Summer Booty Supersets

I can’t go shopping for awhile, but when I can, I want to get myself a barbell set, plus the pads so I can rest the bar across my thighs.

I was deciding between this & Michele’s latest WO. I’d previewed more of this & the magic coin toss picked it, but I should’ve listened to my instinct that said all that lying on the ground & hip thrusting was not going to be satisfying for me. I don’t think I’ll finish it at any point. I might do the Brett C bit or the Superset 3 part (which I haven’t tried yet) as standalone burnouts at some point this week.

What I really should’ve done today is Astanga. I haven’t wanted to lately but look, I’m gimpy… Maybe I’ll get one in tomorrow, late afternoon.


Summer Booty Supersets

Warm up 3x @ 3:33 (9:50) ppl xband
20 Banded elv glute Bridges
20 Cha Chas per leg stand in ½ squat on one leg, hands can be on desk. Extend other leg out & @ an angle toward the back, fast.
20 donkey pulses

1x (Brett C IG post) blue xband. Dropped to orng band after 10s
15-1 banded bridge and abductor pyramid

Confirmed that this is a resting HR kind of WO by now, but both the warm-up &  Brett C set would be excellent booty burn-outs after something more cardio.

SuperSet 1: pyramid again @17:15 Didn’t like this set. Found the dragging of the water-weigh SB back & forth annoying, particularly at the end w/ the shorter rounds.
1. 12-1 banded thrusts with a 1 second squeeze Shoulders on bench. Orange band & sandbag
2. 12-1 abductors Seated, in front of bench. Orng band only.

Ok at this point was a half hour in. Decided to throw in a Zuzka to get more of a WO in and then finish as much more of this booty routine after as I wanted. Put my timer on pause b/c I hadda copy breakdown & all that.

Summer Shred #17

Lower Body – Time Challenge

1. KB Backward Lunge / SL deadlift x20 alt. 35lb kettlebell

2. Jump Lunge to One leg jump up x 20

3. Squat to heel elevated sumo squat x20 alt. 20s

4. Ice skater / curtsy lunge / heel elevated side lunge x 10 alt.

Cardio – 10/50 x 6 HIIT

1. High Knees

2. KB swings 26lb kettlebell

3. DBUs Hadda pause & grab my wandering chest strap 2x here. It’s a bit stretched out & I wasn’t planning to do cardio today so didn’t have a tight sports bra on.

4. KB Swings

5. High Knees

6. KB Swings

There! I had a sweat going. Hadn’t previewed the rest of the video but had advanced it to this point so I could join in w/ the last set.

Upper Body & ABS – Time Challenge

1.Slider – feet in to Pike Press x5

2. Hanging Knee Raises (weighted are optional) x 10

3. Push Up to DB Row / Twister Push Up x 6 alt

4. SL pike abs Extreme Mountain Climbers (x2/2) I don’t have a ball. Was gonna do SL mountain climbers on slider, but it hurt the knee. So kept leg straight / Pull Ups (x2) x 4 sets

But-out: 3min plank. Did w/ Zuzka. Skipped the first break she took & did w/ only the 2nd break.


Didn’t feel like doing any more of the booty routine.

SuperSet 2: 4x @24:10
1. 5 Thrusts with 20 second hold on last rep Shoulders on bench. Ppl band & sandbag
2. Sumo DL 12 reps

SuperSet 3: 4x
1. Banded goblet box squats 3 pulses 8 reps 35lb kettlebell & ppl band
2. Back squats 12 reps

Set 5: 10x +5lb wrist weights
1. Swings 10 35lb kettlebell
2. 10 dumbbell DL 20s
3. Static dumbbell lunges 5/leg sandbag


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