Waste of time WO!!!

Normally I’d do a Summer Shred that I’d missed the previous week on a Monday, but when I was looking ahead to see what was planned & if I should take a rest day, I refreshed my memory on the breakdown & thought, Nope. The summer shreds are really interesting, but I needed a change of pace. I don’t do Crystal / Puzzle Fit too often, because she doesn’t include breakdowns, but sometimes it’s nice to go in and follow along, if you’re mainly interested in just moving your body & getting the blood moving a bit.

I had the video embedded, but she seems like a nice person so I just deleted it b/c have nothing good to say about the set. OMG I hated this workout! I’m not sure why – besides the super shrill beeper that literally hurt my ears… Oh and I didn’t really get my heart rate up despite the heat.

Was wishing I’d just done a Zuzka. This wasn’t even worth changing my clothes for. Now I’ll have to work out extra hard tomorrow and Wednesday to make up for this shit b/c I’m out of time for the evening.



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