Oh Baby Those Thighs Workout

Was happy to see this posted!! Previewed just one round of the warm-up & then stopped b/c 1.) I know I’ll like the WO and 2.) on the wknd I can pause to preview & make notes & take as looong as I wanna take.


Oh Baby Those Thighs Workout

starts after 1:20

Warm-up 10/45 2 rounds
1. Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press 15s
2. Kettlebell Swing 35lbs
3. Front Bench Cross Over Lunge
4. Bent over – 21’s (Bicep Curl) 15s
5. Sumo Squat to Deadlift 26lb kettlebell
6. Dumbbell Bicep Curl to Overhead Press and Touch Behind 1st rn- 10s.. 2nd picked up a 10 & a 3 w/ ea hand. 
7. Cross Hand Walk Push-up to Jump Lunge w/Squat between

Circuit 1: 2 Rounds
1. Right Front Bench Lunge (Overhead Press)/Left Reverse Lunge (Tricep Ext) 15x 10lb dumbbells + 2lb wrist weights. This was way heavy for using 2 tens but I hadn’t previewed & imagined a SA move for some reason. I stuck w/ it for 2 rounds b/c I’d started that way but 10s would’ve been sufficient!
2. Left Front Bench Lunge (Bicep Curl)/Left Right Reverse Lunge (Press Overhead) 15x Accidentally did both 1 and 2 with the same leg supporting throughout, whereas I was supposed to alt legs in @ least move 2. But that’s ok. I realized my goof but kept it consistent w/ the 2 rounds
3. Squat Thrust w/Overhead Press 15x 26lb kettlebell

Walk Out to Push-up/3x Low Jack/4x Duck Walk Back 8 – 10x Orng Xband

Circuit 2: 2 Rounds Was getting so hot in the room! I’d pulled the shade down after the warm-up but… Did 2nd round @ my own pace w/ music.
1. (Band or Dumbbells) Chest Flye (Start at thighs & touch
in front of Face) 12 – 15x 10s
2. Right Side Lunge (L. Hand to Floor)/Right Front Bench
Cross Over Lunge w/Left Bicep Curl 12 – 15x 15
3. Left Side Lunge (R. Hand to Floor)/Left Front Bench
Cross Over Lunge w/Right Bicep Curl 12 – 15x

Wide Jack/Hop to Plank 10x Mountain Climbers 8 – 10x Orng Xband

Circuit 3: 2 Rounds @ 45:50 in vid. I was past 57. Pooping out in the by now 80-degree room lol. Did 2nd round along w/ music again. Gives me an extra break b/c after I type notes then I have to find the next starting place.
1. Left Side Lunge – Turn to Right & Reverse Left Lunge
(Right Arm Rear Flye Left Arm to Front Raise) 15x 1st rnd – 10s, but I’d been feeling the circuits more in my upper body. 2nd rnd – dropped to 5s but added 8lb vest.
2. Right Side Lunge – Turn to Left & Reverse Right Lunge
(Left Arm Rear Flye/Right Arm Front Raise) 15x
3. Dumbbell or Band Bicep Curl to Front Punches 15x 10s – too heavy for a good extension in the front punch, esp by this point, so changed to alt SA after like the 3rd rep.

(Banded) Hop to Plank (Hold) Plank Jack & hop to Squat Step out Right & tap hand to foot/then left & tap hand to foot 10x Orng Xband

Inner Thigh Finisher: 10/30 2 Rounds @ 56:42 Used Orng band but was way too heavy. Stuck w/ it w/ v limited range of motion, but next time I’ll use a red band.
1. Stand (band at Ankles) Wide Squat right toe points out (touch Right hand To Left heel) then step out left 1st
2. (Lay on Floor) Roll to Left Side (Right foot behind & up on toe) Straight Leg Lift
3. (Same Position as #2) Straight leg to Side and back in
4. (Same Position as #2) 3x Pulse Up & Leg to side
5 Roll to Right Side (Left Foot behind & up on toe) Straight Leg Lift
6. (Same Position as #5) Straight Leg to Side and Back in
7. (Same Position as #5) 3x Pulse Up & Leg to Side
8. Lay on Back/Band at Ankles – Legs Wide & Pulse In

Bonus: Abs 10/40 2 Rounds
1. Plank Knee Tuck
2. Buzz Saw Plank
3. Weight Roll up w/Overhead Press
4. Stablilty Ball Hand Off (No Ball – Scissor Legs)
5. Glute Lift (Ball or Floor) Tap feet wide at floor & together in up position
6. Seated – Heels wide on floor & V-up w/feet tapping together
7. Slow Bicycle – Tap opposite hand to inside of foot
8. Hyperextensions

Time = 1hr 43  So I turned off vid & did like a really quick stretch, lol. Is ok b/c tomorrow’s long WO will be another astanga, this time w/ no Zgym warm-up but, if anything, 4min of jump rope. My left elbow situation is a little pissed at me these days, so…























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