Summer Shred #35 & some yoga

I’ve gotta buy a fucking oscillating fan

[EDIT UPDATE] In a better mood now but it took some doing.

I had a mini break for the pull-ups. You even step into the hall & it’s cooler than this room.


Buy-in: 25 competition burpees

Part 1 – HIIT 45/15 sec (4 min) ppl Xband It’d have been good to have repeated this set at the end, but so hot.. didn’t care. 

  1. Side to Side Squat w/Curl 15s
  2. Stay Low Leg Lift w/Overhead Press 10s
  3. Weighted Jump Jack Squat 20s (single dumbbell @ chest)
  4. Criss Cross Jump Squat

Part 2

  1. Jump Jack Squat (x2)/ Power Jack Push Ups X 10
  2. Weighted Wall Sit w/Abd. Press x50
  3. Wall Climbers x20 2=1
  4. Criss Cross Hanging Knee Raises x10 1=1
  5. Wall Climbers x20
  6. Criss Cross Hanging Knee Raises x 10

Part 3 – Pyramid

Frog Slide (wide – feet to outside shoulders)  / Pull Up (x2)

Round 1 – FS x15 /PU x2, Round 2 – FS x20 /PU x2, Round 3 – FS x25 /PU x2, Round 4 – FS x20 /PU x2, Round 5 – FS x15 /PU x2

Buy-out: 50 switch lunges

Time = 27:19

Closed w/ a few minutes of yoga.



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