Ultimate Freestyle Booty Workout

Had been planning to tack on the glutes section of this WO to last Thursday’s Astanga, but but I got too busy w/ cat show prep for a full 2-hour WO. The yoga took 90min (like usual for even a chop-chop practice) and I really needed to stop what I was doing to get ready.

Now that I have a job and (temporarily) a long commute, because I’ll be getting there & back via two buses, I’ll do long WOs only on weekends. If I have the energy on Friday nights, once in awhile I might get an hour in, but then at least the first couple weeks I’ll probably be more interested in celebrating.

Maybe I’ll do a half hour in the evening once in awhile. Was thinking that when I finished the two cardio circuits I started with. And since I won’t want to waste as much time previewing new routines all the time, perhaps I can spend more time with each one. For example I could do just the circuits and a little jump-rope and stretch one night from this routine, and another I could repeat the abs and/or the glutes section.

Previewing wasn’t “wasting” time when I had time to kill, but you have to change your strategies to meet the circumstances. Novelty is fine except for when efficiency is demanded.


Ultimate Freestyle Booty WO (rearranged)

Part 2: Circuit 1 – 10/50 10 rounds @ about 32:55 in vid. +8lb vest
1. Right Side Lunge to Right Front Kick 10s. If repeating hold 15 or 20 in the non punching arm.
2. (Weight in Left Hand) Hop to Plank – Row, push-up to SA front raise w/ squat I was using 2 weights. Did this move w/ hands on both weights for 1st round & then staggered push-up the 2nd.
3. Left Side Lunge to Left Front Kick (weight in right hand)
4. (Weight in Right Hand) Hop to Plank – Row, push-up to SA front raise w/ squat
5. (on bench) Hop down, hop back up & side leg lift, alt. I did both legs hop up b/c my bench is 13″, not a shorter box like M has.

Circuit 2: 10/50 10 rounds I’ll give myself 15sec when I repeat this b/c of time for backload.
1. Plies Squat – Turn Right/left arm press across (10) & right arm press overhead (15)
2. Left Leg Squat out wide to curtsy BL sandbag
3. Plies Squat – Turn Left/right arm press across & left arm press overhead
4. Right Leg Squat out wide to curtsy
5. (Alternate) Squat Wide to Front Bench Lunge to 1 Legged Push-up (Repeat)

Abs: 5/30 6 rounds (each group) This was the burnout @ about 56:30 in vid. I decided to just keep it in the middle so I wouldn’t have to jump around too much in the YouTube clip. But I decided to add a single 10/50 jump rope interval before each ab set, just to keep the HR going a little longer.

1.Right Side Plank – Reach overhead then underneath lilac band
2. Roll to Left Side – Right V-Up Crunch

3. Left Side Plank –Reach overhead then underneath
4. Roll to Right Side – Left V-up Crunch

5. Weighted V-Up to Knee Crunch 10 Next time add 2lb ankle weights & maybe drop the hand-held dumbbell.
6. Competition Sit-up 10

7. Crunches Plank – Tap knees to floor I still just love regular, old crunches I did this w/ toes under 15lb weights & crunching up to 75%, about, to keep the work in the abs. Could do this set w/ 5lb ankle weights to make the 2nd move extra special for glutes & top of hamstrings.
8. Hyperextension On floor. I did mine w/ feet off the floor, arms reaching fwd & pulling back. I call these “Swimmers”.

Part 1: Glutes, 5/50 8 rounds @ about 6:55 in vid. 5lb ankle weights & 5lbs behind knee
1. (Elbow/knees) Donkey kick
2. (Elbow/knees) Donkey kick Press up 2x/down 2x
3. (Elbow/knees) Donkey pulse
4. Right Reverse Lunge (Next time grab 20s, Stationary, not stepping back.)
(Repeat on Left leg)

5/50 8 rounds 5lb ankle weights
1. Kneeling – Right Leg Straight – Up & over
2. (on right hand) – Hydrant, pull knee to shoulder, back to hydrant & down
3. (on right hand) – Knee to shoulder & tap back behind opp knee.
4. Right Reverse Lunge, stepping out @ 45deg angle Picked up the 15s here.
(Repeat on Left Leg)

5/50 10 rounds
1. Lay on Floor – Right leg lower & tap heel to floor
2. Knee to front & then kick out to angle toward back (changed this one slightly)
3. Clam Shell 10 resting on top thigh
4. Pulse right leg straight up
5. Right Reverse Cross Over Lunge
(Repeat on Left leg)

Got to here @ 1:14 & felt refreshed rather than depleted. 



Astanga Yoga !

No stats

Was gonna do some thigh work after but my iPhone had cut out b/c I left it charging in a sun puddle & it overheated. Anyway was like 90min, roughly. Good practice.

HIIT & thighs

Such a little, teeny-eeny burn, lol. If the Wahoo says 676 calories that means more like 300 or so. But it’s ok. I’d have taken a rest either today or yesterday if not for the fact that I’m about to be much busier. Anyway I need to detach from this attachment to “super burns” and learn to be satisfied with moving my body. Pure HIIT can be so psychologically easy, particularly if it’s this style where you do each move once and then that’s it; you’re done with it.


BodyRock – Full Body Workout & Ass Bonus

Video is 10/50. I did 15/50 w/ a 2min break in the middle so I could work from my breakdown & also use my pull-up bar. Makes a 41min set.

  1. High knees w/ a twist (holding two 5lb weights)
  2. Elevated heel squat & press-up (heels on 10lb weights – 15s)
  3. Elevated push-up, alt shoulder touch
  4. Side plank, 10lbs in top hand. Arm to vertical & then down as close to legs as possible.
  5. Other side
  6. Chin-ups
  7. Half burpee & heel click
  8. Fly w/ 1/2 crunch, 15s
  9. Kneeling tricep kickback, 10s
  10. Jump-jump-squat (sideways shuffle)
  11. Biceps, round & down, 13s
  12. Sideways reach-outs, 10s. Arms rotated out, held at 90-deg. Extend alt arms.
  13. Pull-ups
  14. Traffic director arms, 10s
  15. Tuck abs, on floor, 3lbs bet feet
  16. Elevated side plank. Crunch top elbow to bottom knee.
  17. Other side
  18. Plie squat, hammer curl & press up, 15s

2min break

  1. Side reach, 10 OH, 15 down arm, One arm OH, one weight down by side you’re leaning to
  2. Other side
  3. Elevated push-up w/ alt spider knees
  4. Squat & bicep curl. Stand & curl & press-up, 15s
  5. Tricep SA kickback – 10 & 2lb wrist weight (bent over, one hand & one knee on bench)
  6. Same arm, row & fly
  7. Other side – Tricep SA kickback
  8. Other side – row & fly
  9. I did the 1 tricep 1 regular alt push-ups w/ a 180 jump turn in the middle (another bodyrock move from HIITmax)
  10. Plie squat, arms come down in center. Stand & Y lift – 13s
  11. Elevated plank. Alt knee-in & glute raise
  12. SA arm @ 90 deg & rotate out, 13
  13. Other side
  14. Curl up, rotate out, bring back in & down, 10s
  15. Front raise – holding one 15lb weight on both ends
  16. Shoulder press up, then squeeze elbows in & back down, 12
  17. Tricep dips
  18. Pike slider abs

Did the burn-out along w/ the video, but on the floor w/ 2lb weights. Next time maybe 5lb weights & 2 rounds per side @ 10/30, also adding a couple inner thigh lifts

  1. Hands & knees – pull knee in & extend leg out st back.
  2. Lying on side – lifts
  3. Knee to front & kick out to an angle toward back.
  4. Hydrant lift & lick
  5. Lying on side – top leg perpendicular to body & pulse

Did a real quick stretch after.









Quick HIIT & abs burnout

Picked out a Lisa WO’s w/out previewing. Wish she included a breakdown but it ain’t happening. We are lucky to be able to get a few, free YouTube’s, every now & then.

I’m going to have to rely on diet more than sheer exercise for a little while, so getting in a quick WO is better than nothing. It might even get to be like 20-30min, here and there. And that’s ok! If it’s too sad to list the stats, I won’t bother.

It’s another beautiful day, and I’ve got things I need to do downtown. Preparing to return to daytime professional mode (rather than remote freelance in sweats & messy hair half the day). I’m going to get on the first afternoon bus, but before that I want to get Theodora outside for some sun and fresh air.


  • BodyRock – Fat Burning Leg Workout +8lb vest. Note to self: detail this one out. As much as I’d been meh on that last kickbox, this was great. Went back & did breakdown so I can repeat. WO is 30min w/ a 6min ankle weight burnout. I changed the time to 15/50 and made two sets out of the previous 30min routine, w/ a 1min rest in between. Increased length of burnout. You’ll see when I repeat!
  • Ab Workout Then I did a GymRa, also w/out a preview even tho I’m mostly “meh” about these two. I liked this woman tho, and I actually had trouble keeping pace, or was miscounting or something. This would also be worth detailing. Was reps.
  • Closed w/ some minimal stretching. I’ll do a practice tomorrow. I was gonna today, but I hammered the upper body so hard yesterday, I thought a moderate legs day was in order.


I wasn’t in the mood but I’m going to have at least a month, probably longer, of only working out twice a week. It’ll be the longest break ever in regular exercise since maybe freshman year at RISD! Will be interesting.



  • 10 reps / HIIT 50:10
  • 8 reps / HIIT 40:10
  • 6 reps / HIIT 30:10
  • 4 reps / HIIT 20:10

1. Burpee wide pushup back fly Reps – 10s 1st  2 rnds & then 12lbs ea arm. HIIT – 10s
2. Bridge hold pull over to fly 15s
3. Back box squat forward Lunge 1=1 BL sandbag / switched to 20s for last 2 HIIT rounds b/c I usually lose a couple seconds in the backloading. seemed like cheating to do only 5 per leg, but maybe I previewed wrong! Dunno – it says 1=1.
4. SL Bosu pushup 3 groiners
5. Ski swing to squat and press 15s 
6. Manmakers F-it I did 15s for the first 3 rounds & only switched to 20s for the last & easiest.
7. Step up rev Lunge 2=1 Reps – did 1 leg 1st then the other / HIIT – alt legs 20s
8. Bosu burpees heel clicks 5s. Tricep style push-ups here. I’d totally failed to appreciate, during my preview, of the crazy-amount of push-ups in this routine. Do punch ups @ top w/ heel click
9. Decline pike pushups+face melter 2nd part melter, 1 leg & switch
10. Sumo dL + squat to stand 20s Could TOTALLY use 25s here. Sandbag is too long for my short arms for this move, no range of motion. In the 8s reps round tho, I tried full release, setting weights on floor before pulling up from squat & that did make it more challenging w/ the 20s.

Time = 1:37


  • for remaining time

Full Body Combat & Bonus Combat Abs

Didn’t feel like working out today. Amazingly, a good stretch (Astanga) can make me feel more sore the next day than a heavy legs set. It’s true I don’t have access to heavier weights. I should be using 25s for some things. But still…

Previewed part of this Lisa routine awhile back & thought, Meh. I’m not really into throwing punches. I don’t mind a few of those kinds of moves but I’m really not into a bunch. And ya this is one I’d definitely never repeat but at least I got a little sweat going.


Full Body Combat & Bonus Combat Abs

  • Video is an hour & 20 but the WO is only an hour. Starts after 10:20. There’s an 8min banded warm-up, followed by like 32min of kickboxing style w/ jump rope & then like 14min of abs.
  • All you need are two 5lb weights and a band tho, which is kind of nice for a change.
  • I thought I was getting more of a workout than I did, but it was enough. Did just a little bit of stretching after.

Excellent and soothing Astanga

I’d hammered both upper and lower body this week and hadn’t stretched much at all as well! But it’s getting warmer in Portland again, and this time of year the sun shines on the windows of my end of the front hall. That might’ve helped.

No jump rope warm-up. Didn’t feel like jumping today.


Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in Surya As, 3lb weights on the last 3 (my new standard), two 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind – is helping crack open the Pashasana again
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Ustrasana hips to wall, keeping them fwd
Laghu Vajrasana
Hanuman 1min, foot against wall, 20sec upright, 40 back bending. Final 15sec looking head back
EPRK Felt good so I went for it & it was fine.
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x

Superset Legs #4 and Tabata HIIT, x2

Even slower than the first time, but I’d upped my weights

  • Note to self: repeat this WO doing maybe 3 rounds each superset & MAY also cutting down the HIIT a little too, 3x each move for a 7½min cardio repeat. I only say that b/c I just watched a video on the evils of too much pure cardio.

Doesn’t happen all that often, but when I do repeat a WO, I’m always grateful for my note taking habits. First time was – July 16, 2017 – I’d titled my post with an “OMFG”, lol. It was pre sandbag… I didn’t use bands at all the first time either. But I could see during the 3rd superset that I’d need over 2 hours to finish, and honestly I didn’t think I need it today.


Superset Legs #4 and Tabata HIIT

HIIT Tabata 1: 20:10 4x each move = 10min set +8lb vest
1. (1-4) 2 Switch foot mtn climber 2 front kicks
2.(5-8) Sumo squat pulses 
20 Was gonna raise this by 15, to 35lbs, but hells no! 
3.(9-12) Curtsy Lunge hops on floor, alt in 1st round. 2nd rnd curtsied to one side only but I alternated legs
4.(13-16) Elevated Bulg clap under SL push-ups Alt all rounds
5.(17-20) Bunny hops fwd and back

Superset 1:  4x √, √, √, √ 
1. Lateral step up and curtsy Lunge 12/ leg 1st rnd – 
40lbs, 2nd rnd dropped back to 30s +8lb vest (only 2lbs lighter but easier on the grip strength) b/c I didn’t know if I’d finish even ½ this WO. Did this move w/ two 15s & no vest all the way thru, last time.
2. Sumo squat leg lift 12 (2=1) BL sand bag. 1st round did alt legs but 2nd rnd did all on one side – better for speed & balance so kept that the last 2 rounds.

(@ 39min! LOL. I’m not committed to finishing @ this point.)


Superset 2: 4x √, √, √, 
1. Rev Lunge to front kick 12/leg 1st rnd – BL sandbag, too heavy! Had 2 touch foot bet ea rev lunge & kick too. 2nd rnd dropped to 40s, SO MUCH EASIER to balance, holding weights down by sides. Didn’t have 2 touch down & moved faster. But rnds 3&4 dropped further to two 15s & 8lb vest. This WO could take me 3 hours if I did the whole thing today. I think I’m not eating enough lately.
2. Banded Good mornings 12 1st rnd – 
30lbs & ppl band. 2nd rnd used BL sandbag & ppl band. Switched it up. 

REPEAT HIIT  (Time here 1:27) Was HIGH on endorphins & dancing in the rests bet the bunny hops.

Superset 3: 4x √, √, √,
1. Split Lunge 12/leg 
BL sandbag I did these pulses. Hadn’t re-previewed & didn’t f-ing care by the time I got to this superset, lol. 
2. DL squat 12 
40lbs & ppl band

Time 1:41 here. I just stopped, put away weights & stretched minimally.


Superset 4: 4x
1. 12 kneeling thrusts She does BL sandbag & ya it’s like an ustrasana thrust, from sitting on calves. 
2. rocket step ups 12/leg

Happy Thursday, Jupiter & Sachiel day!

Set my alarm for 6:20, to wake up to Henry snuggles and kisses and the first hour of the day, which is also ruled by Jupiter. May as well do this on the Thursdays of a waxing moon.

6 of Swords
Card of the Day: 6 of Swords

I found a great resource for the Thoth deck specifically! A soft-spoken Englishman with a penchant for nail polish, who films with his head cropped out of the frame. I watched a bunch of his YouTubes. He’s got a clip for each card, ranging from about 18-25 minutes or so, from the ones I’ve watched. I rather like the printed word though, so I’ve switched to his website. I can’t find a search engine on it, so I just go to the home page & type in the card I want in the browser window, right before “esotericmeanings” & hit enter again to find.


The Six of Swords was formally known as ‘The Lord of Earned Success’ implying success after struggle.

Tipareth in Yetzirah! (See: The Four Worlds)

An air planet (Mercury) finds itself in the fixed sign of air which is Aquarius. Mercury is EXHALTED in Aquarius highlighting the intellectual qualities of the card. Aquarius is an air sign, which is detached and intellectual by nature and Mercury’s ability to analyse brings a clear perspective for us going forward. So the astrology of the card indicates a somewhat detached but balanced assessment of a situation is needed. We need to analyse something without bias and too much emotion to get the best result. Aquarius is also the sign of innovation and originality and so this card also represents communicating ideas that are new or perhaps unconventional in an orderly way.

Here’s another tarot site I go to a lot, specifically when dealing with decks that have fuzzy or convoluted or sparse descriptions in their accompanying manual.

Generally the 6 shows at least a slight reduction in stress and strain. Things may not be perfect, but they are going to be better than they may have been in the recent past. Take this time to get your head above water and decide where you’re going from here.

And another

Six of Swords says a difficult cycle is ending – allow it to phase out now – quietly pass through it by setting your sights on the future.  Look at things the way they are – not the way you want them to be.  Think with an open mind.  Investigate all the possibilities.  You are experiencing an unpleasant, frustrating situation – sever yourself from it and you will know peace of mind and harmony, like the sunshine after a storm.  You are making great progress now.  Recognize that everything is relative to one’s viewpoint and communicate in a non – threatening way that will allow other people to consider new ideas, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes from perspectives that they have not yet considered.

Not that I spend all morning reading tarot websites! It’s just something fun to do occasionally – while caffeinating – instead of reading the dismal, world “news”.

Dumbbell Back and Bicep Workout

Well! That was a bit ridic for an upper body WO, but I had some good energy today. If things go like I imagine, then I will only be working out twice a week for awhile.


Dumbbell Back and Bicep Workout

1. a. Bear crawl row to crab press 15, 12, 8 10, 10 +2lb wrist weight, 15
b. iso squat bicep curl SA 15, 12, 8 10lbs, 13lbs, 15lbs 

2. (this was set 5 in the WO breakdown but it looked like one of the hardest @ first glance, w/ the swings, so I swapped sets 2 & 5. I don’t like the hard stuff coming @ the end! And boy was I glad I got this one out of the way early – treating the 1st set as my warm-up. It was killer)
a. burpee back flys 15 – 7, 12 – 10, 8 – 12
b. swings 50 50 50 35lb kettlebell Hadda do these in sets of 25/25 with a rest  ½way thru each round & let my HR come back off the 170s
c. eccentric lateral raises 15 – 7, 12 – 10, 8 – 12 12lbs each arm was tough! Did the last round 4&4 reps.

3.(Video: @ 27:45)
a. 2 upright rows + 1 curl+ plank hop 15 – 10s, 12 – 12, 8 – 15, 8 – 15 Didn’t wanna add the now sweaty wrist weights by this point. Also the 4th round in this set seemed cruel, lol. 
b. pull over butterfly situps 15, 12, 8, 8 10s first two, longer rounds & then 15. Feet together & knees out. Bring weight to feet in the sit-up. This move was a rest @ this point! Sig easier for me than the others.

OK I hadda use both hands to pick up my water bottle after set 3.

4.(Video: @ 40:45)
a. 2 bent over close rows + 2 deadlifts 15 – 15s, 12 – 17 Was gonna bump it up to 20lbs ea hand here but at was challenging doing 15 with 15s in first round, 8 – 20s
b. plank row + rotate and extend 15 – 7, 12 – 10s, 8 – 12 (might’ve bumped up to 15 here but I could feel it a little bit, w/ the 10s, in the problem area of left elbow / tricep) I did this move all on one side & then the other, b/c for longer (first 2) sets in plank I don’t like to have one hand on the weight too long or it starts to hurt my palm.

5. (Video: @15mi
a. Back extension into pike pushup 15, 12, 8, 8 on ground – arms come straight FWD for back extension
b. wide bi curl to hammer bi curl in lunge 15 -8, 12 -10s, 8 – 12, 8 – 12
So 2 curls per each rep while holding lunge Realised a couple into 2nd round I’d forgotten about the wide part w/ the bicep curls, which was unintentional cheating, as those are harder than reg. Oh well. Didn’t matter as my biceps were PLENTY worked today.

ABS HIIT at 50 :10 3x Joined in with the video just for the abs burnout.
1. rev curl w/ 3lbs bet feet ball rotations
2. straight abs knees in toe taps Hadn’t previewed this – probably would’ve used siders but ok as upper body maxed out
3. low boat & knee tuck knee tuck press ups Did move as per vid 1st round but decided on a no weight option
4. alt T stand top lower leg toe touches I like to stack the feet in side plank
5. alt plank 3 pt knee tucks

Time = 1:44!! lol. Didn’t bother to stretch. I’ll do that tomorrow.