Weighted Total Body Circuit Workout, pt 1

HIIT Circuit: 5/30 (2x) @ 5:08 1. Criss Cross Jacks 10lbs 2. Squat w/Alternating Knee Lift Hands behind head, twisting. 3. Walk Out to Plank Push-up 4. Roll Up w/Overhead pull 10lbs, starting on butt on floor. 2nd rnd – Changed this to OH pull, coming fwd to feet & jumping up. 5. Alternate Jump Side Lunges 6. Staggered Hand Burpees w/ jump change (BodyRock style) Push-up … Continue reading Weighted Total Body Circuit Workout, pt 1

Avia’s Banded Booty and Slider Ab Mash Up

This would’ve totally benefitted from my original idea to skip the warm-up & first set, which was not very cardio at all for me, and add an equal interval of jump rope before every move of 2nd set. But I was too lazy for all that band on & off-ing. Note the 108 HR average. That’s like a super bad day in yoga, lol. But … Continue reading Avia’s Banded Booty and Slider Ab Mash Up

Cardio Shred #36 & yoga

Cardio Shred #36 x2 rounds. Time = 29:50. Super intense. I’d have balked before 3 rounds of this!  Wall plank to ballerina twist & jump squat x10 Start w/ feet on wall in pike handstand. Jump to squat on toes. Jump up to twisted position & back down. Other side. Stay on balls of feet. Holy quad death! KB Step up (knee up) / pass under x10/10 26lb kettlebell, … Continue reading Cardio Shred #36 & yoga

Lifted Butt Series #8 / Mobility Drills #6

Forgot to post this yesterday. Ended up having a pretty good time last night. Picked up some beer, hung out watching Ch finish up some deck repair, and then we went out for burgers. Came home & watched some The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes. A Brit friend suggested it after I’d mentioned Grand Designs on FB. The latter makes me chuckle because it’s all about privileged … Continue reading Lifted Butt Series #8 / Mobility Drills #6

Recovery day WO

When everything’s a little to a lotta sore Discovered immediately this morning, walking around to get my coffee on & cats fed, that my glutes got really sore from yesterday’s WO. Excellent! It’s hard to get at them without heavy weight, but using the heavier sandbag for all those fwd & rev lunges did it. If I had a gym membership, once in awhile I’d use … Continue reading Recovery day WO

Yoga & Full Body Circuit Workout, pt 1

Another mix and match WO! I really needed some yoga. My neck has been stiff in both directions lately, from sleeping on it wrong & not enough stretching. But I’m not into full Astanga practices lately. So I decided to start with yoga, all low key, and then as much of this Michele routine as would fit in desired total length of time. Wow! My body … Continue reading Yoga & Full Body Circuit Workout, pt 1

Burn off those Vacation Calories WO, pt 2

Was going to do this yesterday & take today off. I’m glad I waited though b/c I’ve got more mental space for a longer WO on Friday nights. Warm-up: Jump rope 10/30×6=4min Since I was picking up in the middle of the WO with a standing arms set, I added a little cardio warm-up to rev things up. Wasn’t sure I’d finish the whole thing … Continue reading Burn off those Vacation Calories WO, pt 2