Summer Shred #10 & a little yoga

Told myself I didn’t have to work out tonight, as I was leaving the office, and then I did anyway. What else do I have to do?


Summer Shred #10

Workout Breakdown

1. Split Jumps x6, 1=1 / Mountain Climbers (the hopping front foot fwd method) ladder

(reps are 2=1 here) 10 – 15 – 20 – 25 – 30 – 25 – 20 – 15 – 10 (takes Z about 9.5min. Mine was 8:07!)

2. Surya A w/ Hanuman: 10/30 intervals of standing arch, uttana, up dog, down dog, hanuman one side then the other, alt which you start with – 2x, 8min Up dog / down dog / Crescent pose x 10

3. Pendulum to Swing x20 26lb kettlebell. Felt like I was cheating w/ 26, like I should’ve used the 35lb-er & have had to take breaks.

4. Russian twist x 4 / (turning to opp side that u put the bell down on) Kick through (step fwd w/ that side leg) push up to plank jump fwd & back. (turn back to be on butt) x 5 on each side

5. Pendulum to Swing x20. Oh but I forgot there were 2 sets! Went lower in the squat this 2nd set, to challenge myelf.

6. Tabata – 4 min – high knees (jump rope) / commando push ups

buy out: 1 minute handstand I do mine freestanding, but close to a wall so that I don’t run the risk of flipping when not yogically warmed up enough. 40sec first go and then up again for 20+. I can hold a freestanding handstand in the middle of the room but it’s easier in the context of an astanga practice.


My favorite finishers. Took awhile extra on my neck as it was a little sore, past couple days.


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