Summer Shred #19

Sometimes your body intervenes and dictates your rest days, pulling rank on your intended schedule.

Was so tired by Sunday that I did something I hadn’t done since April, and took a weekend day off exercise. I’d been planning on Astanga, but that is long and a big psychological commitment. Then I was thinking maybe I’d do this routine, and I probably would’ve, if I hadn’t also been so sore from the prior 2-days WOs. Friday night’s maxed out my shoulders and squatting heavier than usual Saturday maxed out my legs.


Summer Shred #19

  • 2 rounds
  1. Side lunge to overhead press knee up with DB x10/10 15lbs
  2. JR high Knees x30 sec
  3. One arm burpee side plank row to jump lunge over head press with DB x10/10. 15lbs. Holding dumbbell. Put on floor & jump back to SA plank. Other hand goes down & do a row. Pick non weighted hand back up for jump fwd to squat. Jump to lunge w/ weight OH. Same leg goes back as weighted arm.
  4. JR high knees x30 sec
  5. Push Up L-kick with DB x 5/5. Hands on 15s. Tricep push-up, leg swinging out to the side on the down and up when pressing up.
  6. JR high knees x30 sec
  7. V-up (x2), touching toes w/ fingertips of top hand, to explosive push up (x2) x 5/5. Roll to belly after 2nd v-up. Press up to a nakrasana hop.
  8. JR high knees x30 sec
  9. Pull up / leg raise x5
  10. KB swing x20 35lb kettlebell

buy out: 3 minute plank intervals 50/10 seconds

Total time 31:36

A few min yoga.




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