Upper Body & Abs Inferno #10 (meh)

This routine wasn’t really worth changing my clothes for. I should’ve done the all for-time, 30-min set Julia posted last, for her sister. Maybe I’ll do that one tomorrow. I was going to take tomorrow off but this was an active rest.


Previewed an excellent looking BodyRock lower body routine last night

Lisa never includes breakdowns, but her WOs are so good I know worth the effort to take notes. (The moves are generally much simpler than Z’s so it’s not even necessary to preview only a day prior, for fear of forgetting WTF. Funny Lisa & Z have shared the same man.) Anyway, I’m betting it’ll take me 60-75min so I’ll save it for Saturday. Now that I know I can backload my sandbag w/ the heavier, water-bag filler, I’ll use that.

Also broke down and ordered a heavier kettlebell, 45lbs. Hey, I haven’t spent money on a gym or yoga studio membership in years. I think it’s been 6.5…

Upper Body & Abs Inferno #10

  • I think I’ve done just one of this series so far. Discovered that the stretching part, a separate video, is repeated.

Buy in: One leg elevated plank – switch legs every 10 sec x 6 (on the exercise bench ballI realize a ball would be a bit more challenging b/c less stable, but I don’t have one & doubt I’ll be getting. It’d take up too much room and there is very little storage room upstairs.

Workout Breakdown I’m faster than Zuzka! Hadn’t previewed tho so I had time to make notes w/out pausing. If I were doing again maybe 2 rounds of this first part (but I probably won’t.)

  1. Handstand shoulder tap (x2) / Pull Up (x2) X6 sets I did 4 shoulder taps on the last 2 reps. 4 is better. 
  2. Extreme mountain sliders (x2) / Pigeon Slide (x2) / Straight legs straddle forward slide / x 4 alt. legs
  3. Hanging leg raise / hanging straddle leg raise x5 sets Not much room for a straddle b/c pull-up bar is a narrow doorway, w/ a wall abutting one side.
  4. L-Stand (one leg on the wall) leg switch x10 No breaks necessary here.
  5. Chin up bicycle x6
  6. One leg on the slider ball roll to handstand (you can press your head against the wall for support) x10 alt. legs

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