22 Minute No Equipment Cardio Burst & 1 round abs

Something is better than nothing I guess. I can’t exercise tomorrow so…



22 Minute No Equipment Cardio Burst

50:10 HIIT 1x
1. Lateral Touch down switch lunges + switch kicks
2. Jack push-up star jump burpee
3. Tricep push-ups fast knee tucks
4. Heel clicks (increasing reps 1 heel click in pike and standing then two heel clicks in pike and two standing, then three and so on)
5. Roll back burpee double tuck jump

Tabata 20:10 8x 4 mins each move Didn’t do the no rest challenge. It was enough for me just to work out at all, frankly. 82 muggy degrees in the room when I started, exhausted & discouraged.

1. Kick through + crab toe touch push-up and twisted piston

2. Alt curtsy Lunge hops

Tabata pair:
1. Quadzillas
1 way knee tucks push-up

Repeat HIIT

Repeat of abs burnout from a Michele WO:

Bonus: Abs 10/45×10=9:10 1x’s @ 1:01 +2lb ankle weights. Was gonna do 2 rounds but… Wanted to get to shower & beer since tomorrow is one long motherfucking day for me.
1. Regular Crunch
2. Boat Pose – Pull right knee in & twist arms to outside of knee
3. Roll to Left – V-up Crunch to Knee pull in
4. Roll to Right Side Plank – Elbow twist
5. Boat Pose – Pull left knee in & twist arms to outside of knee
6. Roll to Right – V-up to Knee pull in
7. Roll to Left side Plank – Elbow twist
8. Reverse Crunch
9. Boat Pose Bicycle Crunch – twist opposite elbow to opposite knee
10. Hyperextension


Yoga, Summer Shred #15, more Yoga

Once again I didn’t feel like doing a traditional Astanga. Had something to do with the fact I designed non-stop my entire weekend.


But I was sore so I started with some yoga! 31:35, then a break for notes & donning sneakers.

Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ the five handstands & the standing arches in the 5 Surya no weights. Hanuman & Samakona. Two 5-breath handstands @ the end
First 3 poses of primary And vinyasa out

Summer Shred #15

Buy in: Handstand Push Ups x5 @2:22

Part 1 – Butt & Legs – Time Challenge

  1. short squat (x3) / heel raise (x3)/ jump squat (x3) / x10 sets two 20lb dumbells
  2. KB swing / jump tuck x10 35lb kettlebell
  3. Laying Hip Raise with Abduction x20ppl x-band
  4. KB Side to side squat / Squat Heel raise (x2)/ KB Squat twist (x2) / x 10 sets (power band) ppl x-band & 26lb kettlebell No preview & the ppl band was super heavy for this, so I paused the vid & did the reps super slow w/ breaks where necessary

Part 2 – Hiit Cardio – 10/30×6=4min

  1. Jump rope high Knees
  2. Jump Lunge
  3. Jump rope DBUs
  4. Sump Jump Squats Not sure I did this right as I stuck w/ the breakdown but didn’t notice this. I did 2 bunny hops & a deep, butt to calves squat w/ another jump exit.
  5. Jump rope high knees
  6. Burpees rock star jump

Part 3 – Upper Body & ABS x2 Took a break here to get vid just before the 4th move to take another break & prev when I got there. Turned music back on!-

  1. Hanging knee raise to leg raise x10 doubled reps for 2 rounds of this & next move
  2. Plank sliders x10
  3. Chin Ups x5
  4. Plank Slide Knee Tuck Push Up x10 alt.

Have no idea what my time was b/c I had a minutes long gap after the yoga, but no matter.

More Yoga

Two 10/60 urdhva Ds at wall w/ equal breaks after each, then coming to stand & 5 v messy but ok feeling dropbacks. Paschimo. A few finishing poses.


The Total Body Torch HIIT Workout & some yoga

A workout for me! I feel so special. Wish I had some friends like Michele in real time / same town. I designed 8:30am-3pm on a Saturday though. So determined am I to finish projects I will do it on own damned time, thank you very much. Because of that, though, I didn’t have time to preview any more of this workout and needed some more coffee right before hand.


The Total Body Torch HIIT Workout

Since the video is over 2 hours long, I skipped the warm-up. Started previewing Friday morning before work but I didn’t have that much time. That meant a super late start tho & a longer session. I generally work faster when going a majority of the way w/ a breakdown & notes.

Circuit 1: 10/1:00×12=14min Didn’t use any bands this set.
1. Right Leg Deadlift to Bicep curl – Knee Lift & Overhead Press 15s. I used two weights instead of one, but only did the press-up w/ LA (opposite to supporting leg)
2. Left Leg Deadlift to Bicep curl – Knee Lift & Overhead Press This work is a great leg-stabilizing move!
3. Squat w/Alternating Knee Lift (opposite elbow to knee) Hands behind head, twisting elbow to knee
4. Skater Hop to 2x Jump Lunge Keep inside foot off the floor after the jump. Place it in lunge. 2 switch lunge & then replace & hop to other side

30/each 3 Exercises 3x’s @ 20:32 10s joined in w/ video here. Great no-rest set. I found it easier on my shoulders for move 2 to lower to palms facing in position, weights resting on shoulders. A cheat no doubt!
1. Chest Press In – Press Up & Circle Around (shoulder height)
2. Alternating Shoulder Press
3. Up-right Row

Circuit 2:10/1:00×12=14min @25:06
1. Single Arm Right Chair Sit Burpee to Left Side Lunge w/Bicep curl 10lbs
2. Single Arm Left chair sit Burpee to Right Side Lunge w/Bicep Curl
3. Plies Squat (Arms Front) Alternate Turn Side & Reverse Lunge w/Bow & Arrow Arms 1st rnd – 10s. Paused vid after to get 8lb vest for rounds 2&3. Dropped to 8lbs ea hand for this move. Only remembered starting round 2 that I’d just added upper body weight for 4 full minutes of burpees! lol. Was slow.
4. Skater to Kneel Down/Up Thigh Burner Squat

30/each 3 Exercise 3x’s @39:21 10s Note to self: Next time move bench away from wall for 1st move.
1. Overhead Press to Tricep Nosebuster (Reverse Grip) Did this on floor. No preview & I thought this’d be standing!
2. Kickbacks
3. Bicep Curl – Twist & touch Ends at chest

Circuit 3:10/1:00×12=14min @44:04
1. Side Lunge w/Goblet Squat (band optional) Orng x-band & 26lb kettlebell. Loved this move!
2. Plies Squat Step Together (band optional) Stepping out to ball of foot for the squat.
3. On Bench (optional) Kneel down to floor/Up to bench & squat to Reverse Bench Jump Lunge (Repeat opposite side) 1st rnd did this on 13″ bench which was too high (though I’m limber & could still do the kneel to the floor off the bench w/ other foot planted on it). 2nd rnd – left band on & did deadlifts w/ 35lb bell. 3rd rnd – took band off & did deadlift w/ two 20s. I could totally use a barbell for heavier DLs. Would do at least 50lbs if I could.
4. I couldn’t get this w/out a preview! 1st rnd – cross cross jacks. 2nd two rounds jump rope Turn over Shoulder – Plies Squat to Criss Cross Jack – Jump Squat Front to Side Lunge

30/each 3 Exercises 3x’s @ 58:15
1. Plank Dumbbell Row 15s
2. Bicep Curl 15s
3. Rear Delt Flye 10s

Bonus: Abs (4 Circuits 30/30 4 rounds each) @1:03
1a. 5lb dumbbell Stability Ball Hand off. Failure on 3rd round for the part where legs are extended straight out, heels hovering right above floor w/ weight right above ankles. Tried switching it to 3s last couple reps but that didn’t work cause different shape so they rolled. Suffered thru w/ the 5s for last rnd.
1b. Alternate V-Up Side Crunch Rnds 3&4 kept my straight leg v-up on 1 side per round

2a. Hovering Star Crunch
2b. Buzz Saw Plank

3a. Right Side Plank Knee Crunch to Kick Front
3b. Left Side Plank Knee Crunch to Kick Front

4a. Dolphin Plank This set was killer on the shoulders. I felt it between shoulder blades too.
4b. Elbow Straight Arm Plank Knee Tuck

Time 1:32:22 Turned off vid here & did my yoga.


My own stuff.

Stretch & Tone Cardio #13

Normally I don’t do these WOs, but I just needed something – some form of therapy – before my shower.


I saw she posted a new 5min warm-up linked in Thursday’s WO (the one below was posted for Wed, but I’m always at least a day behind b/c the weekly schedules come out Sunday at midnight & I like to know on Sunday what I’m doing after work Monday).

Dynamic Warm Up #2

  • 5min Nice! I’d be more likely to do a jump rope warm-up generally, but this is a night I normally wouldn’t have exercised. 

Stretch & Tone Cardio #13

1. Competition Burpee x 15
2. Chair Squat / Backward Lunge Jump Up x 10 alt. legs
3. Reverse Burpee x 15
4. Chat. / Upward Dog/ Downward Dog/ Frog Jump/ Squat Jump x 4
5. Candle Stick/ Plow/ One Leg Standing Knee Extension / Lord of the Dance x each leg I wasn’t so into the feet flexing & pointing in the halasana here. Put in a karna pidasana first set & then on 2nd side held halasana.
6. Standing Runner’s Hamstring Stretch / Standing Split X 10 / Warrior II Pendulum x 6 – repeat on the other leg
7. Dolphin Pose / Downward Dog
8. Laying Spine Twist

Summer Shred #37

Thank gods I had a decent workout. It’s my main form of therapy.


Summer Shred #37

Part 1 x8 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Time = 26:21. I lost a lot of time changing bands but it hadda be done. I also set my interval for single 10/30 intervals to make sure I got a full 30sec jumping. 
High Knees – 30 sec
Side to Side Squat w/Power Band High x20 ppl band, try to get butt below knees above knees rounds 1-6. Rounds 7 & 8 changed to orange band to both sets – easier. Ppl Xband is quite strong.
Side to Side Squat w/Power Band Low x20 ( band below knees) kept ppl band rnd 1 & knew I wouldn’t make 8 rounds. 

Part 2 x2
1. Inch Warm Push Up (x2) nakrasana! Lower down to catarunga & 2 hops fwd (I did fwd one set then bkwd next, for space). Then push back up / Leg Lift Push Up tricep style, alt straight legs, squeezing glutes (x2) x5 KILLER
2. Lunge w/ Snatch (or Jerk) x 8/8
 15lbs. Weight goes in opp hand from fwd leg. Get in low lunge. Come up & pivot to trikonasana feet & snatch the weight up.
3. Low Squat Pulse (x3) / Side Step Squat (x2) x6 sets
 ppl band & sandbag
4. Ballerina Squats with Kettlebell x10 ppl band & 26lb kettlebell, held w/ both hands at chest. Come to low squat, up on balls of feet. Come to stand & heels down.

Part 3 – Ladder
Pull Up – Chin Up – Side To Side Plank Slide (x4)
 Both feet on sliders. Pull feet in straight & back out, pivoting to one side, top foot behind bottom. Pull knees in & back out from that position 1x. Come back out
Pull Up – Chin Up – Side To Side Plank Slide (x6)
Pull Up – Chin Up – Side To Side Plank Slide (x8) This move was awkward for me & I’m not sure if I did it 1=1 incorrectly, but no matter. I got enough of a WO for a stressed and tired day.
Pull Up & Chin Up

Buy out: Plank Hold – 2 min

Time = 47:20

I did like 2min of stretching after. Need to take a shower & have 2 hours relaxation time.

Summer Shred #14

Did this WO after 2 pints of beer and a $12 uber ride home, because the junker died AGAIN, and this time in the middle of 23rd Avenue. During rush hour. Of course. At least it didn’t die on 23rd avenue, was what I said at work, after the last time, which was 2 out of 4 days. So then I spent a half hour on the phone with the towing company. First guy took my information 5x and then fucking didn’t tell ANY of it to the towing guy, naturally. I walked – with my hair down in the 94 degree heat – down to Gilda’s. Had a couple beers. Had some nice conversation.

Well now I’m going to be spending 2.5 hours a day commuting the 3.7 miles on the fucking bus, because the fucking car abandoned by the fucking guy performs about as fucking well as he does!

I took a melatonin immediately after finishing because it’s time to get sleepy now!



Summer Shred #14

Butt & Legs Circuit – Time Challenge
1. Squat to heel elevated reverse squat x20 20s & 2lb wrist weights. Start all the way down w/ butt on backs of calves. Stand & return. Get on balls of feet & stick butt in the air, basically.
2. KB Swing to KB Pendulum x20 swings total 35lb kettlebell 1=1, so just 10 of each
3. Sumo squat. Heel raise & down. Stand & alt knee up x20 alt. BL sandbag
4. KB Backward lunge pass under both legs / to KB Front Squat holding bell w/ bent arms, goblet style @ chest (x2) x10 sets 26lb kettlebell Literally fell over while doing this set but still doubled the reps.
Hiit Cardio – 10/30 sec intervals
1. Jump Rope High Knees
2. Twist Squat Burpees
3. Jump Rope DBUs
4. Jump squat / jump tuck Burpees
5. Jump Rope High Knees
6. Jump Jack (x2)  to Plank Jack (x2)
Circuit for ABS x2
1. Slider abs to pike push-up / back out, lift one foot & SL pike in (x3) x 4 sets alt.
2. Hanging Leg raises (to the top) x5
3. KB Squat knee up and twist x 20 35lb kettlebell

Time 24:52

From last Saturday’s Bottoms-up

Lean Leg Finisher: 10/30 (instead of 5/35) 12 rounds +5lb ankle weights (2lbs last time)
 – Changed the names of some of the moves just so I’ll remember them better – Didn’t change the actual moves.
1. LL – Upright inner thigh lift. RL bent, foot on floor, balanced on left hip (Heel up/toe down)
2. LL pulse up
3. LL single lift up & pull knee in
4. RL Clam Shell Holding 10lb weight on lifting leg. Bottom leg resting on floor
5. Lie down – RL outer thigh lift
6. RL – pull knee in & lift

7. RL – Upright inner thigh lift.
8. RL pulse up
9. RL single lift up & pull knee in
10. LL Clam shell
11. Lie down – LL outer thigh lift
12. LL – pull knee in & lift

Waste of time WO!!!

Normally I’d do a Summer Shred that I’d missed the previous week on a Monday, but when I was looking ahead to see what was planned & if I should take a rest day, I refreshed my memory on the breakdown & thought, Nope. The summer shreds are really interesting, but I needed a change of pace. I don’t do Crystal / Puzzle Fit too often, because she doesn’t include breakdowns, but sometimes it’s nice to go in and follow along, if you’re mainly interested in just moving your body & getting the blood moving a bit.

I had the video embedded, but she seems like a nice person so I just deleted it b/c have nothing good to say about the set. OMG I hated this workout! I’m not sure why – besides the super shrill beeper that literally hurt my ears… Oh and I didn’t really get my heart rate up despite the heat.

Was wishing I’d just done a Zuzka. This wasn’t even worth changing my clothes for. Now I’ll have to work out extra hard tomorrow and Wednesday to make up for this shit b/c I’m out of time for the evening.


today’s movement: a walk, yoga & legs like a dancer #12

I got so sore from yesterday’s WO, and in odd places, like my forearms, right more so than left. It was the two AMRAPs w/ all the single arms bicep curls. 15lbs was good work for those two, 3min sets.

Got my laundry done and took Theodora for a “walk” up to the park today, which is to say I mostly carried her around in the bag. Charlie, Rocco and Penny came too! Everyone had to go Linda pace, lol.

Henry has a more outward personality than Theodora & was lucky to be exposed to the small parks and gardens in the East Village when he was a maturing kitten. They had little trails, shrubs and grasses around the borders, which is much preferred for cats. They’re not huge fans of vast, open spaces. It was a good adventure for her though and she prefers short & sweet ventures like this to cat shows for sure!

And then I procrastinated!

I’d pulled the blinds because we’re going into a 9-day streak of mid 90s weather. It gets hotter much later in the day in the Pacific Northwest than it does in either New England or New York though. It’s still weird to me that it will quite often continue to get hotter after 5pm, in the summer.

I know I need it but I didn’t feel up to the particular demands of a full Astanga. So I didn’t.



Suryas & Fundamentals, with hanuman & the two 5-breath handstands @ the end. First 3 poses of primary, but no vinyasa between paschimo & purvo – 29:15

Zgym – Legs Like a Dancer #12

  • Skipping video warm-up. WO starts @ 4:45. My Time was about 33min.

1. Backward Slide Lunge / Side Slide Lunge on Demi Point x 16 / 16
2. Curtsy Slide Lunge / Grand Plie on Demi Point x 16 / 16
3. A la Sebesque Slide / A la Sebesque Battement on Demi Point x 16 / 16
4. Squat on Demi point with ball squeeze (x20) I made a “ball” out of my two, 5lb ankle weights strapped together for 1st time, but it was too slippery to hold w/ arabesque. Sometimes I’ll use up to a 10lb dumbbell behind the knee for hands & knees, but didn’t work here. So put a weight on each ankle & kept them there. 2nd “ball squeeze” I used a 5lb dumbbell the long way, but not comfortable. So after that I substituted 20 on the floor inner thigh pulses per leg – better. / Arabesque Pulse in Attitude with Ball Squeeze (x20) X 4 sets alt. legs
5. Dégage to the back (toes flexed, x 10) / 2nd position plie (x4) / Dégagé a la Sebesque (toes pointed, x10) / 2nd position plie (x4) X 3 / 3 sets orng band – above knees for all the banded moves. Thought I needed ppl band for clams but nope! LOL
6. Side Laying Leg Lift to Knee Tuck/ back to Extension x 20 / 20
7. Clams x 20/20 ppl band
8. Laying Hip Raise Abd. (x20) / Ballerina Hip Raise Abd. (x20) last move was killer


  • Single 10/60, timed intervals

— Virasana, supta virasana, malasana.
— Hanumanasana, w/ strap. Quads
— Urdha D @ wall, blocks on high, savasana

This was enough for me! I did feel much better after.


Bottoms Up Workout Video

I looked at this & thought, Wow! This’ll take me 2 hours!, lol. That’s fine though. There are so many parts to a Michele WO. Love her burnouts. I’ve added them onto my short, weekday evening routines already.


Bottoms Up Workout Video

Skipped the warm-up, warm-up @ 2:30 because I knew this one would take me awhile & I was going to do at least the first set w/ breakdown rather than video.

Warm-Up 10/50 2x’s @ 7:00. Switched order of moves 5 & 6 so I could leave my band on for move 5 & take it off for the swings.
1. Overhead Swing to Alternating Front Bench Lunge 10s 
2. Bicep Curl to Overhead Press to Overhead Tricep Extension 10s. Emphasised the tricep part of this, pausing @ bottom of OH tri – since 10 ea arm is light for me for bi/s but not tri/s.
3. Sqaut w/Alternating Side Leg Lift 10s, resting weight on the lifting leg
4. Low Squat Position – Step Touch (Banded) ppl band, touching floor w/ alt fingertips
5. Goblet Squat ppl band, 1st rnd – 35lbs bell. 2nd rnd – dropped weight to 26lb bell. First weight was too intense w/ the band & w/ swings right after. Dropped elbows all the way down to touch knees & paused @ bottom.
6. Kettlebell Swing 35lbs bell
7. Straight Abs, up to 75%, toes under weights Weighted Crunch I just really like straight abs 🙂

3 Minute AMRAP @21:25
Single Arm Overhead Snatch/Lower to Shoulder & Side Lunge to Rev Lunge (Weight to floor inside of foot) Squat and repeat with Opposite Leg 15lbs – plenty enough weight. Note to self: ur forearms were incredibly sore the next day, even after yoga, and shoulders also tired enough u didn’t do a regular astanga – went lighter on upper body instead. Consider using 10s here. Maybe add 8lb vest tho.

10/30 9 Rounds
1. Right Leg SL Bulgarian w/OH Press 1st rnd – 15 lbs ea hand, 2nd rnd – 13, 3rd rnd – 10
2. Other side
3. Alternate Rev Lunge – Twist weight to outside front knee 15lb, held in both hands @ chest, arms bent, staying low.

3 Minute Countdown @ 31:51. I’m so glad I didn’t go for the 20s for these! Even 15 really maxed me out.
(Right Hand Weight) Left Deadlift – Squat – Left Front Lunge (hold & twist weight over front knee) – Left Side Lunge to Knee Lift (Repeat same side) 15lbs

10/30 9 Rounds
1.Right Leg SL Bulgarian – Squat low & reach down to tap floor in front of foot then pressing OH 10lbs
2. Other side
3. Stay low, deep lunge 10lbs

3 Minute Countdown
(Left Hand Weight) Right Deadlift – Squat – Right Front Lunge (hold & twist weight
Over front knee) – Right Side Lunge to Knee Lift (Repeat Same side) 15lbs

10/30 9 Rounds
1. Glute Bridge Lift w/overhead pull 1st rnd – 15lbs for this & 2nd move. Paused vid to get sandbag (about 48lbs) to rest on legs b/c I could feel the OH pull in the wonky spot behind left elbow. So 2nd two rounds I used my upper body only to keep the bag in the right place for moves 1 & 2 – keeping emphasis on glutes.
2. Weight Pulse up
3. Heel tap high to toe tap low On belly

Lean Leg Finisher: 5/35 12 rounds +2lb ankle weights
1. Left Side – Right toe behind leg – Left leg straight & lift up (Heel up/toe down)
2. Left Side – Right toe behind leg – Left Leg straight & pulse up
3. Left Side – Right leg single lift up & pull knee in
4. Left Side – Right Leg lift Clam Shell Holding 10lb weight on lifting leg. I prefer bottom leg on floor, probably b/c I like using ankle weights lol.
5. Left side – Right Leg Straight (point toe down) Single leg lift. Shoulders were so tired I laid down flat on my side for the outer thigh stuff.
6. Left side – Right Leg Lift to knee pull in to chest
7. Right side – Left toe behind leg – Right leg straight & lift up (heel up/toe down)
8. Right side – Left toe behind leg – Right leg straight & pulse up
9. Right side – Left leg single leg lift to knee pull in
10. Right side – Left Leg Lift Clam shell
11. Right side – Left Leg Straight (point toe down) Single Leg lift
12. Right side – Left leg lift to knee pull in to chest

Bonus: Abs 10/45 2x’s @ 1:01 Excellent!
1. Regular Crunch
2. Boat Pose – Pull right knee in & twist arms to outside of knee
3. Roll to Left – V-up Crunch to Knee pull in
4. Roll to Right Side Plank – Elbow twist
5. Boat Pose – Pull left knee in & twist arms to outside of knee
6. Roll to Right – V-up to Knee pull in
7. Roll to Left side Plank – Elbow twist
8. Reverse Crunch
9. Boat Pose Bicycle Crunch – twist opposite elbow to opposite knee
10. Hyperextension


Started stretching w/ vid & then veered off to do my own thing as per usual.

Summer Shred #36

This was excellent. Maybe I’ll keep the Zgym after all. I even yielded to the temptation of having a small glass of excellent wine w/ the office crew before coming home. I was like, As long as I’m not doing any overhead weights moves. Which there was one, lol. But 1/2 glass of wine = no problem.


Summer Shred #36

Buy in: 25 Burpees


Part 1

2 min High Knees (jump rope)

4 min Tabata: 20/10 sec intervals with Orange Xband x 8:

1. Criss Cross Jump Squats
2. Power Jack Push Up / Side Plank Leg Lift

Part 2 – KB, DB x2

1. Pistol Squat down / roll back to candlestick / Pistol up / Deadlift (dumbbell) x8 alt.legs 15lb dumbell alt legs every rep
2. One Arm KB Swing / Snatch / Squat x10/10 1st round I alternated to 20. 2nd round I did 5/5/5/5. Better. Glad I’d bought the forearm guards!!! This was the first time I used them. With this the only move 2=1, I think it’d be better to do 3 rounds, all moves 1=1.
3. dumbbell (15s) KB Push Up / Overhead Press / Squat Twist Knee Up x8 Forgot OH press 1st round. So before 2nd I did 10 fast OH presses.

Part 3

Chin Up /Pull Up/ Hanging Leg Raise + One Legged Mountain Climber 2=1 (8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12)


+ Buy out: 2 min Plank Hold

Time = 39

And a quick batch of yoga poses