Lifted Butt Series #1

I took two days off IN A ROW. I never do that unless I’m really sick or really injured, but I was in an oddly celebratory, WTF kind of mood. Also gloating over the fact of ordering 25″ waist jeans and having them fit nicely. I’ve never gained any significant amount of weight in my life, but I had a moment there – amidst the transition – of relative doughiness. All understandable given vast change of circumstance! That’s what can happen to us overconfident types, prone to jumping off cliffs. I’ll be FINE, really.


Warm-up: Jump rope 10/30×6=4min

Lifted Butt Series #1

Part 1

  1. Side Jump Lunge x20 Touching floor w/ fingertips of hand opp side of leg lunging out to the side.
  2. Weighted side lunge knee up / side lunge jump x20 15s
  3. weighted curtsy lunge side kick / step into side lunge & jump to switch x20 15s
  4. weighted Side lunge jump to surrender x20 15s

Part 2 – x4 √, √, √,

  1. One leg box squats bridge alt. x20 I feel like SL box squats are more work for me, so swapped out the bridge.
  2. Kettlebell swing x20 45lb kettlebell
  3.  KB Squat jump x20 26lb kettlebell

24:39 w/ warm-up

300 reps

x3 rounds Really pretty easy set. I hadn’t planned on adding so did one round w/ Z but I was faster. Took a break to paste in notes & type this & did next two rounds w/ music.

1. Jump Squat Twist Knee Up x 10
2. Plank Heel Touch to Push Up x 10
3. Switch lunge to rocket x 10 alt.
4. Donkey Kick to Pike Press x 10
5. Backward Lunge (stay low) to Jump Squat x 10 alt.
6. Plank Knee Tuck / Cross Body Kick / Leg Lift x 10 alt.
7. Side to Side Lunge (stay low) x 10 alt.
8. Side Plank Kick Up x 10 alt.
9. Side to Side Squat Hop (stay low) to Jump Squat x 10. alt.
10. Reverse Plank Kick Up x 10 alt.

Then just a bit of yoga to stretch out.



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