Summer Shred #20

You could at least get me a tank of gas, asshole

Well, I worked all day, got a load of laundry in & got some exercise. You’d think someone would offer me a six figure salary I could turn down to follow my dreams! Or something.


Summer Shred #20

Part 1 – full body circuit time challenge 13:25

  1. KB swing / pendulum x20 35lb kettlebell
  2. Ballerina plie squats x10 BL sandbag. Lift heels & go to low squat. Come up & heels down.
  3. Pike slider abs to handstand x10
  4. Chin up/ pull up / hanging knee raise x3 sets I’m so low to the ground! I took a rest after each rep.
  5. Weighted Sumo squat / rockstar jump / sumo squat / jump tuck x10 sets 20svDid it dif tho.
  6. Push-up / Rows / Rev burpee x10 sets 15s
  7. Double Unders x20

Part 2 – Cardio and Abs – 4 rounds of:

  1. Jump Lunge x20
  2. Pinca Mayurasana / Vrischikasana / Handstand / Plank hold – 1min


Buy out: Wall Sit – 2 minutes Hadda take a break here.

Total time = 25:15

A bit of yoga


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