Legs Like A Dancer #11


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope I don’t bother w/ the video warm-ups in this particular series.

Legs Like A Dancer #11

  • WO begins after 4:10, so basically the same length as my jump rope set & regrouping.
  • +8lb weighted vest

1. Stay Low – Backward Slide Lunge (x4) / Stay Low Backward Slide Lunge Heel Lift (x4) x 2 sets on each leg + repeat Squat in front of desk hands resting on it palms down, on ball of foot that’s on slider, all weight on the other leg. Last 4 reps come to ball of foot of supporting leg after slide lunge.

2. Stay Low – Lateral to to extended FWD x 16 / 16
3. Archer’s Slide Squat to 1st position Plie on Demi Points (x4) x 5/5 Slide laterally down til butt is on thigh of supporting leg. Flex toes up toward ceiling. Come back. Balls of feet & the 4 plie squats

Ankle Weights: +5lbs ea leg This part after 12:45

1. Dip Arabesque Battement in Attitude / Dip A la Second in Attitude x 16 / 16 Standing leg dips & lift other leg out to the side & back, while bent, squeezing glutes. Come back to dip & lift out the side (45 degrees ish) knee up
2. Side Leg Lift in 6th position to A La Sebesque Dégagé on Demi Point 16 / 16 Lift out to the side & then out to the back, straight leg, while coming to ball of standing foot.
3. Arabesque Battement (x4) / Air Lunge to Front Leg Extension Tendu (x4) x 4/4
4. First Position Releve (x16)
5. Grand Plie on Demi Points Knee Up (x16) x on each leg
6. On All Four: Arabesque Battement (x16) / Arabesque Pulse (x16) / A La Second Attitude to Arabesque Battement (x16) – on each leg


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