Tabata Pairs & abs

Geez I really didn’t think I needed to draw the shade today, as the projected high was 65, for when I’d be home. But I got back & it was 77. More in the sun puddle! So note to self, just do it if ur gonna work out later, unless maybe doing yoga only.



After that I did some abs from Michele’s last WO, that I did Saturday, only I didn’t do a rounds of 10 for no-rest 45-sec (w/ a small break in bet). I did 2 rounds of 10/30 w/ 20-sec extra rest. Also added ankle weights. For 30-sec I could do 5s, tho this was fine for my very fast mini.

Bonus: Abs 10/30X10 w/ 20sec in bet = 13:40. +2lb ankle weights
1. Crunch
2. Left Knee Crunch in – Right foot press out (Right elbow to knee)
3. Right Knee Crunch in – Left Foot press out (left elbow to knee)
4. Crunch Pull Knees in and Press out
5. (Reverse Table Top) Tap feet to floor . Added a rev curl.
6. Left Side – Crunch Left Knee in & Top elbow crunch to knee
7. Rigth Side – Crunch Right Knee in & Top Elbow crunch to knee
8. Bicycle Crunch Right then left
9. 100’s (Hold up & pulse hands)
10. Hyperextensions on floor


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