Stretch & Tone Cardio #13

Normally I don’t do these WOs, but I just needed something – some form of therapy – before my shower.


I saw she posted a new 5min warm-up linked in Thursday’s WO (the one below was posted for Wed, but I’m always at least a day behind b/c the weekly schedules come out Sunday at midnight & I like to know on Sunday what I’m doing after work Monday).

Dynamic Warm Up #2

  • 5min Nice! I’d be more likely to do a jump rope warm-up generally, but this is a night I normally wouldn’t have exercised. 

Stretch & Tone Cardio #13

1. Competition Burpee x 15
2. Chair Squat / Backward Lunge Jump Up x 10 alt. legs
3. Reverse Burpee x 15
4. Chat. / Upward Dog/ Downward Dog/ Frog Jump/ Squat Jump x 4
5. Candle Stick/ Plow/ One Leg Standing Knee Extension / Lord of the Dance x each leg I wasn’t so into the feet flexing & pointing in the halasana here. Put in a karna pidasana first set & then on 2nd side held halasana.
6. Standing Runner’s Hamstring Stretch / Standing Split X 10 / Warrior II Pendulum x 6 – repeat on the other leg
7. Dolphin Pose / Downward Dog
8. Laying Spine Twist


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