A few people came over tonight, to talk about a start-up

And I dunno… This whole west coast culture of perpetual vagaries is really wearing on me. I’m not sure I’m into it enough that my participation could be anything more than minimal.

We had a few beers. I’d already pushed Monday’s WO to Tues. I can go Tues-Thurs after work, sure,  no problem. But I decided to do somewhat drunken ballerina, lol. I can feel it in my thighs! It reminded me to take a shower! It’s all good,

Untimed. No monitor. Course I skipped the not-astanga yoga at the beginning. But I tried out a portion of Legs Like A Dancer 9. (Word to the wise: to really have legs “like a dancer”, as in classical ballet dancer, nothing less than full-on anorexia will do. Zuzka herself would not even qualify / rank. If you’re a man you can be a normal person. I’m sure you’re not shocked.)


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