Summer Shred #32

I used to exercise in the MUCH cooler dining room

But I gave up on that idea as it was a constant struggle.

Missed doing the ZGym scheduled for Monday, but this one looks much harder. 86 degrees in a still room, with no breeze in a sun puddle. Warmest room in the house this time of day. Heart rate way above safe zone for someone my age. Maybe I’ll have a heart attack! I thought cheerfully. That’s how Jim Fixx, the man who popularised running, left his body. Had a heart attack while out running. Was over 50…

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

And I seem to be upright so I guess…



Summer Shred #32

Time = 29:39

Workout Breakdown

Buy in: Competition Burpees X 25

Part 1
High Knees – 1min / One Leg Mountain Sliders x 10 / 10 only one foot on slider – the other hovers in the air
High Knees – 1 min / Frog Slide to Jack Slide Push Up x 10
High Knees – 1 min / Criss Cross Oblique Slides x 20 The twist happens (one foot crossing over the other) on the extended legs

Part 2
1. Backward Slide Lunge / Pass Under / Heel Raise x 12/12
2. Deadlift to Side Step Squat (with ppl Band, 20s & 5lb Ankle Weights) x 16
3. Side to Side Squat with Heel Raise (ppl Band & Ankle Weights) x 20
4. Ballerina Hip Raise on floor Balance Ball x 30

Part 3
Jump Lunge / Pistol Squat (on each leg) / Pull Up
10 /1+1/ 2   15 /1+1/ 3   20 /1+1/ 4   25/1+1/ 5   30/1+1/ 6

Buy out: Plank Hold – 2 min  


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