Summer Shred #6 & a bit of yoga

I have a sort of networking happy hour tomorrow night, so the next time I exercise will be Thursday. Gotta remember to pull the blind in the office before I leave. It doesn’t help the situation much, but every little bit counts. I got dizzy & banged my right knee w/ a 10lb weight, which pissed me off at the weight, lol. (It still hurts.)

183 is too high! 

Summer Shred #6 X

Workout Breakdown
Tabata Pairs (I didn’t do the whole set 4x thru but did as tabata pairs w/ 30sec rest bet the pairs, as per my usual = 17:30min set.

1. Wood chopper, left 20lb weight
2.Wood chopper, right

3. Reverse Burpees 10lbs
4. Weighted Low Jacks 10s

5. Curtsy curl / side lunge curl _left 15s, reg bicep curls both sides alt w/ hammer curls
6. Curtsy curl / side lunge curl _right

7. Weighted Squat jump forward / back (forward and back counts for one rep) 10s
8. Double unders JR HR way too high… 80 degree room in the sun puddle.

buy out:
handstand 30 sec
20 swings / 20 pendulums x 2 in a row Hadda take a break in the middle b/c of the heat problem. I swear I step into the hall & it’s 10-deg cooler. But… 
handstand 30 sec Managed to do this one w/out touching the wall once. First time I was putting the timer in the wrong place for my driste, duh.


Just a little bit.



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