Full Body Combat & Bonus Combat Abs

Didn’t feel like working out today. Amazingly, a good stretch (Astanga) can make me feel more sore the next day than a heavy legs set. It’s true I don’t have access to heavier weights. I should be using 25s for some things. But still… Previewed part of this Lisa routine awhile back & thought, Meh. I’m not really into throwing punches. I don’t mind a few … Continue reading Full Body Combat & Bonus Combat Abs

Excellent and soothing Astanga

I’d hammered both upper and lower body this week and hadn’t stretched much at all as well! But it’s getting warmer in Portland again, and this time of year the sun shines on the windows of my end of the front hall. That might’ve helped. No jump rope warm-up. Didn’t feel like jumping today. Poses Comments Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in Surya … Continue reading Excellent and soothing Astanga

Superset Legs #4 and Tabata HIIT, x2

Even slower than the first time, but I’d upped my weights Note to self: repeat this WO doing maybe 3 rounds each superset & MAY also cutting down the HIIT a little too, 3x each move for a 7½min cardio repeat. I only say that b/c I just watched a video on the evils of too much pure cardio. Doesn’t happen all that often, but … Continue reading Superset Legs #4 and Tabata HIIT, x2

Happy Thursday, Jupiter & Sachiel day!

Set my alarm for 6:20, to wake up to Henry snuggles and kisses and the first hour of the day, which is also ruled by Jupiter. May as well do this on the Thursdays of a waxing moon. I found a great resource for the Thoth deck specifically! A soft-spoken Englishman with a penchant for nail polish, who films with his head cropped out of … Continue reading Happy Thursday, Jupiter & Sachiel day!