Dumbbell Workout for Muscle Growth #2

OMG I’m so “off” with my WO schedule this month… This week it’s Theodora’s being in heat. I found the solution! Last night I locked her in my bathroom. It’ll be good enforcement for the ongoing, super messy toilet training too. She’ll be forced to decide between that or the bathtub. Downloaded a white noise app & I didn’t even sleep all that much, mabye 6 / 6½ hours, but I feel like a whole, new person today.

Was going to take marvelous max’s idea & changed the four circuits from 8 rounds to 4, doubling up the rep counts. Then I thought, what about running through circuits 1-4 only 2x each and then repeating? I decided this when I got to the hang cleans in circuit 2. Those are harder for me, at the same weight, than clean & press. 

And I couldn’t finish!

Also this Wahoo TICKR… I thought I’d figure out how to set it for a workout rather than running session, but it wouldn’t recognise the sensor until I put it back to running. And now it put in a GPS thing, which ruins the ease of getting all the stats in one, easy screenshot. Even though the stats are obviously inflated over the Polar, it’s easier than taking 3 pix, making one collage and then transferring the image to my laptop. Then it occurred to me, who needs the image? If I could enlarge the line chart I might be tempted to upload that, but I can’t so.

Total WO Time: 1:42. Average HR 130. Max HR 157.

Dumbbell Workout for Muscle Growth #2

Since this was too much for me, maybe the thing to do would be follow Julia’s rep counts but do FIVE rounds of all the circuits rather than the eight in the video…
Circuit 1: 2x
1. Staggered Burpee SA snatch 8 reps 4/arm 20
2. OH Squat 10 reps BL sandbag Didn’t want to do heavy weight OH today.
3. Quadzillas 8 reps

Circuit 2: 2x (5lb ankle weights)
1. Lateral step up leg lift 8/leg reps 20s / Sandbag. Keeping foot on bench for all reps per rnd.
2. Hang clean 5x 20s I kept this move at 5 and redistributed it so I wouldn’t have to do 10 in a row. I clean to a low squat, elbows touching knees, and even w/ 20s it’s pretty hard for me. Would’ve done half of them as pull-ups if I wasn’t wearing ankle weights!
3. Pendulum plank legs 12x 15s In pike, hop to switch lifting legs laterally, 2=1.
4. Hang clean 5x

Circuit 3: 2x 
1. Commandos jacks 10x Commando down, plank jack & back up, plank jack = 1 rep.
2. Divebomber / Diamond Burpee 8x
3. Handstand shoulder tap switch lunge 8x Go up w/ one leg fwd & come down in same position, after shoulder-tap, to switch lunge.

Circuit 4: 2x
1. T stand presses 10 reps/side 15 first round. Dropped to 12 for 2nd. Left arm again! Don’t want it to get more finicky. Get into side plank & stay there for all the reps per side.
2. SSD chest press 8 reps 20 On bench
3. OH high knee toe taps (2=1) 20 reps 15

REPEAT CIRCUITS 1-3 (Got here just b4 46min & took a break before heading back to the start. Man am I slow! LOL. No matter.
Circuit 1:
changed quadzilla (not sure why I hate that move so much – I’m just annoyed the whole time doing it, lol) to 10/50×2 rounds jump rope
Circuit 2: Lateral step-ups, back to 20s round 3, then down to 15s for round 4!
Circuit 3:
changed divebomber burpee to diamond burpee, b/c the former was hitting the sore spot in the left elbow.

This WO was too much for me! I was @ 1:25 at the end of the 3rd circuit & decided to put my weights away and stretch a couple minutes. I don’t think I’ll have any remote work today. At least none had been posted 1/2 hour before availability. But even so! So I didn’t get to the burnout. 

Closed w/ some easy yoga. Oooh those hip flexors!

30:10 3x 12 mins @ 58min
1. Staggered push-up SA clean and press
2. Skaters
3. Incline Tricep burpees box jump
4. Manmakers
5. Decline Burpee front raise
6. DL drop weight squat jump




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