Upper Body & Abs Inferno

Well! Another bad sleeping night, but I made it in early, ate lunch at my desk and left at 3. Got in a load of laundry! Woot. That’s an achievement. I wanna have a laundry in my (modern, spacious, clean) bathroom again someday.

If TIKR says I burned 317 I basically burned as much as I would chewing!? LOL. Meh. I did something anyway.


Warm-up: Jump rope 10/30×6=4min. Not that I need to get “warmer” of course, but this particular Zuzka set is a tiny amount of work.

Upper Body & Abs Inferno

x3 rounds added an extra round – w/ the jump rope got me close to 20 working minutes. Ha ha. Too little but oh well.

  1. Elevated Criss Cross Push ups x10 Feet on bench. Bring one leg under body, extended underneath & across the body, toes resting lightly on floor. Alt sides.
  2. Handstand scissors x10 Handstand about 1.5′ from wall, touching w/ one leg. Switch in controlled fashion. Totally NBD & too easy. On my extra, 3rd round I changed it to handstand shoulder taps.
  3. Wide grip pull up / normal grip hanging leg raise / normal grip pull up x3 sets She switches grip from wide to reg grip while hanging. My bar is really close to the ground… Tried putting hands on outer edges of bar first. Nope! Too hard. Was able to change grip mid air bet first 2 parts but I had to put feet down to reset for reg pull-up.
  4. Pigeon slide / frog slide x10 alt. legs Pick up one foot & bend knee, SL pike abs. Then frog slide feet to outside hands. Alt the SL first move.

I did the stretching part, too, which I normally don’t bother with. The hip flexor stretch was good for me! With the wheel push-ups, I came sloppily to standing on the 2nd one, lol. Would’ve been better for me to walk in before each push-up. But whatevs. The wide legged pose (upavistha konasana) is so easy for me. Even w/ tight thighs I can put my belly right on the floor. I got in that, a parighasana var & upavistha konasana A in the same time, at relaxed pace.


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