Freestyle Leg Blast Workout Video • Venting

So maybe you shouldn’t work out over 2 hours when sick, but I don’t have a fever, and I needed to not think for awhile.

I guess I’d rather it be me that gets sick than one or both of the cats, post show.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Freestyle Leg Blast Workout Video

Circuit 1: 4 Rounds (@9:45) +8lb vest √, √, √, √
time = 32min
– kicked my ass. Rested for a few min after.
1. Alternate Reverse Lunge w/Bicep Curl 12x sliders / rnds 1&2 – 13lbs, rnds 3&4 – 10lbs. 4th round had vest on & left it on whole round
2. Rnd 1 RL rev lunge & circle foot around (fwd first & back to return) 12x
Rnd 2 pistol to rev lunge, maybe 12 reps. Can’t believe I made it thru one continual, alternating sets w/out touching down foot or hand once in the pistols! When sick! Helped knowing I was only planning to do 1 round this way.
Rnd 3 w/ thigh band, squat to curtsy lunge. orange xband
Rnd 4 purple xband +8lb vest

3. Other side
4. Mat jumps Plank Jacks 20x 1=1
5. Kettlebell Swings 35lbs 12x I split up the last move b/c wanted to use my one & only kb which is too heavy for OH triceps, for me.
6. Alternate fwd lunge w/ OH tricep 12x ea arm rnds 1&2 10lbs (red xband), Rnd 3 I dropped the band b/c I wasn’t sure it was doing much here, and added the 8lb vest. I’d originally been planning to wear that this whole set (see cross out), but circumstances being what they were…

Circuit 2: 4 Rounds (@30min) √, √, √, √
1. Ski squat to right side plies 12x rnd 1 – no added weight, rnd 2 – left ankle weights on, rnd 3 – 8lb vest & orange xband, rnd 4  – vest & ankle weights
2. Other side 12x
3. R. Reverse Lunge (Under Hand) & press up, come fwd w/ knee lift
to Overhead Press 12x rnds 1&2 10s, rnds 3&4 dropped to 8lbs ea hand, + vest
4. L. Reverse Lunge (Over Hand) same move dif hand grip
To Overhead Press 12x as above
5. Pass under Squat w/Alternating Side Leg Lift 12x/Side rnds 1&2 5lb ankle weights & 10lb weight. Rnd 3, same but with vest. Rnd 4 w/ ppl xband + vest. I could’ve saved some time using all band instead of my ankle weights, which are kind of clunky to get off and (especially) on. Orange band might be better for this move tho.

Checked the time @ this point, after refilling my water, and I was an hour and 10 in. I decided I’d finish b/c exercising was my only real goal for the day. (The cat stuff appears to be moving forward on its own. I did my show follow up the two days after but Charlie has been making plans for another show. I did email another breeder today for advice though. C found her website. The judge who picked Theo for best kitten told me I should contact this particular person for breeding advice / possible stud service. Oooh this must’ve been a 5 minute break….

Circuit 3: 4 Rounds (@54min) √, √, √, √ time = 33:20
1. Alternate Side Lunge w/Squat in Center 12x/Side Rnd 1 – vest only, Rnds 2-4 holding 5lb weights,
2. RL fwd lunge, pulling down.Step back to plie, bow & arrow arms (arm in front out straight, back arm pulls back) 12x rnd 1 – vest + green egnergy band & when I stepped fwd & pulled down I was pulling band behind head, rnd 2 – red egnergy band & this time the pull was more OH, knuckles facing each other & pulling in opp directions. rnd 3 – 5lb weights
3. Other side
4. RL elevated 5x Plies Pulse to 10x Mountain, alt 10x 2=1 Using 13″ bench for my elevation – didn’t like this move. After 4th round I changed to doing all the remaining pulses one side, the other side & then all the remaining mt climbers.

Rnds 2-4, 25 pulses ea side, 50 climbers hands on the floor (1=1), repeat. Still hated this move for whatever reason but I could really feel the pulses in the high teens….

Got to this point at 1hr48!!! Was v sweaty & cold in a 70 degree room. I said I’m sick right? Whatever. I took a break & decided to finish w/ the abs intervals, unpreviewed, along w/ the video.

Bonus: Abs 10/50 8 Rounds (2x’s)
1. Heel taps to floor
2. Crunch knees to Chest then Straighten & Lift into Air
3. Crunch Feet in & Press Out w/Alternate Twist
4. Reg Bicycles
5. Crunch pulse – feet in air rnd 1 on floor rnd 2
6. Side Crunch 1st round, 2nd rnd v-ups
7. Other side
8. Straight abs or full sit-ups – was HARD that 2nd round to get all the way up there. I hadda jerk it up a little.

And then I skipped the video stretch cool down & basically all stretching except a 5second virasana (cracked my ankles) and supta v. I was already over 2 hours & I know by now I won’t stiffen up that much unless I carry on like this days in a row.

It’s a good thing I didn’t know ahead of time that recovering from the cat show would take longer than the event itself. I am both with cold and afflicted with severe melancholy.

See what a nice sentence I can form?

spokesperson for a presidency…

And she took over for this guy…


I can do that! Oh wait… I’m 50. And female.

Sean is 46. I just checked. That’s lucky for his future job prospects. #sexism square roots with #ageism. It’s amplified in certain industries though, tech being the worst, from what I’ve heard and read. Design anywhere in the fashion / garment industry is close on its heels though. Only a fool (me) would attempt a career shift past the age of 40 there, not unless at the very top of some sort of power heap. At that age, you stay put until they’re done with you – toe the line, kiss some ass.

I was never good at either of those things. Anyone who knows me well will tell you that. You’re just TOO rebellious, a former yoga friend once said.



Tabata Pairs, Pyramids, & Strength

My first WO after a very rare, 3-day week. There was really no time…


Tabata Pairs, Pyramids, & Strength

Strength 1: moves repeated between each Tabata set: complex style 5 reps each I see this & think immediately, Well maybe drop the reps at a certain point. This set repeats 6x so that means 30 reps per move if you do like Julia. She also does as a complex but I didn’t want to use one weight all the way thru.
1. DL sandbag, standing on blocks
2. Hang clean 20s
3. Push press 20s
4. Back squat sandbag
5. Pushups on floor for me – hands elevated is easier & I wasn’t doing a complex

Tabata Pair 1: 20:10 8x 4 mins
1. 180 box jump Burpee
2. Lateral Lunge hops switch and kick

Strength 2 Changed order to DL, back squat, hang clean, push press, push-ups. I’d used the short handles for the DL for more range of motion tho & I can’t BL from there. Arms too short for long handles & I can’t duck my head under bag. 

Tabata Pair 2: time pyramid 6 mins
1. Decline clean and press burpee 20s
2. Weighted step up rev lunge and switch 20s?

Strength 3 As per 2nd round but I used the long hands for the DL & then had another idea for the next.

Tabata Pair 3: 20:10 8x 4 mins The body weight pairs, 3 & 5, were like recovery rounds.
1. Bulg hops to SL push-up
2. Jab cross hook side kick

Strength 4 This time a FL good morning. Smoother transition to the BL squat. Push press was already kicking my ass by this round.

.Tabata Pair 4: time pyramid 6 mins
1. Alt SA snatches 20
2. Fwd lunge SL DL rev lunge 20s

Strength 5 Same as 4 but I changed BL squat to a box squat

Tabata Pair 5: 20:10 8x 4 mins
1. Broad jump heel grab bunny back Always love the broad jump / bunny hop move & I agree w/ J that the heel grab in there feels really good / powerful.
2. Divebomber star jump

Strength 6 I made it thru all six rounds!!! Did this one as per 5. That’s the best arrangement w/ my physique & equipment.

Tabata Pair 6: time pyramid 6 mins
1. rev grip push-up bi curls to rev grip row 15s
2. Plank rows and plank hops 15s

Time = 56:43. Julia gets to the end of this part of the WO at 44:27. At first I thought I’d missed a big chunk before I remembered I’d decided to skip her yoga cool down & do my own non-vinyasa yoga instead. That always works better for me.


What I’ve learned from the cat show experience so far

  • I’m not a total fan of the experience. It’s ok. It’s worthwhile to the extent that this is what I have to do to make the best possible kittens, and the breed is really under represented. I had the ONLY adult Scottish Folds at the show, the largest one all year for this region.
  • am, more than ever, an ambassador to the Scottish Fold & Straight breed.
  • There were many people who were dying to see Folds. I’ve only ever seen them online!!! They really responded.
  • Two days is really “enough” for a show, for both myself and my cats.

I was under prepared. I took names and numbers and/or email addresses. I didn’t have any cards. I felt like there was enough interest for five litters, not just one. But I don’t want to be a volume breeder. I love Scottish Folds & truly believe that wonderful, healthy cats can be bred if it’d done ethically.

Unfortunately with the nature of the gig economy, my being unavailable Thursday and Friday meant the loss of the rest of my measly income for the month, and since I was only booked late it probably amounted to at least half of my total January earnings. I was really hoping the Keynote deck I’d been working on would be reassigned to me for today, but I found out on the way home last night that it wasn’t.

And not only did I pay for Theodora’s genetic testing, but I also bought myself two items of cat lady clothing, which was obviously a bad idea.

When these things happen I get depressed for a bit. I’d been hoping to earn money today… Am I going to immediately change gears and work on a bad oil painting? No. Maybe I’ll upload the clips of Theo with the judges. She only finaled three times at the Portland International Cat Show. It’s much bigger than the two we’d done before, but I was used to missing only one final out of the bunch and getting one “best cat” per show. We packed up about 20-minutes early last night, when we found out we weren’t going to final even once that day for sure.


Tabata Pairs #2

I had to modify this WO a lot in the easier direction. I halved most of the reps based, challenge moves & it still took me 1hr & 32min to finish.



  1. two nights of very poor sleep. I was so exhausted & stressed last night, after ten hours in a conference where I felt very out of place & then an unexpected, 90min delay before I was home & could give Theodora her pre-show bath, which she hates, so ya you really don’t want to be doing it in the mindbody state where you were just sitting in a bar opening crying.
  2. not having eaten anything whatsoever since a comically crappy lunch served late & lukewarm by Holiday Inn, yesterday at 12:30.
  3. too much sedation in the event of a typically unresolved conflict

Tabata Pairs #2

Group 1:
1. Kickthroughs + pushups
2. Donkey kicks up and over
Challenge Move: 50 animal flow kickthroughs

Group 2:
1. SL dead lifts 20s
2. bulgarians 15s
Challenge Move: 50 bulgarians + deadlifts (25/leg) 15s Kept pace w/ Julia thru group 1 reps but was SO EXHAUSTED that HR was running super high. So I turned off video for this & did 10/10/10/10 and then a last round of 5 alt legs. With breaks! No 25 per leg in one go like J.

Group 3:
1. chair lunges
2. iso squat + bicep curls 15s
Challenge move: 50 alt step up + bi curls 13 Had to sit down for a minute before starting reps. Really struggling. Two sets of 10 & then I dropped down to 10lbs ea hand. Then I was able to pick up pace & do two sets of 20. With breaks! Like last group of reps.

Group 4:
1. sl pike pushups
2. weighted squat jumps
Challenge move: 10 20 weighted sl pike pushup burpees And I had to start halving the rep counts. I wanted to get to as many of the tabata groups as possible.

Group 5:
1. SA rows 20
2. Heavy weight bench squats BL sandbag I did alt SA rows for the first 4 rounds & then switched so I only had to backload once. AND I sat on the bench during the 10sec rests, lol. 
Challenge Move: 10 20 manmakers 15s Saw this & thought “Ugggh”. I’m SO SLOW on MMs. This is gonna cost me some time, so I lightened it up too. And then I remembered, “Oh ya, you haven’t eaten anything since that small, terrible lunch Holiday Inn served up, a half hour late & lukewarm, at 12:30pm yesterday.”

Group 6:
1. box jumps
2. mtn climbers
Challenge Move: 10 20 box jumps + 5 mtn climbers F-it – I’d been dizzy since the get go. At least I did 2=1 on the mtn climbers. Not sure what J did.

Group 7:
1. dips
2. rev plank leg lifts Did this on floor b/c I like working on rev plank
Challenge Moves: 50 dipping crab kicks 1=1 This was the only rep move, past group 3, that I didn’t halve & could keep pace. I still took a break before moving on though, to type this.

Group 8:
1. heavy weight bulgarians 20s
2. tuck jumps, touch ground, pike jump
Challenge Moves: 25 50 bulgarian hops (or tucks) 2 rounds of 10 alt legs then 2 rounds of 5.

Group 9:
1. SA clean and Press + surrender 20 weight on shoulders  first round each side but then I kept it OH the 2nd time
2. SA plank hops
Challenge Move: 5 10 beastly burpees (SA pike pushup burpee + pike, tuck, heel grab)

Group 10:
1. Handstands + tuck jump
2. Plank rows 15s
Challenge Moves: 10 manmaker handstands

September Patron’s Choice-Upper Body Strength Fest

I was going to do one of Julia’s that would require probably 2 hours today, but instead I took advantage of having the afternoon free to obsess on the art stuff. I’ll post on my art blog about that later. I’d normally have taken today off, but since I only have 3 days to exercise this week I decided to pick something that’d probably be moderate. It fit the bill.



September Patron’s Choice-Upper Body Strength Fest

No preview. The warm-up tabata set could really use 2lb ankle weights for the V-up. The first round was really good but the 2nd round got messy & the burn-out felt rushed. I do like the moves & the routine though. I think I’d just do better with it on my own time.

2 Intervals of Same move in a row/
5 Mountain Get-Ups in Between (60:10) 15 Loved this move, but boy was it tough by the end.
Bent over row, wide row 20s
Chest Press slow negative 20s
Pulley press 15s
Renegade Rows 15 (prob too light)
Scarecrows 8
Upright Row to Row (L) 15
Upright Row to Row (R)

2 Intervals of Same move in a Row/3 Turkish Get-Ups in Between (60:10) 10lbs I might not be doing this right but I was faster than McKenzie here. Had time for rests b4 every move & my HR returned to resting. 
Chest Fly to Chest Press to Close Grip Chest Press 15s
Swing to Tricep Extension 10s
Curl and Press and Cross Body Curls (L) 15 Palm faces in 4 cross body curl
Curl and Press and Cross Body Curls (R)
Rev grip burpee, come up to 1/2 bicep curl & punch alt arms fwd
1-Arm Tricep Push-Ups (L) Next time: do tricep dips w/ kicks & maybe OH triceps
1-Arm Tricep Push-Ups (R)

Push-Up Finisher
Diamond Push-Ups 10 reps
10 Reps Mountain Climbers to Dighasana x2
Tricep Push-Ups 10 reps
Repeat Mountain Climbers
Wide Push-Ups 10 reps
Repeat Mountain Climbers
Divebombers and Pike Push-Ups 10 reps

No Equipment Full Body Vacation Workout #1

Sticking with my plan to do body weight stuff for a little bit. I felt really great after yesterday’s fantastic yoga practice & thought my hip tweak was almost entirely gone, but then it did stiffen back up a bit later on, after I’d cooled off completely. Things are moving in the right direction though! I’d thought I might do a weighted WO on Wednesday, my last one for this week most likely b/c of the cat show, but now…. I think maybe yoga again. I wasn’t going to practice this week, but I probably should make one of my three days all about yoga.

U can totally c where I took my prescribed break during the HIIT. Good my HR comes down so quick. Means I’m fit & have fast recovery

No Equipment Full Body Vacation Workout #1

  • For the first time ever, I only took ONE break, when Julia indicated, lol. Of course I wasn’t keeping her pace every move, but this is still a rarity. (A completely timed Julia WO is also rare. Was great 4 me for today.)

Hiit Pyramid 50:10 1-10 & 10-1, 40:10 1- 10& 10-1, 30:10 1-10 & 10-1, and 20:10 1-10&10-1
1. High knees mtn climbers (increasing)
2. Tricep push-ups fast knee tucks and glute raise
3. Heel clicks (increasing)
4. Donkey kick up and over curtsy hops To my surprise, I was unable to achieve full handstand from this sideways entry. I’ve never tried a sideways approach before tho. Near full balance w/ the inverted part of the heel clicks tho. I exercise in such a small room I may as well have the wall as a no-flip backup (when I’m not doing yoga & prepared for the possibility of going over before I intend it to happen).
5. Push-up hold spider knee (increasing)
6. Quadzilla burpees
7. Groiners and sumo hops (increasing)
8. Jab cross upper front kick side kick
9. Plank frog hops bunny hops (increasing)
10. SL walk out push-ups to pistol I did these alt legs every round b/c pistols are still really challenging for me. I only touched down coming back up once tho! So, making progress.


  • Back bending intervals 15/30=23:15min
    1. Virasana
    2. Supta virasana
    3. Malasana
    4. Hanuman upright, R
    5. Hanuman backbend, R
    6. Hanuman upright, L
    7. Hanuman backbend, L
    8. Ardhamatseyen
    9. other side
    10. Standing arch A
    11. Forward bend
    12. Stanging arch B
    13. Forward bend
    14. Standing arch C
    15. Uttana
    16. Standing arch C
    17. Seated moving twist
    18. Standing arch D
    19. Uttana
    20. Standing arch D
    21. Seated moving twist
    22. Ustrasana A
    23. Ustrasana B
    24. rest
    25. Kapo wall walk
    26. Urdhva @ wall 1
    27. Rest
    28. Urdhva @ wall 2
    29. Rest
    30. Urdhva @ wall 3
    31. Rest
  • Paschimo I’d intended 2 do some finishing but the was enough for me, also wanted to see how much more design work I had for the day.


Astangesque Yoga • OMG I had a great practice!

To the point where I dropped the timed intervals before back bending and just put each foot on my head, like the good old days. Only EPRK but it felt good. I have a feeling I’d have been able to grab at least one heel if I’d decided to go for a full Kapotasana, but I didn’t push it. I have things I need to get to today (corporate presentation design in Keynote to be specific.)

My body felt fantastic. (The left hip tweak is only slightly there now.) Maybe it was yesterday’s rest day. I accomplished a lot, art wise. Even though the more I learn the more I realise I’ve got to learn, I keep going.

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope I couldn’t help it!

  • Suryas & fundamentals, w/ my extras
  • My version of primary+, 2nd to laghu vajrasana
  • EPRK, Kapo B
  • Back bending, Urdhva D to stand, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks
  • Finishing, 5min savasana


Sexy Bikini Abs Workout

Funny that I just got done saying that Facebook wasn’t a problem for me, and I got into a tiff on it this morning. I should’ve known my posting would offend someone, but truthfully I just didn’t think about it.

I should just stick to posting on Instagram! I hadn’t been posting at all lately, but I did this morning, after my seated meditation. I used a picture Charlie took though!

In other news, I have to admit to myself that the persistent soreness / tweak behind my left sacroiliac is going to need some rest to go away. I was hoping the jump rope wasn’t aggravating, but I can say for sure today it did. I did 3 sets anyway and then gave up for the 4th and changed it. No jump rope for 2-3 days at least, wah.

Next week I’ll only have 3 days to work out, unless I want to get up super early Friday & spend the tail end of the evening wanting to hang myself. The cat show that day is 3-10pm, which means I might not get out of there until 11:30. The time the show closes to the public is NOT the same thing as the time the judges finish, I have found. I think they have less judges per day that the two smaller shows we’ve done so far though, so hopefully next wknd will operate more on schedule.

This routine came up in the FB group this week. I’d never done it and it’s 1) short and 2) abs. Julia doesn’t like abs! She’s too hardcore, lol. In the P90X, core days are the easy days… I did jump rope & abs yesterday & again today….

I love you Julia. Thank you. Really.

I’ve said it before but I simply cannot say it too many times, I am SO GRATEFUL that there is someone like Julia (and all who contribute to her channel) out there. I’m too broke to even join Patreon.

Buuuut since it’s a shorter WO, I took out all the high knees and replaced it with something else, adding in jump rope, 12 minutes of it, in total. I was going to stretch after but then a work assignment came in, much later than expected, and you know what they say about beggars! I didn’t even stretch & just started working, in my sweaty clothes. I did change into a dry shirt after about a clammy half hour though. Kept working. I hope it doesn’t suck too bad.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope. This is repeated 3x. Was intending 4x but I had to give up for the tweak.

Sexy Bikini Abs Workout

Part 1: HIIT at 50:10 2x though 2lbs ankle weights
1. Jackknife abs with weight RA/LL 10lbs in hand
2. Jackknife abs with weight LA/RL
3. Hammer boat Abs 10lbs, V-up & swing weight down bet legs once up
4. T-plank toe taps Alt sides, lift leg up & tap behind, then fwd. 
5. Standing backbend High knees @ wall, pushing hips fwd into it, getting the stretch into the hip flexors. 2nd time can do arms overhead holding 3lbs.

Cardio: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Part 2: HIIT at 50:10 2x though
1. 3 knee tucks in plank + pushups Feet elevated for me.
2. Mat jumps
3. Plank jacks
4. Commando plank (down & up) + plank hop
5. rnd 1 – Ustrasana, at wall. rnd 2 – Pinca M came down 9 sec early. Arms cooked! This was a surpassingly challenging plank set.

Cardio: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Part 3: HIIT at 50:10 2x though
1. Mtn climbers
2. Ball pass ankle weight, 5 or 6lbs
3. Ball crunch with toe touch
4. Slider pike + kick through
5. Urdhva D @ wall, hands on blocks

Skaters, RL box squat, LL box squat: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Part 4: HIIT at 50:10 2x though
1. Heels taps Like the Bender version! Lying in a banana, str legs, clicking heels together
2. Cheerleader L’s One leg perpendicular, the other lowers to just above floor.
3. RL 2 knee pulls + high kick
4. LL 2 knee pulls + high kick
5. Pinca M  High knees

No stats cause Wahoo TIKR crapped out before I was done.

Stupid, shitty technology, lol. I suppose that’s what us poor fuckers who can’t afford $400 watches get! Meh. It was a moderate one anyway. Last time I looked at my time it was right before 90min, so I’m going to say it was an hour and a half.

Obsessed for seven straight hours today, doing design curating in the hopes of getting a (paying!) gig. Style Sight updated to feature portfolios, and the way it’s organised (in 12 image limited “lookbooks”) is sort of helpful.

Concentrating made me ravenous & I had a late lunch / early dinner. I’m also tired! I wasn’t up for a Julia today & I just did Astanga yesterday, so I adapted a Bender to make the first part of a moderate WO. Added jump rope & changed some of the abs moves to suit my preferences. Tacked on one of my fave ab moves onto the end too.

Adapted From: Tighter Stronger Abs

  • 30/50 intervals. Every move has 30sec jump rope before, w/ a 10sec warmup & 15sec bet intervals = 25:15min
  • This’d be better done as regular, even intervals w/ breaks to allow time for adding weight. I paused b4 move 12 & wore the 2lb weights while jogging. Just one interval tho!

1. Frogger
2. Pullovers on bench 15s
3. Elevated Plank Knee to Elbow & Opp
4. V-Up (Pike) to Snow Angel, arms & leg go wide in an ‘X’
5. Swimmers
6. Temple Tap Abs
7. Mountain Climber
8. Hip Lift Hook
9. Straight Abs
10. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
11. Donkey Kick / Step Thrus
12. Pull In / Kick Out on bench, 2lb ankle weights
13. Crunches
14. Side Plank Hip Dip & Leg Lift
15. Other side
16. Slider Pike Abs

Then I was gonna do a banded glutes thing, but it wasn’t Julia & therefore she was not using turbo thigh bands and therefore the moves were not appropriate for even the red band, out of the selection I’d pulled. So then I did this random Melissa from the video: 20 Minute HIIT: Fat Burn Lower Body Challenge. I wouldn’t have picked it if I’d known there were so many Russian Kicks! I could keep pace w/ her no problem tho.

Then I went back to the thigh WO and added 5lb ankle weights for the donkey kick section & my ppl band tacked on for the bridges & it was a really good burnout.

And with the notes still just over an hour.

So a little yoga: 5min sirsasana, 3min sarvangasana, 1min the next two.