Keeping secrets from ourselves

Didn’t intend to take a rest day, but I baked a cake in the afternoon & then it got late… I almost never start a WO after 4pm. It’s past my current biorhythmic window for that now!

I really need to get back to my daily, seated meditation… I’m glad I’m staying in tonight, resting up before what will be (for me) marathon socializing. It should be fun though, lunch downtown with a friend and then the holiday dinner with… the family. I am a part of a family! Holy shit! lol. #gratitude

And I got around to listening to this. The first couple minutes are a bit awkward, but then I continued. I was doing other things during some of it, but when I realized I’d missed the train I’d rewind. Lots of tidbits in here and I think it’s a great idea, for JM to post these kinds of conversations if he likes the community but doesn’t want to make teaching / instructional kinds of videos anymore.

The suspension of disbelief if only for the length of a ritual

This was a method JM used when he was more into ritual practice, and I have been dabbling in a more elaborate, Golden Dawn-ish invoking of Jupiter & Sachiel ritual. There were parts of the conversation here that made me realized I hadn’t really wanted to invoke anything I could sense, because of fear. I have some small experience with that. I just need to remember I’m appealing to positive forces and I’m already closer to being a true artist than ever before, even when in art school. And I need to not care if the words and gestures / seals are silly.

I saw this at the right time. The sun moved into Sagittarius today & I need to practice before the day I picked, the Thursday on a waxing moon which doesn’t happen to be Thanksgiving Day!

The art is not coming from the artist; it’s coming from the… I don’t know, the astral plane. #channeling – yes, I know this state of being.

That’s a huge relief!


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