Bottoms Up Workout Video

I looked at this & thought, Wow! This’ll take me 2 hours!, lol. That’s fine though. There are so many parts to a Michele WO. Love her burnouts. I’ve added them onto my short, weekday evening routines already.


Bottoms Up Workout Video

Skipped the warm-up, warm-up @ 2:30 because I knew this one would take me awhile & I was going to do at least the first set w/ breakdown rather than video.

Warm-Up 10/50 2x’s @ 7:00. Switched order of moves 5 & 6 so I could leave my band on for move 5 & take it off for the swings.
1. Overhead Swing to Alternating Front Bench Lunge 10s 
2. Bicep Curl to Overhead Press to Overhead Tricep Extension 10s. Emphasised the tricep part of this, pausing @ bottom of OH tri – since 10 ea arm is light for me for bi/s but not tri/s.
3. Sqaut w/Alternating Side Leg Lift 10s, resting weight on the lifting leg
4. Low Squat Position – Step Touch (Banded) ppl band, touching floor w/ alt fingertips
5. Goblet Squat ppl band, 1st rnd – 35lbs bell. 2nd rnd – dropped weight to 26lb bell. First weight was too intense w/ the band & w/ swings right after. Dropped elbows all the way down to touch knees & paused @ bottom.
6. Kettlebell Swing 35lbs bell
7. Straight Abs, up to 75%, toes under weights Weighted Crunch I just really like straight abs 🙂

3 Minute AMRAP @21:25
Single Arm Overhead Snatch/Lower to Shoulder & Side Lunge to Rev Lunge (Weight to floor inside of foot) Squat and repeat with Opposite Leg 15lbs – plenty enough weight. Note to self: ur forearms were incredibly sore the next day, even after yoga, and shoulders also tired enough u didn’t do a regular astanga – went lighter on upper body instead. Consider using 10s here. Maybe add 8lb vest tho.

10/30 9 Rounds
1. Right Leg SL Bulgarian w/OH Press 1st rnd – 15 lbs ea hand, 2nd rnd – 13, 3rd rnd – 10
2. Other side
3. Alternate Rev Lunge – Twist weight to outside front knee 15lb, held in both hands @ chest, arms bent, staying low.

3 Minute Countdown @ 31:51. I’m so glad I didn’t go for the 20s for these! Even 15 really maxed me out.
(Right Hand Weight) Left Deadlift – Squat – Left Front Lunge (hold & twist weight over front knee) – Left Side Lunge to Knee Lift (Repeat same side) 15lbs

10/30 9 Rounds
1.Right Leg SL Bulgarian – Squat low & reach down to tap floor in front of foot then pressing OH 10lbs
2. Other side
3. Stay low, deep lunge 10lbs

3 Minute Countdown
(Left Hand Weight) Right Deadlift – Squat – Right Front Lunge (hold & twist weight
Over front knee) – Right Side Lunge to Knee Lift (Repeat Same side) 15lbs

10/30 9 Rounds
1. Glute Bridge Lift w/overhead pull 1st rnd – 15lbs for this & 2nd move. Paused vid to get sandbag (about 48lbs) to rest on legs b/c I could feel the OH pull in the wonky spot behind left elbow. So 2nd two rounds I used my upper body only to keep the bag in the right place for moves 1 & 2 – keeping emphasis on glutes.
2. Weight Pulse up
3. Heel tap high to toe tap low On belly

Lean Leg Finisher: 5/35 12 rounds +2lb ankle weights
1. Left Side – Right toe behind leg – Left leg straight & lift up (Heel up/toe down)
2. Left Side – Right toe behind leg – Left Leg straight & pulse up
3. Left Side – Right leg single lift up & pull knee in
4. Left Side – Right Leg lift Clam Shell Holding 10lb weight on lifting leg. I prefer bottom leg on floor, probably b/c I like using ankle weights lol.
5. Left side – Right Leg Straight (point toe down) Single leg lift. Shoulders were so tired I laid down flat on my side for the outer thigh stuff.
6. Left side – Right Leg Lift to knee pull in to chest
7. Right side – Left toe behind leg – Right leg straight & lift up (heel up/toe down)
8. Right side – Left toe behind leg – Right leg straight & pulse up
9. Right side – Left leg single leg lift to knee pull in
10. Right side – Left Leg Lift Clam shell
11. Right side – Left Leg Straight (point toe down) Single Leg lift
12. Right side – Left leg lift to knee pull in to chest

Bonus: Abs 10/45 2x’s @ 1:01 Excellent!
1. Regular Crunch
2. Boat Pose – Pull right knee in & twist arms to outside of knee
3. Roll to Left – V-up Crunch to Knee pull in
4. Roll to Right Side Plank – Elbow twist
5. Boat Pose – Pull left knee in & twist arms to outside of knee
6. Roll to Right – V-up to Knee pull in
7. Roll to Left side Plank – Elbow twist
8. Reverse Crunch
9. Boat Pose Bicycle Crunch – twist opposite elbow to opposite knee
10. Hyperextension


Started stretching w/ vid & then veered off to do my own thing as per usual.


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