2017 Holiday HIIT #7: Chest, Triceps & Cardio

Well, my back feels much better for the rest day yesterday. Just that tiny bit of stretching (mostly twisting) that I did before meditation & pranayama really helped. Unfortunately it meant that if I wanted to get even four WOs in this week I hadda get up at 6 today, when I’m going to be working until past 9pm. Cat show! 2017 Holiday HIIT #7: … Continue reading 2017 Holiday HIIT #7: Chest, Triceps & Cardio

Meditation & injury(?)

I definitely have some sort of tweak in the left side. I felt it during and after my last Astanga practice on the 23rd and it continued to some degree. Then during yesterday’s practice, I have to admit that when I got into the tiny bit of 2nd I do, all workshop-y slow, it got worse and at one point I paused because I felt … Continue reading Meditation & injury(?)

Much needed Astanga yoga practice

The last one only four days ago! I’m doing better at keeping it in the mix. I really have to! Otherwise I get too uncomfortable. Somehow I’ve managed to bruise my tailbone. I can’t imagine how, but it’s definitely there. I’m still a little gimpy on the left side of my body too, and I can tell I’m going to be compulsively twisting tonight. I … Continue reading Much needed Astanga yoga practice

I finally got my laptop back!

Note to self: NEVER try to do anything at Apple Pioneer Place, that doesn’t involve giving them money, around the holiday. I’ve never had a problem there before & people have seemed really helpful, until Christmas 2017 and Jeremy. I got badgered into signing a release for them to ship it off to a service center, to have a battery changed, after I’d just watched … Continue reading I finally got my laptop back!

Hermetic Reading & Practices & planning ahead for 2018

I’ve been catching up on reading, sans laptop Been buying all kinds of esoteric stuff on Amazon too, because I’m not free to get the one thing I’ve really been wanting, an iMac, which might well have helped me with proofreading, thus keeping my single, probably gone now client happy. I’m like C- level at proofing, especially since I can’t print multiple drafts of everything … Continue reading Hermetic Reading & Practices & planning ahead for 2018

2017 Holiday HIIT #5

Couldn’t copy & paste the text so couldn’t do an effective preview (jotting down intended weights for example) so didn’t bother previewing at all. I guess I don’t mind that I couldn’t do a breakdown because this one, while enjoyable & good for a low energy, tweaky day, isn’t as good of a workout as my baby Astanga (with a warmup). It got my blood … Continue reading 2017 Holiday HIIT #5

Morning meditation & a tarot reading

Sat for 40min again, with some brief stretches in the middle (while remaining in padmasana). I really have a tweak in the middle of my left side! Noticed it during yoga and worked it up, like worrying a pimple to redness & a more visible irritation. Chesed, duh, the 4th sephirah. That’d be the placement. Thursday turned bad so inexplicably. Well… I’d been working on … Continue reading Morning meditation & a tarot reading