Yoga & Full Body Circuit Workout, pt 1

Another mix and match WO! I really needed some yoga. My neck has been stiff in both directions lately, from sleeping on it wrong & not enough stretching. But I’m not into full Astanga practices lately. So I decided to start with yoga, all low key, and then as much of this Michele routine as would fit in desired total length of time.

Wow! My body feels SO MUCH BETTER than it did before my WO. I got a lot of stuff done this morning too, so it’s a happily productive Saturday.



  • Astanga suryas & fundamentals, first 3 poses of primary.
  • Time = 24:12 . I knew this’d be about a half hour.

Full Body Circuit Workout

Circuit 1: 3x’s I didn’t hear the verbal explanation but I couldn’t quite understand the timing of these first parts of the circuit from the breakdown. No biggie tho. I looked @ the moves & set my timer to 15/45×12=12min. @ 6:39 Did the 1st circuit from breakdown.
1. Close/Wide Row 20s
2. SL Bulgarian w/ bicep curl / SL Push-up 10s I changed this slightly Next time do 15s. 
3. Mountain Climbers 10x / Dhanurasana 5 breaths Not sure if I’d changed this while previewing, but 45sec of just Mt Climbers was boring & I was into stretching more today.
4. Surrender to side leg lift orange Xband. Leg that lifts to the side goes back down to bent knee immediately.

10/30×6=4min @ 23. Joined in w/ the video here. This felt really hard
1. Plank, feet on sliders. Cross RL under to side plank & reach up. Back to plank & LA reach out. 3lb weight in moving hand. 2nd round kept only moving foot on slider. 
2. Other side

Circuit 2: 3x’s 15/45×12=12min
1. Upright row /  Bicep Curl / OH triceps 10s Since I cut some upper body out of the lunges I put in more variety for move 1, one move continuous per round
2. RL Fwd lunge / rev lunge RL Fwd Lunge  & shoulder press / LL Rev Lunge & bicep curl 1st rnd – 20s. 2nd & 3rd rnds – BL sandbag (53-55ish lbs) Hadn’t previewed this & just picked up heavier weights & simplified to lower body on the spot. Used sandbag for 2nd two rnds b/c grip strength fatigue. Also I kept one supporting leg per move rather than switching.
3. Commando  / Shoulder Tap Down-down-up-tap. Tapping arm goes directly to elbow.
4. LL Fwd lunge / rev lunge

RL Rev pulse lunge / jump switch & kick (high, straight fwd) out / kicking leg goes back to pulse This move was super fun

More yoga!

About 20min. Felt f-ing great. Stuff after divider line is what I didn’t do from this Michele WO.



Perhaps a Zgym set before this would be good for tomorrow. 

Circuit 3: 15/45×12=12min @45:37
1. Overhead Raise to Wide Flye On bench. 15s
2. (Bench on Right) Right Kneel Down up to Cross Over Step Knee Lift/Down Wide Squat to Criss Cross Jack (inside leg moving behind) no added weight
3. Around the world Bicep Curl to Overhead Circle Lateral 10s
4. (Bench on Left) Left Kneel Down up to Cross Over Step Knee Lift/Down Wide Squat to Criss Cross Jack

10/30×6=4min @1:01:45
Tuck Jump ½ Burpee Plank – tuck – jump fwd & tuck jump – no push-up

Bonus: Inner & Outer Thighs 30 seconds work
1. Right Leg – Straight Leg Lift (Toe down/heel up)
2. Right Knee in to Straight Leg Lift
3. Small Circle Clockwise
4. Small Circle Counter Clockwise
5. Right Leg Straight – Tap Heel Front/Toe Behind
6. Right Leg Behind – Left Leg Lift (toe down/heel up)
7. Left Leg Pull in & lift up
8. Clam Shell
9. Tap Top Knee behind/toe to bottom knee
10. Kick ups
(Repeat all 10 on the left side – lay on right side)


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