Summer Shred #16 & some yoga

These workouts are really great for express, post work.


Summer Shred #16

Part 1 – Time Challenge
Kettlebell Swing x100 reps 3:42 & might’ve done an extra 10 (think so) 35lb kettlebell. Z uses 44lbs. I might get a 45lb bell… Tried picking up my sandbag to see if I could use that for a heavier swing. Nope! Also wouldn’t work to try attaching a 5lb ankle weight to my heaviest bell.

Part 2 – HIIT 6 minutes 10/50 sec intervals
High knees with Jump Rope / bird dog (Z just lifts opp arm & leg, alt. No push-up.)

Part 3 –  Time Challenge
Dive bomber push ups x10 / Weighted Reverse Burpee to Squat heel lift ladder:
10 – 12 – 14 – 12 – 10 (2nd move 15lbs – OH reach – jump up – squat & heel lift)

Time = 26:14

A bit of yoga.


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