 10s
1. Dips & Leg Lifts
2. Tricep Hold Lateral Toe Taps Very hard! Especially in the context of a WO that’s got triceps as a focus.

Set 5: Reps 2x
1. Pullovers 12 reps 15s
2. 12 SA Kickbacks 10
3. 10 yoga tricep pushups

Set 6: HIIT 30:10 4x (13:20 min) OMG my upper body by this point! As J says during the first round of move 5 “Those poor triceps (laughs)”. I paused after 2nd round.
1. Bench Plyo Pushups 1 incline pushup 3
2. Bench Hops
3. Alt Kickthrough to Toe Touch
4. Weighted Squat Jump to 2 squat and Press
5. Tricep Pushup to 2 Oblique Plank Hops

Time = 1:37


  • About 12min


Full Body Freestyle Workout Video, round 2 & some yoga

I forgot to link to this WO when I did (most of) it Monday! I’d been planning to do by breakdown until the 4th circuit, which was the only part I didn’t do any of. Instead I made screen shots of the complex moves so that I could do the entire thing by breakdown alone, no video.

So I made it! I actually think this WO would be great exercise w/ only 2 rounds each circuit though, but it’s nice to go for a long time on holidays too.

We’ll see if I get around to frosting my carrot cake before or after lunch. I have two Thanksgivings this year, lucky me.



Full Body Freestyle Workout Video, round 2

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope (didn’t do the video warm-up)

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds Time=17:10
1. Squat/Pulse/Deadlift Squat to Stand 15x ppl thigh band &, 10s held goblet style @ chest
Xband, ppl.jpg

2. Step out to Plies Squat RA Row & LA out straight. Turn back to knee lift & RA punch 12x red thigh band & 5s
Xband, red.jpg

3. Turn Over Left Shoulder – Plies Squat Left w/Row –
back to Knee lift 12x My discipline here was getting thru the set before stopping for a note jotting break. Here I realized after 1st round I could’ve gone up to the orange band, but my HR was running high & then the next burpee was as brutal as I’d remembered.

Commando Down/Up to Wide Squat Heel Click Burpee Push-up 10x LOVE. Might be my new, fave burpee.

Circuit 2: 3 Rounds @21 Time=20:01
1. Plank. Single Arm Front Punch FWD to “T” Raise (alt sides) Tricep Push-up 12x 10s, hands on weights 12 reps seemed unreasonable for this! lol. But I did it, mentally complaining a bit
2. RA Clean. Left Lunge FWD. Shoulder Press & back down. LL Deadlift to Rev Lunge 10x 15 Love this move. It has a great flow once you get it. Would be good w/ 20lbs if less reps. Or in timed intervals.
3. Other side

2x Low Side Lunge to Leg Lift 10x 1st round: orange band & 10s, held goblet style @ chest, 2nd round same band holding 5s, 3rd round just 5lb ankle weights. Best but still an awkward move for me.

Circuit 3: 3 Rounds @40:45 Time=15:12
1. RL steps out to squat squat RA upright row. Step back. LL Side Lunge RA Bicep Curl 12x orange band, 10lbs
2.LL steps out to squat squat LA upright row. Step bac. RL Side Lunge LA Bicep Curl 12x
3. Plies Squat – out to the right & back in. Other side. 15x 2=1, orange band, 10s, held down @ sides outta the way of legs

Ball Start in low lunge w/ hands on floor. Jump up & change directions. Other leg will be back, 2x Mountain Climbers 10x 1st round 5s still bad. Felt like I schlumped to the ground to replace hands. 2nd & 3rd no added weights but still not in love w/ this move. But I finished!

Circuit 4: 3 Rounds @54 Time=19:13 But by now I’d yielded to the temptation to type notes b4 the end of the circuit.
1. Side Lunge Right. Pivot w/OH arms. Lunge down w/ OH Tricep. Pivot & swing. Step back w/ bicep curl. 10x 1st round 10s – awkward, having to press them together for high motion moves. 2nd round 15. Ends of 20s are too wide for my little hands & I don’t like doing this kind of move w/ one. Doesn’t feel safe. Course I could’ve put on 2lb wrist weights but @ this point in the WO I’m like “that’s heavy enuff”

2. Other side
3. OH lat pulls / flies 12x 15s, on bench This was a bicep move in the WO, but I thought that made it overall a little bicep heavy so swapped it out for a different area I could do a little heavier. Otherwise I’d have glossed over it, at this point in the routine. 15s felt REALLY HEAVY so I knew I was good & worked.

5x feet w/ R bicep curl – 5x jack feet w/ R front raise 10 1st round b/c forgot to pick up other weight. 2nd & 3rd round two 10s.

Other side

Bonus 3 rounds: 10/30=6:40 round, w/ extra 10sec rest bet rounds = 20:20  orange band, 2nd & 3rd rounds added 2lb ankle weights & that made it killer.
Xband, orange.jpg
The original first move, Slow Bicycle, was the only one I wanted the band @ my feet & the orange was too heavy only there. Also wasn’t in love with the side bikes I decided to swap out those moves.

  1. Left side – leg lifts Top foot taps down behind bottom leg, then lifts up & a bit toward the front at an angle
  2. V-ups 3lbs bet feet (1st round only)
  3. Clam Shell
  4. Clam Shell to Kick up
  5. Glute Bridge – Lift – Open – In & Lower down
  6. Right side – leg lifts Top foot taps down behind bottom leg, then lifts up & a bit toward the front at an angle
  7. V-ups 3lbs bet feet
  8. Clam Shell
  9. Clam Shell to Kick up
  10. Glute Bridge – Lift – Open – In & Lower down

Time = 1:49 including warm-up & all breaks.


About 10min


Keeping secrets from ourselves

Didn’t intend to take a rest day, but I baked a cake in the afternoon & then it got late… I almost never start a WO after 4pm. It’s past my current biorhythmic window for that now!

I really need to get back to my daily, seated meditation… I’m glad I’m staying in tonight, resting up before what will be (for me) marathon socializing. It should be fun though, lunch downtown with a friend and then the holiday dinner with… the family. I am a part of a family! Holy shit! lol. #gratitude

And I got around to listening to this. The first couple minutes are a bit awkward, but then I continued. I was doing other things during some of it, but when I realized I’d missed the train I’d rewind. Lots of tidbits in here and I think it’s a great idea, for JM to post these kinds of conversations if he likes the community but doesn’t want to make teaching / instructional kinds of videos anymore.

The suspension of disbelief if only for the length of a ritual

This was a method JM used when he was more into ritual practice, and I have been dabbling in a more elaborate, Golden Dawn-ish invoking of Jupiter & Sachiel ritual. There were parts of the conversation here that made me realized I hadn’t really wanted to invoke anything I could sense, because of fear. I have some small experience with that. I just need to remember I’m appealing to positive forces and I’m already closer to being a true artist than ever before, even when in art school. And I need to not care if the words and gestures / seals are silly.

I saw this at the right time. The sun moved into Sagittarius today & I need to practice before the day I picked, the Thursday on a waxing moon which doesn’t happen to be Thanksgiving Day!

The art is not coming from the artist; it’s coming from the… I don’t know, the astral plane. #channeling – yes, I know this state of being.

That’s a huge relief!

Happy Thanksgiving Workout: Full Body Thankful by Christine C & yoga

My legs are DEAD. Aaaaand it’s now been well over a week since I’ve done an astanga.


Happy Thanksgiving Workout: Full Body Thankful by Christine C

“We have a lot to be thankful for. This workout is designed to make us thankful for our arms, legs, core and HEART.”

13” bench

HIIT strength set (60:10 x 1)9:20
1. Tricep kickback in lunge + SA T-curl 10s
2. Hang clean to front load step up sandbag FL
3. Arnold press Switch foot mtn climber 15s
4. Narrow to wide squats sandbag BL
5. Kneeling hip thrust + kneel and overhead press 15s
6. Front raise (alt hammer & palms down for me) + squat 10s
7. Under and over reaches and pushups (kick under to wild thing pose)
8. Rev Lunge sandbag BL Hard enough just to backload whatever weight is in there for me.

ARMS (20:10 x 4 per move)8 mins
1. Bicep maker 15s
2. Tricep maker 10s
3. Man maker 20s
4. Back maker 10s

HIIT strength set (15/50 x1) 8:40 mins Did repeat rounds w/ timer & longer rest / transition interval b/c am still slow in picking up bag, and for the life of me I can’t figure out grip for doing repeat hang cleans. Have to put on floor before every rep.
1. Tricep kickback in lunge + SA T-curl 10s
2. Hang clean to front load step up sandbag FL
3. Arnold press Switch foot mtn climber 15s
4. Narrow to wide squats sandbag BL
5. Kneeling hip thrust + kneel and overhead press 15s
6. Front raise (alt hammer & palms down for me) + squat 10s
7. Under and over reaches and pushups (kick under to wild thing pose)
8. Rev Lunge sandbag BLnd pushups (wild thing pose)

LEGS (60:10:30:10 x2) +2lb wrist weights I guess it was the added 2lbs @ wrist but this KILLED my grip & so I paused 4 a break bet rounds 2 type the notes
1. Deadlift + squat / halo swing left 20s / 20
2. Sumo deadlift + sumo squat / halo swing right 20s / 20
3. Curtsy deadlift + curtsy lunge / curtsy swing left 20s / 15 Felt the added wrist weights the most in these curtsy swings which makes sense – extended arm making big motions.
4. Single left deadlift + back lunge / curtsy swing right 20s / 15

HIIT strength set (15/40 x1) 7:20

1. Tricep kickback in lunge + sl T-curl
2. Back load squat to alt leg step up Unless I get better @ repeated hang cleans I’ll keep this swap-out move if I ever repeat this WO
3. Arnold press Switch foot mtn climber
4. Narrow to wide squats
5. Kneeling hip thrust + kneel and overhead press
6. Front raise + squat added ppl thighband
7. Under and over reaches and pushups (wild thing pose)
8. Lunge-deficit

CORE (20:10 x2)4mins
1. Plank rows
2. Tricep push up to supergirl
3. Side plank press to lat pull over right 10 I did mine w/ extended arm side plank & stacked feet. 10lbs was heavy here! Good thing for 20sec intervals.
4. Side plank press to lat pull over left

HIIT strength set (15/30 x1) 6:00
1. Tricep kickback in lunge + sl T-curl
2. Hang clean to front load step up
3. Arnold press Switch foot mtn climber
4. Narrow to wide squats
5. Kneeling hip thrust + kneel and overhead press
6. Front raise + squat w/ ppl band again
7. Under and over reaches and pushups (wild thing pose)
8. Lunge-deficit

Heart (30:30:30:30:15) 2×4:30
1. 4 face melters + jump down to froggy push up
2. burpee Box jump
3. Chair lunges
4. High knee toe taps Legs DEAD!!! How did I know? These last two 30sec intervals were BRUTAL +1,000,000. Felt like they were 2min long I’m not shitting you.



  • About 25min