Summer Shred #18 & a bit of yoga

I might well keep the Zgym even when Julia starts posting more videos again. Last WO of hers that I tried was a super intense spot-toning that wasn’t really for me, but also, she’s using a lot heavier weights now & I don’t have access to that. Also, even with my lighter weights, I just didn’t want to hammer the glutes over and over – to the exclusion of everything else.

Perhaps I just don’t want to work out as hard as Julia’s workouts demand anymore! Not on a regular basis anyway. I don’t have the time or inclination.


Summer Shred #18

Lower Body with Dumbbells – Time Challenge = 6:05

  1. Backward lunge kick ups (reach down toward front leg  w/ same arm as leg that’s lunging back. When you stand & kick fwd, punch w/ opp arm) x 10/10 15s
  2. One Arm DB front Squat heel raise / One Arm DB overhead jump lunge with heel raise x 5/5 Weight goes in the same hand as leg that’s lunging back. 15lbs
  3. One Arm DB Side Lunge Knee Up DB Overhead x 10/10 15lbs
  4. Jump Lunge DB Twist x20 20lbs held goblet style @ chest. Do a switch lunge & then twist toward bent front leg.

Cardio HIIT 15/50×6=6:30min 15/35 intervals Decided to up the working interval for this set.

  1. JR high knees
  2. Plank Jack Push Up with Power band ppl band
  3. JR DBUs I’m still bouncing like 5x before I double-under & an interval this long maxes me out for sure. But it’s good. Took a little break when I saw I’d hit 177 HR. I turned on the AC as soon as I got upstairs but still almost 80 and muggy.
  4. Curtsy lunge leg lift with Power Band orng band
  5. JR high knees
  6. Squat jump jacks with power band ppl band

ABS & Upper Body – Time Challenge

  1. Push Up with L-Kick x 5/5 Stay on ball of one foot. Other leg kicks out to the side on the down & kicks up (glute lift) on the up
  2. Pull Up / Chin up x2 sets Did the mid air switch & got back up the first time, not the 2nd. Good to know!
  3. Elbow Side Plank Jack knife x 10/10 Top arm & leg come fwd in front of body to meet, then back while u arch ur back.


Buy Out: 3 Minute Plank Intervals 10/50 seconds

Time = 22:42


  • Urdhva D @ wall, single 10/60 intervals followed by rests of equal length, 2x. Then coming to stand & 3 drop backs
  • Some finishing



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