The Mini Band Thigh Burning Workout

Can’t believe how much stuff I got done this morning, chiefly being the set-up of my brand new iMac. Was working on a little timeframe clip of that. I’m looking dumpy in my PJs but it’s only 16 seconds.

  1. Unboxed & set it up.
  2. Downloaded Chrome
  3. Imported bookmarks & logged into all my creative accounts.
  4. Got the main Creative Cloud apps I use downloaded.

I even put away the rest of my laundry people! Whatever hadn’t been hung up immediately last week. Didn’t get much sleep either b/c stayed up a little too late & I’m awake at the very edge of first light every day. Hoping for a pre dinner nap!!!



The Mini Band Thigh Burning Workout

Pre warm-up starts @ 0.54.

Warm-up: 10/40 2 Rounds after 3:50 orange band. Kicked my ASS & I paused for notes. The orange Xband was the perfect resistance, and my bands don’t roll up if anyone shopping for thigh bands happens to read this.
1. Plies Pulse Hop
2. Low jacks
3. (Hold Low) Alternate Squat Step Together
4. Plank Jack forearms
5. Dive Bombers

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds after 13:00 √, √, √  [ENDED UP DOING THIS AS A DROP SET.] Intense! I’d previewed this but it was awhile ago & I’d forgotten 3rd move somewhat & cardio entirely. I’d have taken my vest off for the plank move / jumping cardio @ the beginning. Plus 10s is a little heavy for this move.
1. (R. Side of Bench) Kneel Down/Up – Step Up to Knee Lift – down
Criss Cross Jack 10 – 12x 5s Rnd 1 – +8lb vest. Rnd 2 – no vest, same dumbbells. Rnd 3 – dropped to 5s.
2. (L. Side of Bench) Kneel Down/Up – Step Up to Knee Lift – down
Criss Cross Jack 10 – 12x
3. Alternate Side Plank – Row Close to Overhead Pull 10x 15s. Rnd 2 – no vest, same dumbbells. Figured this out on the 2nd round, w/o the added weight of the vest. It’s row up, back down & then a side-plank snatch.

3x = Mountain Climbers hops to 2 switch lunges w/ weights OH – 10x Rnd 1 – 10s + 8lb vest. Rnd 2- no vest, same dumbbells. Rnd 3 – dropped to 5s.

Paused after all rounds for notes & a rest. Tired! Did rest of circuit w/ music & breakdown.


Circuit 2: 3 Rounds after 34:30 (in vid – I was much slower w/ notes & rests & not previewing! √, √, √
1. Stand on Blocks – (R. Side Face Out) Squat Down to Right
Side Leg Lift 15x Rnd 1 – blocks on lowest, widest setting & 5lb ankle weights. Rnds 2 & 3 – ppl band 
2. Stand onBlocks – (L. Side Face Out) Squat Down to Left
Side Leg Lift 15x
3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press to Chest Press & Press Overhead 10 -12x Rnd 1 – 15s. Rnds 2 & 3, 10s & 2lb wrist weights

(Band on Thighs /Feet) 2x Low Squat Walk to 2x Low Jack Rnd 1 – ppl band. Rnd 2 – left 2lb wrist weights on (hands are just @ hips so only 4 added lbs.)

Took a nice, long break here b/c a great Lana Del Ray song came on… Vid was 47:54 & I didn’t start the first bonus til after, oh about 1:10…

Bonus: Thigh Burner 5/30 2 rounds (1 left/1 right) V happy w/ the 5lb ankle weights for this set. Sometimes I like them better than the bands. Only thing I’ll change if repeating this set or WO is to rest a 10lb dumbbell above knee for #5.
1. Bent Leg Lift
2. Straight Leg Lift
3. Kneeling – Glute Kick Back
4. Kneeling – Straight Leg Glute Pulse Up
5. Clam Shell Kept bottom foot on floor for this move.
6. Kick Out Lifted bottom foot.
7. Leg straight Knee Tap Front/Foot Lift behind (Rainbow)
Repeat on Right side

Bonus: Abs :45 10 rounds (2x) – Didn’t notice M used a band here & I went w/ no equipment. She did these no rest. This’d be a great set tacked onto a Zgym for after work, but I’d do it timed to do 2lb ankle weights for all but #4 & maybe #8
1. Crunch
2. Left Knee Crunch in – Right foot press out (Right elbow to knee)
3. Right Knee Crunch in – Left Foot press out (left elbow to knee)
4. Crunch Pull Knees in and Press out
5. (Reverse Table Top) Tap feet to floor . Added a rev curl.
6. Left Side – Crunch Left Knee in & Top elbow crunch to knee
7. Rigth Side – Crunch Right Knee in & Top Elbow crunch to knee
8. Bicycle Crunch Right then left
9. 100’s (Hold up & pulse hands)
10. Hyperextensions on floor

Time 1:35


Summer Shred #33 X

80 degrees in the sun puddle again! Forgot to pull blinds. HR up to 170 in the first 4min. I hadda do it tho as I’d missed 2 WOs this week. I even passed up a way more excellent glass of wine than I’m normally privy to. #priorities.

Didn’t stretch at all though. There’s been WAY too much drama this week & I wanted to get to the shower & to the beer.



Summer Shred #33 X

Buy in: Competition Burpees x 25

Workout Breakdown

Part1  (jump rope, sliders)
Jump Rope High Knees 1 min / SL pike abs x 10 / 10
Jump Rope High Knees 1 min / One leg kick (out to the side) slide (tricep) push up x 6 / 6
Jump Rope High Knees 1 min / Criss Cross Mountain Sliders (slow) x 20

Part 2  (5lb ankle weights +8lb vest)
Forward Backward Lunge x 10 / 10 20s
Side Leg Lift (x2) Goblet Squat to Overhead Press x 16 alt. legs 15s. Was glad she took a break @ 6 b/c I was getting dizzy & directly in sun puddle & noticed I was @ 173. Banged my knee so hard the last time there’s a little, round protrusion on the corner! Turned off vid @ 9th rep on first side & did slow. I was going a bit heavier than Z, an extra 12lbs on the upper body. Not sure how heavy her ankle weights are.
KB Swing x 20 35lbs (my heaviest bell) Doubled the reps.
Laying Side Leg Lift x 20 / 20
KB Swing x20

Part 3
Over The Pillows Jump to Pike Press Push Up / Chin Up
6 / 2 –  7 / 3 –  8 / 4

Buy out:
Plank Hold – 2 minutes

Time 40:13. I could go faster than Z now that I know the WO, especially in a cooler room. I hadn’t previewed this WO.

Summer Shred #6 & a bit of yoga

I have a sort of networking happy hour tomorrow night, so the next time I exercise will be Thursday. Gotta remember to pull the blind in the office before I leave. It doesn’t help the situation much, but every little bit counts. I got dizzy & banged my right knee w/ a 10lb weight, which pissed me off at the weight, lol. (It still hurts.)

183 is too high! 

Summer Shred #6 X

Workout Breakdown
Tabata Pairs (I didn’t do the whole set 4x thru but did as tabata pairs w/ 30sec rest bet the pairs, as per my usual = 17:30min set.

1. Wood chopper, left 20lb weight
2.Wood chopper, right

3. Reverse Burpees 10lbs
4. Weighted Low Jacks 10s

5. Curtsy curl / side lunge curl _left 15s, reg bicep curls both sides alt w/ hammer curls
6. Curtsy curl / side lunge curl _right

7. Weighted Squat jump forward / back (forward and back counts for one rep) 10s
8. Double unders JR HR way too high… 80 degree room in the sun puddle.

buy out:
handstand 30 sec
20 swings / 20 pendulums x 2 in a row Hadda take a break in the middle b/c of the heat problem. I swear I step into the hall & it’s 10-deg cooler. But… 
handstand 30 sec Managed to do this one w/out touching the wall once. First time I was putting the timer in the wrong place for my driste, duh.


Just a little bit.


Full Astanga practice, minus the stats

Instead of swiping the timer app off I swiped the WahooTICKER. I hate that! I had a good practice though. I always look to see what day of the weekend is forecast to be the warmest & wait for the afternoon. Today I waited until the 2nd hour of the day ruled by the sun that is also ruled by the sun (Tipareth) to click through my iMac order. The free delivery takes a little while but I’m betting I’ll have it before July 4th.

3pm felt a little late to be starting, but I could handle it b/c of getting somewhat accustomed to doing my express WOs after work. My time was just a hare over 90 minutes I’m pretty sure, including savasana and the putting away of the equipment.

Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in the 5 Surya As, 3lb hand held weights for 4th & 5th, 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Ustrasana hips to wall, keeping them fwd
Laghu Vajrasana
Hanuman 1min, foot against wall, 20sec upright, 40 back bending. Final 15sec looking head back
Rack single interval of 10/60
Block B (under hips) single interval of 10/60, feet on the wall
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with 4min savasana

Couple of Zgyms & some of the beginning of astanga

Started later than I’d intended. I haven’t even ordered the new, large screen, high speed iMac yet but I started reworking my torn paper, smaller scale design. I’ve learned a bit already about building these 24×36 repeats in InDesign and I wanted to construct it a bit differently. I’m not going to pay as much attention to close-up detail as I would if I were making it for my job. Might also play around with placing both glass files and photos I find online.


Never want to go all the way to 90 minutes in anything but my astanga these days, but I’ve actually managed to lose weight while working out less, without curtailing my IPA consumption in the slightest.

Summer Shred #5

  • Time = 28:14. I always count total time.
  • Note to self: if u repeat this WO, stretch out the hands & wrists first next time. Not sure if I’ll be able to do a full astanga tomorrow or not. Didn’t warm up at all & the first move was a plank & I got that mid palm tweak in the right hand that I’d sometimes get if I didn’t stretch before a practice. It’s always quick, but while sometimes it vanishes overnight, sometimes it’s around for a few days.

Buy in: Jump Squats x 20 w/ ppl band

x5 rounds √, √, √, √, √

1. Plank Kick forward to Side Plank Leg Lift 10/10 1st rnd – 2lb ankle weights. Changed to orange band after to improve time Vid uses no equipment – this was a great ab move w/ the added resistance!

2. Weighted Sumo Squat x 30 20s Would use BL sandbag for less reps, but 150 with 40lbs was enough. Z used only one dumbbell, I think a 12.

3. High Knees Single interval of jump rope 10/30 With Z, high knees always means w/ jump rope.

+Ladder: Jump Lunges 5 – 10 – 20 – 10 – 5

Buy out: KB Pendulum to Swing x 20 26lb kettlebell

My double unders are coming along! I take 5 (not 2 or 3) bounces in bet the DUs, but I made it thru 3 of the last 4 intervals w/out stepping on my rope. This was a tough set.sat 1.jpeg


  • Suryas & fundamentals. First 3 poses of primary. Was intending to do 10/60 Urdhva Ds, but tho I’d made it this far working gingerly around the tweaky in my right palm I didn’t want to push it. Single 10/60 intervals of sirsasan, pinca m to an “as close I can get which isn’t very” vrischi & sarvangasana & then some more finishing for the normal breath count.

Legs Like A Dancer #10

Funny that none of my regulars are posting YouTube videos right now: Lisa Marie, Julia, Michele. And the ones I do less often aren’t posting much either, like Melissa.

But it’s ok because the short WOs of Zgym are really working out for me.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Legs Like A Dancer #10

Warm-up: skip next time & do more yoga @ the end!

Workout Breakdown


1. Curtsy Slide Lunge Knee Up x 16 / 16
2. Third Position / Slide to Grand Plie on Demi Point 16/ 16
3. Side Lunge Slide to 4th Position Plie on Demi Points x 16 / 16 
4. Backward Slide Lunge to Arabesque Battement x 16 / 16

Power Band:

5. A la Sebesque Pulse on Demi Point (x10) / Squat Abduction on Demi Points (x4) X 8 sets alt. legs
6. Arabesque Battement in Table Top / Side Leg Lift x 10 X 1 set on each leg
7. A La Sebesque Pulse (x10) / 2nd Position Plie (x4) X 4 sets on each leg
8. Arabesque Battement in Table Top / Side Leg Lift x 10 X 1 set on each leg
9. A La Sebesque Pulse (x10) / 2nd Position Plie (x4) X  4 sets on each leg
10. Hip Raise Abduction on Balance Ball x 20 / Ballerina Hip Raise Pulse x 20 X 2 sets

Did like 3 yoga stretches after.

Summer Shred #32

I used to exercise in the MUCH cooler dining room

But I gave up on that idea as it was a constant struggle.

Missed doing the ZGym scheduled for Monday, but this one looks much harder. 86 degrees in a still room, with no breeze in a sun puddle. Warmest room in the house this time of day. Heart rate way above safe zone for someone my age. Maybe I’ll have a heart attack! I thought cheerfully. That’s how Jim Fixx, the man who popularised running, left his body. Had a heart attack while out running. Was over 50…

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

And I seem to be upright so I guess…



Summer Shred #32

Time = 29:39

Workout Breakdown

Buy in: Competition Burpees X 25

Part 1
High Knees – 1min / One Leg Mountain Sliders x 10 / 10 only one foot on slider – the other hovers in the air
High Knees – 1 min / Frog Slide to Jack Slide Push Up x 10
High Knees – 1 min / Criss Cross Oblique Slides x 20 The twist happens (one foot crossing over the other) on the extended legs

Part 2
1. Backward Slide Lunge / Pass Under / Heel Raise x 12/12
2. Deadlift to Side Step Squat (with ppl Band, 20s & 5lb Ankle Weights) x 16
3. Side to Side Squat with Heel Raise (ppl Band & Ankle Weights) x 20
4. Ballerina Hip Raise on floor Balance Ball x 30

Part 3
Jump Lunge / Pistol Squat (on each leg) / Pull Up
10 /1+1/ 2   15 /1+1/ 3   20 /1+1/ 4   25/1+1/ 5   30/1+1/ 6

Buy out: Plank Hold – 2 min  

Summer Shred #4 X

Was gonna do the next day’s, a longer one, but then I had the worst commute home ever. Worked out in 81 degree room! (Why HR got to 184.) Then hadda go move car after my shower…. grrr.


Summer Shred #4 X

Time – 29:23

Workout Breakdown
Buy in – 50 pendulum swings (steady hips – try to stay low, in squat) Accidentally picked up the 35lb kettlebell – was gonna use 26


x3 √, √, √

  1. Over the pillow box jumps – 10
  2. Leg elevated butt lifts – 20/20 Feet on bench, added 5lb ankle weights. 2nd rnd put a 10lb weight behind working knee. Only dropped it 2 times.
  3. Weighted Side Lunge dead lift – 20 / 20 35lb kettlebell. Extend non working leg out to the side & lower bell toward supporting foot.
  4. One arm KB Swing – 25/25 26lb kettlebell

Buy out4min Tabata Abs: mat jumps / v-sit ups

A few people came over tonight, to talk about a start-up

And I dunno… This whole west coast culture of perpetual vagaries is really wearing on me. I’m not sure I’m into it enough that my participation could be anything more than minimal.

We had a few beers. I’d already pushed Monday’s WO to Tues. I can go Tues-Thurs after work, sure,  no problem. But I decided to do somewhat drunken ballerina, lol. I can feel it in my thighs! It reminded me to take a shower! It’s all good,

Untimed. No monitor. Course I skipped the not-astanga yoga at the beginning. But I tried out a portion of Legs Like A Dancer 9. (Word to the wise: to really have legs “like a dancer”, as in classical ballet dancer, nothing less than full-on anorexia will do. Zuzka herself would not even qualify / rank. If you’re a man you can be a normal person. I’m sure you’re not shocked.)

Saturday Astanga & another super productive day


  1. Finalised album cover, exported, dropboxed and got paid.
  2. Went online shopping with about half of it, buying some long overdue (though discount!) clothing.
  3. Did the agreed upon weekend watering & took out some recycling.
  4. Updated freelance resume, redesigning & adding a bunch new links. Uploaded a ton of carpet designs to the appropriate Flickr album. Really went down the rabbit hold there… Worked outside on the deck for at least three hours. Wasn’t really keeping track. Went inside and tried to stop but worked another hour. Hence…

Early evening practice

No warm-up, besides a bit of supta virasana. My binds are really good! Both sides in pashasana and an easy wrist bind in supta kurmasana. Back bends are stiff, but I’m being really restrained with them. S’ok. Had a good time.


Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in Surya As, no hand held weights at all, 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Ustrasana hips to wall, keeping them fwd
Laghu Vajrasana
Rack single interval of 10/60
Block B (under hips) single interval of 10/60, feet on the wall
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with 4min savasana