Summer Shred #36

This was excellent. Maybe I’ll keep the Zgym after all. I even yielded to the temptation of having a small glass of excellent wine w/ the office crew before coming home. I was like, As long as I’m not doing any overhead weights moves. Which there was one, lol. But 1/2 glass of wine = no problem.


Summer Shred #36

Buy in: 25 Burpees


Part 1

2 min High Knees (jump rope)

4 min Tabata: 20/10 sec intervals with Orange Xband x 8:

1. Criss Cross Jump Squats
2. Power Jack Push Up / Side Plank Leg Lift

Part 2 – KB, DB x2

1. Pistol Squat down / roll back to candlestick / Pistol up / Deadlift (dumbbell) x8 alt.legs 15lb dumbell alt legs every rep
2. One Arm KB Swing / Snatch / Squat x10/10 1st round I alternated to 20. 2nd round I did 5/5/5/5. Better. Glad I’d bought the forearm guards!!! This was the first time I used them. With this the only move 2=1, I think it’d be better to do 3 rounds, all moves 1=1.
3. dumbbell (15s) KB Push Up / Overhead Press / Squat Twist Knee Up x8 Forgot OH press 1st round. So before 2nd I did 10 fast OH presses.

Part 3

Chin Up /Pull Up/ Hanging Leg Raise + One Legged Mountain Climber 2=1 (8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12)


+ Buy out: 2 min Plank Hold

Time = 39

And a quick batch of yoga poses


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