Two more Zuzka sets & a tiny bit of yoga

It always seems like such a life or death struggle to get even a short WO in after work, and I don’t even work until late! But I did it, and that’s what counts.


2:40 2 minute jump rope buy in: Zuzka does this 30/30/30/30 with no rest, but she’s much better on the jump rope. I did it 10/30. I’d attempted the double-unders while following along w/ the video on Tuesday, but I only managed it a few times and would then trip on the rope

  1. Basic bounce 30 sec
  2. Scissors 30 sec
  3. High knees 30 sec
  4. Double-under practice 30 sec ropeless Even ropeless was hard work. I’ll practice trying to double under w/ the rope again for sure.


  • this part starts after 2:48. I joined in here.
  1. Backward lunge pass under elbow strike (or twist) 50/10 sec S’pose I should’ve previewed b/c this move was hard to get
  2. One arm row to jump squat 50/10 sec left 26lb kettlebell. Could even do 35lb-er for this
  3. One arm row to jump squat 50/10 sec right
  4. One arm swing alt. 50/10 sec 26lb kettlebell
  5. Plank jack transformers 50/10 sec
  6. Russian twist (x3) to Competition plank jack (x2) 50/10 sec 26lb kettlebell
  7. Tornado Clams 50/10 sec 26lb kettlebell
  8. Weighted in and out knees 50/10 sec


2 minute jump rope buy out: same as opener

300 Killer Rep #10

  • 3 rounds (Time = 21:10) √, √, √
  1. Banded Side to Side Squat Hop x20 2=1, ppl band. Shuffle to one side & squat. Repeat to the other side, fast.
  2. Hip Raise Abduction with Power Band x20 On back. Hip thrust & knees out & in. Back down 2 repeat.
  3. Criss Cross Jump Burpee x10 No band. Squat jumps w/ alt front crossing shin, both sides. Jump back to push-up.
  4. Jump Lunge / Front Lift Toe Touch (with opp hand) x10 Alt legs 1=1
  5. Push Up to Frog Jump x10 No sliders.
  6. Stay Low Backward Slide Lunge x10 /10 Only moving foot on slider. Going as fast as possible to really deep lunge.
  7. Knee Tuck (to chest) to Plank Jack x10 Both feet on sliders.


About 6 min.


Two Zgym sets and a quick stretch

I did it! First day of the work week it’s of prime importance to get a little mini workout in. I might try going a little longer on weeknights, now that I’m going to be mostly alone all month… One day a week I’m going to bus to work though, so I can take myself out for dinner and be around other people.


Jump Rope Cardio Kettlebell X #1

I decided I’d try to follow along w/ the 12min set, maybe ropeless jumping, to try to practice the rhythm, and then do a couple single 10/30 intervals after the set, trying to do it with the rope.

  • (10/30×2 = 12min
  1. One Arm Swing R 26lb kettlebell
  2. One Arm Swing L
  3. High Knees
  4. Vertical Clean to Overhead Squat – R
  5. Vertical Clean to Overhead Squat – L
  6. High Knees
  7. Snatch – R Too much forearm banging here. (Plus just got the 26lb bell). I couldn’t quite manage Z’s technique first round so 2nd round I just did a clean & press w/out the OH squat (moves 4 & 5)
  8. Snatch – L
  9. Double Unders I just went ahead & tried w/ the rope. Had been planning to try ropeless. I got like 2 the first round and 3 the second round but it’s fine. Got my HR up really high.

15 Minute Fit Slide #12

  • Thus far I’d done only “X” WOs, meaning they are in Z’s advanced category. It’s not on the level of Julia’s, because there is just no way a 15min set can compete with a well-planned routine of 60 minutes or more, but yes the new moves are an interesting change of pace. Also, after the first set I was really sweating!!
  • Begins @ 1min
  1. DB weighted Side lunge slide to (tricep) Push Up x 5/5 15s
  2. Twist side plank slide to frog slide x 10 alt.
  3. Weighted front to side lunge slide x 10/10
  4. One leg mountain slider to side kick push up x 5/5

Then a bit of Yoga.

First Astanga practice since May 6

And amazingly it was pretty good. Gods, did I need it. So much drama lately. It’s been pretty relentless since Wednesday, April 4th.

Did a plein air session today

I had some preliminary movement more than just lying about. I went downtown & painted for a bit. I’ve gotta research a parking spot next time. I went to do the same view as I’d done in a watercolour last year, 2400 SW Park Place, viewed from the entrance to Forest Park. Tried to parallel park on the hill. I got it in one spot & it’d probably have been ok, but it was more than 18″ from the curb. I moved to an easier spot, that was 3 or 4 blocks down the hill. Carrying 50lbs on my back up it was something. And then I wasn’t quite sure if the spot I’d gotten was legal or not. Guest parking was supposed to be 90min if I’d read correctly. I was there a bit over that. I think there might be a paid parking area just to the right of the steps, where I was though… I should check that shit out next time.

Even to a homeless woman, another lady daring to be grey is a BFD

Funny enough I was so nerved up I forgot how to mount my pochade box on the tripod and had to struggle with it. Then the first person who comes by is a homeless woman who wants to start a long chat right as I’m finally set up & looking to focus. The funniest part was she wanted to comment on my grey hair.

Hey, I’ve been told, right in my current home, that I’m lucky Charlie doesn’t kick me to the curb for daring to let my hair do its thing!

It’s no wonder I hung out with mostly men in high school. Insecure women are the worst.

I accidentally closed my HR app before saving the WO so I don’t have any stats, but I got to finishing at 1:10, because I didn’t stop before Kapo B to do any timed poses. Interestingly I was pretty open. Straight into a wrist bind in supta kurmasana, for example. Got my wrist in the easier, 2nd side of pashasana… Not that it matters. Just interesting how that happens sometimes when you wouldn’t expect it. My left shoulder is still a bit twinge-y!!! Nothing serious tho.

My full practice was about 1:26, including all finishing & savasana.

Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in Surya As, no hand held weights at all, 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind – is helping crack open the Pashasana again
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Ustrasana hips to wall, keeping them fwd
Laghu Vajrasana
Kapo B 5 breaths & then one walk-in for 5 more
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with full 5min savasana

Two sets of Zgym WOs & some yoga

OK my neck & traps are definitely sore, most likely from incorporating the new, 26lb kettlebell in SA moves and the upper body hammering yesterday. Decided I’d stick to plan to practice Astanga tomorrow.


Today’s WO

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope. Then two Zgym WOs posted in this week’s schedule.

17:30 8 Minute Tabata #5

  • Did these as tabata pairs sets & it was fantastic, with a 30sec break in between sets, for a total of 17:30min. It’s nice that Z explains all the moves before starting b/c it saves time with the preview!
  • Changed the order of the moves: to keep the side planks together in the same set & also keep the two pull-up moves together (since I have to leave the office 4 those)
  1. Frog Jump Push Up Jump to toes on the frog.
  2. Power Split Jump Feet parallel. Do a bunny hop, mini squat & do a rockstar jump, alt sides. 
  3. Hanging Knee Raises
  4. Sit up / Pull Up Used a 10lb weight to help with the sit-up to low squat transition. 
  5. Side Plank Cross Over Knee Tuck – L Rotate supporting shoulder out. Knee tuck & tap toe to front & then back. This was the one maybe a-little-too-easy moves, even w/ sore shoulders (warmed up by this point). Add 2lb ankle weights next time.
  6. Side Plank Cross Over Knee Tuck – R 
  7. (Wide) Tuck Jump / Sumo Squat (w/ pulse)
  8. Rock Star Burpee Butt kick jump, both feet @ the same time.

2 full rounds 15 Minute Fit Slide #14

  • 15min AMRAP. Started this along w/ the video, which was a first for me w/ my Zgym membership. I’ve already decided I’m enjoying it enough to continue for month 2, for sure. I hadda pause a few x & go slower tho, partly b/c I have these big, clunky sliders. Replacements I bought were two small b/c I hadn’t bothered to note the size, LOL. Anyway was fine. I never go for time. I’d rather decide on a number of rounds, focus on form, and take as long as I need to take (while not being too lazy in terms of pace)
  • Frog slide to jack slide push up x10
  • Side lunge slide pass under with KB x 10 alt. legs 26lb kettlebell
  • One arm lifted frog slide / plank row / one leg cross slide push up 5/5 15lb weights
  • One leg mountain slider (x3) / weighted backward slide lunge (x3) 6/6 15s


Mostly 10/60 non vinyasa poses done in single intervals. Got some back bending in & closed w/ some pressure point work, shoulders down to upper back.

The Kettlebell Progression Workout

Wasn’t sure if I was up for this today! I haven’t recovered from my week at all yet. (If you could see a montage of scenes you’d understand). I did it though.

I may be slow, but my endurance is off the hook

If I were hiring I’d definitely look for people devoted to fitness. You know why? Fitness = self discipline & focus.


The Kettlebell Progression Workout

Part 1: 4 Rounds √, √, √, √ Time = 17:40

  • Took a couple breaks bet rounds, plus after. This’d be a good standalone, weeknight WO.
    1. Bent-over Rows, (20s Too light for rows for me @ this point. Would pick up 25s if I had ’em. Didn’t wanna do 40 unassisted pull-ups tho! 20 was enough.) Pull up (pull-up bar, no assist) 5x ea move
    2. Box Front Squat 10x BL sandbag
    3. Deadlift 10x one 35lb KB and one 26lb KB, switching arms every round
    4. Push-up 5x
    5. Surfer ½ Burpee 10x skipped the push-up for today. This is such an upper body focused WO already.

Part 2: 2 Rounds 5x Each (Start at #1 up to #5, then on Second Round #5 to #1) @15:48 Wish I timed this set alone but did not. It’d be a great one to repeat standalone as well.

  • 26lb kettlebell for the swings but dropped to a 20lb dumbbell for the other moves. The former is too heavy for that long of a set of continuous, single arm moves. 
  • OH press is still heavy with SA for me, particularly on my left side (always the weaker one)

1. Swing Left 10x, Snatch
3. Swing Left/Snatch/Overhead Press
4. Swing Left/Snatch/Overhead Press/Left Reverse Lunge (hold overhead) 20 was ok for me doing weight OH rev lunges! I’ve gotten stronger for sure.
5. Swing Left/Snatch/Overhead Press/Left Reverse Lunge/Squat Out Right (held onto the 20 the first time through. Second time, moving in rev, picked up the 35lb kettlebell w/ both hands) & didn’t drop any weight at all.

(Repeat on Right Side)

5x Left Turkish Get Up @22:22. Already 10+ min “behind” here 🙂 10lb Went heavier the rest of the WO but this is a somewhat awkward move & puts a lotta wobble on the shoulder. I play it safe here, particularly when tired and already sore (on one side)
5x Right Turkish Get Up

Repeat Part 2 & begin with #5 down to #1

Part 3: Abs/Glutes 10/45 2 Rounds @ 35:20 Wow! I’m at 56:30. I went heavy tho except for the Turks which was the one place I was faster.
1. Right Side 1/2 Squat Plank Glute Lift
2. Left Clam Shell 2nd rnd added ppl band to moves 2 & 3. Better.
3. Left Knee Front to kick out @ an angle to the back Heel tap Behind Yup – I changed this move to one I like / can feel more.
4. Side Bend Left (weight in right hand) 15lbs 1st rnd / 26lbs 2nd would be better for me standing, w/ kettlebell, b/c range of motion
5. Kneeling Woodchopper 15lbs both rounds was fine for today. I did a couple 50sec sets of these w/ 20 just last night & this WO was an upper body killer!
6. Left Side 1/2 Squat Plank Glute Lift
7. Right Clam Shell
8. Right Knee Front to Heel tap Behind
9. Side Bend Right (weight in Left hand)
10. Shovel weight down Right twist Left

Bonus: 8 minute Countdown Combo @54:31 Took a notes pause & almost skipped this, but WTH. I’d already decided I wasn’t gonna do much of anything today besides internet & exercise. I did just stop immediately when the timer chimed tho :).
10x Mountain Climbers/Roll-over/10x Pendulums – up to 10x Low Pulse Squat & 3 bunny hop squat jumps

And then I actually did some of the stretching along w/ Michele. I’m not great about stretching my shoulders and she started w/ that. Hit stop @ 1:18 on the vid & did a couple more of my own stretches & a quick savasana.

Quick HIIT, “laundry stairs” and a bit of yoga

Was considering doing just part of Michele’s latest WO, but since we’re on the eve of a 3-day weekend I decided to save it / do the whole thing @ once, later.


20-Minute Workout for Core, Arms and Legs

  • +8lb vest, with Jesse & the vid as I was too pooped last night to bother w/ previewing.
  • WO starts after 10:41. I started jumping rope (for 2-3min) while J was talking but then I realised he was explaining the whole WO so hit fast FWD.

1. Wood Chopper-Right 20
2. Wood Chopper-Left
3. Tuck Jump Burpee Plank Step Out
4. Rock the Boat
5. Side Lunge Lift-Right 15s
6. Side Lunge Lift-Left
7. Dips
8. Side Plank Hip Tap-Right
9. Side Plank Hip Tap-Left
10. Heel-Click Surfer Burpees
11. Down Dog Side Plank-Alternating
12. Supine to Sit 15
13. Runner’s Lunge Leg Lift-Right
14. Runner’s Lunge Leg Lift-Left 15s
15. Deadbug

12 8 Minute Tabata #4 X

This is a Zgym WO (a “set” really) I hadn’t gotten to yet. 3x thru, ea move I did it this way, instead of doing moves sequentially 1-8 & then repeating, b/c I have to leave the room to get to my pull-up bar. It’s easier to move around less when working from a breakdown.

  1. Over the Reading Pillow Box Jump
  2. Pull-Up / Squat
  3. Hang Cleans Deadlift to Squat 20s 
  4. Bird Dog / Tricep Push Up Plank. Extend 1 arm & opp leg, alt sides. Push-up.
  5. Side Slide Lunge with SA press-up 26lb kettlebell. Weight in L arm, cleaned 2 shoulder, slider under R foot. Lateral lunge RL. Back to standing. Foot off slider & SA press.
  6. Other Side
  7. Squat Twist Burpee Push-up & jump fwd to squat. Running man lunge while twisting to the side, alt sides.
  8. Kettlebell Swing (w/ Squat on the Out?) 26lbs


Ran downstairs to basement to put laundry in the dryer. Trying to get it done before the “kids” are back for the weekend. Fed Henry. Since HR was still high I left the monitor going.


Just a few minutes.


Cardio Shred #42 X, abs & a little yoga

It was a happy hump day!

I exercised! And it was good.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope Not that I’d needed any “warming”, in the temperature sense, as it was 81-degrees in the room when I started.

Cardio Shred #42 X

I did this one already! Didn’t notice until I started, so I changed one move & just carried on. 

1. Pull Ups x 5 Did the correct, overhand grip this time. No problem!
2. Jump Lunge x 10 
3. Deadlift x 10 / Squat x 10 35lb kettlebell in one hand & 26 pounder in the other, switching sides on 2nd round
4. Jump Lunge x 10
5. Push Up x 10
6. Jump Lunge x 10
7. Hanging Knee Raise x 10
8. Jump Lunge x 10
9. Pistol Squat x 10 alt. legs
10. Jump Lunge x 10
11. Bulgarians, back leg elevated, 30lbs 10x ea leg Tree Point Heel Raise x 40
12. Jump Lunge x 10

Bonus Abs: 45 Seconds 12 Exercises 2 rounds @ 55:31. From Michele’s Mother’s Day WO. I always love her abs sections, and it’s good that I note the times of the section starts, for when I want to go right to a certain section at a later time.
1. Crunch UP
2. Right Elbow to Left Knee Crunch in
3. Roll Left – Right side Crunch 2nd rnd – did it like M this time.
4. Left Elbow to Right Knee Crunch in
5. Roll right – Left side Crunch
6. Legs on 45 degree – Pull in & crunch and press out
7. Hands under butt – Legs table top & lower feet to floor
8. Flutter Kicks
9. 100’s
10. Slow Bicycle
11. Static Hold – Pulse up
12. Hyperextensions

550 Killer Rep Workout

It’s funny that I’m not at all motivated by time, in regard to exercise. That said my time was 27:56. (I added ankle weights to two moves & a leg lift to move 13.)

I drove to work today for the first time since whatever my last summer job was during high school! It’s more important than ever to get in my baby, express WOs during the week. Last week was twice. Perhaps three times this week. I’m going to be getting home so much faster (even if I strictly avoid high ways & get stuck behind buses.)


550 Killer Rep Workout

  1. Side Step Push Up x 10 Arm & same side leg “step” out to alt sides for the push-up. Then return. I decided to break up the set of 50 reps into 5 sets of 10.
  2. Backward Lunge Kick Ups 25/25
  3. Mountain Climbers x 50 1=1 Z does a hopping style. Each hop lands alt front foot fwd.
  4. Sumo Squat Knee Up x 50 alt. Knee lifts out to the side, sumo style.
  5. Side Step Push Up x 10
  6. One Leg Bridge Leg Lift x 25/25 Start w/ back flat on floor & kick up while lifting hips.
  7. Side Step Push Up x 10
  8. Low Sumo Squat & Side Leg Lift x 50 alt. +2lb ankle weights?
  9. One arm side press x 25/25 Like P90X on side w/ knees bent, tricep push-ups
  10. Star Crunch x 50
  11. Side Step Push Up x 10
  12. Squat Cross Body Reach Up x 25/25 15lb, wood chopper style
  13. Side Plank Hip Dips x 25/25 +2lb ankle weights & leg lifts?
  14. Wall Sit Leg Lifts x 25/25 Extend the 1 leg straight out & pulse lift.
  15. Side Step Push Up x 10

Then a few minutes of yoga stretching.

































Yoga, 2 rounds HIIT, more yoga

It’s been a full two weeks since my last Astanga practice. And I made myself sore throwing an ustrasana into my first HIIT yesterday. Sometimes that works well; sometimes it doesn’t.

Kind of a low burn!! I should’ve probably done M’s new WO but I saw it right before I wanted 2 start. Will have to wait til next wknd for another long one.
  1. Yoga: Suryas & fundamentals, w/ hanuman, & first 3 poses of primary. 29:20min Then a break to put on sneakers & arrange space for part 2.
  2. 15 Minute Fat Burn #5 X (Zgym) 2 rounds, 1st w/ video & 2nd w/ breakdown. Failed both times to count reps but NBD.

  3.  More yoga, about 20min. Yesterday’s included more back bending so today I threw in some LBH (leg behind head) for counterbalance.