Summer Shred #39 & yoga

  • My favorite evening, for fun viewing is definitely WO previews.
  • At the end of the workday I’m always so tired I think, Well you don’t HAVE to workout, but then if it’s on my schedule I usually do. They’re only express / minis after all.



Summer Shred #39

Buy in: 25 Competition Burpees

Part 1 – 8 rounds:
High Knees – 30 sec / Mountain Climbers Sliders x20 Z usually does these 1=1. I did mine 2=1.

Part 2:

1. Weighted Air-lunge to Overhead Squat x 8/8 20lb dumbbell. SL squat. Weight in same hand as supporting leg. Squat as low as possible & then snatch up as u stand. Squat w/ weight OH.
2. Side to Side Dynamic Push Up x8 Shuffle hop the hands in the feet when moving from side to side.
3. Squat Pulse (x3) to Goblet Squat x8 35lb kettlebell
4. Jump Lunge (x2) to Side Kick x 8/8
5. Weighted Standing Heel Lift x16 / Squat Heel Lift x10 BL sandbag. I did just a squat & heel lift to stand as I was using the 53/55lbs. Maybe it’s only 53. I should weigh it again! At any rate I could back load it so that’s good to know.

Part 3

Pull Up / Knee Raise – One Arm KB Swing

Round 1: 1 – 12
Round 2: 2 – 14
Round 3: 3 – 16
Round 4: 4 – 18

Buy out: Plank Hold – 2min Solid hold – no breaks

Time = 32:36

And a little bit of yoga


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