Summer Shred #14

Did this WO after 2 pints of beer and a $12 uber ride home, because the junker died AGAIN, and this time in the middle of 23rd Avenue. During rush hour. Of course. At least it didn’t die on 23rd avenue, was what I said at work, after the last time, which was 2 out of 4 days. So then I spent a half hour on the phone with the towing company. First guy took my information 5x and then fucking didn’t tell ANY of it to the towing guy, naturally. I walked – with my hair down in the 94 degree heat – down to Gilda’s. Had a couple beers. Had some nice conversation.

Well now I’m going to be spending 2.5 hours a day commuting the 3.7 miles on the fucking bus, because the fucking car abandoned by the fucking guy performs about as fucking well as he does!

I took a melatonin immediately after finishing because it’s time to get sleepy now!



Summer Shred #14

Butt & Legs Circuit – Time Challenge
1. Squat to heel elevated reverse squat x20 20s & 2lb wrist weights. Start all the way down w/ butt on backs of calves. Stand & return. Get on balls of feet & stick butt in the air, basically.
2. KB Swing to KB Pendulum x20 swings total 35lb kettlebell 1=1, so just 10 of each
3. Sumo squat. Heel raise & down. Stand & alt knee up x20 alt. BL sandbag
4. KB Backward lunge pass under both legs / to KB Front Squat holding bell w/ bent arms, goblet style @ chest (x2) x10 sets 26lb kettlebell Literally fell over while doing this set but still doubled the reps.
Hiit Cardio – 10/30 sec intervals
1. Jump Rope High Knees
2. Twist Squat Burpees
3. Jump Rope DBUs
4. Jump squat / jump tuck Burpees
5. Jump Rope High Knees
6. Jump Jack (x2)  to Plank Jack (x2)
Circuit for ABS x2
1. Slider abs to pike push-up / back out, lift one foot & SL pike in (x3) x 4 sets alt.
2. Hanging Leg raises (to the top) x5
3. KB Squat knee up and twist x 20 35lb kettlebell

Time 24:52

From last Saturday’s Bottoms-up

Lean Leg Finisher: 10/30 (instead of 5/35) 12 rounds +5lb ankle weights (2lbs last time)
 – Changed the names of some of the moves just so I’ll remember them better – Didn’t change the actual moves.
1. LL – Upright inner thigh lift. RL bent, foot on floor, balanced on left hip (Heel up/toe down)
2. LL pulse up
3. LL single lift up & pull knee in
4. RL Clam Shell Holding 10lb weight on lifting leg. Bottom leg resting on floor
5. Lie down – RL outer thigh lift
6. RL – pull knee in & lift

7. RL – Upright inner thigh lift.
8. RL pulse up
9. RL single lift up & pull knee in
10. LL Clam shell
11. Lie down – LL outer thigh lift
12. LL – pull knee in & lift


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