today’s movement: a walk, yoga & legs like a dancer #12

I got so sore from yesterday’s WO, and in odd places, like my forearms, right more so than left. It was the two AMRAPs w/ all the single arms bicep curls. 15lbs was good work for those two, 3min sets.

Got my laundry done and took Theodora for a “walk” up to the park today, which is to say I mostly carried her around in the bag. Charlie, Rocco and Penny came too! Everyone had to go Linda pace, lol.

Henry has a more outward personality than Theodora & was lucky to be exposed to the small parks and gardens in the East Village when he was a maturing kitten. They had little trails, shrubs and grasses around the borders, which is much preferred for cats. They’re not huge fans of vast, open spaces. It was a good adventure for her though and she prefers short & sweet ventures like this to cat shows for sure!

And then I procrastinated!

I’d pulled the blinds because we’re going into a 9-day streak of mid 90s weather. It gets hotter much later in the day in the Pacific Northwest than it does in either New England or New York though. It’s still weird to me that it will quite often continue to get hotter after 5pm, in the summer.

I know I need it but I didn’t feel up to the particular demands of a full Astanga. So I didn’t.



Suryas & Fundamentals, with hanuman & the two 5-breath handstands @ the end. First 3 poses of primary, but no vinyasa between paschimo & purvo – 29:15

Zgym – Legs Like a Dancer #12

  • Skipping video warm-up. WO starts @ 4:45. My Time was about 33min.

1. Backward Slide Lunge / Side Slide Lunge on Demi Point x 16 / 16
2. Curtsy Slide Lunge / Grand Plie on Demi Point x 16 / 16
3. A la Sebesque Slide / A la Sebesque Battement on Demi Point x 16 / 16
4. Squat on Demi point with ball squeeze (x20) I made a “ball” out of my two, 5lb ankle weights strapped together for 1st time, but it was too slippery to hold w/ arabesque. Sometimes I’ll use up to a 10lb dumbbell behind the knee for hands & knees, but didn’t work here. So put a weight on each ankle & kept them there. 2nd “ball squeeze” I used a 5lb dumbbell the long way, but not comfortable. So after that I substituted 20 on the floor inner thigh pulses per leg – better. / Arabesque Pulse in Attitude with Ball Squeeze (x20) X 4 sets alt. legs
5. Dégage to the back (toes flexed, x 10) / 2nd position plie (x4) / Dégagé a la Sebesque (toes pointed, x10) / 2nd position plie (x4) X 3 / 3 sets orng band – above knees for all the banded moves. Thought I needed ppl band for clams but nope! LOL
6. Side Laying Leg Lift to Knee Tuck/ back to Extension x 20 / 20
7. Clams x 20/20 ppl band
8. Laying Hip Raise Abd. (x20) / Ballerina Hip Raise Abd. (x20) last move was killer


  • Single 10/60, timed intervals

— Virasana, supta virasana, malasana.
— Hanumanasana, w/ strap. Quads
— Urdha D @ wall, blocks on high, savasana

This was enough for me! I did feel much better after.



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