Onto better things (art & design projects, clients, self) in 2018!

I’ve been in a much better mood this week than last. It’s the illustration, though the client is not actually new. I designed her yoga studio logo for a rebranding that started about this time last year. I’ve been meditating and doing my spiritual practice daily: 22min seated meditation, my approximately 4½min, personally designed pranayama and the LBRP. Not necessarily immediately after, I’m also doing daily work on the white / positive half of my soul journal, as part of my work in Initiation into Hermetics. I’ll finish that & complete “step one” on my birthday, lol. Then I can start working on the specialised concentration exercises.A couple of times I’ve done the 40min sit instead, skipping the pranayama and doing the LBRP after a 3-5min savasana. This is necessary to restore blood flow!

Not for dabblers¹

I’ve been thinking about the things in Step One that I haven’t been doing: cool to cold showers, dry brushing etc. But it’s funny I’ve wanted to practice more yoga lately. I’m working on the thought control at night, trying to remember to project into water I take in. Harder to remember to do that with food. It’s a hyper consciousness you’re aiming for, in some ways…









¹My dislike with the book is that it could’ve been better sectioned and edited. Found a source online that spells out the steps a bit more clearly than Bardon did. Scroll down to “Outline” if interested.



Astanga Yoga

Gave myself a crick in my neck by sleeping “wrong” last night and/or ignoring what my body wanted & lifting some yesterday. #ugh

Again I tried to interest myself in one of Julia’s recently posted WOs. I’d been wanting to try a Jamie routine that I don’t have to figure out from the breakdown! But not today. Needed a stretch more.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope


  • Suryas & fundamentals, w/ hanuman & two handstands
  • Primary +
  • Ardha matseyen, my version, 2nd thru laghu vajrasana. Lately I’ve been doing ustrasana w/ hips pressed to the wall to start the bend from the hip flexors. Today I did that & added the prayer hands version, no vinyasa, b4 next pose.
  • Shoulders really tight. I should either do Kapo B twice or walk in twice, if possible. Not that I even thought about trying it, but there would’ve been no way I’d have grabbed a heel today. After the laghu I only did one thing to prepare for Kapo B, a minute on the rack.
  • Normal back bending and ticks, except I added one pinca mayurasana after the 3rd tick.
  • Finishing, savasana


Meh mood, lackadaisical, 1/4 normal effort mash-up

I really didn’t want to do much of anything exercise-wise today.

Someone posted the first video in Julia’s group, asking if anyone had tried any of her WOs. Seems like a new channel. I previewed round one of this “for time” routine. Took her 17min 9. I decided to do my version as slow as possible, lol. Seriously, when I’m consulting a list w/ new moves, not being pushed along by a demonstrator’s pace, I can get really lackadaisical. I blame my yoga background. Slowing down, mindfulness, extreme attention to detail – these are all good things when you’re practicing asana.

Odd things of late

  • The yoga makes my glutes more sore than other kinds of WOs.
  • I’m just not as into lifting heavy right now, for whatever reason.


  1. Lateral jump. (jump over mat) Rev lunge w/ outside leg & then side kick 12x
  2. Running man jump shuffle, 2=1 10x punch fwd, 10x punch up (3x ea direction) 5s
  3. Hang clean to deep squat & stand, 20s 12x
  4. Half-way push-ups 8x followed by 5 full push-ups (2x)
  5. Lateral Switch lunge to pistol 12x 1=1 Changed this move Regretted making this harder! Managed one continual round of reps first time thru but took a little break ½way thru 2nd set.
  6. Lie down arms pull OH & press up 15s 10x Kept dumbbells pressed together during 2nd round. Weight was a little heavy but I lived.
  7. Plie squat, lift heels & come up, BL sandbag, 12x
  8. Plank, knee to opp elbow & same side elbow 1=1, 12x

Time = 25:03

Then I did 3 of 4 rounds of the abs routine below. Pretty funny to realise I’d sort of tweaked my left arm during the first set I did, and then I started off this last set w/ ankle weights, swapped them for one 3lb bet feet for 2nd round but hit failure during the first move. And then when I got to an hour’s WO time I’m like, You know what? I’m done. Wasn’t curious enough about the following tabata to even look at it.


Therapeutic, slow Astanga yoga

I was going to go back on my promise to practice today, but in taking a look at a lifting routine breakdown I discovered I felt like doing weights even less. Didn’t do the jump rope either. Nor did I put on any music. It got me back out of bed anyway. I’d been journaling…

I was feeling all sorry for myself about things winding down with SF client, but low & behold a yogic illustration project is reawakening. I’ll have a deadline in the next couple weeks, and it’s better than corporate keynote presentations (even if I was having a good time working on that deck before I lost the rest of it due to being unavailable for two days).


Anyway, I did some yoga. I’m back to not putting my feet on my head, for the time being, and some timed poses before back bending. All I wanted for today was some relaxation, and I achieved that.


Torch it Tuesday (Friday!!) Freestyle Workout Video

Previewed the first couple circuits of this a few days ago & picked it for my workout today. I like doing lots of reps w/ lower weights / bodyweight. I do change some moves tho. This routine was really heavy on biceps, for instance, so I modified some of the combos for more variety in targeted muscles.

This was fun. I like playing around with all my bands, some of which I’d never otherwise touched.¹


Torch it Tuesday Freestyle Workout Video

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds @7:04 Skipped the warm-up. I’d just done the morning’s litter box & kitchen trash emptying chores & that woke my body up enough. Plus I’d had 2 rest days.
1. Plies Squat Out (right) w/Right Bicep Curl – Turn Right (hold) Reverse Lunge w/shoulder press & wood chop Left 10x 10lbs
2. Plies Squat Out (left) w/left Bicep Curl – Turn Left (hold) Reverse Lunge w/Shoulder Press & wood chop Right 10x 10lbs
3. Double tricep kick backs 10s Bend over a bit for kickback position. Go straight back w/ palms facing in & then pulse up w/ palms facing the ceiling Changed this from another bicep move b/c there’s so much biceps in this WO.

Switch lunges, pressing weights up & down 20x 5s, but dropped to just wrist weights at rep 12 on the first round b/c couldn’t keep that pace. Stuck w/ wrist weights through rounds 2 & 3 but could’ve picked up 3s and kept up Rather than doing single arm, I just used a really light weight

Circuit 2: 3 Rounds @18:04 +8lb vest
1. (rnd 1 13″ bench, way too hard @ that height lol, rnd 2 on the floor) Squat down right (Floor) Left Bicep Curl – Knee lift & left Elbow to knee Right Reverse Bench lunge w/left shoulder press & up 10x 10lbs
2. Other side
3. (lightest crossfit long band lilac) V-up to Hovering Star Crunch 10x Hold in Hover & shoulder press 10x

Cross Hand Walk Push-up/5x Plank Jack – Hop in Thigh Burner Squat right Then left 6x forgot how damned annoying my vest is for moves that you hop into plank & it tries to strangle your boobs

Circuit 3: 3 Rounds Hadn’t previewed this round & it made a difference!!
1. Right Arm Swing to Snatch (hold up) Kneel Down/Up
Front to Bench Lunge w/shoulder press 10x Rnd 1 – 15, Rnd 2 – 2lb wrist weights & a 10lb, Rnd 3 10lbs only
2. Left Arm Swing to Snatch (hold up) Kneel Down/Up
to Front Bench Lunge w/Shoulder Press 10x
3. (Floor or Ball) Arms Out – Palms Face Down 3x Pulse up then down 10x 10s

Jumping Jack w/single arm overhead pull right 10x/left 10x Rnd 1 – 5, rnds 2&3 – 10lbs

Circuit 4: 3 Rounds
1. High Lunge (right leg front) Lean forward 3x’s Palms behind back Pulse Bend back knee to lunge & pull arms down to side (bent elbows) 10x Rnd 1 – 5s, Rnd 2 – lilac crossfit band, Rnd 3 – orange beachbody band w/ handles – this was the best option tho heavy for the arm move of 2nd move.
2. High Lunge (left leg front) Lean Forward 3x’s thumbs face up/palms out& pulse back/press out in front in linewith chest 10x
3. Squat w/ Bicep Curl – Up & Raise bar overhead to extension 10x

Ball Drop Catch Low Squat – Hop to plank 4x oblique mountain climbers to Heel Click Jack 8x

Bonus: 5/30 3 Rounds Michele does great abs. So many people don’t believe in rounds of crunches anymore. I love them!
1. Feet together (knees wide) off floor – Lift shoulders off & small crunch
2. Reverse Table Top 100’s pulse
3. Legs in Air – Lift shoulders off floor & small pulse
4. Hold shoulders off – lower legs alternating down then up Loved this one in particular.
5. Hold off floor & 100’s
6. Left Side to band or dumbbell – Roll up & twist over to right side
7. Right Side to band or dumbbell – Roll up & twist over to left side

Time – 1:29

And then I skipped the video cooldown & stretch, like I always do, but literally did only a 1min stretch on my own before picking up all my equipment with, I swear I’ll do a yoga practice tomorrow

¹[P90X2 – the silly waste of money, where they went from the basic, original program of P90X to trying to sell you every prop under the sun – that’s where I got the bands that have the one handle between them. It’s a pain in the ass to change the handles from one band to another, especially when taking them off the heaviest. Not a practical design to begin with. But if you had a move you knew you liked ’em for & needed to pack a suitcase…]


about 50min HIIT & 40min yoga

This was one of those days I really had to talk myself into it. Even though I just had a rest day Sunday, this is a new week & I could take my first rest day off anywhere. Left tricep weakness complained in the yoga… More than usual. Perhaps I ought not to have lifted today at all, but…  (I’d made an earlier note to do astanga today, meaning a full practice but of course it’s so much harder to step up the plate for that. Maybe tomorrow.)



Strength and Cardio HIIT #1:Full Body

5 minute warm up: 30:30 2x
1. Air squats
2. Walk out pushup
3. Lateral lunge and reach
4. Butt kicks
5. Slow burpees

SET 1: Katelynn B Instagram post: http://instagram.com/fitathomemom3
HIIT at 50:10 2x 10 minutes
1. Lunge and twist + kneel to stand and press 15s
2. Criss cross pushup + alt t-stand press 15s
3. Squat bicurl stand twist and press 15s
4. Curtsy lunge +elbow to knee 15s
5. Spider knee plank to around the world 10s I like the old Bodyrock version of around the world, front raise up to OH, side lat lower, palms facing fwd

SET 2: time pyramid 6 minutes
1. Clean and press to squat & press OH squat 20s
2. Bear row to decline row 15s

SET 3: HIIT superset 50:10 2x 4 minutes
1. Alt step up bicep curl 15s
2. Tricep burpee front raise 10s

Cardio HIIT: 50:10 2x I have to admit, I was so beat today I paused ½ way thru this set for like 3-4min
1. Decline burpee Prisoner Jacks
2. touchdowns pulse pop squats
3. commando plank hop, down plank jack
4. Skaters + hop in curtsy
5. Star Burpees
6. 3 groiners 2 switch lunges
7. handstand kickups I did mine kick up w/ both feet, catching balance & holding. Didn’t touch wall once. First time it took 2 tries to catch bal tho. Got one long hold & another shorter on the first set.
8. chair lunges YUCK!!!!
9. plank hop + box jumps
10. face melter 4 + 2 Jugglers tire run

Skipped the video’s 5min yoga amrap cool down for my own yoga.


  • Suryas & fundamentals, first 2 poses of primary, some of my fave non-vinyasa restorative, some finishing

60min cardio HIIT & some Yoga

Took a rest day yesterday. I’d done five workouts already for the week, and while it’d have been nice to get in a 6-day after all those light weeks (cat shows / cold), my upper body was still really sore, especially the front of both shoulders. It hurt to roll over!

But it’s funny how when I’m making the decision to rest there’s a bit of maudlin regret, but the very next morning I’m all, Man I’d like another rest day. 


20 Minute Boot Camp Sculpt Workout

Round 1: Video is a 20min no-rest set of 30/50, with high knees as the 30sec cardio before every #d move
Round 2: 15/50 with jump rope before every #d move for a 32:30min set

  1. Wood Chopper RL 15lbs
  2. Wood Chopper LL
  3. Side Lunge Kick RL two 15s
  4. Side Lunge Kick LL
  5. Plie Squat Jump 2nd round added 3lb weights
  6. Alternating Utkatasana to Dighasana A 2nd round added 3lb weights – made a lot harder!
  7. Hip Thrust (right) Brought my sandbag into the room thinking to do it the Julia way, but actually, doing it from table top & really trying to lift hips at the top & I feel it more, just bodyweight the Melissa way.
  8. Hip Thrust (left)
  9. Mountain Climber / Mat jumps for 2nd round
  10. Toe Tap Push-up push up to alt side ankle tap in downdog
  11. OH abs, 10lbs / Regular Sit-ups  Plank Crunch
  12. Side Plank Hip Lift (right) 2nd round add ppl band & leg lift
  13. Side Plank Hip Lift (left)
  14. Commando / Mat Jumps Plank to Dolphin Changed only b/c moving from dolphin back up to plank can irritate my left tricep weak spot
  15. Plank to Lunge I did mine lifting arms straight up OH 2nd round added 10lb weights



Single intervals of 10/60

  • Virasana, Supta V weighted, 50lbs
  • Malasana, Paschimo
  • Anjenayasana ½ arms straight OH and ½ backbend, holding 3lb weights
  • Hanuman strapped, 20sec upright 40sec backbend
  • Urdhva D @ wall, on blocks, tall way
  • Sirsasana & Sarvangasana – 10/3min each, halsasana & karna pida, 10 breathes, 1min savasana


Cursory, somewhat stiff Astanga

My upper body was so sore! It’s better to be sore in the lower body if you’re doing to do a real yoga. Didn’t do any foot on the head or Kapo B either. Technically I could’ve done a rest today. This was in the back of my mind.

I went ahead since I’ve been missing more WO’s than usual (not to mention billing hours) with cat shows and colds lately. And I wanted to get the blood moving… If I practice again next week it’ll probably be better. (I did all my other poses including the drop backs and ticks and that will likely restore balance.)

Instead of my last couple backbends of late I did a timed hanuman with the strap. I’d have added a minute on the rack, but it’s in the other room & I was in cursory mode. I mean I finished in 90min including the savasana and I’d done a jump rope warm-up too!





Full Body Goals #2 by Kristin R

Well… all these hang cleans are really getting to me! I’m going to have to vary up my WOs a bit more. More Michele. More Astanga. Maybe some Velvet Hammer. Maybe even a little easy-peasy Bender. It e a good workout for today, but I only want one or two of these a week, I’m thinking. Too much heavy lifting & crossfit inspired moves make my upper body joints all crackly. Seriously, I stretch first thing after waking now & if I’ve been doing too much of that, my elbows & most of my fingers crack, lol. Ah the joys of ageing. That shit never used to happen.


Full Body Goals #2 by Kristin R

HIIT 50:10 – 2x (10 min)
1. Incline Pushup to bench hop
2. 3 Weighted Switch Lunges + 3 Bicep Curls 15s
3. Rollback to Box Jump
4. 2 Plank Rows + 2 Oblique Plank Hops 20s
5. Decline Toe Touch Burpee

Did this whole middle section w/ breakdown

Combo Moves, Pyramid, Evens: 10 – 2:
1. Goblet Box Squat + 2x Pulse Used 2 weights rather than 1 – on shoulders // SL DL’s 20s 
2. Bent Over Rows 20s // Rev Grip Pushups
3. DB Clean & Press to Push Press 20s // Fly Chest Press + pull over 15s Changed 1st move to one that’s more challenging for me w/ 15s. First move kicked my ass. Hadda take a break 1/2 way thru 10,8 rep rounds. Discovered that 6 consec was my max here 4 today.

Tabata: 4x each move before going to next (8 min)
1. Clean & Press 20s After last pyramid superset I put this move last in the tabata
2. Pushup Alt T-Stand Press 10s
3. Tricep Burpee Juggler
4. Bridge Hold Skullcrushers 10s

Reps 10 reps – 3x √, √, √
1. Staggered pushup bent row Snatch (5 per side)
2. Pull-ups Hang Cleans I was like Ya, fuck that on the hang cleans. I used the blue crossfit assist band too, not the harder (lighter & less help) red one. But I got a REALLY full range of motion, on the bottom part of the move.
3. Static Leg Split Lunge BL sandbag

Circuit Finisher: 50:10 – 2x (10 min) +2lb wrist weights
1. DL 20s
2. Squat curl and press 10s
3. Bodyweight Chair Lunges 3x + 2 Rocket step up Lunge back
4. Burpee Rows (no pushup) – 2 rows in plank, 2 bent rows
5. Alt curtsy + SSD Arnold press 15s

Time = 1:18



Here’s a rare, NON “exercise-routine-detailing” post

It’s a new moon in Aquarius today, at 1:05pm PDX time. I’d been sitting here, wondering what I’ll do with myself today. I’ve been working in oils… I was actually happy with a sketch I worked on Tuesday. I’d done what was supposed to be a value-tones underpainting already, but then I changed the time of day from late morning to late afternoon. I never worked on capturing real light, when producing my city scapes in my mid 20s. Didn’t have the time or resources for that. This was before the internet and YouTube too!

It’s a rest day after all

I was originally thinking to take today off, after a nice Mon-Wed run. Then had a 2nd thought maybe I’d do another Astanga. Then saw on FB it’s a new moon.¹  Now I’m thinking maybe I should take the first afternoon bus downtown & force myself to crack open my sketchbook. Have been making very lazy journeys into cat gestures… Might be good to take a break from the mysterious, maddening oils and use some watercolor too. I need to keep drawing… I need to log more hours just plugging away. I can’t let the highly sporadic possibility of remote design distract me. I’m not going to keep filling in availability hours. They know where I am. Finally got around to posting a new Craig’s List this morning. I should have at least one of those up every month…

I should restart the Drawing a Day thing, today

Charlie had gotten going on a 100-day challenge, but petered out after a week or so. I was only aiming to finish up the 6-weeks from where I’d left off, day 11. It’s a watercolor assignment & you’re supposed to leave your house, lol. I kind of feel like going to NW 23rd, the bookstore… Even if I just work with ink pen in the shop I could sit down at Barista later & add some color. I’ve gotta see if that new tree of life sketchbook can handle water media. That’s the leather bound one that was supposed to be “part 2” in the witchcraft / hermetics / magick journal. Same same, I think.

There’s leftover marionberry pie from jam night. I’m going to have some of that for breakfast, since I didn’t partake in the evening. Then I’ll take care of a t-shirt logo revision for a friend & get my field trip supplies together.









¹I never paid attention to the moon when in the thick of The Cult, especially during the later, post studio years. I’d rest when I needed it most, not according to the calendar. I’ll admit I have a tenuous belief that practice is better on full moons than new…