The Mini Band Thigh Burning Workout

Can’t believe how much stuff I got done this morning, chiefly being the set-up of my brand new iMac. Was working on a little timeframe clip of that. I’m looking dumpy in my PJs but it’s only 16 seconds.

  1. Unboxed & set it up.
  2. Downloaded Chrome
  3. Imported bookmarks & logged into all my creative accounts.
  4. Got the main Creative Cloud apps I use downloaded.

I even put away the rest of my laundry people! Whatever hadn’t been hung up immediately last week. Didn’t get much sleep either b/c stayed up a little too late & I’m awake at the very edge of first light every day. Hoping for a pre dinner nap!!!



The Mini Band Thigh Burning Workout

Pre warm-up starts @ 0.54.

Warm-up: 10/40 2 Rounds after 3:50 orange band. Kicked my ASS & I paused for notes. The orange Xband was the perfect resistance, and my bands don’t roll up if anyone shopping for thigh bands happens to read this.
1. Plies Pulse Hop
2. Low jacks
3. (Hold Low) Alternate Squat Step Together
4. Plank Jack forearms
5. Dive Bombers

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds after 13:00 √, √, √  [ENDED UP DOING THIS AS A DROP SET.] Intense! I’d previewed this but it was awhile ago & I’d forgotten 3rd move somewhat & cardio entirely. I’d have taken my vest off for the plank move / jumping cardio @ the beginning. Plus 10s is a little heavy for this move.
1. (R. Side of Bench) Kneel Down/Up – Step Up to Knee Lift – down
Criss Cross Jack 10 – 12x 5s Rnd 1 – +8lb vest. Rnd 2 – no vest, same dumbbells. Rnd 3 – dropped to 5s.
2. (L. Side of Bench) Kneel Down/Up – Step Up to Knee Lift – down
Criss Cross Jack 10 – 12x
3. Alternate Side Plank – Row Close to Overhead Pull 10x 15s. Rnd 2 – no vest, same dumbbells. Figured this out on the 2nd round, w/o the added weight of the vest. It’s row up, back down & then a side-plank snatch.

3x = Mountain Climbers hops to 2 switch lunges w/ weights OH – 10x Rnd 1 – 10s + 8lb vest. Rnd 2- no vest, same dumbbells. Rnd 3 – dropped to 5s.

Paused after all rounds for notes & a rest. Tired! Did rest of circuit w/ music & breakdown.


Circuit 2: 3 Rounds after 34:30 (in vid – I was much slower w/ notes & rests & not previewing! √, √, √
1. Stand on Blocks – (R. Side Face Out) Squat Down to Right
Side Leg Lift 15x Rnd 1 – blocks on lowest, widest setting & 5lb ankle weights. Rnds 2 & 3 – ppl band 
2. Stand onBlocks – (L. Side Face Out) Squat Down to Left
Side Leg Lift 15x
3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press to Chest Press & Press Overhead 10 -12x Rnd 1 – 15s. Rnds 2 & 3, 10s & 2lb wrist weights

(Band on Thighs /Feet) 2x Low Squat Walk to 2x Low Jack Rnd 1 – ppl band. Rnd 2 – left 2lb wrist weights on (hands are just @ hips so only 4 added lbs.)

Took a nice, long break here b/c a great Lana Del Ray song came on… Vid was 47:54 & I didn’t start the first bonus til after, oh about 1:10…

Bonus: Thigh Burner 5/30 2 rounds (1 left/1 right) V happy w/ the 5lb ankle weights for this set. Sometimes I like them better than the bands. Only thing I’ll change if repeating this set or WO is to rest a 10lb dumbbell above knee for #5.
1. Bent Leg Lift
2. Straight Leg Lift
3. Kneeling – Glute Kick Back
4. Kneeling – Straight Leg Glute Pulse Up
5. Clam Shell Kept bottom foot on floor for this move.
6. Kick Out Lifted bottom foot.
7. Leg straight Knee Tap Front/Foot Lift behind (Rainbow)
Repeat on Right side

Bonus: Abs :45 10 rounds (2x) – Didn’t notice M used a band here & I went w/ no equipment. She did these no rest. This’d be a great set tacked onto a Zgym for after work, but I’d do it timed to do 2lb ankle weights for all but #4 & maybe #8
1. Crunch
2. Left Knee Crunch in – Right foot press out (Right elbow to knee)
3. Right Knee Crunch in – Left Foot press out (left elbow to knee)
4. Crunch Pull Knees in and Press out
5. (Reverse Table Top) Tap feet to floor . Added a rev curl.
6. Left Side – Crunch Left Knee in & Top elbow crunch to knee
7. Rigth Side – Crunch Right Knee in & Top Elbow crunch to knee
8. Bicycle Crunch Right then left
9. 100’s (Hold up & pulse hands)
10. Hyperextensions on floor

Time 1:35


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