Couple of Zgyms & some of the beginning of astanga

Started later than I’d intended. I haven’t even ordered the new, large screen, high speed iMac yet but I started reworking my torn paper, smaller scale design. I’ve learned a bit already about building these 24×36 repeats in InDesign and I wanted to construct it a bit differently. I’m not going to pay as much attention to close-up detail as I would if I were making it for my job. Might also play around with placing both glass files and photos I find online.


Never want to go all the way to 90 minutes in anything but my astanga these days, but I’ve actually managed to lose weight while working out less, without curtailing my IPA consumption in the slightest.

Summer Shred #5

  • Time = 28:14. I always count total time.
  • Note to self: if u repeat this WO, stretch out the hands & wrists first next time. Not sure if I’ll be able to do a full astanga tomorrow or not. Didn’t warm up at all & the first move was a plank & I got that mid palm tweak in the right hand that I’d sometimes get if I didn’t stretch before a practice. It’s always quick, but while sometimes it vanishes overnight, sometimes it’s around for a few days.

Buy in: Jump Squats x 20 w/ ppl band

x5 rounds √, √, √, √, √

1. Plank Kick forward to Side Plank Leg Lift 10/10 1st rnd – 2lb ankle weights. Changed to orange band after to improve time Vid uses no equipment – this was a great ab move w/ the added resistance!

2. Weighted Sumo Squat x 30 20s Would use BL sandbag for less reps, but 150 with 40lbs was enough. Z used only one dumbbell, I think a 12.

3. High Knees Single interval of jump rope 10/30 With Z, high knees always means w/ jump rope.

+Ladder: Jump Lunges 5 – 10 – 20 – 10 – 5

Buy out: KB Pendulum to Swing x 20 26lb kettlebell

My double unders are coming along! I take 5 (not 2 or 3) bounces in bet the DUs, but I made it thru 3 of the last 4 intervals w/out stepping on my rope. This was a tough set.sat 1.jpeg


  • Suryas & fundamentals. First 3 poses of primary. Was intending to do 10/60 Urdhva Ds, but tho I’d made it this far working gingerly around the tweaky in my right palm I didn’t want to push it. Single 10/60 intervals of sirsasan, pinca m to an “as close I can get which isn’t very” vrischi & sarvangasana & then some more finishing for the normal breath count.

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