Quick, bloody hot tabata & some yoga

Was a super still, muggy 82 in the room when I started. 86 when I finished. Feels hotter than outside temperatures too, where there’s air movement.


17:30 8 Minute Tabata #3

Changed to tabata pairs for a longer set. Also changed the order so I could do 2 things in the (cooler) hall, and not have to run back & forth from office to pull-up bar, for the one exercise that uses that.

  1. Jump Rope – high knees
  2. Pike Burpee (was reg in WO but I changed to pike push-up & pike jump just for fun)
  3. KB Swing 35lbs
  4. Side to Side Hanging Knee Raise
  5. Criss Cross Mountain Sliders
  6. Jump Rope – DBU
  7. Weighted Backward Slide Lunge – L 20S
  8. Weighted Backward Slide Lunge – R



10/60 single interval hanuman both sides, one urdhva do on blocks @ the wall & then I went into the astanga version (3 walk-ins to standing) and did 5 drop-backs. I was really down today… backbends are supposed to be good for depression. Some finishing poses & a twist and a 1min savasana.


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