2017 Holiday HIIT #8: Glute Growing

I was going to do yoga today, but after a marathon of sitting on my ass the last two days, driving to the cat show, participating 2 days and then driving back, I was in the mood for something more active, more ass-tastic.

The big show in Portland next month is going to kill my WO schedule for two weeks, but after that I believe I’ll be done with showing for awhile (fingers crosses). Was telling Charlie that if I were a wealthy cat lady I’d do two things: 1) buy my own stud cat and get him his two additional partners and 2) delegate the shows (mostly) to some cat loving, responsible high school lady.

Didn’t even stretch after this, Bad Lady.


(extra) Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

2017 Holiday HIIT #8: Glute Growing

Warm-up: 2x
25 Frog Pumps
25 Banded Lateral Squat Walks
10/leg leg lift hip up

SET 1: 2x
1. Bulgarian drop set (8 reps each weight, 3 weights) BL sandbag, 20s & 8lb vest, 15s I did alt legs to fin ea weight before dropping weight, as I wasn’t doing so by simply picking up dif dumbbells. Rnd 2 – kept on vest for 15s round.
2. 12 box squats to alt forward lunge sandbag
3. 10 1 and ½ RDL rnd 1 – 20s, rnd 2 sandbag, on blocks, w/ 8lb vest thrown over middle

SET 2: HIIT superset 50:10 4x 8 mins + 8lb vest
1. DL drop weight jump and squat to stand 20s 
2. lateral step up & knee up to side lunge/leg BL sandbag Heavy for me for a SL, stepping up move! Let my mind wander & almost fell off bench during 2nd round of it, LOL. After that paid closer attention to form.

SET 3: 4x √, √, √,  √   Hadda take a break after each round. After 2nd I was thinking, “FOUR times???” Note to self: Next time, break this up into two smaller sets, put one @ the very beginning & u can eliminate the jump rope warm-up.
1. 10 alt curtsy lunge plank hop 20s
2. 20 swings 35lb kettlebell
3. 10 rev lunge toe touch/leg 20

SET 4: HIIT superset 50:10 2x 4 mins 8lb vest, sandbag & ppl band
1. banded Sumo DL + 2 lateral side steps
2. banded hip thrusts

SET 5: HIIT: 30:10 x4 (10:40 min) (5lb Ankle Weights) Challenging for me on the 8 backloads but I did well. Was thinking to change the order next time but actually I’ll keep as is. The downdog glute raises were REALLY challenging, by this point, w/ the 5lbs each leg.
1. backload static Rev Lunge leg lift sandbag
2. Down dog glute raises
3. Backload curtsy +leg lift  sandbag
4. RDL + hang clean 20s

Glute Isolation: each leg 2x all moves on one leg then the other 5lb ankle weights. 
20 Donkey pulses I did mini pulses, I know, b/c I was even faster than Julia here, lol. Cheating! Definitely cheating. Didn’t matter as the burn was good.
10 Straight leg lifts
10 fire hydrants
10 donkeys
20 Donkey Pulses


2017 Holiday HIIT #7: Chest, Triceps & Cardio

Well, my back feels much better for the rest day yesterday. Just that tiny bit of stretching (mostly twisting) that I did before meditation & pranayama really helped. Unfortunately it meant that if I wanted to get even four WOs in this week I hadda get up at 6 today, when I’m going to be working until past 9pm. Cat show!


2017 Holiday HIIT #7: Chest, Triceps & Cardio

HIIT circuit 4x  50:10 OMG this killed me! I went super light & at my own pace. My slowest was the last move. I was going maybe ½ Julia’s pace. But it’s enough for me that I got my ass out of bed early to do this.
1. Decline bosu burpee (If I repeat this WO I’d do it 15/50 and maybe add a ppl band here, but as I’ll be shorter on time than usual I decided nay.)
2. Incline pushup 2 bench hops 5
3. alt Forward lunge tricep kickback
4. 4 goblet sumo squat jump + 4 sumo hold and alt 2 dumbbell toe touches (twist and touch toes with plate)
5. 6 OH high knee toes taps (2=1) + 6 weighted chair lunges (bring weight to goblet hold for chair lunges)

Set 1: Tabata pair 20:10 8x 4 mins
1. dumbbell incline Chest Press 20s
2. Decline bosu pushups + plank straddle hop off shoulder tap have body parallel to long way bench

Super Set 2: 15 of ea move, then 12 of each etc 5:35
1. Close press 15, 12, 8 (15s, 20s, 22s)
2. incline fly 15, 12, 8 (10, 12, 15) (on dinosaur in backbend – 15s)

Giant Set 3: 30:10 3x 6 mins @33:15 +2lb ankle weights
1. Incline Press (on dinosaur in backbend – 15s)
2. SL bosu pushups on ground, alt legs up
3. Decline tricep burpees

Giant set 4: 2x Stayed w/ vid & went lite to keep up.
1. bench dip leg lift 10
2. 3 groiner to bent kickbacks 8 reps
3. T-stand headbangers 8/arm

Super set 5: tabata pair 20:10 8×4 mins I need to get some 12s!
1. down dog spider knee tricep pushup up dog and back
2. Bridge headbangers

HIIT 20:10 4x each move 8 minutes
1. pull over chest press 15s
2. handstand shoulder tap (4) plank jacks shoulder taps 4
3. weighted walkout pushup pulse
4. Staggered hands burpee (one hand forward one hand back-2 pushups per burpee)


Then some yoga

Meditation & injury(?)

I definitely have some sort of tweak in the left side. I felt it during and after my last Astanga practice on the 23rd and it continued to some degree. Then during yesterday’s practice, I have to admit that when I got into the tiny bit of 2nd I do, all workshop-y slow, it got worse and at one point I paused because I felt something radiating from there. It was a WTF was that? moment. I put my attention there but then it seemed to dissipate, so I carried on & finished. I did my usual back bending and ticks. But later on I wondered if it was therapeutic the way I’d supposed.

It kept bothering me… Was trying to relax and watch Grimm with Charlie. I had to ask for some pressure on there, and that helped, but only when the pressure was being applied.

And then I got paranoid. It better not be something for which one should see a doctor. This inspired one of those utterly exhausting bad dreams where I cannot stop sobbing. Not just crying, sobbing. And I was literally trying to get to the poor person’s doctor, two buses and 2.5 hours away, with a 20-min walk in 90-degree weather at the tail end. I’d visited a doctor close by and they’re all, Uh, ya… YOU need to go over here (pauper). I had no cash. Couldn’t even buy water or a coffee. Nothing to read. #lol

Unsurprisingly, this morning’s sit was not that steady

Because of the discomfort. I did some stretches, while still in padmasana, before my short, sephiroth-based pranayama. Did my LBRP. Perhaps later on today I will just do an unmeasured (via Polar) restorative. I’d been planning to try to keep my five-day quota for the week, getting up early to get some exercise in Friday too. Theodora’s second show is this weekend, for two days this time, and Henry is coming along with again. (I have to figure out what time we need to leave today.) Thankfully we don’t have to get up at 5am to be out the door at 6:30, but the show starts 1ish I think, and closes at 9pm. For our first show which closed at 4pm, we didn’t actually get out of there until after 6. The judges have to finish…

We shall see. Maybe I can get one more WO in today and just take both Friday and Saturday off.

Much needed Astanga yoga practice

The last one only four days ago! I’m doing better at keeping it in the mix. I really have to! Otherwise I get too uncomfortable.


Somehow I’ve managed to bruise my tailbone. I can’t imagine how, but it’s definitely there. I’m still a little gimpy on the left side of my body too, and I can tell I’m going to be compulsively twisting tonight. I could also definitely feel yesterday’s WO in my glutes!

  • Warm-up (10/30×6=4min) jump rope
  • Yoga 1:41


I finally got my laptop back!

Note to self: NEVER try to do anything at Apple Pioneer Place, that doesn’t involve giving them money, around the holiday.

I’ve never had a problem there before & people have seemed really helpful, until Christmas 2017 and Jeremy.

  1. I got badgered into signing a release for them to ship it off to a service center, to have a battery changed, after I’d just watched it pass all diagnostic tests but battery.
  2. The next day I realised I’d be out of town Friday. We live at the end of a blind drive, that’s long and windy and goes uphill. The kidz had had a situation where the UPS guy didn’t want to deal with their new fridge, and it spent five days on the truck, marked as “out for delivery” on the tracking all five of those days. I decided to call & back out of the shipping agreement.
  3. I spoke with Heidi, who did her corporate bid to dissuade me. Finally I said, Look. I don’t want it shipped. I’ll need to come pick it up by Thursday at the latest. If you can do it before then, fine. If not I’ll reschedule. 
  4. I thought we were done, but no! Jeremy called the next day, interrupting my workout, sounding peeved and trying to pressure me back to my original position. First I said, I went over all of this with Heidi last night, and then finally, in frustration, I don’t want to waste your time. What I meant was MY time.

FFS Apple, it’s a fucking battery goddamnit! I’ve bought five Macs for myself over the years, about seven iPods and I’m on my third iPhone. Honor your fucking AppleCare contracts without torturing your consumer.

That was the first time I’ve ever experienced badness there. I guess it’s the holidays, but still… We poor consumers don’t get to decide when the equipment and insurance we bought needs to be used.

2017 Holiday HIIT #6

Note to self: repeat this WO.

Paused the vid for the first time after Triplet 2. Took me like five min to delete a couple paragraphs & type this one because iPhone. But I left my 5lb ankle weights on for that last move. Holy shit!

Tabata 3: changed the 1st move to broad jump fwd/ bunny hop back just because it’s a favorite.

Last set killed me! So many sets she can cruise through back to back….She lost me in the middle of the 3rd & then I finished that move & took a nice long break, lol. Move 4, changed bench hops to mat jumps. Also did 1st round of squats with 20s but then changed to BL sandbag. Made it through moves 5-7 before pausing again. Went light with 15s for the Bulgarians but was glad for it on the 2nd side, my weaker left leg.

I’d strongly prefer last 2 moves way slower and catching balance. Will do that way next time. Loved this last set though. Killer.

Time = 1:33. Some minimal yoga after.

Average of 140 ya I was working hard. Haven’t got my sit in yet though. That’ll have to happen in the evening.

Hermetic Reading & Practices & planning ahead for 2018

I’ve been catching up on reading, sans laptop

Been buying all kinds of esoteric stuff on Amazon too, because I’m not free to get the one thing I’ve really been wanting, an iMac, which might well have helped me with proofreading, thus keeping my single, probably gone now client happy. I’m like C- level at proofing, especially since I can’t print multiple drafts of everything I work on. You see misalignments right away on the printed art boards. If you’ve got 5 desktop layouts & you’re working on a 15″ laptop you spend all of your working time zoomed waaaaay the fuck in.

Focusing on the magic

Just attempting all the work in the book below will take another year or so, if I put 10-20 hours consistent effort in every week.

I was just about to finish the first half of the 2nd exercise of step one. It’s such a hard one I delayed nearly a year before starting. Then Thursday happened. It was a Holiday Buzzkill for sure… But I finished my Qabalah book and started reading Initiation again.

Lots of stuff got delayed because I have been sans laptop

I’ll only have a little time before the weekend to work on the “black” portion of the soul mirror. I’ll need to get back to all the other things that got postponed for lack of computer, the south waterfront painting and learning how to build my first puppet in Adobe Character Animator. Then there’s the cat show, which I’m sure will be exhausting, and NYE. Suddenly what would’ve been accomplished before the end of the year will instead finish closer to mid January.

So fuck it! I’ve gone ahead and ordered the next Bardon at $57 from Amazon. Used to be $48, I think, but that seller is out. On eBay the cheapest is $114.

I should be able to finish step 1 of Initiation in January and work on step 2 in February and so on. I should be able to shatter a glass jar with my mind by step 5, lol.

If I look st the Stoic side of this I can say that obviously I’m not meant to be a designer who earns money via her computer, not any more. But I’ve got a ton of art supplies.

Fuck sending out resumes that get ignored due to my age and location! I’ll do magic and work on art.

Oh I also got myself this new planner. Decided to try a new type.

Nice, cheery hardcover.

My vision board, lol. Why not I guess?

I started writing. Hey I’m camped in bed this holiday. May as well make the best of it.

It’s undated so you can start whenever you want, but I’m going for good, old fashioned New Year’s Day. All of my currently delayed projects can be targeted for January.

Tomorrow should be safe for driving (as long as it’s not me at the wheel) so we can go pick up my laptop and maybe either meet our poet friend for lunch. I’m going to work out earlier than usual and already prepped the coffee maker & brought it upstairs. I guess you could say I can’t wait to get out of the house for a little bit. Not only am I inside; I’m mostly upstairs, with one or two cats.Theodora is the one who stays by my side. What a little treasure she is.

2017 Holiday HIIT #5

Couldn’t copy & paste the text so couldn’t do an effective preview (jotting down intended weights for example) so didn’t bother previewing at all.

I guess I don’t mind that I couldn’t do a breakdown because this one, while enjoyable & good for a low energy, tweaky day, isn’t as good of a workout as my baby Astanga (with a warmup).

It got my blood moving though and went by super fast, like Julia says at the end, so I’m glad I did it.

Morning meditation & a tarot reading

Sat for 40min again, with some brief stretches in the middle (while remaining in padmasana). I really have a tweak in the middle of my left side! Noticed it during yoga and worked it up, like worrying a pimple to redness & a more visible irritation.

Chesed, duh, the 4th sephirah. That’d be the placement. Thursday turned bad so inexplicably. Well… I’d been working on a Jupiter hexagram invocation for awhile & I’d added some words to Thursday’s performance, to try to address Sachiel & Jupiter more thoroughly. In the original ritual I’d found, there’s all this stuff on Isis… I wanted to replace that.

One source named Hismael as a planetary spirit, but yesterday I was moved to pick up my Qabalah book again and I opened to Chesed. Hismael is a demon, lol. I didn’t want to invite him to the party. Agrippa apparently neglected to mention his adverse effects. I could tell you they can be irrational anger, blame and willful delays and obstinacy. Fairly immediate too!

Good thing I’d had a vague memory of something about including a banishing hexagram, to disperse the energies after. I’d included one.

Since I now know the basics of the legend of Isis, Apophis and the slaying of Osiris, I think I should keep that text as a part of the LVX section. I’ll add in my (more careful) Sachiel / Jupiter script somewhere after hexagram invoking and before banishing.

One thing that’s puzzles me is why the NOX signs aren’t in The Golden Dawn. Perhaps they were only a Crowley thing, but GD was written by Regardie. As he was Crowley’s secretary/ devotee / minion for some time, the exclusion doesn’t make sense .

Today’s tarot reading

Swords, Cups, 9s… an excellent spread


Almost forgot to post, not that it’d make any difference to anyone but me.

Days of typing on a goddamn iPhone is making me go f*ing crazy

Anyway: 4min jump rope intervals warmup & then basically same primary+ as last time. I discovered a sore spot in my left(!) lumbar. It’s always the right. Despite that my body felt REALLY strong.

I still am not willing to hop my feet up to the bench after the last tick, but it was a full prax.