Summer Shred #37

Thank gods I had a decent workout. It’s my main form of therapy.


Summer Shred #37

Part 1 x8 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Time = 26:21. I lost a lot of time changing bands but it hadda be done. I also set my interval for single 10/30 intervals to make sure I got a full 30sec jumping. 
High Knees – 30 sec
Side to Side Squat w/Power Band High x20 ppl band, try to get butt below knees above knees rounds 1-6. Rounds 7 & 8 changed to orange band to both sets – easier. Ppl Xband is quite strong.
Side to Side Squat w/Power Band Low x20 ( band below knees) kept ppl band rnd 1 & knew I wouldn’t make 8 rounds. 

Part 2 x2
1. Inch Warm Push Up (x2) nakrasana! Lower down to catarunga & 2 hops fwd (I did fwd one set then bkwd next, for space). Then push back up / Leg Lift Push Up tricep style, alt straight legs, squeezing glutes (x2) x5 KILLER
2. Lunge w/ Snatch (or Jerk) x 8/8
 15lbs. Weight goes in opp hand from fwd leg. Get in low lunge. Come up & pivot to trikonasana feet & snatch the weight up.
3. Low Squat Pulse (x3) / Side Step Squat (x2) x6 sets
 ppl band & sandbag
4. Ballerina Squats with Kettlebell x10 ppl band & 26lb kettlebell, held w/ both hands at chest. Come to low squat, up on balls of feet. Come to stand & heels down.

Part 3 – Ladder
Pull Up – Chin Up – Side To Side Plank Slide (x4)
 Both feet on sliders. Pull feet in straight & back out, pivoting to one side, top foot behind bottom. Pull knees in & back out from that position 1x. Come back out
Pull Up – Chin Up – Side To Side Plank Slide (x6)
Pull Up – Chin Up – Side To Side Plank Slide (x8) This move was awkward for me & I’m not sure if I did it 1=1 incorrectly, but no matter. I got enough of a WO for a stressed and tired day.
Pull Up & Chin Up

Buy out: Plank Hold – 2 min

Time = 47:20

I did like 2min of stretching after. Need to take a shower & have 2 hours relaxation time.


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