Summer Shred #33 X

80 degrees in the sun puddle again! Forgot to pull blinds. HR up to 170 in the first 4min. I hadda do it tho as I’d missed 2 WOs this week. I even passed up a way more excellent glass of wine than I’m normally privy to. #priorities.

Didn’t stretch at all though. There’s been WAY too much drama this week & I wanted to get to the shower & to the beer.



Summer Shred #33 X

Buy in: Competition Burpees x 25

Workout Breakdown

Part1  (jump rope, sliders)
Jump Rope High Knees 1 min / SL pike abs x 10 / 10
Jump Rope High Knees 1 min / One leg kick (out to the side) slide (tricep) push up x 6 / 6
Jump Rope High Knees 1 min / Criss Cross Mountain Sliders (slow) x 20

Part 2  (5lb ankle weights +8lb vest)
Forward Backward Lunge x 10 / 10 20s
Side Leg Lift (x2) Goblet Squat to Overhead Press x 16 alt. legs 15s. Was glad she took a break @ 6 b/c I was getting dizzy & directly in sun puddle & noticed I was @ 173. Banged my knee so hard the last time there’s a little, round protrusion on the corner! Turned off vid @ 9th rep on first side & did slow. I was going a bit heavier than Z, an extra 12lbs on the upper body. Not sure how heavy her ankle weights are.
KB Swing x 20 35lbs (my heaviest bell) Doubled the reps.
Laying Side Leg Lift x 20 / 20
KB Swing x20

Part 3
Over The Pillows Jump to Pike Press Push Up / Chin Up
6 / 2 –  7 / 3 –  8 / 4

Buy out:
Plank Hold – 2 minutes

Time 40:13. I could go faster than Z now that I know the WO, especially in a cooler room. I hadn’t previewed this WO.


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