Summer Shred #4 X

Was gonna do the next day’s, a longer one, but then I had the worst commute home ever. Worked out in 81 degree room! (Why HR got to 184.) Then hadda go move car after my shower…. grrr.


Summer Shred #4 X

Time – 29:23

Workout Breakdown
Buy in – 50 pendulum swings (steady hips – try to stay low, in squat) Accidentally picked up the 35lb kettlebell – was gonna use 26


x3 √, √, √

  1. Over the pillow box jumps – 10
  2. Leg elevated butt lifts – 20/20 Feet on bench, added 5lb ankle weights. 2nd rnd put a 10lb weight behind working knee. Only dropped it 2 times.
  3. Weighted Side Lunge dead lift – 20 / 20 35lb kettlebell. Extend non working leg out to the side & lower bell toward supporting foot.
  4. One arm KB Swing – 25/25 26lb kettlebell

Buy out4min Tabata Abs: mat jumps / v-sit ups


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